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Vol 04 No. 01 - October 1926

Texan Plotted Conquest of California

By Hunter Anderson.

Edward A Weyman was a veteran Naval officer, border sheriff, forty niner and Texas cattleman. Weyman, was born in New Rochelle, NY 1821, his great grandfather Edward Weyman was one of the early colonists of SC and founder of the Fellowship Society in 1776. His mother was a great granddaughter of Alexander Coffin one of the seven founders of Hudson, NY. This is an intersting account of a little known fact of TX history – that there were plans made to make California a part of the young TX republic – here is the story of the man who was the major force behind the thwarted plan.

Further mentions: little Mexican village of Chalchihuites, in the state of Durango, Commodore Moore., Midshipmen, O'Shannessey and Postell, Zavala, San Bernard, Brownsville, Texas, then one of the wildest towns on the frontier. the brig Jim Bowie, named after one of the heroes of the Alamo, the old brig Worton of'the Texas navy, Captain Jim Wright. and' Thurston Taylor, Commodore Wheelright, Judge De Albe, the outlaw Bill Williams, Colonel Wood and Dr. Moore.

Indians Murder French Merchant

By Captain A J Sowell.

This story features VERY early (1830’s) history of area around Gonzales on the Guadalpue river, Seguin. This is a very sad account of the slaughter of the French merchant, Greser and 10 others in his party, at the hands of bloodthirsty Comanches. Greser had camped the night at the ranch of John Castleman, west of Gonzales when the raid occurred. Account further describes pursuit that followed and mentions Captain Matthew Caldwell, James C. Darst, Dan McCoy, Ezekiel Williams, B D McClure, John Davis, Tom Malone, White, Jesse McCoy, Wash Cottle, Almarion Dickinson who was later killed at the Alamo, Dr. James Miller, A J Sowell Sr. and John. Captain. A. J. Sowell, DeWitt's colony at Gonzales, Old San Antonio Road, Darst creek

The Cardiff Giant Fake

Account of the last survivor of that group which exploited the famous Cardiff giant, a Mr Benjamin A. Son, one of the owners of the colossal figure of a "petrified prehistoric man," which astounded the nation during the 1870’s. Mr Son died, never shaken in his belief the great effigy was a true specimen of real humanity, turned to stone by the action of the elements and time. Son was the last of the seven original owners and promoters of the famous giant. W. C. Newell, Cardiff farmer, "unearthed" the famous giant, and offered Son a sixteenth ownership in it. Son realized its possibilities and invested $5,000. The subsequent exploitation of the statue doubled Son's investment many times.

Further mentions: Co-owners: Amos Gilbert, David H. Hannan, Amos Wescott, William Spencer. Also mentions Edward Noyes Wescott, author of "David. Harum;" Cardiff Syracuse, T. A.. Wood, proprietor of Wood's Museum, in New, York, and, son-in-law of P. T.. Barnum. A Prof. Boynton

Stampede on the Ft. Graham Trail

By D B Smith of Bonham TX

Account of massive stampede of 1000 So. Texas lonhorns, in 1870’s along the Lampasas river, and the subsequent events.

Further mentions: Salado Mills down below Belton, Pat M. Neff, Shepherd Neff, the Lampasas river. the Perry Hills, Nolan creek, Stampede Creek, Neff Grove, Cedar Creek, "Haunted Hill."

A Circus in Texas 56 Years Ago

By Col Lewis Ginger, who was part of travelling circus across TX and other frontier states in 1870, when it was yet very unsafe for a white man to travel, let alone in a circus…

Further mentions: Fort Gibson, J. B. Hickok Wild Bill, San Antonio and Austin in 1870's, Dr. Moore, the proprietor of the Avenue Hotel, it was while we were in Austin that I became acquainted with several men who were to become figures in Texas history, Phil Coe, Ben Thompson, Mat Woodloaf, Rockport, Indianola, Among the towns I remember were Beeville, San Patricio, Refugio Mission, the town of Henderson.

Indian Fight on Cameron Creek

By John M Turner

1874 Loving Ranch in Jack County west of the Cameron Creek. Involved were Cooper, Sanders, Joe Moffit, Bill Jay, Jim Loving, Ira Cooper John Heath, Tobe Tipton, Jones Ketih, Nath Brumlow, Shad Damaron, Frank Chase, and Bob Carson the Loving Ranch in Jack County, John Heath, Bill Jay, Coon Cooper and Cal Sanders, Joe Moffit, Bill Jay, Ira and Buck Cooper., Jones Keith.. Nath Brumlow; Jim Loving, Henry Wormwood., Frank Chase, etc

The Bravery of Henry Hartman

By Mrs. George Hartman.

Henry Hartman settled at New Fountain, on Verde creek, Medina county, TX, in 1860. In 1873, while engaged in handling stock,. he experienced one of the most thrilling chapters in his life's history. He and Louis Hartung, Fred Folk Charles Martin went up Verde Creek to gather cattle, where they suddenly encountered hostile Indians and a bloody attack followed.

