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Vol 02 No. 04 - January 1925

Helped to Blaze the Way for Civilization

Account of early Bosque County settler, W. S. Powell who came to Texas in 1851 at age 15 from Mississippi. Married Miss Sallie Wells. Fought in many Indian battles and Civil War. Col. John S. Ford, McCullough, Tobin, E. A. Palmer, A. M. Truett, and others Captain. E. A. Pamer of Harris, Captain E. R. Hord of Star, A. Nelson of Bosque, Major A. M. Truett of Shelby, Major H. A. Carroll of Henderson. General J. H. Rogers of Cass, and Colonel Sam Bogart of Collins county

Pioneer Days in the Panhandle

Judge Emanuel Dubbs

Local Judge gives first-hand account of wild early days of settling the panhandle counties. Further Mentions: Ft. Elliott in Wheeler county, Mr. Wilson Harrah, Newt Lock's saloon, Mr. Leach, Mr. Templeton was attorney general and Mr. Roberts was governor at this time, Tascosa, Cone & Edwards, Mr. Poe, Whittaker, Lieut. Flipper, Mr. Rinehart, Tom Riley of Canadian, Toni. Laughlin, Newt Lock of Miami, Texas, Hank Creswell, who had a large cattle ranch oil the Canadian river. Mr. McCormick. Henrietta, Decatur, Mr. Flemming, Mrs. Fletcher Layton, Medina, Texas

Herman Stieler’s Fight with Indians

Fascinating account of 18 year old boy being attacked by Indians between Camp Verde and Comfort, Aug. 3, 1868

The Old Frontier: Events of Long Ago

Account of Col. George W. Baylor. Last Indian fights in Texas. Murder of Josephus Browning in Stephens Co. Posse hunts and courage of certain pioneer women.

The Pirate’s Buried Gold

Buried Treasure of Belton. Jesse Newton buried treasure in glass jars from robbery in Roundout, Ill. Reed’s Lake? Burgess Lake? Karl Steinheimer from Germany mined great treasure in Mexico, buried it where 3 streams met – Nolan, Lampasas and Leon creeks near Belton – treasure never found – still there maybe?

In the Days of Frontier Freighting

By T. U. Taylor.

Interesting and detailed account describes horse-freighting in Texas during pioneer days.

Some names mentioned in this volume:

Oliver Allstrom; Geo F. Atkinson; George T. Atkinson; Newt Atkinson; Judge Barker; Don Barrior; Col Baylor; Geo Wythe Baylor; George W. Baylor; George Wythe Baylor; Col George Wythe Baylor; J. W. Baylor; John R. Baylor; W. K. Baylor; Rev H. G. Bedford; Mrs Lou Singletary; Narnie Harrison Bell; Robert Bent; Annie V. Blackburn; Col Sam Bogart; Alex Brinkmann; Frank Browning; Josephus Browning; Gen Burleson; Gen Cable; C. E. Callies; E. A. Maj Carroll; Capt Christman; William E. Connelley; Hank Creswell; Judge Cummins; Mark Dalton; J. H. Davenport; Sam Davis; Jack Dobell; J. Frank Dobie; Gen Douglas; Mrs J. F. Dowis; Emanuel Judge Dubbs; J. Duty; J. C. Duval; John C. Duval; Col Fannin; Jacob M. Flemming; Lt Flipper; Manuel Flores; Capt Ford; Col Ford; John S. Col Ford; Mrs A. D. Gentry; Dan Gilliland; Judge Gormley; Capt Grant; Mustang Gray; (See Grey); Elisabeth Jordan Greenwood; J. H. Garrison; Mabry (See Mustang Grey) Grey; Mustang Grey; Wilson Harrah; Narnie Harrison; James M. Holmes; Capt E. R. Hord; Col Horton; Houston; Chief Iron Jacket; David Irvin; Capt King; Thomas A. Kirk; Bill Kutch; R. Kuykendall; Tom Laughlin; Layton; Newt Lock; James Madden; Judge McCormick; Capt H. M. McCullough; Bill Cov McDonald; John Murcheson; A. Nelson; Jess Newton; Francis Nona; A. B. Paine; Capt E. A. Palmer; Billie Parmer; J. M. Polk; Robert Powell; W. S. Powell; Capt William Preston; Judge William Rabb; Reagan; Lt James O. Rice; Tom Riley; Gen J. H. Rogers;; Willie Williamson; D. Rowals; Henry Rowland; Jack Rowland; Gov Hardin R. Runnels; Gen Rusk; Gen Santa Anna; Dr Shelburn; Mrs Lou Singletary-Bedford; Henry Smith; Dr Lota Mae Spell; Karl Steinheimer; Gottlieb Stieler; Herman Stieler; Riley Strickland; T. U. Taylor; de Father Terreros; Don Pedro Romeo de Terreros; Father Fray Giraldo de Terreros; Pedro de Terreros; Capt W. Tobin; Col Travis; Maj A. M. Truett; Maj Ward; Washburn; Miss Sallie Wells; Owen White; Thos Williams.

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