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Vol 02 No. 07 - April 1925

Military Outpost in Coleman County

Henry C. Fuller.

Camp Colorado, near Jim Ned Creek. Est. August 1856. From here would come some of the most noted Civil War heroes such as, Maj. Earl Van Dorn, Capt. Theodore O’Hara, Gen. John B. Hood, Gen. James P. Major, Gen. E. Kirby Smith and Gen. Fitzhugh Lee. Van Dorn led against outbreak of Mormon trouble in 1857. Capt. L. S. Ross. Speaks of various military organizations that were stationed at Camp Colorado, and the dates of their residence there.

Henry Sisk’s Indian Fight

T. U. Taylor. Sisk, of Parker Co. is attacked by 4 shielded Indians, shoots Chief and escapes to tell tale which became legendary in Parker Co. Later meets man who relates story to Sisk, not knowing who he was and the account is affirmed by the words: "The description you have given …is correct in every detail: I am Henry Sisk!"

Finds a Ruby Arrowhead

Morris Kidkoff

Speaks of stone collector, W. E. Snavely of Taylor who finds an arrowhead of ruby weighing over 15 Karats! This is his story.

Spent Four Long Years in a Cave

Cave above the floor of the Blanco River canyon is inhabited by Jap Brown who flees conscription into the Civil War and "Heel Flies." He is cared for during entire time by….

Henry Breuemmer’s Experience

By Paul Morgan

Harrowing and thrilling experiences of early Blanco Co. settler, Henry Breuemmer. Speaks of repeated Indian raids around Twin Sisters mountains. Also of mobbings, lynchings and hangings in the area. Chris Krukemeier, August Engle, Willie Schuetz, Fritz Fischer, Capt. Callahan, Blasingame, Hines, Link, Lackey are all named, as well as Anton Kneuper, Sheppard, William Jones

The Adventures of Jack Dobell

J. C. Duval. 6th Installment (we have the rest – just ask). More on events of Mexican war around Coletto, Goliad…of Col. Fannin, Holliday and the daring & incredible escape of Wm. Hunter. Gripping story.

Lost Bullion in Lavaca County

Short article on pure silver bullion that was seen and then lost sight of somewhere on Lavaca River.

The Adolphus Sterne Diary

33rd degree Mason from France becomes one of earliest settlers in Texas. Long time resident of Nacogdoches. This is account of his life by C. A. Sterne, his son.

Old Newspaper Published in 1839

Origins of "National Intelligencer" published in Houston, Aug 22, 1839, by S. Whiting, publisher. Gives some of the interesting articles, places, facts and advertisements that appeared in that early issue.

Fight with Mexican Lynx

Leonard Passmore, when 16 has incredible confrontation with enormous Mex. lynx.

Adventures of Mier Prisoner

Thrilling account of John Rufus Alexander, a member of the ill-fated expedition into Mexico. This sad story depicts the courageous conflict under Gen. Tom Green and Col. Fisher whose men met a horrible fate at Mier. After remaining there for a period they were escorted by Mexican forces deep into Mexico where they met the scorn and ridicule of the Mexican citizens and were subject to the most horrific depravations, their daring escape and desperate journey back home to Texas. This is absolutely fascinating reading, very detailed and lengthy. Very engaging, very sad reading.

Old Fort Clark, a Frontier Post

Cephas C. Bateman. The fort, situated in Kinney Co. near Bracketville was sight of many notable commands and military events. Further Mentions: Las Mora Mountain, Las Moras Spring, Major Joseph Hatch La Motte. The post was named after Major John B. Clark, Fort Clark was regarrisoned by Federal troops December 12, 1866, Company C, 4th Cavalry, commanded by Capt. John E. Willcox, Brevet Brigadier General R. S. Mackinzie. Wesley Merrit, W. H. Lawton, T. J. Wint, J. K. Mizner, W. R. Shafter, C. R. Edwards, Chaplain Barr, Major General John W. Ruckman

Some of my Frontier Experiences

John O. Allen, Cookville. Wild and wooly events involving buffalo and buffalo hunting in Washita Hills, 1868-69, hard battles with Comanches, assault upon Russell family and more.

The Old Frontier: Events of Long Ago: The Paint Creek Fight

Speaks of terrible indian attack at Browning Ranch on Hubbard Creek – Josephus was scalped while still alive, and then left for dead. Pursuit of indians taken up by John R. Baylor at Dawson Ranch on Clear Fork. Then joined by Elias Hale, Min. Wright and Tom Stockton. Then along with Geo. Baylor and 2 others, they engaged in fierce battles showing great courage and the Paint Creek Fight was considered to be one of the most successful efforts against the Comanches on the northern frontier of Texas.

