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Vol 04 No. 10 - July 1927

The Tramp Sheepman of the Pecos

Hardships and successes of Sheepmen of Pecos County

Further Mentions:Characters: Willis, The Tramp Sheepman, Harrall Brothers,

Locations: Pecos River, Glass Mountains, Brewster County, Rio Grande, Independence Creek, Fort Stockton, Leoncita, Pecos County, Colorado City, Comanche Creek, Stag Saloon,


Charles J. Spruill, resident of the city of Lampases, Texas, is perhaps one of the oldest citizens of that district. He went there with his father, Jack Spruill, when a small boy, and in 1858 his father settled in the Nix community, twelve miles west of Lampasas. This story recalls Inian troubles in the area.

Further Mentions: the McCrea settlement , Alex Brown , Mrs Dudley Moore , Mrs. Mary Daggett.

The Chili Queens of San Antonio

By Frank H. Bushick

The fame of the Alamo City chili stands spreads all over the country. In many Northern cities can be found little Mexican restaurants serving nondescript concoctions in imitation of the Mexican dishes which have made the chili stands and Mexican restaurants of San Antonio famous. At the World's Fair in Chicago in 1893 the eve was greeted with a sign in front of a booth on the grounds, "'The San Antonio Chili Stand."

Travelers and tourists who come to San Antonio usually get around to the Mexican restaurants and chili stands before they take the time to visit our world famous patriotic shrine which so many of our visitors insist on calling the "A-lay-mo."

Every class of people in every station of life patronized them in the old days. Some were attracted by the novelty of it, some by the cheapness. A big plate of chili and beans, with a tortilla on the side, cost a dime, ten cents.

Further Mentions:Characters: Bryan Callaghan, J. I. Lighthall,

Locations: San Antonio, Military Plaza, Market Plaza, Alamo City,

Did Sam Bass Kill Grimes?

By Hugh Nugent Fitzgerald

There have been a thousand stories penned concerning the passing of Bass and many of the "eye-witnesses" agreed that Bass killed the constable of the town and then rode away to the thicket where he was found dying the day after the battle of firearms. One eye-witness gave the name of the constable as Moore. Frank Jackson was the companion of Sam Bass in the flight from the town. Bass was fatally wounded and could not continue the flight. Frank Jackson eluded his pursuers and buried himself in the wilds of the then Indian Territory.

Time sped on fleeting wings and Harry N. Graves became the prosecuting attorney of Williamson county. In the musty old archives of the office of prosecuting attorney he unearthed the following unique indictment returned by a grand jury against Frank Jackson, fugitive from justice, for the murder of A. W. Grimes, the constable who was slain by the outlaws. This must be conclusive evidence that Jackson and not Bass killed the peace officer...

Further Mentions:Characters: Sam Bass, Frank Jackson, Harry N. Graves, A. W. Grimes, W. K. Makemson, Morris Moore, Simon Juda, S. S. Munger, Oscar B. Colquitt,

Locations: Round Rock, Williamson County, Travis County,

The Painted Rocks of the Concho

The painted Rocks of Nest Texas are a mystery unsurpassed by any other similar landmark. On the walls of a High rocky cliff, about a quarter of a mile from the Concho river, overlooking this river and the picturesque little town of Paint Rock, the county seat of Concho county, are the peculiarly crude handwritings.

Legends in regard to these inscriptions are many and conflicting. As to their date or meaning, nothing is known definitely. Cattle herders of earlier days found the writings in existence before the country was settled, and it is the general belief that the picture writings were done by Indians and that they tell of the struggles between the Indians and white men when the white men were crowding the Indians and buffalo off the Texas prairies. One tradition is to the effect that near this mountain-like cliff Indian youths were sent to spend several days of fasting to prove their eligibility for adult tribal membership, and that the writings record the incidents of bravery or suffering that they experienced. This is the story.

