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Frontier Times Magazine Instant Download PDF (75 Issues, 1923-1929)

The early years of J. Marvin Hunter's FRONTIER TIMES MAGAZINE

75 Issues PDF - Instant Download Special (1923-1929)

Imagine having your own portable TEXAS HISTORY library in your pocket or dangling from your key-chain!

75 complete issues of J. Marvin Hunter's Frontier Times Magazine in searchable, accessible USB flash drive.

Beginning with Vol. 1 No.1 (October, 1923) to Vol. 7 N0. 3 (December, 1929) 75 complete issues.

  • Popular PDF format

  • Easily searchable.

  • No need for a disk drive, just download to any device.

  • Use on your desktop, laptop or tablet computer.

NOTE: Order fulfillment may be delayed for up to four hours - Thank you for you patience!

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Our Testimonials

I, once again, am blown away by your superior customer service...I  ordered some of the original copies of FTM you had for sale.  I gave  them to my grandfather for his 83rd birthday.  He recalls his mother  reading from magazines like FTM to he and his father back in the 30s.   It's quite possible that it actually was FTM, as he grew up in Falls  County, Texas.