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Vol 01 No. 05 - February 1924

An Early Day Sheriff's Experience

By J. B. Gillett, Ex-Sergeant

Account of J. H. Comstock sheriff of Menard county. Interesting events mentioned, of hangings, etc, and mentions further: Dallas Stoudenmire, Col. George W. Baylor', Capt. D. W. Roberts' company D, Texas rangers, Fort McKavett, Ysleta, then the county seat of El Paso county, Mrs. Marsh, Capt. Thacher, who was the division superintendent of the Santa Fe railroad, Capt. James White, Ed H. Scotten, W. P. Raynor, W. H. Wheat, George Harris

Indian Attack Near Uvalde

The following sketch was taken from an, old newspaper, the Hesperian, and was sent to Frontier Times by Mrs. M. B. Milam, Uvalde, Texas. Speaks of a man named Westfall who lived thirty-five miles below on the Leona, his only companions being a Frenchman named Louie, his dog "Ketchum," and his gun "Fetchum." In July, 1855, the Indians surrounded his house unseen by any of the inmates of this solitary ranch. Louie was getting dinner, "Ketchum" was taking his morning nap on the floor in the house. Westfall went to the door, not knowing of the danger lurking so near at hand. Just as he reached the door an Indian…

Origin of the Ex-Texas Rangers Association

Sketch of the organization of the Ex Texas Rangers' Association by Major W. AT. Green of Meridian, Texas. Organization first assembled in the court house at Weatherford, Tex., August 10, 1920. Mentions: W. M. Green, Major Commanding, Colorado, Texas, J. M. Reed, Captain, Batesville, Texas, John Wallace, First Lieutenant, Decatur, Texas, N. N. Rogers, Second Lieutenant, Post City, Texas, A. Ritchie, Adjutant, Sidney, Texas, Henry Sackett  Orderly Sergeant and Secretary, Coleman, Texas. F. S. Rountree, Chaplain, Vioga Park, Texas, Lieutenant W. W. Lewis, Menard, Texas. J. M. Reed of Batesville and Mayor Queen of Weatherford...


Colony That Failed

Speaks of a French colony was founded in Dallas county, which flourished for a time - 12,000 acres of land three miles west of the Trinity river. At its most flourishing period it contained 500 members, who built small houses, operated stores and mills, and. lived to themselves. They came to estabish a Utopia... The founder of the colony was Victor Considerant, a man of wide reputation in France...

The Heroism of a Faithful Negro Slave

By A. J. Sowell

Very lengthy, detailed and fascinating account of the summer of 1852, when James Adams. William Snyder and Lucian Daley, conceived the idea of taking an extensive trip to the territory of Tom Green on a gold prospecting adventure. They had gained information from o1d Mexicans at San Antonio that there were rich mines of gold in Big Bend country of the Rio Grande and on West river in New Mexico within the present limits of Dona Ana county. Account is about Snyder’s negro servant, "Tom" described as "his favorite, almost a giant in size, six feet, six inches in height and very muscular and of middle age". During the prospecting trip, they were brutally attacked by Apaches, Tom proving himself to be of heroic character in the attempted rescue of his beloved master, Snyder. Amazingly graphic account.

Arizona's Canyon of Gold Still Being Sought

By Stanford Garrell

An excerpt: The search for Arizona's fabled "Canyon of Gold" goes on through the generations. Somewhere in the desert hills, within striking distance of Tucson, the origin of the gold mined by the Indians for the Spanish masters may eventually be discovered. If not the gold itself, the ancient mines may be brought to light, and thus bring an end to the dreams of men who sift the mesa's sands for the end of the rainbow. If the secret is revealed the world may learn of a civilization rivaling that of Montezuma in Mexico or Tutankamen in Egypt for wealth and splendor. The Territorial Legislature of Arizona in 1881 published an official report which stated that "irrigating canals pointing to the presence of an immense population which had now' disappeared" had been found in the Salt River and Gila Valley, and that "Indians who have been taken prisoner have told of the existence of rich placer mines, but all efforts to find them have so far proved futile. " A mystic significance also. is attached to the writing of a Jesuit missionary who, in 1687, penned in code to the King of Spain the following: "A scientific exploration of Sonora (the early name of Southern Arizona) will lead to the discovery of gold and silver so marvelous that the result will be such as has never yet been seen in the world."