Further Mentions:Characters: Sioux Indians

Locations: Painted Rocks, West Texas, Concho River, Concho County,

A Note on Texas

By Charles J. Finger

Further Mentions:Characters: Leonard Doughty, David Harum, Black Jack, Tom Ketchum, Laura Bullion, Claude Hudspeth, Roy Hudspeth, Mollie Baillie, David Guion, Clay McGonagil, Joaquin Miller, Boogher Red, Morley Roberts, Nick Hughes, Loop Reed, Jim B. Gillett, Neal Nuland, Judge John I. Guion,

Locations: Goldthwaite, San Angelo, Oxona, Crockett County, Sonora, Tom Green County, Irion County, Presidio County, El Paso County, Schleicher County, Runnels County, Ballinger, Concho River, Devil’s River, Pecos City, Carlsbad, Penasco, Guadalupe, Rio Grande, Maxon Springs, Menardville, Fort Stockton, Fort Hancock, Ysleta, Ballinger, Fredericksburg, Port Arthur, Beaumont, Galveston,

The Train Robber’s Vengeance Miscarried

By John W. Shevlin

This lengthy account written by a lawman whose life was threatened by the "wild bunch of Jackson hole, WY", answers the question: "Whatever became of Ben Kilpatrick, the train robber?"

Further Mentions:Characters: Ben Kilpatrick, Laura Bullion, Bill Carver, Harvey Logan, Butch Cassidy, Harry Longbrough, Alphonse Guion, James Burke, John J. McGrath, William P. Grady, George Williams, David A. Trousdale, Henry Gibbel.

Locations: Laramie, Wyoming, Jackson’s Hole, Wyoming, St. Louis, Black Hills, South Dakota, Rosebud, South Dakota, Tom Green County, Lame Johnny Ranch, Buffalo Gap, Fall River County, Valentine, Omaha, Sioux City, Nebraska, Sanderson, Sonora,

Early Coryell County History

By J. H. Crisman


The First settlement of Coryell County, Texas, was at Fort Gates, near the Leon River, six miles below the town of Gatesville. In the year 1849 the United States Government established a fort in honor of General Gates, a Federal officer. The garrison consisted of three companies of cavalry, commanded by Lieutenant Horace Haldeman, and these troops were sent there from Austin and in their march to Fort Gates passed through Bell County and laid out what was subsequently known as "old military road," entering the county near Prairie Dell, thence to Salado Springs, thence to Lampasas River, crossing at Bob Childers (now known as Shanklin's Mill), thence to Nolan Springs where Belton is now situated, thence to the Leon near the present bridge and thence to Fort Gates. Afterward another road was opened west of Belton which made a shorter route between Austin and over which military supplies were transported. As soon as this fort was established nearly all the families in the upper country, comprising all the settlements above the three forks of Little River, upon invitation of the military authorities and for protection against the Indians, moved to Fort Gates and were provided with temporary but comfortable homes which were erected by the United States soldiers. Very soon good log barracks were built for the families residing there, and hence Fort Gates was the nucleus of the settlement of Coryell County, and most of the immigration came there for protection, until it grew to be a considerable settlement. This account goes on to describe much rich detail about the earliest days of the county.

