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Vol 02 No. 08 - May 1925

Childhood Memories

By Mrs. L. A. Scott, McKinney, TX.

Tells of grandfather, R. R. Royall who landed at Matagorda and became influential in TX politics and business – friend of Stephen Austin. Mrs. Scott describes terrors of fleeing marauding Mexicans, courage of Capt. James Long and his wife, which helped spark Texans rebellion against Mexican gov’t leading to TX independence. Further accounts of father, Col. M. W. Allen and his exploits. Mentions acts of Ku Klux Klan riders and other formative events of which she was eye-witness.

The Eldridge Expedition In 1843

John Henry Brown account of the expedition of Eldridge who along with Hamilton P. Bee, Thomas Torrey and others embarked on effort to settle Indian troubles. Passing up Brazos, Tehuacano Cr, and into the wilds beyond. At Wise, in Jack’s co., met with delegations of indians from Wacos, Anadarcos, Two-e-ashes, Caddos, Keechis, Tehuacano, Delawares, Bedais, Boluxies, Ionies and other tribes. Strange conduct of the indians at this council described. Further events described in detail regarding meetings with comanches and Wacos. Acts of Jim Shaw, John Conner and other indian attaches which resulted in monumental treaties.

The Old Frontier: Events Of Long Ago

By W. K. Baylor

Detailed account of the political turmoil of Frontier Texas – the establishment of Austin as capital, the early presidents of the republic beginning with Houston, and then the governors following statehood. Many important names and details: William Hardeman, Albert Horton. Lewis P. Cook, Isaac Burton, Gen. Vasquez, Mrs. Eberly, Cap. M. B. Lewis, David G. Burnet, Lorenzo de Zavala, Samuel P. Carson, Bailey Hardeman, Thomas J. Rusk, Robt. Potter, David Thomas, Gen. Jackson, Pres. Monroe, Mirabean B. Lamar, Barnard E. Bee, Albert Sydney Johnston, Robt. E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, Gen. Grant, Gen Beauregard, Anson Jones, J. Pickney Henderson, Geo. T. Wood, P. Hansboro Bell, Elisha M. Pease, Gen. Sheridan, Hardin R. Runnels.

The Massacre Of Henry Warren’s Train

Tells of the gruesome attack (1871) upon Warren’s mule-train by 150 Indians near Flat-Top Mountain halfway between Jacksboro and Belknap. Bodies were mutilated, chained to wagon-wheels and burned. Goes on to describe efforts made by Gen. Sherman to control increasing incursions of Indian hostility. Confrontation with chiefs Satanta and Kicking Bird. Generally successful efforts made to quiet uprisings, and subsequent arrest of numerous Indians, Satanta, Big Tree & Satank. Details of trials included as well as many, many names of important local officials at Jacksboro. Northern Sentimentalists were successful in gaining freedom for the Chiefs, and so they were set at liberty. As expected, terror began afresh and they were re-captured and imprisoned only to…

Further Mentions: His Honor, Charles Soward, . T. Lanham, the district attorney, and Thomas Ball, Joe Woolfork, Thomas Williams (a brother of the famous "Blue Jeans" of Indiana, and a pioneer settler), John Cameron, Evert Johnson, Jr., H. B. Verner, Stanley Cooper, William Hensley, John H. Brown, Peter Lynn, Peter Hart, Daniel C. Brown, L. P. Bunch and James Cooley. The principal witnesses were General R. S. Mackenzie, Lowrie Taten and Thomas Brazale (one of the teamsters who escaped the massacre).

The Battle Of Bandera Pass

By A. J. Sowell.

Named after Spanish general, Bandera ("flag"), tells of the two major battles that occurred on the spot, though 100 years apart. Bandera’s great battle against the Apaches, then speaks of efforts of Rangers under Jack Hays about 1842. Comanche warriors ambushed Hays et al, and there was fierce and bloody fighting, often hand to hand. Desperate knife battle results in death of Comanche chief and Indians finally withdrew. Many names of dead and wounded are included in this story: Jackson, Fore, Galbreath, Highsmith, Ackland, Luckey, Walker, Erskine. Many more names listed: Gen. Taylor, B. McCulloch, Hansborough, Gillespie, Bigfoot Wallace, Chevalier, G. Neill, etc, etc.

Old Camp Verde And The Camels

A. J. Sowell. Camp Verde, a "camel post" – camels being Jeff Davis’ idea and so fort was built. Tells of efforts and failure of camels on frontier. Subsequent history of Camp Verde.

