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My boyfriend just got interested in his own heritage and I've  discovered some VERY exciting connections to Texas history. His 3rd  great grandfather was William Gordon Cooke, who helped shape Texas' rich  history. I can't wait to see what we can learn through this new  database you've made available to eager genealogists like myself.
Thank you, in advance, for rescuing this data.

Jen G.
Very Satisfied Customer

Your business has saved an important part of Texas history and made it available to all of us at a very reasonable price.

Glad to get networked with you Jim. I have really had a lot of success  with my research thanks to Frontier Times and yourself of course. Mr.  Hunter was a God send in helping record enough information to help  future generations track our history. When our families arrived here in  Texas they were ahead of government, counties, etc. so it is a great  task to piece together details. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas  brother!


I only asked Santa for one thing this year – the complete  run of Frontier Times. The fatman delivered in plenty of time, but  instead of a red suit, he had on a USPS uniform. Great service. The  hardcopy bonus is beautiful, and the PDFs are digitized perfectly.

Documents are searchable individually or you can search the entire  collection by a word or phrase. I immediately identified a dozen  articles pertinent to my current projects without trying too hard.

...no longer do I have to trek to Dallas Public Library to find and  photocopy what I need. Great job of reproduction. You went beyond the  call of duty to get this to us before Christmas.

We both thank you. I am a doctoral student in history at the University  of North Texas and [the 352 issue flash drive] will surely draw the envy  of several of my colleagues when we return from break!

I am sure glad we got our Flash Drive. Makes our research easier than ever

received [flash drive] today works great left positive feedback.......Thanks...

Well done on your efforts at keeping this fantastic resource vibrantly alive!