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Vol 05 No. 06 - March 1928

P. C. Baird, The ‘Old Sleuth’

By J. Marvin Hunter

ONE OF THE OUTSTANDING characters of early days in Southwest Texas is P. C. Baird, of Mason, Texas. Before going to Mason county, Mr. Baird was a member of the Texas Rangers, and had many thrilling experiences. He was known for his absolute fearlessness in the face of danger, and of his ever readiness and willingness to go where duty called him. Mr. Baird became sheriff of Mason county and held the office for sixteen years, and during the time he had to contend with all sorts of lawless characters, but he was the man for the place and few outlaws escaped his persistent trailing. So active and so successful was he in running criminals to earth that he was nicknamed "Old Sleuth." This is his story.Characters: P. C. Baird, John C. Butler, Old Man Braigiham, Wm. Schuessler, John B. Bell, J. V. Cunningham, John Formwalt, Co. W. T. Melton, Locations: Mason, Mason County, Green Lake Water Hole, Edwards County, Gillespie County, Eden, Concho County, San Angelo-Paint Rock Road, Runnels City, Runnels County, Mcculloch County, Dry Brady Creek, Blanco County, Tom Green County, Howard County, Big Springs, Pecos City, Toyah, El Paso, Fort Worth, Menard County, Menardville, Waco, Austin

Mose Hays Tells Of Early Days

By Cora Melton Cross

Story of frontier settler and long-time cattleman, Mose Hays of San Antonio.Characters: Mose Hays, Henry Fry, Joe Morgan, Bat Masterson, Locations: Davis Mountains, Staked Plains, Triangle Ranch, San Antonio, Hemphill County, Gonzales, Wolfe Creek, Rocky Ford, Dodge City


Mr. Ira L. Wheat, of Rocksprings, Texas, writes: "I see an article in your January number in regard to the killing of the Coalson family. Now, I lived at Barksdale at the time, and the Indians came to my place the next morning after killing the Coalson family and got all of my horses, and when I got them back one of the horses had on Mrs. Coalson's side saddle. But that article was the first that I ever heard of the burning of the bodies. S. B. Rainey was there and pulled the arrows out of Mrs. Coalson's body, and kept them for several years. The same party of Indians came in, the next year and killed the Lauren family on the Frio, just above where Leakey is now situated, and Captain Bulliard of Fort Clark followed them into Mexico and killed the entire bunch except one woman. I do not think Lawton or Wellk had anything to do with it. Mr. S. B. Rainey lives at Uvalde and was talking with him a few days ago about this article. I do not know this man Wells, but I know Henry and Bell well, also Whitecotton."

 Memorial to the Pioneer Woman

Characters: E. W. Marland, Mahonri Young, Jo Davidson, Bryant Baker, John Gregory, Wheeler Williams, Maurice Sterne, A. Stirling Calder, Mario Corbel, Arthur Lee, F. Lynn Jenkins, H. A. MacNeil, James E. Fraser

 Edwin Knudson, Pioneer

By Miss Marjorie Rogers

Account of Edwin Knudson, Pioneer from Wyota, Lafeyette County, Wisconsin who loaded his family and all of his belongings on ox-team wagons and joined the crowd of gold-diggers in the early spring of 1854 via the Oregon Trail. He eventually settled in Comanche, Texas in 1876, and drove stage for the Chichester Stage co. from Comanche to Fort Worth. This is his story, and it includes an excellent old photo of Mr. Knudson.

Characters: Knute Knudson, Edwin Knudson, Emma Lois Miller, Ethan Allen, Mrs. J. R. Sledge, Mrs. Grace Rogers, Georgia Knudson, Locations: Comanche, Oregon Trail, Wyota, Lafayette County, Wisconsin, Mississippi River, Platte River, Independence, Kansas, Fort Laramie, South Pass, Salt Lake City, Fort Hall, Ohoma, San Francisco, Fort Sutter, Sacramento, Jacksonville, Siskiyou Mountains, Camp Sherman, Dallas, Thorp Springs, Granbury, Marlin, Stephenville, Proctor, Dublin, Blanket, Tipton, Brownwood, Clear Forks Of The Brazos, Chisholm Trail, Stamford

 Sam Houston: Fugitive From Justice

By John S. Mayfield

Characters: Sam Houston, William White, Governor Jos. Desha, J. C. Pickett, Col. John T. Smith, Col. McGregor, Locations: Frankfort, Nashville, Boston, Kentucky, Tennessee, Simpson County, Linkumpinch

Some Early Bell County History

By L. A. Chanslor

For three years after the organization of Bell county and in the year 1856, there was a decided movement of the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City, Utah to gain converts to the Mormon faith. After a report of local conditions in Texas, it was decided to establish a settlement in the western part of Bell County. After being run out of the frontier town of Belton, the Mormons settled into an area known as McBryde Crossing, where hostilities soon fired up and focused on a murderous conflict between Howard and LaNier. This is the account.Characters: Brigham Young, Howard Family, LaNier, Locations: Bell County, Belton, Nolan Creek, Lampasas River, McBryde Crossing, Youngsport, Crossville

