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Vol 05 No. 07 - April 1928

Samuel Augustus Maverick, Texas Patriot

Includes photo of Mrs. Mary Adams Maverick

Lengthy and detailed account of Samuel Augustus Maverick, Texas Patriot, the first and only son of Samuel Maverick of South Carolina and his wife, Elizabeth, a daughter of General Robert Anderson, of Revolutionary fame. He died in San Antonio, Texas, September 2, 1870. The two daughters were Mary Elizabeth and Lydia Ann. He came to Texas in 1835, and to the day of his death occupied an honorable prominence as a citizen, a public servant and landholder His acquisition of lands by the purchase of scrip, headrights and bounty warrants and their location upon the public domain continued to his death, whereby he was reputed by some, but doubtless erroneously, to be the largest landholder in the world. His possessions, however, be came immense and were acquired in so honorable and legitimate a manner that no term of reproach ever stained his name. This is his excellent story.

"Mary Ann Adams was born on the 16th day of March, 1818, and married to Samuel A. Maverick on the 4th, ,day of August, 1836, at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She was the daughter of William Lewis Adams, of Lynchburg, Virginia,_ government Indian agent of Alabama, and Agatha Strother Adams (see Lewis), granddaughter of General Andrew Lewis, whose statue stands in front of the state house at Richmond, Virginia...

"The children of Samuel A. and Mary A. Maverick wee ten in number, four of whom - died in infancy. Of the others, Samuel, born May 14, 1837, was educated at Edinburg, Scotland; is merchandising at San Antonio, Texas; married May 14, 1871, to Sallie, daughter of Thomas Frost, late of Tennessee. Their children are Samuel A., born September 2, 1872; John Frost, born March 23, 1874; Mary Agatha, born September 12, 1875; Sallie, born August 20, 1877; and Elizabeth Givens, born October 11, 1879. Lewis Antonio, (the first American boy born in San Antonio) born March 23, 1839; was educated at the Universities of Vermont and North Carolina; married Ada, daughter of the late John Bradley of San Antonio. Lewis died June 6, 1866, leaving no issue. His widow has since married Judge Jacob Waelder of San Antonio. George Madison, born September 7, 1845; was educated at the Universities of North Carolina and Virginia; is practicing law at St. Louis, Mo.; married June 26, 1872, to Mary Elizabeth, daughter of John Vance of Castroville, Texas. Their children are Mary Rowena, born February 10, 1874; Lola, born November 24, 1875, and George, born April 16, 1880. William H., born December 24, 1847; educated at the Universities of North Carolina and Virginia; is in the real estate business at San Antonio, Texas; married June 24, 1873, to Emilie Virginia, daughter of the late General Robert H. Chilton, of Virginia. The , children are William Chilton, born February 19, 1875; Lewis, born February 12,1877, and Laura Wise, born November 22, 1878. Mary Brown, born June 17, 1851; educated at Staunton, Virginia, and Mrs. Ogden Hoffman's, New York City; married August 17, 1874, to Edwin H. Terrell, lawyer, of Indianapolis, Indiana, now residing at San Antonio, Texas. Their children are Maverick, born ' June 12, 1875; George Holland, born October 1, 1877, and Edwin H., born July 23, 1879. Albert, born May 7, 1854; educated at the University of Virginia, and is now ranching in Bandera county, Texas; he was married March 20, 1877, to Jeannie L., daughter of Jesse L. Maury, of Charlottsville, Virginia. They have two children, Jesse. born December 27, 1877, and Agatha, born December 9, 1879. Jessie Maverick, born December 27, 1877; married to James S. McNeel Agatha, Maverick, born December 9, 1879, married to Noival J. Welsh; Ellen Maverick, born December 2, 1881, married Louis A. Wright; Albert Maverick, horn August 14, 1883, married Lillian Williams; Reuben Maverick, born September 7, 1885, (deceased) ; Phillip Maverick, born January 2, 1887, married Jean Evans; Virginia Maverick, born March 3, 1889, married Murray F. Crossette; James Slayden Maverick, born December 27, 1890, married Hazel Davis; Mary Maverick, born October 17, 1892, married Robert McGarraugh; George Madison Maverick, born December 11, 1893„ married Ruth Newell; Maury Maverick, born October 23, 1895, married Terrell Dobbs...

Characters: Samuel Augustus Maverick, Elizabeth Maverick, Mary Elizabeth Maverick, Lydia Ann Maverick, Mary Ann Adams, General Robert Anderson, John Henry Brown, Judge Randolph Tucker, A. Briscoe, John W. Moore, S. Rhodes Fisher, George Childress, Sterling C. Robertson, Samuel P. Carson, John W. Bower, J. B. Woods, Waddy Thompson, Col. Domingo Ugartachea, Thomas J. Devine, Dr. Phillip N. Luckett, Col. John C. Hays, Captain Sam Highsmith, Sallie Frost, Thomas Frost, John Frost, Mary Agatha Frost, Elizabeth Givens, Lewis Antonio, Ada Bradley, John Bradley, Jacob Waelder, George Madison Maverick, Mary Rowena, Robert H. Chilton, Edwin H. Terrell, Mr. And Mrs. Albert Maverick, Jessie Maverick, James S. McNeel, Agatha Maverick, Norval J. Welsh, Ellen Maverick, Louis A. Wright, Lillian Williams, Reuben Maverick, Phillip Maverick, Jean Evans, Virginia Maverick, Murray F. Crossette, James Slayden Maverick, Hazel Davis, Robert McGarraugh, Ruth Newell, Maury Maverick, Terrell Dobbs, etc, etc, Locations: San Antonio, Bexar, Harrisburgh, Matagorda, Milam, Red River, San Patricio, El Paso, Rio Grande, Castroville

