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Vol 05 No. 10 - July 1928

"Three-Legged Willie" Williamson

Robert M. Williamson is fondly remembered in a speech by Hon. George Clark of Waco. Brief account of his life and works. Mentions: a daughter of Col. Edwards of Wharten county Archer and Wharton

Fort Stockton Sixty Years Ago

Col. M. L. Crimmins

Description of Fort Stockton as it was in the early 1800’s. Fort Stockton was of strategic importance and was one of the chain of forts along the Texas border which, before the Civil War, included Fort Bliss, Fort Davis, Fort Stockton, Fort Chadburne, Camp Cooper, and Fort Belknap. A line of forts ran Southeast from Fort Stockton and included Fort Lancaster, Camp Hudson, Fort Inge at Uvalde, Fort Clark at Brackettville, Fort Duncan at Eagle Pass, Fort McIntosh at Laredo, Ringgold Barracks at Rio Grande City, and Fort Brown at Brownsville. The fort also was instrumental as a supply base for those enroute to the gold fields of California.

Includes a photo of Koehler General Merchandise store. Mentions: Admiral Robert Field Stockton the Old Spanish Trail CaliJoseph E. Johnston Anson Mills the Butterfield Overland Mail Edward F. Beale Comanche Creek the Buenavista road

Western Texas Fifty-Four Years Ago

Vinton Lee James tells of hunting, horses, and encounters with hardship, disease, and Indians among the pioneer settlers along the Neuces River, the Sabinal and in Frio County and elsewhere. Here is a lengthy and excellent article with good history of these areas.

Mentions: the Castroville road Henry Shane's sheep ranch on the Sabinal Dr. Herff Henry Ramsey's cattle ranch, situated in the foothills on the north side of the Anacatchio Mountains on Turkey Creek Tom Ramsey Wood Slough the Nueces Canyon Chalk Bluff on the Nueces River Uvalde Pete Bowles and son, John Newman McCarthy Governor of Arizona, Lew Wallace Rock Springs in Edwards county Wilderness Lake, in Zavala County. Beaver Lake, the headwaters of Devil's River John Hanahan Pat Garrett Billy the Kid stockmen of Frio county Cav Woodward, Lu O'Shea, Blackalley, Slaughters, and B. L. Crouch And Joe Crouch Joe Crouch, a fine business man

Days Of Peril On The Frontier

Account of Charles P. Haynes, Ranger and notable Indian fighter who, when a mere boy, came with his father Charles Haynes Sr. from New York to Texas in 1836. Young Haynes was born in Gonzales County, July 30, 1845. At 6 years of age he moved with his parents to Lockhart; after a few years he moved with his father out into the southern part of Llano County (Blanco County after 1858) and settled in the old Comanche or Crownover neighborhood, where for the most part Mr. Haynes lived his eventful life. This is his story. Includes a photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Haynes.

Further Mentions: Hickman and Jemiana Dunman in 1852, moved to Texas and settled in what is now called the "Wolf's Grossing" neighborhood on the Colorado River Sarah Dunman the Johnson fork of the Llano river Mr. Tuttle Code Phillips, one of the Rangers Captain O'Briens Colonel McCord's regiment Mrs. Friend (the daughter of Father Dancer), whose home was in Legion Valley, about fifteen miles from Llano Indian captives: Mrs. Boy Johnson and child, a Miss Townsend, Malinda Cordle, and Mrs. Friend's little boy Cedar Mountain "Cut Off Gap." Mrs. Babe Johnson the forks of Coal Creek Mr. Townsend Orville Oatman Joe Leverett, Carter Dolan, Bob Button, Tink Mabray, Geo. Miller and Caleb Holden. the Little Devils River Caleb Holden The little Cordle girl L. S. Friend Tom Shugart, George Martin Round Mountain and Johnson City Road the "Rough bend" section on the Perdenales River Columbus Patten Mr. Haddeman Dever Harrington Alice Haynes and Laura Haynes George Shelley, Leon and Albert (Bert) Haynes of Round Mountain, Tex; Charles Hickman of Alamogordo, N. M. N. G. Ozment

The Taylor Boys

J. B. Polley

Account of two very colorful characters, Hays and Doboy (Doughboy) Taylor. Their Confederate service was on the Texas frontier, in a company of rangers commanded by their father, who himself had served under the noted scout and ranger, Jack Hays, and had thought so well of that commander as to name his older son after him.

Mentions: Major Thompson Wilson county Captain Littleton of Helena the home of his friend, Stannard, near Riddleville Ecleto Nockenut the Old Gonzales Road Colonel Castinado Cottonwood and Sandy Elm creeks Black Jack Spring Littleton and Stanuard Mr. Bell J. B. Polley, Floresville, Texas Sim Holstein

The Fight At Cibicu Creek, Arizona

Col. C. C. Smith tells of the fight with Apaches.