Further Mentions: Fort Chadbourne , Fort Phantom Hill (now in Taylor County.) , James Coryell, a Texas pioneer who was killed by the Indians at the falls of the Brazos , Mr. Newton C. Duncan , O. T. Tyler was elected Chief Justice; T. B. Pollard, District Clerk; John C. Russell, County Clerk ; Jesse Harrol, Sheriff ; R. G. Grant, County Treasurer; and old man Carson, Justice of the Peace. Harvy Hicks, A. Flanery, J. L. Montgomery and Thomas Trimier were elected County Commissioners , Rev. J. H. Collard , R. G. Grant , Waco, Belton and Marlin , the Cotton Belt Railroad , Leon Junction , William H. King, of Houston , H. McKay and Col. William C. Dalrymple , Bee House Creek , Mr. Draggle Tail , Tom Deaton , R. E. B. Baylor , The first District Court in Coryell County was opened on the 1st day of March, 1856 , Nicholas W. Battle, of Waco, Distract Attorney ; Leroy H. Allen, Sheriff ; T. B. Pollard, District Clerk; Samuel Friend, Foreman of the Grand Jury, J. L. L. McCall, from, Waco , F. W. Fauntleroy and John C. Russell , The court house was situated on the South East corner of the public square and was 20x30 feet, one story high, was built of plank, in 1854, by Jack Turney , Charles Plain , Henson Creek , Col. H. W. Cook who lived a few miles above Gatesville on the Mayberry place , Col. J. M. Norris, W. W.. Hammack , Mullens' ranch , Neal's Creek in Bosque County , Mrs. Wood and Miss Lemley , the town of Stephenville, , Monroe , Knight , Capt. R. B. Barry , Johnson's Peak , old man Perryman, who lived on Cow House Creek , Gus Fore , Among the earliest merchants in Gatesville were R. G. Grant, T H. Robertson, and Friley and Chrisman (a firm composed of Jas. R.. Saunders and this writer). In 1859 the leading merchants were John Carnes and Shipp Carnes and Sanders and Wilkerson (a firm composed of Jas. R.. Sunders and W. W. Wilkerson) and Girard and Norris (a firm composed of Thomas Girard and Col. J. M. Norris.) , early settlers who lived at Fort Gates before the County site was located; Hugh Sheridan, old man Carson, Burrell Hood and family, Thomas Caufield, L. M. Robertson, J. L. Montgomery, Sol Friley, T. B. Pollard and family Leroy H. Allen and wife, O. T. Tyler, Robert Childers and others. At. and before the organization of the county there were living elsewhere in the county, R. G. Grant, B. W. Hammack, D. A. Hammack, George Adams, W. W. Hammack, J. A. Haynes, Wiley Wilkev, Anderson Arrowwood, B. W. Hunnicut, Sam Padget, George Coop, Asa Langford, the Pidcoke boys, Moreheld, Alford, Able Tipton and Elam who was murdered by the Indians, Lemuel Murrell, Hugh Bailey, Sam Friend, George W. Haley, the Mussets, Larges, Lathams, Chandlers, Perryman, Thompsons, Darnels, Everetts,- John Potter, D. Gray, Rev. J. H. Collard and many others.

Miss Ann Whitney, The Frontier Heroine

Gripping story of Hamilton county, TX frontier schoolteacher, Ann Whitney who was murdered by the Comanche Indians, in giving her life to save the children of the Warlene Valley school.

At 1 p. m. Thursday, July 11, 1867, Ann Whitney rang her bell to call the children from their play into the little log school house on the brink of the Leon river, overlooking the beautiful Warlene valley. An hour later the daughter of Alex Powers, while standing at the door of the schoolroom, saw a number of men whom she took to be Indians, coming down the valley. Miss Whitney insisted that the men must be cowmen from a nearby ranch who were expected by the school that day, and insisted that all children take their seats.

The Powers girl was not satisfied, and between the logs of the school building continued to peep through the cracks until she was quite sure the men were Indians. Then she sprang from her seat, took her little brother by the hand and crawled through the back window to escape. By this time the Indians had reached a tree some 300 yards in front of the school house where Miss Whitney's saddle horse was tied, and had stopped as though they merely wanted to steal the horse.

Miss Whitney closed the door and bade the children escape through the window and into the brush in the river bed below…

Further Mentions:Characters: Ann Whitney, Alex Powers, Lewis Manning, John Kuykendall, Amanda Howard, Tom C. Pierson, J. G. W. Pierson, Isaac Kuykendall,

Locations: Hamilton County, Warlene Valley School,

Two Early Day Letters

Sad and heroic letters home from two noble soldiers who were prisoners in the ill-fated Mier (Mexico) expedition.

Further Mentions:Characters: W. P. Miller, Santa Anna, Abner S. Mcdonald, Thomas J. Rusk, Dr. Rouse,

Locations: Prison House, Columbia, Goliad, Rio Grande, San Antonio,

Mrs. Holmsley Went up the Chisholm Trail

By D. K. Doyle

Mrs. Minta Holmsley of Comanche is among those pioneers who recall with fond reminiscence, that they "went up the trail." So far as she knows there are only two women who can, claim this distinction. The other is Mrs. Amanda Burks of Cotulla, vice president of the Old Trail Drivers' Association, and generally known as the "Queen of the trail." This is Holmsley’s story.

Further Mentions:Characters: Minta Holmsley, Amanda Burks, James M. Holmsley, John Wesley Hardin, Robert T. Hill,

Locations: Chisholm Trail, San Angelo, Concho Post, Comanche, Cotulla, Comanche County.