W. W. Bogel, Jurist And Cattleman

By Katherine Duckworth

Among the men who have contributed to the building of a cattle empire in the Big Bend of Texas, whose names are indelibly written into its early and stirring history, and whose personalities are woven into the web of all its progress, none are more outstanding than W. W. Bogel, familiarly known as Judge Bogel, one of the largest stockmen in Presidio County, and a resident of this section since the early 1880's. Judge Bogel came to the Big Bend when there were no wire fence west of San Antonio; he was here when ranchmen first began fencing their land and boring wells for their stock, and when Marfa's population was less than a hundred, its railroad station a box car, and the town boasted of one store, one hotel and postoffice, a Chinese restaurant and gambling hall, and a few adobe shacks. Here is his story.Characters: Judge William W. Bogel, Augustus J. Bogel, Julia W. Bogel, Judge Noonan, George Dougherty, D. A. Crichton, John G. Davis, Hi Kelly, James P. Ellison (Col. Jim Ellison), Miss Sarah Newton, Col. S. G. Newton, Mrs. Jesse Hubbard, Locations: Presidio County, Marfa, Big Bend, San Antonio, Jeff Davis County, Brewster County, Medina County, Todos Santos Creek, Frio County, Maverick County, Alamito Creek, San Esteban, Rio Grande, Pecos River, San Antonio, Chihuahua

The Lost Adams Gold Diggings

By A. M. Tenny Jr.

Very lengthy and detailed account of the tragic end of what appeared at one time to be the fruition of what dreams are made of.Characters: A. M. Tenny Jr., John Brewer, Adams, Shaw, Locations: Walnut Grove, Round Valley, Little Colorado River, Tucson, Baldy Peak, Rio Grande, Santa Fe, Silver City, Springerville, St. Johns, Los Pilas, Salt Lake, Los Tules, Ojos Bonitos, Escudilla Mountains, Horseshoe Springs, Rito Quemado, Fort Wingate

Antonio Lopez De Santa Ana

By Col. C. C. Smith

WHEN ITURBIDE, the first independent ruler of modern Mexico, as Emperor Augustin 1, was executed on July 19, 1824, at Padilla, State of Tamaulipas, the sinister figure of Santa Ana came into view with his "pronunciamiento," at Vera Cruz, in favor of a republican form of Government. Not strange, since his selfseeking activities aided in ruining the erstwhile Emperor.

Santa Ana, a man of peculiar mind, and who has been said to have been neither soldier nor statesman, was born in Jalapa, February 21, 1795. He served in the colonial army of Spain from 1810 until 1821, when he took up the cause of Mexican independence, and later, as above stated, taking a hand in the downfall of Iturbide. This is the story of the Butcher.Characters: Iturbide, Emperor Augustine 1st, Antonio Lopez De Santa Ana, General Barradas, George Frederick Ruxton, President Bustamante, Wm. S. Oury, Wm. S. Fisher, Ewing Cameron, General Ampudia, Sam Walker, L. L. Cash, J. D. Cocke, Robert Dunham, Wm. M. Eastland, Ed. Este, Robt. Harris, Thos. L. Jones, Patrick Mahan, James Ogden, Chas. Roberts, Wm. Rowan, J. L. Sheppard, J. M. N. Thomson, James N. Torrey, James Turnbull, Henry Whaling, M. C. Wing, Thad A. Thomson, Doctor Eastland, Wm. M. Eastland, General Taylor, Locations: Padilla, State Of Tamaulipas, Vera Cruz, Jalapa, Havana, St. Mary’s, Casas Blancas, Alamo, San Jacinto, Hacienda Salaso, Saltillo, Mier, Roma, Rio Grande, Austin, Buena Vista

Horrible Murder near Marble Falls

This story related the September, 1872 foul murder of Benjamin McKeever, a young man whose reputation was that of being peacable, honest and industrious. The particulars are related in this sad story. The story is recounted by Mr. Giesecke, father of Walter Giesecke. The cave referred to in this article is what is known as "Dead Man's Hole" South of Marble Falls on the Johnson City road. The cave got it's name from this horrible crime. Characters: Mr. Walter Giesecke, Robert Burnham, John Burnham, Arthur Hays, John Hays, Bob Hays, Mrs. George Harwood, Grandma Crosby, Benjamin McKeever, Ben Shelby, Bal Woods, Arthur Shelby, Billy Smith, Vance Hunter, Wm. Rust, Mr. Jno. Franklin, Kate Hunter, Locations: Dead Man’s Hole, Marble Falls, Johnson City Road, Granite Mountain


John Selman, the slayer of John Wesley Hardin, and Bass Outlaw in El Paso, was a noted frontier character. He was about fifty-eight years old when he was killed at El Paso, Texas, April 5th, 1896, by George Scarborough. It is said that Selman, in his day, killed not less than twenty "bad" men. This brief account includes a photo of Selman.

