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Wow!!! You are awesome! I Thank you so much!! You didn’t have to do  that, but I really appreciate it. I can’t wait to research these!  I  have already saved them to my Google drive and it worked perfectly!!

Enjoying reading my Frontier Times on the download I received.

I bought 1 of these & it was so wonderful, I bought 2 more for  gifts. Outstanding service from Jim too. Plus I got a free download of  my choice! I would highly recommend this to everyone! Plus fast &  free postage!

Frontier Times is an invaluable resource to the staff at Washington  on the Brazos State Historic site, as it contains several articles about  Washington and the part it played in the Texas revolution. We are  thrilled to add the Frontier Times to our collection.
Thanks again,
Ginger Moreland
Washington on the Brazos
State Park Association

I received the download and am delighted! Thank you. I will order more issues soon.

Just wanted you to know that I received the 2nd flash drive yesterday  afternoon which contain the 352 issues as promised.  I inserted the  device into my PC and it worked just fine.

I appreciate your help  in quickly resolving this problem.  If all businessmen responded to a  customer's need as you have, it would be a much better world.