Spur Revives Memories of Brushy Creek Battle

By Kate Holland Makemson

Williamson county was the scene of many incidents of historic importance connected with the early days of Texas. An old rust-eaten spur of Spanish design found in a field a few miles south of Taylor has recalled the battle of Brushy creek, which took place at that point in 1839 between a little band of valorous pioneers and a horde of Comanche Indians variously estimated at from 200 to 300, who had previously made an attack on settlers in the Colorado valley, killing men and women and carrying children away into captivity. This is the story of how men, under the leadership of Captain Jacob Burleson, followed the Indians to a point near Brushy creek, south of the present location of Taylor, where an engagement took place.

Further Mentions:Characters: Jacob Burleson, Martha Emmons, Edward Blakey, John Walters, James Gilliland, Albert Coleman, J. W. Robertson, Jesse Billingsley, Noah Smithwick, John Henry Brown,

Locations: Williamson County, Taylor, Brushy Creek, Bastrop, Austin, Travis County, San Jacinto, Georgetown, Milam County,

Harrowing Experience of Mrs. Kirby

Indians in 1871 killed the husband and two children of Mrs. E. K. Kirby. Mrs. Kirby remembers vividly the details of the Indian raid, and in this account describes the killing of her three loved ones, the wounding of her 18-month-old babe, Joel; the kidnapping of her little girl, and the fearful pain in her shoulder as she jumped from a 20 foot bluff to escape the Indians who had shot her in the shoulder and were intent upon scalping her. Mrs. Kirby was then Mrs. Terry.

Further Mentions:Characters: Mrs. E. K. Kirby, Jack Hardy, Riley Van Pelt, John Patterson, Bill Pruitt,

Locations: Uvalde, Center Point, Leakey, Real County, Rio Frio,

McCulloch County of Fifty-Two Years Ago

By D. H. Henderson


Account of Mr. D. H. Henderson who came to McCulloch county from Louisiana in oxdrawn wagons, in company with his three son-in-laws, T. S. Wood and family, C. C. Turner and family, and G. W. Roberts and family.

We stopped on the San Saba river for a month or so. The river was fall of fish-big cat fish. It was no trouble at all to catch all one could carry in an hour or so-big cat fish, two or three feet long. They were so thick you could see hundreds of them at one sight in small holes. At night the wild turkeys would come in on the river to roost by the hundreds. The trees would be black with them.

I have seen as many as thirty deer in one drove; the whole country was full of wild cattle and wolves; the mesquite grass was solid over the ground half knee-high where it grew; other kinds of grass-lots of it-was as high as a man's head There were lots of antelope; they ranged mostly in the open part of the country; they did not like the brushy parts of the country.

There were only a few settlers here, and no farming- only a few small patches in cultivation, with fences made of brush mostly. The whole country was wide open and free-for-all. Land had no value; there was lots of public land and a man could preempt 160 acres.

The settlers who were here in '74, when we came, were as follows…

Further Mentions: M. Spiller and family, Jack Davis and family, Cal Davis and family. , Dan Wills , the Davis and Spiller settlement , Lost Creek where Fredonia now is , James Williams and family , Tobe Williams , Latham settlement just over in San Saba county , Lawrence Hayes and family , John Latham and family , the widow Couch , , T. J., J. L., Wade, George, Will and Jim , Charley and Sime and Mrs. D. D. Willis , Mrs. Hayes and three sons, Ab, John and Dick , Mrs. John Capps and Miss Dollie , Tom and Riley Latham , F. M. Miller, Harvie Miller and Bill Miller , Up the river, near where Voca is, was the Miller settlement , Bill Miller , Brady Creek , Mrs. G. A. Spiller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Miller, and Mrs. W. C. Deans, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Miller , Round Rock , Dick Kiser , the Melvin ranch house , Anthony Conner ,


Brief account of John Albert Miller, Bandera, Texas. Mr. Miller was a well known trail driver, and was an enthusiastic member of the Old Time Trail Drivers' Association.