More About Bob Lee

By T. U. Taylor

This account concerns the Lee-Peacock Feud that raged in the counties of the Five Corners (southwest corner of Fannin, southwest corner of Gray, northwest corner of Hunt and the two northeast corners of Collin) in the years immediately following the Civil War. There is included in this story, a long letter from Bob Lee published in the Bonham News in June, 1868, which amplifies several of the incidents involved in this tragic event.Characters: Bob Lee, Sherman Doc Wilson, John Lee, Dan Lee, Jim Maddox, Henry Boren, Lewis Peacock, Israel Boren, Bill Smith, Sam Bier, Hardy Dial, Hugh Hudson, Elijah Clark, William Dixon, Locations: Five Corners, Fannin County, Gray County, Hunt County, Collin County, Bonham, Hornsby’s Bend, Austin, Pilot Grove, Hog Eye

Anderson, A Quantrill Guerilla

Account tells the story of "Colonel" Bill Anderson, Brown county pioneer, how he fell in with Quantrill's guerilla band, and describes how while a member of it, led a detachment into Centralia, Missouri on Sept. 27, 1864, capturing the town and sending 32 citizens to "report to St. Peter in a body."Characters: Col. Bill Anderson, Jesse James, Open P. White, Warren Nolan, Fletcher Taylor, Kirby Smith, Frank James, Locations: Brown County, Salt Creek, Centralia, Missouri, Clay County, Flat Rock, Keytesville, Battle Of Fayette, Gallatin, Ray County, Jefferson County


Some names mentioned in this volume:

Gen Ampudia; Bill Anderson; Col Bill Anderson; Frank Anderson; William (Bill) Anderson; Emperor Augustin; P. C. Baird; Bryant Baker; Gen Barradas; Finis Bates; John B. Bell; Judge R. L. Bennett; Sam Bier; Charles Blazier; Augustus J. Bogel; Judge Bogel; Julia W. Bogel; W. W. Bogel; William W. Bogel; Daniel Boone; John Wilkes Booth; Henry Boren; Israel Boren; John Brewer; Jim Bridger; Capt Burnham; John Burnham; Robert Burnham; Hon Frank H. Bushick; Pres Bustamante; John C. Butler; Sheriff Butler; A. Stirling Calder; Capt Ewing Cameron; L. L. Cash; L. A. Chanslor; Chanslor; Elijah Clark; Mrs Kate M. Clarkson; J. D. Cocke; W. A. Coffey; E. L. Conoly; Maj Cox; D. A. Crichton; Davy Crockett; Cross; Sheriff J. V. Cunningham; Capt Kit Dalton; Jo Davidson; Jeff Davis; John G. Davis; Gov Jos Desha; Hardy Dial; William Dixon; George Dougherty; Katherine Duckworth; R. H. Dunham; Robert Dunham; Dr Eastland; William M Eastland.; James P. Ellison; Col Jim Ellison; Edward Este; Bud Favors; Capt William S. Fisher; Sheriff John Formwalt; Jno Franklin; James E. Fraser; Henry Fry; Walter Giesecke; Wheeler Gregory; Robert Harris; Mrs George Harwood; Arthur Hays; Bob Hays; John Hays; Justice Hays; Moses Hays; D. Headenberg; Mrs Jessie Hubbard; Hugh Hudson; Col Irwin; Andrew Jackson; James Jackson; Susie Jackson; Nick Janis; F. Lynn Jenkins; Maj Johnson; Prince de Joinville; Thomas L. Jones; Phil Kearny; Hi Kelly; Edwin Knudson; Georgia Knudson; Knute Knudson; Mario Korbel; Sheriff Laren; Arthur Lee; John Lee; Robert Lee; H. A. MacNeil; James Maddox; Jim Maddox; Patrick Mahan; E. W. Marland; Masterson; John S. Mayfield; Col McGregor; Benjamin McKeever; W. T. Col Melton; Emma Lois Miller; Emperor Miximillian; Joe Morgan; Col S. G. Newton; Mrs S. G. Newton; Miss Sarah Newton; Warren Nolan; Judge Noonan; John P. O'Brien; James Ogden; A. B. Ostrander; Pvt; A. B. Ostrander; William S. Oury; Lewis Peakcock; J. C. Pickett; Dr Pierce; William Quantrill; S. B. Rainey; Charles Roberts; ; Mrs Grace Rogers; Marjorie Miss Rogers; William Rowan; William Rust; George Frederick Ruxton; Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana; Scarborough; William Schuessler; John Sellman; Selman; Arthur Shelby; Ben Shelby; J. L. Sheppard; Charles A. Siringo; Mrs J. R. Sledge; Col C. C. Sledge; Col John T. Sledge; Gen Kirby Sledge; Sowell; Miles Standish; Maurice Sterne; Fletcher Tay; Col Bob Taylor; A. M. Jr Tenny; J. M. N. Thomason; Thad A. Thomson; Capt Todd; Warren Toliferro; James N. Torrey; James Turnbull; Capt Sam Walker; ; Sam Wells; Henry Whaling; Ira L. Wheat; Capt White; Open P. White; "Doc" Wilson; M. C. Wing; Bal Woods; Mahonri Young; Mrs W. R. Young

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