An Excerpt: Some men, under such circumstances, would have been powerless , through fear and would have fallen an easy prey, but not so with Henry Hartman. His Winchester was in the scabbard on the horn of his saddle, and by powerful effort he reached it and drew it out. The Indians, seeing the white man was not dead despite the great fusillade and the dust they had raised, but on the contrary seemed very. much alive and self possessed with a dreaded Winchester in his hands, they beat a hasty retreat back to the thicket to reload. Twelve were on foot and one was mounted. All of this happened very quickly. Although Hartman had his gun in his hand and the Indians had retreated, he was still pinioned to the ground by his dead horse. He knew that as soon as the Indians reloaded their guns they would fire at him from cover and he would have no chance at them, so he began to try to extricate himself, and after several trials he succeeded. After getting free from his horse Hartman ran to a sumach thicket and the Indians commenced shooting at him again. Crouching low on the ground, watching, with gun ready to shoot, he waited for further developments on the part of the Indians, and while doing so he saw the negro Johnson crawling in a thicket, and about the same time heard a battle open back at the cattle. Another band had attacked the men holding the beeves. The place in which Hartman had made his stand did not afford any security, except partly to hide his body from view. None of the bushes would turn a bullet, and they were cutting the twigs all around him, and one finally knocked his hat from his head. He saw the Indian that did this. He had crawled…

A Cougar Fight on the Cow House

D. B: Smith, Bonham, Texas. Cap Roseborough who lived north of Moffat in Bell County tells of adventure that occurred on Cow House Creek, across Leon R. near the line of Bell and Coryell counties. Roseborough sent some of his boys over to get horses and while there the hounds that were with them were going after wolves and came upon a lion instead.

Life and Adventures of Ben Thompson

By W. M. Walton. Thompson, the notorious gunfighter, lawman, printer, gambler, city marshal of Austin, Saloon owner, friend to Bat Masterson, etc, etc has a life story that is nothing short of amazing, nearly immortal. Here are chapters 13-16. Let us know if you want the other installments.

Further mentions: McGuire, Samuel K. Schwenk, and had as judge-advocate T. C. Barden, a lieutenant, etc – lengthy account, too much to mention.

The Story of Old Tascosa

By Edward M. Dealey

Story of one of the most rip-roarin of all cow-towns during the 1870’s and 80’s. The Panhandle town of Tuscosa which has faded into oblivion, was home of the original "Boot Hill cemetery". This is a story about the town itself and about a particular fight which should go down in history. This is the tale of the fight, Len Woodruff, a Tascosa bartender and a former L X cowpuncher, had a sweetheart named, Sally Woodruff and Sally had a falling out, and the lady in the case began "keeping company" with Ed King, an L S cowpuncher. Sally, still holding a grudge against her former lover, asked King to "get" Woodruff for her. King, with the gallantry of the times, and perhaps also with a natural liking for a fight, proceeded to do his best to accommodate the lady. He made preparations. to go gunning for Woodiruff.


Further mentions: The famous New Mexico bandit, Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, Blazer's Mill, Wild Bill Hickok, Buckshot Roberts, McCandlas Gang, the L 8 ranch, Captain Jinks, Ed King, Fred Chilton, Frank Valley, Charlie Emory, Martin Dunn's saloon, "Rocking Chair Emma," a new sweetheart he had acquired, in Hogtown, the underworld district of the town, John Lang, John Lane, Button Griffith, the bartender, Sheriff Jim East, Jesse Sheets, Louis Bozeman, the ranch house of Theodore Briggs, Jim East, Mobeetie, Catfish Kid, A. L. (Bud) Turner, an L 8 camp on Rita Blanco. Tobe Robison, city of Dalhart, L. C. Pierce, Ed King, the Frying Pan ranch near, Tascosa., Mrs. Mickie McCormack, Another of the classics of old Taseosa centers around an individual by the name of Jack Ryan. Frank James, Charlie Bowdre, (later killed by Put Garrett), Doe Skurlock, Tom O'Folliard, Henry Brown, the ranch of Captain Torey, a. retired ship captain, Jack Ryan's saloon, Charlie Siringo, C. B. Willingham, the first Sheriff of Oldham, Henry M. Kimball, Casimira Romero, John Cone and a man named Duran, Rinehart, the former partner of Howard, Some of the ranches in the vicinity of Tascosa were the L. I. T. the L. S., and the L. X. and other smaller ranches belonging to such old-time cowmen as Goodrich, Jim Kennedy and Nick Chaffin. James McMasters was the first County judge, Bill Vivian, N. Browning, Channing, C. M. Grady, Vega

More Lore of the Cattle Trails

George W. Saunders. Mr. Saunders is one of the foremost cattlemen and authorities on the history of cattle drives and trails. In this article he mentions the origin of the Chisholm (Chisum) trail and other details pertaining to the trail and other early cattle history of Texas.