Tragic Incident in Life of Sam Houston

Account of the situation during the years that hostilities were brewing over the matter of secession from the Union. Houston had opposed precipitate action on the part of Texas in withdrawing from the Union. He had urged in opposition to the steps of others that the matter of secession be submitted to the people of the State as a whole and had urged further that Texas become a republic again rather than a member of the Confederacy if she did secede. When secession from the Union was announced by a convention; Houston's allegiance to his State was uttered in unmistakable words in a speech at Brenham. But his stand had made him unpopular politically and rather than indulge in contention at that trying time, he gave up his office as Governor. And there from the porch of his one-story frame dwelling on that April day in 1861 he watched the host of horsemen ride by in a cloud of dust, on their way to join in a cause his stand on which lowered from his shoulders the dignity and prestige of high office, had caused him to become in the eyes of some an unpopular, a scorned man in the State he had helped to build.

Characters: John H. Bonner, Sam Houston, W. N. Bonner, Locations: Tyler, Cherokee County, San Jacinto, San Antonio, Rusk, Independence, Washington County


Brief account of Hy J. Bowles, old time trail driver and early Texas settler. Uvalde was the boyhood home of Mr. Bowles, but leaving when he was 20, he spent seven years in the Alpine-Big Bend country. He then returned to Uvalde and spent the larger part of the remainder of his life there, He was county clerk from 1896 to 1906. During the past few years he resided in San Antonio. On December 6, 1890, in Uvalde, Hy Bowles won the world's championship at tying down wild steers, which honor he held six years. He made a time of 29 seconds

Ranch Life in Bandera County In 1878

By Mrs. Albert Maverick, Sr.

Account of Mr. Albert Maverick, Sr. (Photo of both Mr. And Mrs. Maverick included) who early settled on a ranch situated on the Medina River and Winans Creek, lying between Bandera town and Medina City. It was a beautiful seeting describes as "a well kept park. Occasional big post oak and live oak trees shaded green grass which went to the very edges of the river and creek."Characters: Albert Maverick Sr., Jose Policarpo Rodriguez, John Gahagan, Mr. Mott, Annie E. Brown, Bigfoot Wallace, Job Parker, Jeannie Carpenter, Ventris Pue, Count Dodur De Karoman, King Fisher, Ben Thompson, Mr. Hicks, Buck Hamilton, Mr. Montague, Hugh Duffy, H. H. Carmichael, Henry McKeen, Mr. Steward, Locations: Bandera County, San Antonio, Helotes, Red Bluff Creek, Polly’s Creek, Medina River, Winans Creek, Medina City, Galveston, The Jose Policarpo Rodriquez ranch in Bandera County * Red Bluff Creek * Mrs. Miller's on the Helotes * the Gallagher ranch on the San Geronimo * Tarpley * the Mott Ranch

Belle Of The Sixties Recalls Dramatic Incidents

By Mrs. Kate Merritt Clarkson

Account of Mrs. Kate Merritt Clarkson, whose father, James Campbell, came from Missouri to Texas in 1829. San Antonio was then a small Mexican village, consisting principally of the church and missions established by the Catholic Church more than a century before. The inhabitants consisted principally of the descendents of the Spanish colony which had been brought by the Franciscan Fathers from the Canary Islands and settled here. Her father was a wide traveler, full of the spirit of adventure. He was attracted to Texas as a land of future great possibilities. This is the story of Mrs. Clarkson and her family and the early and tumultuous days of San Antonio. This account is VERY RICH IN EARLY GENEALOGICAL AND HISTORICAL INFORMATION ESPECIALLY OF THE EARLY SAN ANTONIO REGION.

