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Vol 02 No. 11 - August 1925

Only 19 Survivors Of The Mexican War

Various personal and autobiographical perspectives on the 1846-48 Mexican war from some of the 19 living (as of 1925) survivors who fought in it. Amasa Clark, Uriah Gasaway, Veteran Daniel Gonder, Robert Starkey, James M. Holmes, Oliver J. Stough speak of events such as Palo Alto, Resaca, de la Palma, Monterey, Buena Vista, Cerro Gordo, Vera Cruz, Churubusco, Contreras, Chapultepec, etc.

Old Whip Was A Noted Horse

A. J. Dowel. In Early 1820’s Allen Vince settled near Houston and had a large ranch, wherein among other things he raised excellent horses, one of which was a stallion named "Old Whip." In 1836 Santa Anna captured ranch and seized horses, making "Old Whip" his own personal horse. Excellent account of battles in that area which resulted in poor Santa Anna, along with this noble horse, being… Speaks of Castrillion, Almonte, Col Delgado, Capt Henry Karnes, Dr. Johnson Hunter, etc

A Gallant Texas Ranger

Account of Capt. Dan W. Roberts, highly honored for gallantry in Indian battles – some of his recollections are recorded in this article – an amazing and brave man indeed.

Amon B. King and Aaron B. King

Amon B. King, born in Baltimore, 1807 was killed in battle at Goliad – or was it "Aaron B. King?" who was killed. Controversey over estate of Mr. King has marred records pertaining to true ownership. History is inaccurate but many facts here brought out to affirm that indeed it was actually…

Seeks Truth About Philip Nolan

By J. M. Dawson. Excerpt from the article: "A movement among Wacoans headed by Librarian John K. Strecker of Baylor University to collect all possible data relating to Philip Nolan, first Anglo-American to lead as expedition into Texas more than a century and a quarter ago, who perished at the hands of the jealous Spaniards in reach of "the arms of God" and lies buried in an unknown grave near Waco.


An excellent beginning has been made in the K. H. Aynesworth Library of Texas History, which is a notable part of Baylor's library, consisting of several thousand volumes and documents relating to Texas, some of them of great value gathered by the donor through long years. In its collection may be found abundant references to Philip Nolan of a more elaborate sort than those in the popular histories…The story of Philip Nolan, one of the most romantic annals of the Southwest and one of the most significant in the history of the United States, has been much confused. Dr. Edward Everett Hale made Philip Nolan the unhappy hero of his "Man Without a Country." …With all the historical research thus far historians are not agreed as to whether Philip Nolan, as stated by one Richards, who deserted from Nolan's party, intended to build a fort from whose base 'he would explore the country, locate mines and after getting enough horses would lead an army of Americans to the conquest of Texas, was merely engaged in the profitable if hazardous contraband business of buying and selling wild horses, was responding to a scientific request of President Thomas Jefferson, was unconsciously the agent of President Jefferson in collecting information about the little known country of the Tehas, or was acting with Aaron Burr with treasonable designs upon the United States in the hope of establishing a kingdom in the West.

It appears that after many trips into the Spanish territory in the business of catching wild horses, the dashing, young Irishman, Philip Nolan received a letter from Monticello from Jefferson, dated June 24, 1798, in which it was stated that the-,President had heard much of him as knowing more than any one else about the large herds of wild horses west of the Mississippi, and that there was a…"

The Old Frontier: Events Of Long Ago: "Last Fight Between The Apaches And Rangers In Texas"

By W. K. Baylor. Refers to the last raid of Old Chief Victorio, his death and the events surrounding it. While it was often reported that U.S. troops were responsible for finishing the Old warrior off, perhaps, according to Baylor, this account is not true. Rather, it was ….

Includes events in and around Davis Mountains, Sacramento Mountains, Eighteen mile water hole, Eagle Springs, Fort Quitman, Borach Mountains, Don Jesus Cobas, Carrizo Springs, Col. Joaquin Terrazas, Graham, Grant, Morgan, Crenshaw, Nat Harrison, Chas Neville and Diablo Mountains.

Surveyed State Capitol Lands

Account of 2 month expedition of surveyors and accompanying Rangers in the initial mapping of Texas state capitol lands in Austin. 3,500,000 acres of land in 1880. Many names and interesting data regarding this event including members of Rangers G. W. Arrington's company C. Some names: W. C. Bradley, first sergeant; Richard Jones, second sergeant; L. S. Turnbo, third sergeant; W. R. Waller, Cephus Rush and W. Scott, corporals; John D. Wirdwell, Harvey Hammer, Sam Callahan, John Dunn, J. T. Smith, Mr.Brown, William Gill, Will Snurley, Frank Freeman, Rufus Jenkins, Lee Jenkins, Will Jenkins, W . R. Stonebraker, Albert Mullins, Ed Gibson, G. W. Forbes, James L. McElroy and Brown Seay.