Further Mentions: His parents Mr. and Mrs. John G. Miller , Miss Jennie C. Davenport, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Davenport, pioneer settlers of the Cibolo region, 16 miles northeast of San Antonio. , the John James ranch , Jennie Miller , George C. Miller , Mrs. Julia Meyer of Belton, Tex...

Pension the Indian Fighters

Article includes the full text of the bill passed by Congress to pension the many old Indian fighters.

Early Day Stage Robbery In Llano County

By Mrs. A. W. Koock

This account describes the stagecoach hold-up which occurred in Llano county, near the town of Llano in the year of 1883. The passengers were Misses Jennie Todd, (later Mrs. Morgan Hamilton, of Chickasha, Ok.) Miss Cora Bridges, (later Mrs. J. W. White of Mason, Texas), and G. W. Todd. They were returning from Austin after having spent several days in the city. They were only a short distance outside the town of Llano, and it was about two o'clock p. m. The stage-driver was in good spirits, and the horses were fresh and going at their usual speed. As was the usual case on occasions of stage robberies, it happened at a time when it was least expected, it being outside the city of Llano. This is the story of that event.

Further Mentions:Characters: Jennie Todd, Mrs. Morgan Hamilton, Cora Bridges, Mrs. J. W. White, G. W. Todd,

Locations: Llano County, Mason, Austin,


Brief account of life and death of William Densley (Seco) Smith, Medina, Texas. Includes excellent old photo. He was born , in Franklin county, Mississippi, October 21, 1836 and with his parents went to California during the gold rush. He came to Texas in 1856, settling near San Antonio, later moving to the Seco river in Bandera county. In 1857 he was married to Miss Amanda Coker of San Antonio, three children being born to this union...

Further Mentions: His wife died in 1863 , he was married to Miss Julia A. Long , Seven children were born to this union , Miss Elizabeth Akin of Bandera county , the Hondo river , Big Foot Wallace ,

An Indian’s Speech

By Justice C. H. Crownhart

Touching speech by the Indian, Red Jacket.

"Brother, listen to what we say. There was a time when our forefathers owned this great island. Their seats extended from the rising sun to the setting sun. The Great Spirit had made it for the use of the Indians.

"But an evil day came upon us. Your forefathers crossed the great-water and landed on this island. Their numbers were small. They found friends and not enemies. They told us they had fled from their own country for fear of wicked men and had come here to enjoy their religion. They asked for a small seat. We took pity on them, granted their request, and they sat down among us. We. gave them corn and meat; they gave us poison in return. They called us brothers. We believed them and gave them a larger seat. At length their number had greatly increased. They wanted more land...

Those Good Old Days

By W. O. Williams

An old-timer Reminisces on life in pioneer days.

The Last Indian Fight in Southwest Texas

By W. F. Cude

The last Indian fight in Southwest Texas occurred in the last days of December, 1872, about thirty miles west of Oakville, on Turkey Creek.

The author along with a friend, Andy M. Tullis had decided to go out on Springy Creek hunting. They camped there a day and night, but having no luck, retreated back four or five miles towards Oakville and camped overnight. The next afternoon they started home. The sight of a bunch of men driving horses in the distance proved to be…

Further Mentions: the Hackbery Water Hole , Sebastian Bell , John D. Edwards, Rance and Andy Tullis, Caleph Coker, Cullen Andrews, Bob and Lem Nations, Pleas Waller, Tome Odom, John Wilson, Sebastian Bell, Jim Moore, Hedge Williams, Joe Osgood , Steve Walker , John Campbell ranch, Dr. Reagan.

Brief History of Texas

Further Mentions:Characters: Cabeza De Baca, Coronado, La Salle, De Leon, Phillip Nolan, Moses Austin, Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, General Cos, General Edward Burleson, Ben Milam, Santa Anna, David Burnet, William Travis, Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, General Fannin, Mirabeau B. Lamar, Anson Jones, J. Pinckney Henderson, Edward Clark, George Lee, General Gordon Granger, A. J. Hamilton, Andrew Johnson, J. W. Throckmorton, Phillip Sheridan, E. J. Davis, Richard Coke,

Locations: Galveston, St. Joseph Island, El Paso, Ysleta, Lavaca Bay, Fort St. Louis, Neches River, Crockett, Nacogdoches, San Augustine, San Antonio, Gonzales, Goliad, Velasco, Anahuac, San Felipe, Alamo, San Jacinto, Coleto, Buffalo Bayou, Harrisburg, Austin, Rio Grande, Sabine Pass, Brownsville,


Account of Mrs. Amelia Ann Holbrook, Fentress, Texas. Her mother, who before her marriage was Letitia Rector, moved to Texas with her parents in 1831 and settled near the little town of Columbia on the Brazos River.

