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Vol 02 No. 05 - February 1925

Memoirs of Mrs. Maverick

Excerpt from the Memoirs of Mrs. Maverick. Detailed and entertaining account of the life and times of Mrs. Maverick. Samuel Agustus Maverick, Adams, Durst, Rusk, Campbell, Julian Hood, Thompson, G. W. Cayce, Tom Howard, Matt Caldwell, Robinson, Morgan, Higginbotham

Lehmann, the Indian

Information and details on the forthcoming book about Herman Lehman, a white man who spent nine years among the Apaches and Comanches.

Hunting the Gachupin

by Theresa M. Hunter

This article begins, Gachupin sounds like a prehistoric or extinct species of animal, doesn’t it? But no, it is merely a strange word I have found in an old volume of Texas literature. Find out what the gachupin is in this interesting article.

Two Men Desperately Wounded

by Mrs. Lula Frye

Mrs. Frye is daughter of W. J. Bill Miller, and this is her narrative of his experience along with partner A. W. Morrow. Events in and around McCulloch Co. and Llano Co. Returning from cattle drive to Missouri, the two are caught in desperate fight with Indians…this is their terrifying account.

Indians of Polk County

by William Eilers Jr.

Speaks of remnant tribe of Indians Alabama Indians, a minor tribe of about 30 families still residing in Polk Co. (as of 1924). These were an unusually industrious and prosperous tribe, being good stewards of timber holdings, agricultural lands and commodities on their 1200 acre reservation. This is their account. Further details on the killing of Bob Lee in Fannin Co. (or did it occur elsewhere???)

The Old Frontier: Events of long ago

by W. K. Baylor

Story gives remarkable, detailed and historically accurate account of life of Mr. And Mrs E. B. (Dick) Dennis, one of the most courageous and fierce of all Indian fighters.

Preachers and Wedding Ceremonies

by A. W. Young

Interesting and colorful account of a veteran frontier preacher (30 years) and the experiences he had performing wedding ceremonies on the Texas frontier during that time.

Buried Treasure in Hamilton County

by Bill Murphree

Gold was secreted in Hamilton Co. by Jesuits in 1832. Many have sought for its location. Tells of the Langford gang on the Llano and Lampasas Rivers, Gholson’s Gap – Where is the treasure? Maybe this account is true???

Nomadic Navahos in the Bad Lands

Speaks of the Rainbow Bridge country, Navaho Mountain and the treks of Mr Charles L. Bernheimer into the area and his account of the indians who inhabited that region.

Pioneer Days in Burnet County

by George Holland

Account of one of the earliest settlers in Burnet Co., Samuel E. Holland, born Dec. 6, 1826, settling near Austin, engaged in Battles of Mexican War near Buena Vista, then came to Burnet Co, and Fort Croghan, purchased 1280 Acres in Hamilton Valley, fought Indians in Llano, Blanco, Gillespie Mason counties, was first Treasurer-Clerk of county, then elected to Legislature….lost $70,000 to carpetbaggers after the War, purchased Mormon Hill, tells of desperate and bloody Indian raid near Hairston Creek… many more interesting facts and details of the very earliest pioneer history of the region.

The Adventures of Jack Dobell

by J. C. Duval

4th installment (we have all others available – just ask) in series on life of Captain Dobell and his company of Kentucky riflemen in Mexican War. Speaks of battle at Coleto, Col. Fannin, Gen Urrea, events around Goliad.

Some names mentioned in this volume:

Allstrom; Jinny Anderson; Lewis Antonio; Austin; Barker; Dr Joseph Barnard; J. B. Barry; Bass; George Baylor; George Wythe; George Wythe Col; J. W. Wythe; J. W. Wythe Jr; J. W. Wythe Lt; John R. Wythe; Mrs Lou Singletary Bedford; Bell; Charles L. Bernheimer; Bill Boren; Henry Boren; Bowles; Brininstool; Mrs Annie E. Brown; John; F. M. Buckelew; Aaron Burr; Capt Matt Caldwell; Roque Catahu; G. W. Cayce; Mrs C. W. Chambers; Rev C. W. ; Lt Chevalier; Larry Chittenden; Connelley; Farrel Coon; Ruda ington; Jack Cureton; Mingo Dale; Col J. W. Darcey; Davenport; Dick Dennis; Capt E. B. Dennis ; Col E. B. Dennis ; E. B. Dennis (Dick); Mrs E. B. Dennis; T. S. Dennis; Mrs T. S. Dennis; Dobell; Dobell; Col Durst; J. C. Duval; John C. Duval; William Jr Eilers; Judge Evans; Col Fannin; Jim Feagin; Judge Feagin; Col Fisher; R. S. Ford; Lula Frye; Tom Gillespie; Capt Gillett; S. H. Gilliland; W. E. Gilliland; Ruby Green; J. H. Greenwood; Jack Hays; Geo Holland; George Holland; Samuel E. Holland; Sheriff Julian Hood; Capt Tom Howard; Hunter; Theresa M. Hunter; Chief Isimanica; Layton; Herman Lehmann; Matilda Lockhart; Capt W. J. Maltby; George Martin; John Martin; Lt Martinez; Mrs M. A. Maverick; Sam Maverick; Sam Agustus Maverick; Susan A. McCarty; Gen McCullough; McDonald; John McPeters; Bill (see W. J. ) Miller; Elizabeth Miller; Emma A. Miller; F. M. Miller; J. W. Miller; Joseph Miller; Lula J. Miller; Maj Miller; W. J. Miller; Zack T. Miller; Jas T. Moore; A. W. Morrow; Bill Murphree; Jim Ned; Francis Nona; A. B. Paine; George P. Pankey; Henry Pankey; Quanah Parker; John W. Poe; Col J. M. Polk; Reagan; Capt Redd; Redd; Jo Rice; Capt D. W. Roberts; Judge Robinson; R. C. Rodgers; Rogers; Maj Rose; Gen Rusk; Gen Santa Anna; Saunders; Elizabeth Scott; Henry Scott; John Chief Scott; Mary Scott; Ed Sieker; D. O. Sims; Small; ; John W. Smith; Marion Smith; Sam S. Smith; Strickland; Maj Sutherland; Capt Sylvester; T. U. Taylor; Clara Thomas; Judge Thompson; Lt Thompson; Gen Toledo; Gen Urrea; Dallie Vandever; Dona Juana Varcinez; Leonicio Varcinez; ; Maj Wallace; Maj Ward; Washburn; Booker Webster; Daniel Webster; Dr Weidemann; Capt Lysander Wells; Owen White; Bill Williams; Chief Yellow Calf; A. W. Young; O. S. Young; (See De le Zerla) Zerla; Zerl Zephyrus.

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