The Sublime Courage of Pioneer Women

Account of a family named Hutchinson who settled between the Neches and Trinity rivers, near Fort Houston. An excerpt: The brave old lady seized a heavy iron shovel and commenced a furious attack upon the Indians, and succeeded in beating one of them to the floor before she was tomahawked. Anna came to the assistance of her mother, but was struck on the head and fell to the floor ' apparently lifeless. The savages were not satisfied with this, then cut out her left breast, and left her lying on the floor in this horrible condition. They then brought some lard from the kitchen and emptying it in one corner of the house, set fire to it and left carrying some of the guns with them. Anna Hutchinson returned to consciousness and escaped from the burning house. Her mother's body was consumed. The girl wandered about until morning and succeeded in getting about two miles from the house, and becoming overcome with fatigue and pain, could go no further, but sank fainting to the ground, where she was…

The Battle of Antelope Hills

Gen. A. R. Johnson

The battle of Antelope Hills, fought in 1858, was probably one of the most splendid exhibitions of Indian warfare ever enacted on Texas soil. This was the immemorial home of a tribe of the Comanches, they sought refuge here from their marauding expeditions into Texas and Mexico. Theirs was a veritable city of refuge, and should the daring rangers seek them they were sure to be encountered in full force. Mentions: Pohebits Quasho (Iron Jacket) Peta Nacona, Cynthia Ann Parker, who had been captured ten years before by a band of Comanches and never rescued, Colonel Ford ("Old Rip) Captain S. P. Ross, W. A. Pitts, Preston, Tankersley, Lieutenant Nelson

Build a Monument to the Old Time Trail Drivers

By George W. Saunders

Many names mentioned including: W. W. Colier,. Ike T. Pryor and Jim Dobie , J. A. Miller, John Doak , J. W Jackson, S. D. Houston Mrs. S. D, Houston Agnus Houston, Berta Hoston, E. A. Robuck, Dan Murrah, E C. Goar, J. L. McCaleb C. Williams Andy Martin S. A. Hickok S. J. Harkey Webster Wither Joe F. Spettel J. F. Burns W. B, Krempkau Henry Pest R. J. Jennings Gus Staples J. W, Hargus C. F. Doan W. B. Hardeman Confederate Veterans 1. C. Honegger W. C, Horner B. D. Lindsey L. Nemety C. T. Harmon J. H. Laxton Sam Anderson J. E. Felts Lake Porter Joseph S. Cruze, Sr L. N. Porter Violet Haynes J. I,. Pegues J W. Brite W. T. Peacock H. J. Hotchkiss Sam Garner William Blair Mrs. D. H. Snider Fayette Tankersley George N. Boles W. 0. Woodley A. T, Wilson A, P. Hagan B. D, Sherill J. M. Nance S. T. Jackman Carrie C. Frost C. W, Ackerman K. Davis W. E. Cureton Mrs. Belle Bennett Jesse M. Kilgore John Saathoff John B Slaughter Joseph S. Cruz, Jr, C. Laxson J. T. Johnson Will Jacobs Mrs. Betty Carnal W. K, Shipman Mrs. W, Sorrell If. ,W.P.Keen C. M Trasper Miss Adina De Zavala T. S, Stevens W. E, Lincecum H, D.. Steele Tom Ragland Joseph Rockowitz E. S. Boatwright B. S. Schmidt F. P, Seekatz J, J. Little Old Trail Drivers Of Floresville R. J. Lauderdale Jim Bailey Wells

Recalls the Whitlock Massacre

As recalled by Mr. E. E. Brooks of Burnet, Texas. Account of the brutal slaying of the Whitlock family by the Indians at Long Mountain, a settlement between Burnet and Llano. The Indians came upon Mr. Whitlock while he was plowing in the field. They killed and scalped Mr. Whitlock without any ceremony and captured his five-year-old son who was in the field with him. The Indians went to the Whitlock home. Mrs. Whitlock seized a gun and made a brave effort to….

Found A Wounded Indian

By Taylor Thompson

Account of autumn of 1864 with a party of six men Taylor was crossing what is known as the "Big Divide" between the present site 'of Junction City and the headwaters of Johnson's fork of Guadalupe, he met upon a wounded Indian who when he saw Taylor...

"Slick" Clements Was a Good Marksman
By J. B. Gillett, Ex-Ranger

Account of June 1st, 1875, there was enlisted in Capt. D. W. Roberts' Co. "D," a young man by the name of W. T. Clements, born and raised in Brown county, Texas. He was legendary for his marksmanship and proved it repeatedly with his Sharps carbine.