Further Mentions: Her Grandfather’s (Morgan Rector) participation in "The Runaway Scrape" , T. D. James, a Ranger under Captain Henry McCulloch , Big-foot Wallace , Geronimo Creek near Seguin , Mrs. Ireland William E. Jones, first editor of the San Antonio Express , E. H. Holbrook, one of the pioneer preachers of Texas , Thirty years of her married life were spent in Karnes County. It was here that her only daughter, Anna, and her husband passed away only one year apart , San Marcos Academy , Wessin Holbrook Jr , Burt and Wessin Holbrook , Mrs. J. Maurice Golson , Mrs. Martha Ritman , Ike James of Corpus Christi , Captain G. W. Smith, of Sonora.

Some names mentioned in this volume:

Miss Elizabeth Akin; Leroy H. Allen; Cullen Andrews; Anderson Arrowwood; Moses Austin; Steven F. Austin; Cabeza de Baca; Hugh Bailey; Mollie Baillie; Capt R. B. Barry; Nichols W. Battle; R. E. B. Baylor; Sebastian Bell; John Bender; Capt Jesse Billingsley; Edward Blakey; Lemue; Cora Miss Bridges; Alex Brown; J. T. Brown; Laura Bullion; James Burke; Mrs Amanda Burks; Hon Albert S. Burleson; Gen Ed Burleson; Gen Edward Burleson; Capt Jacob Burleson; Jonathan Burleson; David G. Pres Burnet; Frank H. Bushick; Bryan Mayor Callaghan; John Campbell; Mrs John Capps; John Carnes; Shipp Carnes; Bill Carver; Laura Carver; Butch Cassidy; Thomas Caufield; Bob Childers; Robert Childers; Edward Clark; Cov Coburn; Richard Coke; Amanda Miss Coker; Caleph; Albert Coleman; J. H. Collard; Rev J. H. Collard; Collard; George Collins; Oscar B. Colquitt; Anthony Conner; Col H. W. Cook; George Coop; James Coryell; J. H. Crisman; C. H. Justice Crownhart; Timothy I. Cude; W. F. Cude; Col William C. Dalrymple; Jennie C. Davenport; William Davenport; Mrs William Davenport; Cal Davis; Jeff Davis; Capt De Leon; Mrs W. C. Deans; Thomas Deaton; Tom Deaton; Leonard Doughty; Newton C. Duncan; J. D. Edwards; John D. Edwards; Charles Elam; Martha Miss Emmons; F. W. Fauntleroy; Charles J. Finger; Dave Finkelstein; Hugh Nugent Fitzgerald; A. Flanery; Gus Fore; Sam Friend; Samuel Friend; Sol Friley; Gen Gates; Henry Gibbel; Jim B. Gillett; Rev James Gilliland; Thomas Girard; Mrs J. Maurice Golson; William P. Grady; Gen Gordon Granger; Gen Grant; Pres Grant; R. C. Grant; R. G. Grant; Harry N. Graves; D. Gray; Green; A. W. Grimes; Alphonse Guion; David Guion; John I. Judge Guion; Lt Horace Haldeman; George W. Haley; A. J. Hamilton; Mrs Morgan; B. W. Hammack; D. A. Hammack; W. W. Hammack; Hammack; Jack Hardy; Jesse Harrol; David Harum; Ab Hayes; Dick Hayes; Miss Dollie Hayes; John Hayes; Lawrence Hayes; J. A. Haynes; William Haywood; D. H. Henderson; J. Pinckney; Hickok; Harvey Hicks; Robert T. Hill; Gov Hogg; Mrs Amelia Ann Holbrook; Anna Holbrook; Burt Holbrook; E. H. Holbrook; Wessin Holbrook; Wessin Holbrook Jr; Capt Holmsley; Capt James M. Holmsley; Minta Holmsley; Mrs Minta Holmsley; Burrell Hood; Amanda