Characters: Kate Clarkson, James Campbell, Canary Islander Descendants, Teresa B. O’Neill, Mr. Callaghan, Mrs. Cummings, Albert Urbahn, Mrs. Canterbury, Mrs. Eager, The Mavericks, The Elliots, The Jaques, The Callaghans, The McMullens, The Sawyers, The Dwyers, The Robinsons, The Smiths, Mr. H. Blew, Mr. Morris, Judge Luckie, Nat Lewis, John Twohig, R. Davis, Frank Paschal, Henry Lewis, Sam Houston, Jim Bowie, Santa Anna, Jack Hays, Mr. R. F. Neal, Mrs. Fanny Norton, Locations: San Antonio, Bexar County, Laredo, St. James, San Jacinto, Alamo, Refugio County, Mr. McMullen, a pioneer of 1840, who moved on a little farm located about where the Carnegie Library now stands  Nat Lewis was in partnership with Mr. Groesbeck in a store, in a building in Main Plaza in front of where the present Courthouse now stands.  Seguin, Navarro, Yturri, Garza, Veramendi, Garcia, Lockmar, Flores, Manchaca, Rodriguez, Cassiano, Arocha, Chavez, Montes, Rivas, Leal, Martinez, Cortinez, Cervantes, Losoyo, Glantin and Candelaria,  Dr. Ferdinand Herff, a young physician  The Herffs  the Weirs, Lees, Cunninghams, Brahans, Fraziers, Sutherlands, Mullens, Childers and Campbell  the McDermotts, the Dolans and Shannons, the Johnstons and Dan Murphy  the three Devines, who were lawyers and merchants  Judge Thomas J. Devine  John Carolan, Mrs. Vanderlip  Among others that came in the early '50's were Mrs. Bradley, the Dashiells, the Baylors, the Samuels, the Nortons, the Wuests, the Napiers, the Paschals and others  Miss Richardson, a sister of Mrs. Paschal, the Misses Weir and Miss Kate Whiteley were the belles of that day.  The Becks settled in San Antonio and the Perrymans on the Cibolo  Ike P. Simpson came out from Kentucky in the '50's  Miss Frances Weir  N. O. Green, the lawyer, and Enoch Jones, the Newtons,, the Jamesees, Ulrichs, the Hickmans, the Lacostes, the Grenets and the Guilbeaus, the three latter from France  The Vance brothers  Guenthers  the Gentilz family, the Fretteliers  the Storeys, Erastus Reed, the Clavins  Mrs. Clemens and Sallie and Esther Adams  Mayor Sam C. Bell  Mrs. Joseph Emerson Smith  Edward Miles and Shadrach Cayce  George W. Brackenridge  Col. John Withers, the Radazs, the later the Florians, the Sampsons, the Steves, the Ritchies and the Risches, the Prescotts, the, Lockwoods, the Frosts, the Houstons, the Newtons, the Thorntons, the Wurzbachs and other equally good and prominent people  the Ursulines opened their school in 1851  a Mr. Post, a merchant who lived in a cottage where the Brady Building now stands  From Austin there were the Bremonds, I ibinsons and Kinneys, and the Brahans, Fraziers, Burlesons and Col. Rip Ford's daughters. General Twigg's niece, Bonnie Adams, and Dr. McCormick's step daughter, Nannie Wells  Colonel Stoneman and Captain Edgar  James P. Newcomb conducted a newspaper  a lively, red-headed young man named Tom Ochiltree. He made himself agreeable to everyone and even then was quite a character. Others I recall were Dr. Covey, Colonel Sharp and Dr. Hadion and Joseph Dwyer. The latter had only lately returned from France and" was quite a beau.  Capt. W. G. Tobin, Capt. Morrill Poor, Capt. Frank H. Bushick, Joseph  Our choir included Mrs. Gentilz, Mrs. McAllister, Mrs. Twohig, myself, Mr. Schuwirth, Mr. Berger  Dwyer, Alejo Perez, Capt. C. H. Merritt, Frank Cotton, Juan T. Cardenas  Mr. Samuel A. Maverick  the elder Kampmann  Mrs. Frank H. Bushick, Mrs. Eleanor Allsbury and Miss Alice Merritt of San Antonio and Mrs. Roderick McDonald of Enid, Okla.

Bigfoot Wallace’s Indian

By A Texas Ranger

"After eating we made the Indian strip every bit of the clothing off of the Mexcan and then put a lariat around his neck. The Indian appeared to be pleased with the job. We then dragged him to the tree the Indian had been lying under, and hung him.

"Now," said Chevalier, "let us outfit that Indian." So the Mexican's horse was brought up and saddled, and Glanton gave him a blanket, and someone else gave him one also, and we gave him a gun and ammunition and all the Mexican's clothes, then Chevalier gave him some provisions and a big dram, and told him in Spanish, 'Va usted con dios muchasho.' (Go and God be with you, boy.) I don't think he understood but two or three words of Spanish. He appeared to be almost 20 years old, and a very well formed Indian. He was highly pleased to judge from the big smile he wore. When he had ridden some fifty yards toward the west, he stopped and turned, facing toward us, and said something in Indian, and placing his hand on his breast, bowed down to his horse's neck, then turned and rode off. That was the last of Big-Foot Wallace's Indian."

Characters: Bigfoot Wallace, Mr. Chevalier, John Glanton, Locations: Laredo, San Antonio, Atascosa, Medina


In the summer of 1864 the "Captain" Jim Reynolds band of freebooters, having by mistaken idea raided from Confederate Texas into Colorado, held up the stagecoach bound from the Buckskin Jo placers in the Fairplay mining region of South Park, central Colorado, to Denver. This occurred at the old McLaughlin Ranch station, ten miles out of Fairplay. They secured $10,000 In gold dust, amalgam and currency; disabled the coach, and at their leisure defiantly beat back along the stage road, over Kenosha Hill Pass, in the direction of Denver.

In Geneva Gulch of the beautiful Geneva Creek of the North Fork of the South Platte river, about seventy miles from Denver, they were surprised in camp by a posse, while dividing part of the loot. Owen Singletary was shot dead, but the rest of the band escaped. Just prior to this Captain Reynolds and his brother John had buried $40,000 in currency wrapped in oiled silk, and three cans of gold dust comprising $23,000-proceeds of several holdups.