Mentions: Apache medicine man, Nockay-det-Klinne Agent Tiffany at San Carlos Fort Lowell Eugene A. Carr Capt. Hentig Clark M. Carr the Zuni Mquntains Foft Wingate Dandy Jim, Skippy, and Scar Face Charley Mrs. Allison OLD PHOTOGRAPH depicting "Hanging of Black Jack," famous Arizona robber at Clayton, New Mexico, in 1900. Ketchum was convicted of the crime of train robbery and sentenced to death. When the trap was sprung Ketchum's body shot through with such force that he was decapitated.


Mentions: Fort Huachuca, Arizona Sergeant Flskipbygojo; Corporals Chow Big and Charles Bones; Privates Joe AdIey, Ivan Antonio, Jess Billy, Hugh Bond, Julius Colelay, Deklay, Tonay James, Kessay, Jim Lane, William Major, Andrew Paxon, Alejo Quintero, Sinew L. Riley, Benson Sisto, Thomas Sye, Silas E. Tenijieth


Mentions: Ex-Ranger S. P. Elkins Tishomingo, Oklahoma Capt. J. M. Swisher's company stationed in Coleman county, with headquarters at Camp Colorado Sam Gholson a man named Brown L. P. Sieker and Ed Sieker Dan Roberts Captain Rufe Perry's company

 John Young In Reminiscent Mood

John Young of Alpine, Texas tells of famous Indian chief, Geronimo, and comments on many past Frontier Times articles.

Mentions: the Mimbres River in New Mexico Vinton L. James old Dog Town on the Frio River Judge Roy Bean Grandpa D. L. Kokernot Peach Creek the Montel Guards Everett Townsend Joe Moss the Glass Mountains Chisos Mountains Fred S. Millard Billie Dixon John Wilson Green Ussery Johnnie Holland Tom Cromeford, Sam Berliner, Billy Sims, Jack Harris, Joe Foster, Andreas Coy, Pink Reed Johnnie Holland, John Wilson of Oakville Billie Sims and Joe Foster

 The Old Square Dance

Joe Sappington relates fond and humorous memories of long-ago country square dances.


Mentions: Calallen, Texas My daughter, Mrs. E. C.. Edgan the Stevens ranch near Harper John Deaver J. B. Gillett and Ed Sieker Dr. Manning Dallas Stoudenmire Gabe Deaver settled in Hood county just a few miles below Granbury My grandfather's name was Nathaniel Deaver Richard Albert Deaver Pinkney Deaver Haywood county Umphries county John, Gabe and Louis Deaver. Louis Deaver has a large progeny in Bell, Coryell and Hood counties Jasper Deaver, Roland Deaver, and Arch Deaver who settled in Erath county Geo. W. Baylor Oliver Dampier or O. M. Dampier I. G. Sibley, a nephew of Gen. Green Sibley Jas. B. Gillet of Marfa, Texas

Five Men Hanged At Tombstone

Detailed account of the execution of Daniel Kelly, Omer W. Sample, Jas. Howard, Daniel Dowd, and William Delaney. Includes photo of the hanging of John Heath.

Mentions: Ben Clark, Phoenix city jailer sheriff of Greenlee county sheriff of Cochise county, J. L. Ward Tom Sherman A. O. Wallace Bisbee Sulphur 'Springs Valley Mrs. George 'Red', Sample Dowd was arrested in Chihuahua, Mexico, Delaney in Sonora, Mexico, Kelly at Deming, New Mexico, Tex Howard and `Red' Sample at Clifton, Arizona Mr. George Smiley Mr. F. J. Hesser E. W. Wattron Mr. F. L. Hesser P. J. Wattron

Arizona Forty-Eight Years Ago

G. B. Hudson

NOTE: (Curiously, the first five lines of this article are printed in the wrong order. It should read, "I spent the winter of 1879 and 1880 in what was then called Middle Gila, above where Duncan, Arizona, is now located. We got our mail at a place called Richmond, Arizona, near the Arizona-New Mexico line." Purchase this magazine to read the rest of the story and many, many more exciting tales of frontier adventures!)

Mentions: Middle Gila Richmond, Arizona Jack Darling Pancake Blondy the 'Irish Boys ranch' Joe Galbraith Whitlock R. N. Leatherwood of Tucson A man named Jeffords Chief Victoria a man named Frazier The cattle were finally rounded up and we drove them by way of Solomonville through the Graham mountains near Camp Grant Leatherwood's ranch


On the night of the 18th of December, 1854, the first two settlers of Comanche county, Jesse Mercer and F. M. Collier, struck camp in a liveoak grove one mile east of Dr. Geo. W. Montgomery's place.Mentions "The first furrow plowed in the county was done by B. J. Holmsley in Tom Wilson's field. The first cabin was built by F. M. Collier The, first child was Thomas A. Collier, born May 30; 1855 C. H. Isham The first man killed was J. H. Foreman The first marriage was Elias Deaton and Pollie Wright The first sermon was preached by B. F. Kemp, Methodist The first Indian depredation occurred in 1860, when they stole a number of horses from Adams, where Tatum's field now stands Fred S. Millard James A. Jasper Tarrant county Hon. Frank Bushick Pat Wolfforth, Pioneer Cattleman the Diamond Trail ranch Tom Platt John W. Bracken