The Adventures Of Jack Dobell

7th installment (we have the others – just ask) More on events of Mexican war around Coletto, Goliad…of Col. Fannin, Holliday and the daring & incredible escape of Wm. Hunter. Gripping story.

Exciting Chase After A Band Of Indians

W. M. Greene, Major Commanding Texas Ex-rangers Association. November 1874, Gonzales Creek, Stephens Co. J. M. Milligan commands a force to pursue attacking Indians in miserable weather and frightening circumstances such as…

Origin Of Jim Ned And Mukewater

Jim Ned was Kiowa half-breed cheiftan, hence name of creek after him. Little town of Mukwater on line between Coleman and Brown counties named after...

Some names mentioned in this volume:

Kit Ackland; Chief Acoquash; Jonathan Allen; Col M. W. Allen; Royall Jonathan; Austin; Dot Babb; Thomas Ball; Gen Bandera; Al Barber; Baylor; Gen Beauregard; Col Barnard E. Bee; Gen Barnard E. ; Gen Hamilton P. ; P. Hansborough Bell; Billy Benson; J. A. Bonnell; W. A. Bonnett; Bud Boykin; William Boykin; Thomas Brazale; Maj Browman; Daniel C. Brown; Mrs F. Brown; John H. Brown; Henry Bruemmer; F. M. Buckelew; L. P. Bunch; David G. Burnet; Isaac W. Burton; John Cameron; J. Campbell; Samuel P. Carson; Jim Carter; Mike Chevalier; James Collingsworth; John Conner; Lewis P. Cook; James Cooley; Stanley Cooper; Bethel Coopwood; Edmund J. Gov Davis; Jefferson Pres; Duval; S. W. Eastin; Capt Eldridge; ; Joseph C. Eldridge; Samuel Elliot; Andrew Erskine; W. S. Ethridge; Peter Fore; Tom Galbreath; B. F. Gholson; Capt Ad. Gillespie; Gillett; Gen Grant; W. M. Green; Dock Grounds; Maj Hardee; Bailey Hardeman; Leonidas Hardeman; Owen B. Hardeman; Thomas J. Hardeman; Thomas Monroe Hardeman; William P. Hardeman; Hardin; Peter Hart; William E. Hawks; Capt Hays; John Coffee "Jack"; Gov Henderson; J. Pickney Gov; William Hensley; Ben Highsmith; Maria Hockley; William Hockley; Albert C. Horton; Gen Felix Houston; Gen Jackson; George Jackson; Tom Jackson; Gen Albert Sidney Johnson; Evert Jr Johnson; Albert Sidney Johnston; Anson Jones; Chief Kicking Bird; August Klappenbach; H. Klappenbach; Mirabeau B. Lamar; S. W. T. Hon Lanham; Gen Robert E. Lee; Robert E. Lt Col; Capt M. B. Lewis; Chief Lone Wolf; Capt Long; Capt James ; Sam Luckey; Peter Lynn; Gen Mackenzie; Col R. S. Mackenzie; Gen R. S. Mackenzie; Pres Madison; John Maples; Gen Randolph B. Marcy; Jose Chief Maria; Ben McCulloch; William Menifee; J. M. Lt Milligan; Pres Monroe; Paul Morgan; Chief Mukewaka; Jim Ned; Jim Chief Ned; George Neill; Capt I. N. Palmer; Parker; Callaway H. Patrick; Capt June Peak; Elisha M. Gov Pease; Pres Polk; Robert Potter; Gen Reynolds; Sul Ross; R. R. Royall; Virginia Miss Royall; Hardin R. Gov Runnels; Gen Thomas J. Rusk; Capt Henry Sackett; Chief Santanta; Chief Satank; Chief Satanta; E. B. Sayles; Mrs L. A. Scott; Jim Second Eye; Jim Second-Eye; Jim Shaw; ; Gen Sheridan; Gen W. T. Sheridan; Small; Charles Soward; Charles Judge Soward; Judge Soward; A. J. Sowell; Col Starr; Rev Pleasant Tackitt; Chief (See "Big Tree") Tall Tree; E. H. Tarrant; Lowrie Taten; Taten; Creed Taylor; George W. Terrell; David Thomas; Maj Thomas; Thomas Torrey; Col Travis; Gen Vasquez; H. B. Verner; Abe Waldron; Mrs Angeline Waldron; SamWalker; Wallace; Capt Henry Warren; Washburn; W. E. Webb; Gen Wheaton; Lt Wheaton; Thomas Williams; Gov George T. Wood; Joe Woolfork; Don Lorenzo de Zavala; Zarate-Salmeron.

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