Death by violence dogged the band until in the fall of 1871 only John Reynolds was left. Fatally shot while stealing horses in. New Mexico, he turned over the secret of the treasure cache to …

The Comanche And His Tribe

By Lee E. Mahoney

This is an excellent and VERY DETAILED account of the history, characteristics, temperament, lifestyle and culture of that mysterious and (along with the Apaches) most savage of all Indian tribes – the Comanches.Characters: Apache Indians, Comanche Indians, Dakota Indians, Canadian Indians, Navajo Indians, Pueblo Indians, And Other Comanche Tribes Such As The Kwahasi, Penateka, Detsana, Yuka, Detsakana, Widyu, Yapa, Kewatsana, Kotsai, Kotsoteka, Motsai, Pagatsu, and Pohoi.Locations: Great Plains Area Of Central Canada, North And South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Western Texas

 Some Bandera County History

By J. Marvin Hunter

Excellent and detailed account of Bandera county where in the early spring of 1853 A. M. Milstead, Thomas Odem and P. D. Saner, with their families, came and camped on the Medina River, where they engaged in making cypress shingle. They lived in tents for awhile, or until rude cabins could be provided. P. D. Saner and family came from Tennessee. Along about this time Mrs. Rees, a widow, and her sons. Sidney, Adolphus and Alonzo, and a daughter who afterwards married Judge Starkey. The Witt family came here about the same time. Messrs. Milstead, Odem and Saner purchased the Hendrick Arnold Survey, consisting of a half a league of land running from Bandera Creek to the Medina River. Mr. Saner built a house on the river, just above the site of Bandera's present High School building, and lived there with his family. Other people began to come in, and a settlement was soon formed. THIS IS AN EXTREMELY IMPORTANT GENEALOGICAL AND HISTORICAL DOCUMENT OF THIS AREA.

1854, Elder Lyman Wight's company of Mormons, numbering about 250 persons, reached Bandera, and tarried here for a time, later removing to a point several miles below the village where they established a location on the Medina river, known for many years afterward as the "Mormon Camp." The site of this camp is now covered by the waters of Medina Lake. The Mormons remained there several years, but when their leader, Elder Wight, was claimed by death the colony disbanded and scattered, some going to Utah, some to other parts of Texas, and a few coming to Bandera where they remained.

In 1855, through the agency of James, Montel N Co., a number of Polish colonists were induced to locate here. There were sixteen families in the colony, and of the original families to come here only a few are still living. Shortly after the arrival of the Polish colonists, August Klappenbach, a German, built the first store building and postoffice in Bandera

Characters: A. M. Milstead, Thomas Odem, P. D. Saner, Mrs. Rees, Sidney Rees, Alonzo Rees, Adolphus Rees, Judge Starkey, Witt Family, Charles De Montel, John James, Amasa Clark, Elder Lyman Wight, August Klappenbach, Mrs. George Hay, H. C. Duffy, Clements Kalka, P. P. Pool, O. B. Miles, William Curtis, Irvin F. Carter, Judge Thomas Buckner, George H. Noonan, Charles Jack, Charles Montague Sr., F. M. Montague, Robert Ballentyne, Francis Towle, August Pingenot, George Hay, Joseph S. Curtis, Richard Bird, G. W. Lewis, James Sier, Charles W. Wheeler, John Thomas McMurray, Thomas L. Buckner, Laomi L. Wight, Heber L. Chipman, Thomas L. Miller, Leonard Estes, Sam Houston, O. B. Miles, Andrew Mansfield, Anton Anderwald, William Ballentyne, W. A. Walker, John Walker, Thomas Bandy, James Bandy, Oscar Johnson, Bladen Mitchel, Dr. Edwin M. Downs, Buck Hamilton, Jack Phillips, Heber Chipman, E. C. Lane, John Thomas McMurray, Joseph B. Hudspeth, J. A. V. Pue, Daniel Rugh, Andrew Mansfield, H. H. Carmichael, Edward M. Ross, F. L. Hicks, Ike Stevens, Henry Stevens, M. H. Langford, William Hudspeth, Berry Buckelew, Street Hudspeth, Christopher Faga, Sam Jones, Leibreicht Thalmann, A. L. Scott, Marion Hodges, Franklin Hodges, J. F. Weldon, Valerius P. Sanders, etc, etcLocations: Bandera County, San Antonio, Medina River, Hendrick Arnold Survey, Bandera Creek, Bexar County, Jack Ranch, Castroville, Camp Verde, etc, etc


Pioneer C. C. Patton, Route 5, Box 37, Austin, Texas, writes concerning his father, J. M. Patton, who came to Texas from Mississippi, arriving on April 18th, just three days after the Battle of San Jacinto. He served as a ranger under Captain Jim Highsmith, Captain Jack Hays, and others. He was with Ed McKellar in the Mexican War, and was with George Sweet's regiment from San Antonio in the Civil War. In 1842 Jim Highsmith's company of rangers was camped on the hill where the State Capitol now stands. The Colorado river was on a big rise, when the rangers learned that a party of Indians was camped across the river from them. A party of seventeen rangers swam the river and went on foot about two and a half miles to the place now owned by J. C. Rabb, on the Fredericksburg road. They crawled up close to the Indian encampment in 'the darkness of night, and waited for daylight…

 Tales of Texas Trails

By Harry H. Williams

This is the story of R. T. Mallard, and how the tales of the trail finally led him back home to happiness.