Some names mentioned in this magazine:

Pvt Joe Adley; Mrs G. M. Allison; Pvt Ivan Antonio; Bob Barton; Bass; Geo W. Baylor; Lt Edward F. Beale; Bean; Sam Berliner; Corp Chow Big; Pvt Jess Billy; Pvt Hugh Bond; Charles Corp Bones; Pete Bowles; John W. Bracken; Hon Frank H. Bushick; Clark M. Carr; Gen Eugene A. Carr; Col Castinado; Lt Chadbourne; Ben Clark; Hon George Clark; Pvt Julius Colelay; F. M. Collier; Thomas A. Collier; Malinda Cordle; Andreas Coy; Crimmins; Tom Cromeford; B. L. Crouch; Joe Crouch; O. M. (Oliver) Dampier; Oliver Dampier; Father Dancer; E. J. Davis; Elias Deaton; Arch Deaver; Gabe Deaver; J. J. Deaver; Jasper Deaver; John Deaver; Louis Deaver; Nathaniel Deaver; Pinkney Deaver; Richard Albert Deaver; Roland Deaver; Pvt Deklay; William Delaney; Billie Dixon; Dobie; Carter Dolan; Daniel Dowd; Driggs; Jemima Dunman; Sarah Dunman; Mrs C. D. Eddins; Col Edwards; Capt Elkins; S. P. Elkins; Sgt Eskipbygojo ; Fisher; J. H. Foreman; Foster; L. S. Friend; Joe Galbraith; Garrett; Gholson; ; Jas B. Gillett; Sally Gooden; Mrs George Hamlin; John Hanahan; Dever Harrington; Harris; Albert Haynes; Alice Haynes; Charles Hickman; Charles P. Hickman; Charles Sr Hickman; Chas P. Hickman; Mrs Chas P. Hickman; Henry Hickman; John Hickman; Laura Hickman; Leon Hickman; Hays; John Heath; Patrick Henry; Capt Hentig; Dr Herff; F. J. Hesser; Guadalupe Hidalgo; Caleb Holden; Johnnie Holland; B. J. Holmsley; Jas Howard; Tex Howard; "Tex" (see Jas) Howard; Hon Volney E. Howard; G. B. Hudson; C. H. Isham; Bill Jackson; Pvt Tonay James; Vinton L. James; Vinton Lee James; James A. Jasper; Dud Jenkins; Mrs Babe Johnson; Mrs Boy Johnson; Col Joseph E. Johnston; Pres Jones; Daniel Kelly; B. F. Kemp; Pvt Kessay; "Black Jack" (see Tom) Ketchum; Tom Ketchum; H. Koehler; D. L. Kokernot; Pvt Jim Lane; R. N. Leatherwood; Lehmann; Joe Leverett; Capt Littleton; Tink Mabray; James Madison; Pvt William Major; Dr Manning; George Martin; Ralph Martin; Newman McCarthy; Col McCord; Sgt McDonald; Jesse Mercer; F. S. Millard; Fred S. Millard; Geo Miller; Anson Mills; Dr Geo W. Montgomery; Joe Moss; Gov Murphy; Capt S. A. Murray; Orville Oatman; Capt O'Brien; Lu O'Shea; N. G. Ozment; Jack Darling Pancake; Columbus Patten; Pvt Andrew Paxon; Capt Rufe Perry; Code Phillips; J. B. Polley; Pvt Alejo Quintero; Henry Ramsey; Tom Ramsey; John Randolph; Pink Reed; Pvt Sinew L. Riley; ; Lt Dan Roberts; Rose; Omer W. Sample; "Red" Sample; "Red" (see Omer) Sample; Chief Sanchez; Santa Anna; Joe Sappington; Saunders; Ed Scotten; Henry Shane; Mrs George Shelley; Tom Sherman; Tom Shugart; Gen Green Sibley; I. G. Corp Sibley; Ed Sieker; Billie Sims; Pvt Benson Sisto; George Smiley; Col C. C. Smith; Clinton Smith; Col Gilbert C. Smith; Jefferson Smith; Sowell; Richard Stockton; Robert Field Adm.; Stoudenmire; Capt J. M. Swisher; Pvt Thomas Sye; Do'boy Taylor; ; Mrs Do'boy Taylor; Hays Taylor; Pvt Silas E. Tenijieth; Maj Thompson; Raymond W. Thorp; J. F. Tiner; Everett Townsend; W. B. Travis; Green Ussery; Chief Victoria; A. O. Wallace; Lew Gov Wallace; J. L. Ward; F. J. Wattron; F. W. Wattron; Judge Williamson; Robert M. Williamson; "Three-Legged Willie"; Tom Wilson; Pat Wolfforth; Cav Woodward; Pollie Wright; John Young; Youmans;

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