Further mentions: James W, Mullins, Coleman County, Chas. Goodnight, Goliad, Bee, Karnos, Live Oak, Refugio and Gonzales Counties, D. R. Fant, One-armed Jim Reed, Barton Peck, Buck and Jim Pettus, Tom and Charles Ward, Gus Patton, Doc Burnett, George Littlefield, Lee Kokernot, Jess McCoy, Joe Murray, Millett Bros., Bill Irvin, M. Choat and Sons, Ben Borroum, Bill and Pleas Butler, George Strickland, Rutledge Bros. Tom 0 Connor, Henry Scott, Bob Martin, Tob Wood, Refugio County; Tom Welder, Henry Clair, Sullivan and Skidmore, Fred Malone, Bee County; King, Kenedy, Shanghai Pierce, Bob Stafford and others from the coast country., Joe McCoy of Abilene, Joe McCoy, J. J., Myers of Lockhart, M. A. Withers, Fossel Siding, 16 miles west of Abilene., Levi Anderson, Seguin; F. E. Kelly, D. L. Taylor, Tom Hodges, Junction; Ben Borrotim, Del Rio; Pleas Butler, Kenedy; Mark Withers, Lockhart; A. D. MeGhee L. T. Clark, Quanah; W. D. Reynolds, J. W. Newton, W. B. Slaughter, Beeville; Harwood; Col G. W. Littlefield, Ellison and Dewees, Monroe Choate, Lytle Schreiner, J. D. Read, John Hocker

Mistaken for Wild Bill and the Truth about Buckskin Joe

By Cody Blake

Early in the spring of 1869 what was known as the Republican River Expedition was made up of seven troops of the Fifth Cavalry, under Col. E. A. Carr and a battalion of the famous Pawnee Scouts, organized and commanded by Major Frank North, the' great Indian fighter, left Fort McPherson to operate particularly against the Cheyennes. This is an interesting account of mistaken identity and heroism on the frontier.

Further mentions: Major North, Luther H. North, captain of Company A, Jim White (Buffalo . Chips), Slim Buttes, the Summit Springs fight., Captain Cushing, Bill Cody, General Carr, General Augur.

Texas Ex Rangers Reunion

The Texas Ex Rangers Association held its annual reunion at Ranger, Texas, August 11-13, and a great time was had. The city of Ranger provided all sorts of entertainment for the old rangers, more than half a hundred being present to greet their old comrades. Menard was selected as the place to hold the reunion next year. Following is a list of those who registered at the Ranger meeting: P. Rice, Ada, Okla; J. C. Goar, Johnson City; William P. Goralez, Johnson City, F. C. Kiser, Blanco; J. E. Tucker , Sunset; W. J. Hale, Palo Pinto; W. Green and Miss Ruby Green, Meridian; M. C. Henson, Ranger; J. W. King, Oklahoma; J. H. Rennick, Comanche; James Odioum, David W. Wansley and S. Johnson, all of Johnson City; J. Allen, Cookville; ; W. A. Speneer, Wilson, Okla.; S. P. Elkins and, P. T. Allen, Jaukeis B. Bierd, Clemscott, Okla; W. M. Layton, Ranger; F. C. Stregler, Fredericksburg; Coleman

Many names – too many to list. That Ranger in your ancestry is probably in the list if he was alive in 1926! Buy the magazine and find out!

Boma, Luke, Weatherford; Carter, McGuire Caven, Eaton; Boggess, Routh, Arnold, G. W. Bruton, T. W. Clark, J. C. Yarbrough, Henry Sackett, Pilts, Cheatham, Pope, Wood, Hight, Conn, etc...

Trail Driver’s Reunion

There's going to be a rip-snortin', earin', tearin' time in good old San Antonio October 7, 8 and 9, when the Old Time Trail Drivers' Reunion is held in that ancient city, according to Col. George W. Saunders, president of the Association. In a communication to Frontier Times Colonel Saunders says the reunion is going to be a "hum-dinger," which means that it will be the best yet.

Bill Kingston, who ranges out in the Toyahvale country, far from the haunts of the city, writes Col. Saunders that he does not like life in the "high falutin' hotels," where you have to resort to an elevator to get to your rooms, floors are slick and bell hops have no use for the guest who does not tip, and he's going to bring his camping outfit along. He wants to attend the convention, but says he would be "dinged" if he could put up with life even for three days, in one of them "city hotels." Colonel Saunders sent him a special delivery letter and told him he could bring his camp outfit along and, he would get special permission from the Commissioner of Parks for a bed-ground in Breckenridge Park.

Further mentions: W. J. Lytle, Amanda Burk, W. B. Slaughter, Mrs. J. P. Lovelady, Emerson Hought, Lockhart.

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