Characters: P. D. Armour, Crawford Burnett, R. T. Mellard, D. K. Snyder, Locations: San Antonio, Llano River, Mason County, Gonzales County, Wrightsboro, Austin, Georgetown,

 Bob Turner Tells Of Early Days On The Ranges

By Cora Melton Cross

Account of notable Texan and cattlemen, Bob Turner of Jourdanton, who trailed cattle in 1866 in a blizzard that froze him to his saddle, where he had to stay on guard for duty's sake, nor thought such conduct strange, since, as boss, he was responsible for safe delivery of the herd. As a fact, he would have branded. the opposite procedure with contempt and ear-marked it with disloyalty and cowardice, things not listed in the cowpuncher's curriculum. In speaking of these experiences he said:

"No, I am not different from any other old-time cowboy. I am just a tolerably fair sample of the old-timers who went up the trail. We always tried to do for the other fellow what we expected him to do for us, and neither of us was disappointed; in short, it was just putting into practice 'Do as you would be done by."

Characters: Bob Turner, Old Man O’Bryan, Dr. Craig, Anderson, William Herndon, Billy Coffin, Sam Hess, Oliver Hess, Eph Dunham, Jim Snodgrass, Locations: Jourdanton, Guadalupe County, Atascosa County, San Antonio, Indianola, Abilene, Uvalde, Colorado River, Ellsworth, Nueces River, Rio Grande,

 Old Slave Mammy Becomes Wealthy

Account of Lizzie Smith who wealth came to after fifty years and the work of rearing thirteen children. Lizzie was a widow, a member of a substantial negro farming community, and on her land the Humble Oil and Refining Company brought in the first oil well in Anderson county, Texas. The well is situated on the west, side of the Neches River, two miles southwest of the abandoned discovery well at Carey Lake, on the Cherokee county side of this stream. This is her story.

Characters: Lizzie Smith, M. A. Davey, Ann Holloway, Locations: Humble Oil And Refining Company, Anderson County, Neches River, Carey Lake, Boggy Creek, Palestine

Career of C. C. Doty

By Wilma Milligan

Account of Christopher Columbus Doty who was born April 16, 1857. His parents, A. C. Doty and Mrs. A. M. Doty lived in Barry County, Missouri. He was the third boy and fifth child born to this union. When he was four years old the Civil War began. As the Dotys still lived in Missouri, it was not uncommon for Yankees to be near the Doty home. They often came to the home and in this way Christopher was thrown in their company. A. C. Doty fought for all four years with the South. After the war ended C. C. Doty attended a small country school about three months. He had no opportunity to go to school from then on, but he often sat up at nights and worked arithmetic, by the light of a rag twisted and placed in a cup of grease. In this way he completed his education. In 1880 he came to Texas, and settled in what is now Schleicher County and developed a thriving business as a sheep rancher. This is his story.

Characters: Christopher Columbus Doty, A. C. Doty, A. M. Doty, Wash De Long, Alice Pancost, W. B. Black, Mrs. Bud Douglas, Locations: Barry County, Missouri, Ellis County, Uvalde County, San Antonio, Schleicher County, San Angelo, Concho River, Austin, Runge Ranch, Fort Worth, Del Rio, Fort Mckavett, Devil’s River, Fannin County, San Saba County, Christoval, Dove Creek, Eldorado

A Letter from Mrs. Ledbetter

Account of W. H. Ledbetter, who served as first lieutenant in Company N, Texas Rangers, and also as first lieutenant in Company D, under Captain Ruff Perry, later Captain Dan Roberts. He died June 29th, 1918.

Characters: Jennette F. Ledbetter, James R. Bomar, Tommy Terry, Dr. J. W. Hudson, Warren Woods, W. H. Ledbetter, Ruff Perry, Dan Roberts, James L. Bomar, Harry Rishworth, Jim Hawkins, Ben Dragoo, Young H. Starkham, Captain McFadden, Captain Sansom, James Ingram, G. W. Shaw, Col. Dalrymple, Ashley Frasel, L. O. Stafford, Tobe Warren, J. M. Pierce, J. B. Moore, J. B. (Dun) Carroll, James A. Taylor, W. H. French, Mrs. Sanford Huffstettler, James Edwards, Locations: Cooke County, Grayson County, San Saba County, Mcculloch County, Boneyard, Blanco County, Mason County, Menard County, Llano County, Burnet County, Gillespie County, Walnut Creek School House

Biography of Andrew Nelson Erskine

By Blucher Haynes Erskine

Lengthy and very excellent account (including many personal letters and 4 excellent old photos) of Andrew Nelson Erskine, who was born March 12th, 1826, at Sweet Springs, Monroe county, Virginia. The family came to Texas in 1836 and in the fall of 1840 the Erskine family moved from Jackson county to a permanent home in what was then Gonzales county, but afterwards Guadalupe county. They located on what afterwards became the noted Capote Ranch of Michael Erskine, fourteen miles east of Seguin, Texas, and on the south side of the lovely Guadalupe river. For many years it was the home of all of the Erskines, and the home of some as late as 1872. For a time Andrew Erskine remained on the lovely Capote Ranch, with many things to keep him there, but no doubt he had inherited the wanderlust from his father, which urged him to seek adventures and new fields of action, so in his seventeenth year he became a Texas Ranger. This is an excellent historical and genealogical account.