Howard; Miss Amanda Howard; Claude Hudspeth; Roy Hudspeth; Nick Hughes; B. W. Hunnicut; Rev J. A. Hyder; Capt Ireland; Jackson; Frank James; Ike James; T. D. James; Andrew Pres Johnson; Anson Pres Jones; William E. Jones; Simon Juda; Tom Ketchum; Ben Kilpatrick; William H. King; Mrs E. K. Kirby; Dick Kiser; Mrs A. W. Koock; Isaac Kuykendall; John Kuykendall; Mrs Mary Daggett Lake; Pres Mirabeau B. Lamar; Asa Langford; Jack Latham; John Latham; Riley Latham; Tom Latham; George Lee Latham; Herman Lehmann; Miss Lemley; William Lewis; Willie Lewis; Dr J. I. Lighthall; Harvey Logan; Miss Julia A. Long; Harry Longbrough; Longley; Kate Holland Makemson; Col W. K. Makemson; Lewis Manning; Masterson; J. L. L. McCall; Capt Henry Mcculloch; Abner S. McDonald; John McDonald; Miriam McDonald; J. E. McDowell; Clay McGonagil; John J. McGrath; H. McKay; Mrs Julia Meyer; Bill Miller; Mrs Bill Miller; F. M. Miller; Mrs F. M. Miller; George C. Miller; Harvie Miller; Mrs Jennie C. Davenport Miller; Mrs Jennie Miller; Joaquin Miller; John Albert Miller; John G. Miller; Mrs John G. Miller; Miss Minnie Miller; W. P. Miller; J. L. Montgomery; J. Wright Mooar; Mrs Dudley Moore; Jim Moore; Morris; S. S. Munger; John E. Murphy; Lem Murrell; Lemuel Murrell; Bob Nations; Lem Nations; Phillip Nolan; Col J. M. Norris; Neal Nuland; Tobe Odom; Joe Osgood; Sam Padget; Parker; John Patterson; Peak; Gov Peas; Able Tipton Pidcoke; Alford Pidcoke; Elam Pidcoke; Moreheld Pidcoke; J. G. W. Pierson; Tom C. Pierson; T. B. Pollard; John Potter; Alex Powers; Bill Pruitt; David Purnet; Dr Reagan; Letitia Rector; Morgan Rector; Boogher Red; Loop Reed; Mrs Martha Ritman; G. W. Roberts; Gov Roberts; Morley Roberts; Dr J. W. Robertson; L. M. Robertson; T. H. Robertson; Cock Robin; Rose; Dr Rouse; Gen Thomas J. Rusk; John C. Russell; Santa Anna; James R. Saunders; Hugh Sheridan; Gen Phillip Sheridan; W. E. Sherrill; John W. Shevlin; Mrs Amanda Coker Smith; Mrs Elizabeth Akin Smith; Capt G. W. Smit h; Goldie Capers Smith; Mrs Julia A. Long Smith; William Densley (Seco) Smith; Noah Smithwick; Mrs G. A. Spiller; George Spiller; J. L. Spiller; Jim Spiller; M. Spiller; T. J. Spiller; Wade Spiller; Will Spiller; Charles J. Spruill; Carrol Terry; Joel Terry; Martha Terry; Thompson; ; ; J. W. Throckmorton; G. W. Todd; Miss Jennie Todd; Thomas Trimier; David A. Trousdale; Andy Tullis; Andy M. Tullis; Capt Tullis; Rance Tullis; Woody Tullis; C. C. Turner; Jack Turney; O. T. Tyler; lt; Riley Van Pe; Pleas Walker; Steve Walker; Wallace; ; John Walters; Cov Walton; Thomas Waring; Weaver; J. W. White; Mrs J. W. White; Miss Ann Whitney; W. W. Wilkerson; Wiley Wilkey; Charley Williams; George Williams; Hedge Williams; James Williams; Sime Williams; Tobe Williams; W. O. Williams; Mrs D. D. Willis; Dan Wills; John Wilson; Pres Woodrow Wilson; T. S. Wood.

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