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Frontier Times Magazine Instant Download PDF (75 Issues, 1923-1929)

The early years of J. Marvin Hunter's FRONTIER TIMES MAGAZINE

75 Issues PDF - Instant Download Special (1923-1929)

Imagine having your own portable TEXAS HISTORY library in your pocket or dangling from your key-chain!

75 complete issues of J. Marvin Hunter's Frontier Times Magazine in searchable, accessible USB flash drive.

Beginning with Vol. 1 No.1 (October, 1923) to Vol. 7 N0. 3 (December, 1929) 75 complete issues.

  • Popular PDF format

  • Easily searchable.

  • No need for a disk drive, just download to any device.

  • Use on your desktop, laptop or tablet computer.

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Our Testimonials

As a western artist that paints the history of the West, particularly  Texas history, there is no better resource to find the "facts" than in  "Frontier Times". The articles are derived from actual conversations and  written documents of the people in Texas who lived them. I strongly  recommend these publications to anyone interested in the history of  Texas.