Wild Bill Hickok, Peace Officer of Trail Days

By Scoop Conlon

"Wild Bill Hickok had "a disposition gentle as a zephyr, but a determination, stronger than. a hurricane!" So runs the rather remarkable description by an old-time Western chronicler of one of the most famous of frontier figures. A gentleman answering to this vivid description would be sure to leave his mark indelibly stamped anywhere, anytime. Wild Bill was born a dignified James Butter Hickok. - The birth place was near Troy Grove, La Salle County, Ill.. The time was May 27, 1837. He was one of a family of six children. Very interesting account of the man. Mentions: His experiences in Hays City, Abilene, (called the Gomorrah of the West), Ellsworth, Kansas, Dodge City, Bat Masterson, Charlie Bassett, Bill Tighlman, Luke Short and Doe Holliday his silent death in the Black Hills, buried at Mount Moriah cemetery, Deadwood, and nearby big resting place lies the famous' Western female character who admired-and perhaps loved-him so much, Calamity Jane.

Recalls Indian Raids in the 70's

October, 1873 Captain Henry Strong, was serving in the capacity of post guide at Fort Richardson, near Jacksboro, Texas. Indians were on a plundering trip through that section. They launched an attack on the Williams Ranch and Scott ranch south of the Brazos River in Stephens county. Henry Warren, Fort Richardson.

Pioneer Preacher Secures Audience

Early services in the Salt River valley are yet bright in the memory of many of the present residents. Sometime along in '73 Parson Heritt, a long, lanky, firey-haired exhorter of the Methodist persuasion...

John Fleutsch, a Frontier Justice

By John Warren Hunter
Lengthy and detailed account of Judge Fleutsch, native of Switzerland, and his activities at Fort McKavett. Judge Fleutsch was a fiery, colorful and determined man, who meted out justice according to his colorful mannerism as the following quote makes clear: Two years later, this same Mexican was arrested and arraigned before Judge Fleutsch on a charge of rape, the alleged victim being a 14-year-old girl of his own nationality. The proof as to his guilt was positive, convincing and in rendering his verdict the judge reasoned thus: " Dees vas an awful crime und I makes you de highest penalty vit de law. You makes some troubles vit dees court 'altreaty before. Because you vas a great big thief, one time I sends you to de benitentiary und you esgape und get avay und hide in de brush. If I sends you to de shail or to de pen now, you break oudt und run off agin. So I fix you right now altready, Shorge Niel, dees vas de order of deeg court, you takes dees man down by de crafeyard und shoot heem, und may de Lawd haf mercy vit your soul." With drawn pistol George collared the trembling Mexican and started him to the place of execution, fully intent on carrying out the…

Here’s Frontier justice at it’s best: Article further mentions:Sam Wallick and Tom Ball George Niel , John Q. Adams, Col. Wm. L. Black's ranch...

The Killing of Sam Bass

J. B. Gillett, Ex-Ranger Co. E Co

"Since the death of ex-United States Marshal R. C. Ware I have seen numerous accounts of the capture and death of that. chief of train robbers, Sam Bass. As those are mostly . far from correct, being written by parties not acquainted with the facts, I, as an ex-ranger of Company E, frontier battalion, who was present at the capture and death of Bass, feel disposed to give to your many readers what I think to be true report of this memorable fight.

Article mentions: Jim Murphy, Frank Jackson, Round Rock. Belton, Bell county, Corporal Vernon C. Wilson, (nephew of ex-Governor Coke), Privates Dick Ware, Chris Conner 'and George Harold. Gen. Jones called Corporal Wilson ,N. 0. Reynolds, Morris Moore Sergeant C. L. Nevil , North Gabriel. Round Rock George Harold, Captain Lea Hall etc

Staged a Tragedy in San Antonio

By S. O. Young

All old time printers and telegraphers of the 80's remember "Peg," for he was a remarkable character, never to be forgotten. "Peg" sets the "stage" and the whole things backfires –

Some Names in this volume:

C. W. Ackerman, Cood Adams, Dave Adams, Henry Adams, James Adams, John Q. Adams, William Adams, Capt William " Bill" Adams, Ben Anderson, Sam Anderson, W. W. Arnett, Stephen F. Austin, Tom Ball, Sam Bass, Charlie Bassett, Col George W. Baylor, Roy Judge Bean, Mrs Belle Bennett, Tom Bird, Col Wm L. Black, William Blair, E. S. Boatwright, George N. Boles, J. G. Braun, E. A. Brininstool, J. W. Brite, E. E. Brooks, Mrs E. E. Ned Buntline, David G. Hon Burnett, J. F. Burns, George Burrow, Mrs Betty Carnal, Billy Clements, , W. T. Clements, W. T. ("Slick") Clements, Gov Coke, W. W. Colier, J. H. Comstock, Sheriff Comstock, Scoop Conlon, Chris Pvt Conner, Victor Considerant, Sgt Crossthwaite, Joseph S. Jr Cruz, Joseph S. Sr Cruze, W. E. Cureton, Mrs Elizabeth Custer, Gen Custer, Lucian Daley Lucien, , K. Davis, Adina Miss De Zavala, Capt Denton, John Doak, C. F. Doan, Jim Dobie, John S. Durst, Wyatt Earp, Tom Elliot, J. E. Felts, Henry Fest, Pvt Eugene Flannigan, Alcalde Fleutsch, John Fleutsch, , Judge Fleutsch, , Col Ford ("Old Rip"), John C. Freemont, Carrie C. Frost, Sam Garner, Stanford Garrell, Capt A. M. Gildea, J. B. Gillett, Sgt J. B. Gillett, E. C. Goar, Tom Green, Maj W. M. Green, Dep Sheriff Grimes, A. P. Hagan, Capt Lea Hall, W. B. Hardeman, J. W. Hargus, S. J. Harkey, C. T. Harmon, George Harold, Pvt George Harold, George Harris, Pres Hayes, Violet Haynes, Capt Hays, Parson Headerbed, Gabriel Heminger, Parson Heritt, James Butler (Wild Bill) Hickok, S. A. Hickok, Doc Holliday, I. C. Honegger, W. C. Horner, Berta Hoston, H. J. Hotchkiss, Emerson Hough, Agnus Houston, Gen Houston, S. D. Houston, Mrs S. D. Houston, Anna Hutchinson, S. T. Jackman, Frank Jackson, J. W. Jackson, Will Jacobs, R. J. Jennings, Gen A. R. Johnson, J. T. Johnson, Gen Jones, Maj Jones, Jesse M. Kilgore, W. B. Krempkau, Mirabeau B. Lamar, Joe Lang, R. J. Lauderdale, C. Laxson, J. H. Laxton, W. W. Lt Lewis, W. E. Lincecum, B. D. Lindsey, J. J. Little, Henry Livering, Andy Martin, W. B. Martin, Bat Masterson, J. L. McCaleb, Col J. H. McClintock, H. McKeen, Abner McKeever, Belle McKeever, Mrs M. B. Milam, Gen Miles, J. A. Miller, Morris Moore, Dep Sheriff Morris , Daniel Muckleny, Jim Murphy, Dan Murrah, Peta Nacona, , J. M. Nance, Lt Nelson, L. Nemety, C. L. Sgt Nevil, C. L. Sgt Nevill, Constable Niel, George Niel, Cynthia Ann Parker, W. T. Peacock, J. E. Pegues, Mrs J. M. Peters, W. A. Pitts, Chief Placido, James Pratt Plummer, Mrs Rachel Plummer, John Pockmark, Quasho Pohebits, L. N. Porter, Lake Porter, Judge Preusser, Gen Price, Ike T. Pryor, Pohebits (Iron Jacket)Quasho, Mayor Queen, Tom Ragland, W. P. Raynor, Capt J. M. Reed, Lt Reynolds, Lt N. O. Reynolds, A. Ritchie, Charlie Rivers, Capt D. W. Roberts, John T. Robinson, E. A. Robuck, Joseph Rockowitz, Lt N. N. Rogers, Capt Ross, S. P. Capt, F. S. Rountree, John Saathoff, Sgt Henry Sackett, George W. Saunders, B. S. Schmidt, Louis Schorp, Ed H. Scotten, F. P. Seekatz, B. D. Sherill, W. K. Shipman, Luke Short, Ed Sieker, John B. Slaughter, Joe "Hosstail" Small, Henry Smith, Mrs D. H. Snider, William Snyder, Mrs W. Sorrell, A. J. Sowell, Capt John C. Sparks, Joe F. Spettel, Gus Staples, H. D. Steele, T. S. Stevens, Dallas Stoudenmire, Lt Stout, Capt Henry Strong, Fayette Tankersley, Mrs J. W. Taylor, James W. Taylor, Tie Taylor, Capt Thacher, Taylor Thompson, Bill Tighlman, C. M. Trasper, Big Foot Wallace, Sam Wallick, X. Wanz, Dick Ware, R. C. Marshal , Henry Warren, Susan Washburn, Jim Bailey Wells, W. H. Wheat, Capt James White, James H. White, H. C. Williams, A. T. Wilson, Vernon C. Wilson, Webster Wither, W. O. Woodley, Doc Word, Joe Pvt Wormley, Harold Bell Wright, S. O. Young, Miss Adina De Zavala

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