Over the Old Chisholm Trail

By W. J. Morris

Morris, along with James Holden began at Buda, Hays, co. 15 mi. south of Austin to take 6000 head of cattle to Nebraska. Drivers Ocie Cato and James Kingsbury. Describes the "outfit" of 15 men and their various duties along the drive. Describes fascinating details of life on the trail as it passed the regions of Throckmorton, Baylor and Wilbarger counties, crossing Red River at Doan’s Store, through Washita Mountains. Met up with Quanah Parker, half-breed and his men, then into territories of the Kiowa and chief Lone Wolf. Wolf, demands beef, but is refused to which he responds with 50 warriors on horseback. Account further depicts efforts to avoid stampede, river crossings, "grub piles" etc. A must read if Chisholm or cattle-driving history is your thing.

Raid by Mexicans in 1875

Speaks of lawless days in region between Victoria and Brownsville and the sufferings endured by Corpus Christi residence at the hands of blood-thirsty Mexicans. Account of particular raid in 1875 where 50 were taken captive and a detailed account by Thomas Noakes as found in his diary. Depicts the horrible events and details surrounding the attack.

The Bickel Family Murdered

By Alex Brinkmann

Boerne, Texas, Aug. 30 1868 a fiendish and brutal murder of Mr. Bickel, Miss Bickel, Mr. Spangenberg and a three year old child by marauding Mexicans. All have throats slashed, but one boy escapes to tell tale to Mr. Zoeller. This is the true account.

Some names in this volume:

John Quincy Adams; John Rufus Alexander; Jno O. Allen; John O. Allen; Capt John O. Allen; Noah Allen; Gen Ampudia; Kenneth L. Anderson; Edmund Andrews; Dot Babb; Capt Baker; W. A. Ball; Chaplain Barr; Gen Barragan; Cephas C. Chaplain Bateman; Geo Wythe Baylor; George W. Baylor; John R. Baylor; Col John R. Baylor; John W. Baylor; Col W. K. Baylor; Hon A. J. Bell; Mrs Gus Bell; Mrs R. E. Bell; Capt Bennett; Bate Berry; Joe Berry; Placide Bosier; Bowles; Dr Brenham; ; John Brennan; Alex Brinkmann; Jap Brown; Mrs Jap Brown; Frank Browning; Joseph Browning; Josephus Browning; Henry Bruemmer; Bruemmer; Bruemmer; Beau Brummel; F. M. Buckelew; Capt Buster; Capt Caldwell; "Paint" Caldwell; Capt Callahan; Capt Cameron; ; Dr Cameron; Homer Cameron; Gen Canales; Ocie Cato; Mrs W. E. Cave; John B. Maj Clark; David Crockett; John Dawson; Dobell; Dobell; Gen K. E. Douglas; Duval; Capt Eastland; C. R. Edwards; August Engle; Fritz Fischer; Col Fisher; Henry C. Fuller; Capt A. M. Gildea; Capt J. B. Gillet; Gillet; ; Capt J. B. Gillett; Gen Green; Gen Tom Green; A. G. Greenwood; Pres Griffith; Elias Hale; Hardin; John Wesley ; Jack Hays; J. Pickney Henderson; Dan Henry; James Holden; Gen John B. Hood; Thomas W. House; Kate; John Jerman; Jack Johnson; A. Sidney Johnston; August Jonas; Levi Jones; William Jones; David S. Kaufman; Andrew Kaulbach; Morris Kidkoff; James Kingsbury; Charles Kluge; Anton Kneuper; Peter Kneuper; Gotleib Koch; Chris Krukemeier; Dr Kuntz; Maj Joseph Hatch La Motte; Sam Lanham; W. H. Lawton; Layton; ; Gen Fitzhugh Lee; Gen Robert E. Lee; Chief Lone Wolf; Capt Lyons; Gen R. S. Brig Mackenzie; Patrick Mahan; Gen James P. Major; McDonald; Capt Shelby McNeal; Wesley Merrit; J. K. Mizner; Paul Morgan; W. J. Morris; Jim Ned; Jim Neely; Richard Nicoll; M. Noakes; Thomas ; Capt A. E. Nolen; Ole T. Nystel; Capt Theodore O' Hara; Maj Oldham; ; Don Onis; Cynthia Ann Parker; Quanah Parker; Rev W. G. Parsons; Leonard Passmore; Capt Pearson; John C. Pierce; J. W. Pipkin; Ike T. Pryor; Hon John H. Reagan; George T. Reynolds; Ann Roach; John S. Roberst; Capt L. S. Ross; Gen John W. Maj Ruckman; Eva Catherine Rosine Ruff; John Everhardt ; Gen Rusk; Thomas J. Rusk; Lucy Russell; Capt Ryan ; Henry Hon Sackett; Saunders; E. B. Sayles; Willie Scheutz; W. R. Shafter; Dr Sheppard; F. Sims; Dr Sinnickson; Sinnickson; Henry Sisk; Gen E. Kirby Smith; W. E. Snavely; Gen Somervell; John W. Starr; Adolphus Sterne; C. A. Sterne; Tom Stockton; Capt Sullivan; R. E. Tackitt; Bill Taylor; Jim; Gen David E. Twiggs; Earl Maj Van Dorn; Sam Walker; S. Whiting; Capt John E. Willcox; T. J. Wint; Gen Woll; Min Wright; Minn; August Wuest; Wuertemberg.

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