Characters: Henry Erskine, Jean Thompson, Michael Erskine, Margaret Paulee, Jane Erskine, Hugh Caperton, Agnes D. Haynes, Andrew Nelson Erskine, Dr. Alexander Erskine, Jack Hays, Kit Ackland, Mathew Caldwell, Locations: Capote, Port Lavaca, Aranosa, Linnville, Jackson County, Gonzales County, Guadalupe County, Capote Ranch, Seguin, San Antonio, Bandera Pass, Salado Creek, Carrizo Springs


Brief life account of Uncle John Lane, pioneer fiddler of the Goldthwaite region, who, for the greater part of his life had been a resident of this section of Texas and had reared his family there. His greatest joy and chief occupation was his fiddle which he played from his early youth until his death for old-time dances. He was a master of the old tunes so dear to the heart of old settlers and pioneers. His versatile touch always struck a responsive chord in the hearts of his listeners and the feeling and sympathy of his melodies was loved by a wide and appreciative group of admirers.

 Jim Down’s Tramp across the Plains

By Don H. Biggers

Account of Jim Downs, a resident of Stonewall or Fisher County, an interesting, philosophical character, and who, in his early days, had an experience that he has survived but never forgot. The incident was Downs' perilous tramp in the summer of 1876 from near Fort Stockton to …Characters: Jim Downs, Locations: Stonewall County, Fisher County, Fort Stockton, Silver Creek, Clear Fork, Runnels County, Pecos River, Colorado River,

Early Days In Hutchinson County

By Mrs. Olive K. Dixon

Account of Mrs. Olive K. Dixon, who came to the Texas Panhandle in the spring of 1893 with her husband and two brothers, Archie and Albert King. The first post office in the area was first located at the Turkey Track ranch headquarters and later at the Dixon home. Her husband was the first postmaster and served as such for twenty years. Adobe Walls was the only posto ffice m Hutchinson for nearly twenty years.

For a number of years after I was married I was the only woman living in Hutchinson county. During the summer some time there would be a party of women at the ranch, but only for a short stay; when fall came they returned to their homes in town. There were months at the time that I did not see any living being except my husband and the cowboys who rode the range.

Characters: Olive K. Dixon, Archie King, Albert King, George Whittenberg, J. A. Whittenberg, William Dixon, C. V. Bailey, W. H. Ingerton, B. C. Miller, T. L. Coffee, James Archer, T. N. Russell, F. J. Brown, J. H. Caufield, A. Megan, W. T. Coble, Locations: Johns Creek, Wolf Creek, Ochiltree County, Canadian River, Tallahone Creek, Reynolds Creek, Adobe Walls, Hutchinson County, Turkey Track Ranch, Roberts County, Moore’s Creek

Kept A Diary on the Old Cow Trail

By Bess Carroll

Brief account of Samuel Dunn Houston, long-time cattle driver.Characters: Samuel Dunn Houston, J. W. King, Locations: San Antonio, Chisholm Trail,

 More About The Lost Adams Gold Diggings

By Col. C. C. Smith

This account by Colonel C. C. Smith, refers to the fact that he personally served in the country of the Adams Diggings, and once was actually under orders to command an escort to accompany a party to search for these diggings. He has eye-witness recollections of facts pertaining to the tragic event and the supposed riches.

Characters: A. M. Tennt Jr., Brewer, George G. Hunt, F. W. Sibley, Locations: Lost Adams Gold Diggings, Tucson, Fort Wingate, Grant’s Station, Rio Grande

Some names mentioned in this volume:

Ackland; Agatha Strother Adams; Bonnie Adams; Esther Adams; Mary Ann Adams; Sallie Adams; William Lewis Adams; Allison; Mrs Eleanor Allsbury; Gen Robert Anderson; Anton Anderwald; James Archer; P. D. Armour; Henrick Arnold; Rev C. V. Bailey; William Ballantyne; Robert Ballentyne; James Bandy; Thomas Bandy; Finis Bates; Gen John R. Baylor; A. Toutant Beauregard; Carlos Bee; Gen Hamilton P. Bee; Col Bell; Dr Bell; Jesse M Bell.; Powt Bell; Sam C. Bell; William Bennett; Don H. Biggers; Richard Bird; W. B. Black; H. Blew; James L. Bomar; James R. Bomar; John H. Bonner; W. N. Bonner; John Wilkes Booth; John W. Bower; Col Jim Bowie; Hy J. Bowles; George W. Brackenridge; Ada Bradley; John Bradley; Cov Bridger; A. Briscoe; Albert Brown; Mrs Annie E. Brown; F. J. Brown; Frank H. Buchick; Capt Frank H. Buchick; Berry Buckelew; Thomas Judge Buckner; Thomas L. Buckner; Gen Burleson; Crawford Burnett; Col Matthew Caldwell; Charley Cameron; James Campbell; Mrs James Campbell; Louis Campbell; Gen Canby; Mme Candelaria; Hugh Caperton; Jane Erskine; John Erskine; Juan T. Cardenas; H. H. Carmichael; Capt Carolan; John Carolan; Miss Jeannie Carpenter; Bess Carroll; J. B. (Dun) Carroll; Samuel P. Carson; Irvin F. Carter; H. Castro; J. H. Caufield; Shadrach Cayce; Gen Cazzano; Chevalier; George Childress; Emilie Virginia Chilton; Gen Robert H.; Heber Chipman; Heber L. Chipman; Gov Clark; Mrs Kate Merritt Clarkson; Henry Clay; W. T. Coble; J. N. Cochran; P. B. Cocke; T. L. Coffee; Billy Coffin; Joel Coffin; Mayor Colquehoun; Maj Colquhoun; Juan Cortina; Frank Cotton; Dr Covey; Dr Craig; Murray F. Crossette; Virginia Maverick Crossette; Col E. H. Cunningham; Dr Cupples; Dr George Cupples; Joseph S. Curtis; William Curtis; Dalrymple; Capt Kit Dalton; Col Dangerfield; M. A. Davey; Gen Davidson; Hazel Davis; Jefferson Pres Davis; R. Davis; Capt Dawson; Col Dawson; Maj Day; Wash DeLong; A. H. Deute; Judge Devine; Thomas J. Hon Devine; Thomas J. Judge Devine; Olive K. Dixon; William Dixon; Maury Maverick Dobbs; Terrell Dobbs; Cov Dobie; A. C. Doty; Mrs A. M. Doty; C. C. Doty; Christopher Columbus Doty; Marie Doty; Mrs Bud Douglas; Jim Down; Dr Edwin M. Downs; Ben Dragoo; Driggs; H. C. Duffy; Hugh Duffy; Hugh C. Judge Duffy; Eph Dunham; Joseph Dwyer; Joseph E. Dwyer; Mrs Sarah Eager; Capt Edgar; James Edwards; Catherine H. Eringhaus; William Eringhaus; A. M. Erskine; A. N. Erskine; Agnes D. Haynes Erskine; Dr Alexander Erskine; Alexander M. Erskine; Andrew Erskine; Mrs Andrew Nelson Andrew Erskine; Mrs Erskine; Ann Erskine; Blucher Haynes Ann Teresa Erskine; Teresa Erskine; Henry Teresa Erskine; Jane Teresa Erskine; Jean Thompson Teresa Erskine; John Teresa Erskine; John Henry Teresa Erskine; John P. Teresa Erskine; Teresa Erskine; Joseph F. Teresa Erskine; Margaret Teresa Erskine; Margaret Paulee Teresa Erskine; Mary Malinda Teresa Erskine; Michael Teresa Erskine; Michael H. Teresa Erskine; Michael N. Teresa Erskine; Powell Teresa Erskine; Thomas Robert Ignacious Erskine; William Ignacious Erskine; William Edwin Ignacious Erskine; Leonard Estes; Mrs F. W. Eubank; Jean Evans; Christopher Faga; Gen Fauntleroy; S. Rhodes Fisher; Col Ford; Col Rip Ford; Ashley Frasel; James Marcellus French; W. H. French; Ada Bradley Frost; Elizabeth Givens; John Givens; Lewis Antonio Givens; Mary Agatha Givens; Sallie Givens; Samuel A. Givens; Thomas Givens; John Gahagan; Peter Gallagher; Gen Garland; Pat Sheriff Garrett; Padre Garza; Bill Gatlin; Maj George; Capt James B. Gillett; John Glanton; Lt; Gordon; George F. Grant; Horace Greeley; N. O. Green; Gen Tom; Dr Hadion; Capt Halsteman; Maj Halsteman; Halsteman; Buck Hamilton; Gen Gotch Hardeman; John Wesley Harden; Wess Harden; J. D. Hardiman; Gen Harney; Dave Harrington; Jim Hawkins; Mrs George Hay; Anges D. Haynes; ; Capt Jack Hays; Capt Jack (J. C. ) Hays; Col John C. Hays; J. P. Hector; James P. Hector; Dr Ferdinand Herff; William Herndon; Capt Andrew Herron; Andrew Parson Herron; Oliver Hess; Sam Hess; Hickok; F. L. Hicks; Capt Jim Highsmith; Capt Sam Highsmith; Mrs Ogden Hoffman; Ann Holloway; lt Ray Davis Ho; Tom Horn; Dr Henry F. Hoyt; Dr J. W. Hudson; C. B. Hudspeth; Dr Hudspeth; Joseph B. Hudspeth; Capt Street Hudspeth; William Hudspeth; Sanford Huffstuttler; Mrs Myrtle Humphreys; Col George G. Hunt; Judge Hutchinson; W. H. Ingerton; James Ingram; Capt Charles Jack; Stonewall Jackson; William B. Jacques; James; Nick Janis; H. D. Jewett; Miss Ann Theresa Johnson; Blucher Haynes Johnson; Joseph F. Johnson; Oscar Johnson; Robert I. Johnson; Thomas Ignacious Johnson; Joe Johnston; Enoch Jones; Judge Jones; Sam Jones; William E. Jones; William E. Judge Jones; Clements