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Please use quotation marks "___ ___" for phrase search, eg. "Jack Hays," "San Saba" or "Battle of Adobe Walls."


I still look at what you sent to get resource info for paintings... so  much and so good... after Christmas will be doing a painting that  depicts the surrender of Quanah Parker at Ft. Sill..this is at the  request of Ron Parker ...great grandson...

Been doing genealogy since the mid-80s and knew my Dad's side came to  Texas early, possibly during the Republic. Never expected to see  anything about them though...but there it was. Story of an "Indian" raid  in Erath County, TX.

I jumped on the offer of Frontier Times Magazine new CD. I have been a  fan for years, and the opportunity to have ALL of the issues easily  searchable, has given my Texas history appetite a whole new delicacy to  devour. Don't pass this up!

God Bless Texas!

Shopping in Mineral Wells, TX Antique Shop...found probably 40 old  copies (they were reprints from 1940's). Chose four, could not buy all  due to prices, got home found one had a story about a great uncle on my  father's side of family in it....had no idea of this at time of  purchase. Neat,huh!


Mr. Rogers,

It's always gratifying when dealing with honorable  people. I'll probably be contacting your site to order more downloads.  Please let me know if the magazine format becomes available. Thanks  again.

being the last descendant to own a piece of the old F___s ranch, I find  time is catching up with me and I had best get busier than ever with my  own writing and editing. It is just that after a frantic day here in the  2013's I know of no greater pleasure than to relax with a glass of wine  ~ and a copy of Frontier Times.

Your magazine is a benefit for me. Since 1998, I had been researching my  late mother’s ancestry and even wrote a book for the family  descendants. One of her direct ancestors is Thomas Sanchez (1709-1796),  who founded Laredo, Texas in 1755.


As a western artist that paints the history of the West, particularly  Texas history, there is no better resource to find the "facts" than in  "Frontier Times". The articles are derived from actual conversations and  written documents of the people in Texas who lived them. I strongly  recommend these publications to anyone interested in the history of  Texas.

I, once again, am blown away by your superior customer service...I  ordered some of the original copies of FTM you had for sale.  I gave  them to my grandfather for his 83rd birthday.  He recalls his mother  reading from magazines like FTM to he and his father back in the 30s.   It's quite possible that it actually was FTM, as he grew up in Falls  County, Texas.