Incident of Captain Bill McDonald

Capt. Bill McDonald and his rangers keep control of riotous crowds who had gathered at Langtry (at the invitation of the infamous "Judge" Roy Bean – "law West of the Pecos") where they encountered a tremendous…

New Light On John Wesley Hardin

T. U. Taylor. Here, along with interesting details regarding the notorious man’s character, events of his youth and some notable deeds, is evidence that seems conclusive to the fact that Hardin who reports in his autobiography that he was captured on July 23, 1877, was mistaken. In fact, it seems incontrovertible that he was captured on…

Fort Sill, The Noted Army Post

Speaks of plans for the preservation for posterity of one of America's most famous Army posts, that served in the conquest of' the Western frontier. This is the old post of Fort Sill, Okla., once known as Camp Wichita where Generals Sherman and Sheridan, battled against the Indians and where the savage Apache chief Geronimo was imprisoned. Fort Sill is located in the center of a section, where many bloody massacres of whites by the Indians took place in the last century. It is situated on Medicine Bluff Creek, in Comanche County, six miles north of the town of Lawton. Reference is made to three Kiowa chiefs, Satank, Satanta, and Big Tree, Lone Wolf etc

An Early Day Assassination

By Taylor Thompson. Account of this Texas Ranger who witnessed a bold assassination of a Mr. Sullivan in front of his eyes. After apprehending murderer, he somehow "got away" which in those days usually meant that he would be found somewhere hangin in a tree – such was law on the frontier.

The Texas Almanac, 1865

Mr. Henry Bonnet of Medina, Bandera county, Texas, has a copy of the Texas Almanac, published at Austin for the year 1865, from which Judge C. W. Harris copied the following items for publication in Frontier Times. 1. The 18th Judicial District is composed of the counties of Atascosa, Bandera, Uvalde, Medina, Wilson, Kinney and Maverick. G. H. Noonan. Judge. 2. 0. M. Roberts, Chief Justice Supreme Court. 3. The 31st Senatorial District is ,composed of the counties Blanco, Comal, Bandera, Kerr, Gillespie. Llano. San Saba. Medina, Uvalde. McCulloch. Concho. Moo, Menard, Kimble and Edwards. J. E. Ranck, Representative, Mason, Texas. 5. State Frontier Organization, Third Military District, Brigadier General' J. D. McAdoo, commanding Burnet County.. Capt. Chris Dorbant's Co., 56 men; John Barton's Co.' 65 men; James P. Magill's Co., 65 men; Q. C. Bitties' Co., 65 men; Total 251. Kerr County. Lieut. D. H. Farr's Co., 28 men, Total 28. Llano County: Capt. J. S. Bourland's Co., 65 men; Lieut. F. Breazel's Co., 41 men. Total, 106. Gillespie County. -Capt. E. Krauskopf's Co., 63. men; Wm. S. Wahrmund's Co., 62 men; etc,

Tells Of An Indian Raid

G. M. Day – Zavala Co. In the spring of 1877 a bunch of Indians, supposed to be Kickapoos, passed through the Castroville neighborhood, stealing horses on their way, then went on to Black Creek and killed a man named Joe Wilton. On the morning of April 28th, they passed by the house of David Parks, who then lived at the old Todos Santos ranch. Mentions a posse collected at Todos Santos Lake, including Bill Bennett, Claude Bennett, Alex Bennett, Buck Lock, Billy Parks, Couser, Tom McKinney, Bob McKinney, Tol McKinney, John Rutledge (now living at Loma Visita), Jack Foster, Emory Foster, Virgil Ridgeway; Frank Conley who pursued the Indians

To Arroya Negro where afterwards a terrible fight followed. – Another great first-hand, eye-witness account. While reading these, you have to remind yourself, you’re not reading the fancies of L’amour, but REAL LIFE HISTORY!

An Old Song, The Dying Cowboy

Great old woeful song introduced by "Oh, bury, me not on the lone prairie," These words came low and mournfully from the pallid lips of a youth who lay On his dying bed at the close of day.


He had wailed in pain till. o'er his brow death's shadows fast were gathering now He thought of his home and his loved ones nigh, As the cowboys gathered to see him die…

" Oh, bury me not on the lone prairie,

Where the wild coyotes will howl o'er me

In, a narrow grave just six by three,

Oh, bury me not on the lone prairie. etc, etc, etc

The Adventures Of Jack Dobell

Some names included in this volume:

Alexander; Capt John B. Armstrong; John B. Lt Armstrong; Capt G. W. Arrington; Austin; K. H. Aynesworth; Dot Babb; John Barton; George W. Baylor; Col George W. Baylor; ; Ellis P. Bean; Roy Justice; H. G. Bedford; Hamilton P. Bee; Trav Bell; Alex Bennett; Bill Bennett; Claude Bennett; H. Bensemann; Chief Big Tree; John D. Birdwell; G. C. Bitties; Ephraim Blackburn; Henry Bonnet; Capt J. S. Bourland; Jane Bowen; st Sgt W. C. Bradley; Lt F. Breazel; Dr Brooks; Pres S. P Brooks. ; Buckelew; Aaron Burr; Gen Byrnes; Sam Callahan; Joseph Camp; Dr Joseph Camp; Mary Ann Camp; Gen Castrillon; W. D. Chipley; Alvin Clark; Pvt Amasa Clark; Don Jesus Cobas; Richard Gov Coke; Frank Conley; John Connor; Gen Cos; Col D. B. Culberson; Gov Culberson; Mariano Capt Culmanaris; F. S. Curtis; JeffersonDavis; Rev J. M. Dawson; G. M. Day; Gen Delgado; Hartman Dignowity; Bud Dixon; Tom Dixon; Dobell; Dobell; Dobie; Chris Capt Dorbant; A. J. Dowell; Jack Duncan; Pvt Duncan; John Dunn; J. A. Lt Durand; Duval; Capt Eldridge; Julia Estill; Lt D. H. Farr; John R. Capt Fenn; Gov Ferguson; Bob Fitzsimmons; G. W. Forbes; Emory Foster; Jack Foster; Frank Freeman; Uriah Gasaway; Chief Geronimo; Ed Gibson; William Gill; Gillett; Daniel Gonder; Malone W. Graham; Col Benjamin H. Grierson; Gen Grierson; N. Capt Gussett; Dr Edward Everett Hale; Alexander Hamilton; Harvey Hammer; John G. Hardin; ; John Wesley ; C. W. Judge Harris; Nat Corp Harrison; Geo Hay; Col James M. Holmes; Pvt Holmes; ; Gen Houston; Gov Hubbard; Lt Hudson; Dr Johnson ; Mont Hurst; Sheriff W. H. Hutchinson; Alpheus Hyatt; Harriet R. Hyatt; Lt J. Hynes; David Irvin; Pres Thomas Jefferson; Rufus Jenkins; Will Jenkins; Lee Jenkius; Sgt Richard Jones; Capt Wm E. Jones; Capt Henry Karnes; A. B. King; Aaron B. King; H. C. King; H. C. Sen King; J. Lt King; Virginia King; A. Klappenbach; Capt E. Krauskopf; Gen Lamar; J. C. Landrum; Abraham Lincoln; Buck Lock; ChiefLone Wolf; James P. Magill; Peter Maher; Jim Mann; Anna Martin; Gen Brig J. D. McAdoo; Capt McCulloch; Capt McCullough; Capt Bill McDonald; James L. McElroy; Bob McKinney; C. C. McKinney; John McKinney; Tol McKinney; Tom McKinney; A. R. McTee; Capt Bladen Mitchell; Albert Mullins; M. Lt Musquiz; Gen Pedro de Nava; Chief Jim Ned; Lt Chas Nevill; Capt Nolan; Philip Nolan; G. H. Judge Noonan; Col Norton; Mack Park; Billy Parks; David Parks; Dr L. W. Payne; Pauline Periwinkle; T. O. Plunket; Pres Polk; David D. Porter; A. J. Purdue; J. E. Ranck; Fannie Ratchford; Capt Reynolds; Virgil Ridgeway; Capt Geo Robbins; Capt Roberts; O. M. Chief Justice; James M. Robertson; George Robinson; Harry Robinson; Pres Roosevelt; Sheriff Daniel Rugh; Cephus Corp Rush; John Rutledge; P. D. Saner; Todos Santos; Chief Satank; Chief Satanta; Gen Scott; Roy P. Scott; Corp W. Scott; Winfield Scott; Brown Seay; Jim Shaw; Gen Sheridan; Gen Philip Sheridan; Gen Joshua W. Sill; A. Silver; Maj Simms; Deaf Smith; J. T. Smith; Victor J. Smith; Noah Smithwick; Will Snurley; Doc Spears; Robert Starkey; Louisa Stearns; William B. Stearns; Gen Steele; W. R. Stonebraker; Oliver J. Stough; John K. Stracken; John K. Strecker; Gen Taylor; Jim Taylor; Dr T. U. Taylor; Zachary Taylor; Col Joaquin Terrazas; Capt J. Tom Thompson; Sgt L. S. Turnbo; Sgt L. S. Turnbo; Gen Twigg; Gov Vance; Chief Victorio; Allen Vince; Wm S. Wahrmund; P. Lt Waldrip; W. R. Corp Waller; Thos Watkin; Charles Webb; A. Lt Webber; John Wedig; Capt West; W. A. Whatley; A. G. Wiley; Gen Wilkinson; J. A. Wilkinson; Gen James Wilkinson; Capt Williams; Pres Wilson; Joe Wilton; Capt Wolhersdoff; Capt Wyatt; Wuthrich;

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