Kalka; Rose Kalka; Dodur de Count Karoman; Phil Kearny; Sam Ketchum; Tom Ketchum; Albert King; Archie King; J. W. King; August Klappenbach; E. C. Lane Klappenbach; Jesse Klappenbach; Joe Klappenbach; John Klappenbach; Lennon; M. H. Langford; Jim Larimore; Mrs Jennette F. Ledbetter; W. H. Ledbetter; James B. Lee; Col Robert E. Lee; Cov Lehmann; Agatha Strother Lewis; Gen Andrew Lewis; G. W. Lewis; Henry Lewis; Nat Lewis; W. F. Loftus; Longley; Dr Phillip N. Luckett; Judge Luckie; Gen J. Bankhead Magruder; Lee E. Mahoney; Antonio Don Manchaca; Henry Maney; Andrew Mansfield; Franklin Marion; Hodges Marion; Charlie Marlow; George Marlow; James Mason; Jeannie L. Maury; Jesse L. Maury; Agatha Maverick; Albert Maverick; Mrs Albert Maverick; Albert Sr Maverick; Mrs Albert Sr. Maverick; Elizabeth Maverick; Ellen Maverick; Emilie Virginia Chilton Maverick; George Maverick; George M. Maverick; George Madison Maverick; Hazel Davis Maverick; James Slayden Maverick; Jean Evans Maverick; Jeannie L. Maury Maverick; Jesse Maverick; Laura Wise Maverick; Lewis Maverick; Lillian Williams Maverick; Lola Maverick; Lydia Ann Maverick; Mary Maverick; Mrs Mary Adams Maverick; Mary Brown Maverick; Mary Elizabeth Maverick; Mary Rowena Maverick; Maury Maverick; Peter Maverick; Phillip Maverick; Reuben Maverick; Ruth Newell Maverick; S. A. Maverick; Sallie Frost Maverick; Samuel Maverick; Samuel A. Maverick; Hon Samuel A. Maverick; Samuel Augustus Maverick; Augustus Maverick; Virginia Maverick; William Chilton Maverick; William H. Maverick; Dr McCormick; Mrs Roderick McDonald; Capt McFadden; Mary Maverick McGarraugh; Robert McGarraugh; Jim McIntire; Henry McKeen; Ed McKellar; John Thomas McMurray; James S. McNeel; Jessie Maverick; A. Megan; R. T. Mellard; Miss Alice Merritt; Capt C. H. Merritt; Capt Merritt; Chris Merritt; Milam; Col Ben Milam; Edward Miles; B. C. Miller; James M. Miller; Jim Miller; M. Erskine Miller; Thomas L. Miller; Wilma Milligan; A. M. Milstead; Bladen Mitchel; Charles Jr Montague; Charles Sr Montague; F. M. Montague; Charles de Montel; James Montel; J. B. Moore; John W. Moore; Dan Murphey; Jose Antonio Don Navarro; Hon Jose Antonio Navarro; Mrs Eleanor Neal; R. F. Neal; James P. Newcomb; Ruth Newell; Isaac Newton; George H. Noonan; Mrs Fanny Norton; Tom Ochiltree; Thomas Odem; Bishop Odin; Eleanor O'Neill; Teresa B. O'Neill; A. B. Ostrander; Miss Alice Pancost; Pancost; Job Parker; Frank Paschal; Dr Frank Paschal; Mrs Frank Paschal; C. C. Patton; J. M. Patton; Capt John Paulee; Margaret Paulee; Alejo Perez; Capt Ruff Perry; Jack Phillips; J. M. Pierce; August Pingenot; P. P. Pool; Capt Morrill Poor; J. A. V. Pue; Ventris Pue; Ventrus Pue; Col Pyron; J. C. Rabb; Maj Ralston; Erastus Reed; Adolphus Rees; Alonzo Rees; Sidney Rees; Capt Reynolds; Jim Reynolds; John Reynolds; Eli Norton Richardson; Harry Rishworth; Sterling C. Robertson; Jose Polycarpo Rodriguez; Jose Policarpo Rodriquez; Will Rogers; Walter Rose; Judge Edward M. Ross; Daniel Rugh; T. N. Russell; Eugene L. Sabin; Maj Valerius P. Sanders; P. D. Saner; Pres Santa Anna; Cov Saunders; A. Savery; Joseph D. Sayers; A. L. Scott; Col Sharp; G. W. Shaw; Sheridan; Capt F. W. Sibley; Gen Sibley; James Sier; Ike P. Simpson; Owen Singletary; Charles A. Siringo; Charlie Siringo; Col C. C. Smith; Maj Earl Hamilton Smith; Eber C. Smith; Jno W. Smith; Joel Smith; Mrs Joseph Emerson Smith; Lizzie Smith; Cov Smithers; Jim Snodgrass; Snodgrass; Col D. K. Snyder; Prince Solms; Sowell; L. O. Stafford; Judge Starkey; Young H. Starkham; Henry Stevens Sr; Ike Stevens Sr; John Stevens; Col Stoneman; George Sweet; S. B. Tarkington; James A. Taylor; W. D. Taylor; A. M. Jr Tennt; Edwin H. Terrell; George Holland Terrell; Maverick Terrell; Tommy Terry; Leibreicht Thalmann; Jean Thompson; Waddy Thompson; Gen Waddy Thompson; Waddy Hon Thompson; Capt Tobin; Capt W. G. Tobin; Francis Towle; Henry St. George Tucker; Phillip C. Tucker; Judge Randolph Tucker; Bob Turner; Mark Twain; Gen Twiggs; Jno Twohig; John Twohig; Col Ugartachea; Domingo Col Ugartachea; Columbus Upson; Albert Urbahn; John Vance; Mary Elizabeth Vance; Gen Vasquez; Jacob Judge Waelder; James Walker; John Walker; W. A. Walker; Wallace; ; ; Col Ward; Tobe Warren; Miss Frances Weir; J. F. Weldon; Nannie Wells; Agatha Maverick Welsh; Norval J. Welsh; Charles W. Wheeler; Kate Miss Whiteley; George Whittenberg; J. A. Whittenberg; Laomi L. Wight; Lyman Wight; Harry H. Williams; Lillian Williams; O. W. Williams; C. B. Willingham; Col John Withers; Otto Woeperman; Gen Woll; J. B. Woods; Warren; Gen Worth; Ellen Maverick Wright; Louis A. Wright; Wrenn

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