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Frontier Times Magazine Instant Download PDF (155 issues, 1940-1954)

The later years of J. Marvin Hunter's FRONTIER TIMES MAGAZINE

155 Issues PDF - Instant Download Special (1940-1954)

Imagine having your own portable TEXAS HISTORY library in your pocket or dangling from your key-chain!

155 complete issues of J. Marvin Hunter's Frontier Times Magazine in searchable, accessible USB flash drive.

Beginning with Vol. 17 No.4 (January, 1940) to Vol. 31 N0. 4 (October-December, 1954) 155 complete issues.

  • Popular PDF format

  • Easily searchable.

  • No need for a disk drive, just plug into any USB port.

  • Use on your desktop, laptop or tablet computer

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    Our Testimonials

    Glad to get networked with you Jim. I have really had a lot of success  with my research thanks to Frontier Times and yourself of course. Mr.  Hunter was a God send in helping record enough information to help  future generations track our history. When our families arrived here in  Texas they were ahead of government, counties, etc. so it is a great  task to piece together details. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas  brother!