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Vol 06 No. 03 - December 1928

Captain Arrington’s Expedition

By J. Marvin Hunter

Captain G. W. Arrington of Hemphill County leads a company of Rangers from Fort Griffin to the headwaters of the Brazos River. Detailed account of this expedition and battles with hostile Apache Indians.

 Mentions:Mr. J. B. Gibson, of El Paso , Blanco Canyon in Crosby county, Texas , the Slaughter Ranch , Sergt. Dick Jones , Corporal Joe Rush , Jno B. Birdwell , F. S. Bell , Callahan , John Dunn, J. B. Gibson, Harney Hammer , Hiram McMurray , Willie Stonebreaker , James L. McElroy , Will Snerley , the Yellowhouse Canyon , Tahoka Lake , Double Lakes , Capt. Nolin , John D. Birdwell , the Causey brothers, George and John, buffalo hunters , Silver Lake , Ranger Lake ,

Heroism of A Negro Slave

By Leonard Passmore

Ben Guthrie reminisces about an Indian raid and the bravery of an old Negro named Albert Chandler. Takes place on the Williams ranch in Brown County.

 Mentions:Brownwood , Williams' ranch near Trigger Mountain , the town of Mullen , George, Bill and Jim Williams, the founders of the Williams ranch. This ranch is now situated in Mills County, but at that time it was in Brown county , Wash Chandler , Mrs. C. E. Gann, Box 1118, Midland, Texas , W. J. (Bill) Preslar , Dan Wills , Lee Herron, of Saint Paul, Nebraska , the fight at Coon Creek, September, 1868 , the Box family , Dr. J. E. Copenhaver, Pilot Point, Texas , Mr. Alex Williams, of Denton, Texas , James A. Jasper , Curley Hatcher, of Myrtle Point, Oregon , Reson Smith, a wagon cook for the S-T Ranch , Endee, New Mexico , Jim Ivy ,

The History of Fort Meade, South Dakota

History of Fort Meade from its beginning at Camp Sturgis in 1876. Fort Meade came very much into the limelight when its Fourth Cavalry furnished the Presidential Guard while the President was vacationing in the Black Hills.

Soldiers whose good fortune it is to be assigned to Fort Meade, South Dakota, home of the Fourth Cavalry, and once one of the largest mounted stations in the country, have the privilege of serving their enlistments in a post at once pleasant as to environment and replete with historic lore - a post with a past, in a word, but a past in which glory and records of momentous events in our early frontier history play the predominating role.

The fort, today, established in its present location in 1877, had its beginning a year earlier at another location eight miles distant, called Camp Sturgis, hard by the foot of Bear Butte, one of the historic landmarks of the South Dakota Black Hills. In those days the frontier was everything that the name suggests, and a bit more too.

Camp Sturgis was founded in 1876, the year following Custer's famous fight, and was named in honor of Lieutenant Sturgis, who fell in that gallant fight…

Further Mentions:Chiefs Red Cloud and Spotted Tail , the Red Cloud Agency , Colonel Osmun Latrobe ,

Once A Texan...

By John P. Twomey

Memories of Texans on San Jacinto Day and other historical holidays.

Mentions:Lyston Black , Monta J. Moore, Cameron , Frank C. Shoemaker, Fort Worth , Miss Kate Cunningham, Bastrop , Bill S. Hester, Giddings , Maher Moore, Cameron , Mrs. May Blanks Killough , Minor Moore , Hiram Johnson , Claude A. Shutt , George H. Carpenter , Judge Rufus C. Porter , Mrs. Robert Tucker and Mrs. L. D. Collings , Mrs. August E. Kroninger , Joe Crail , Zach Lamar Cobb , Judge John L. Dyer , Thomas J. Martin, from Fredericksburg. Gillespie County , ;; S. J. Henry, Waco, M. A. Fleming, Beaumont, and Col. Tom Thornton , Bebe Daniels , Corinne Griffith, Mineral , Florence Vidor , Madge Bellamy , Ed Sedgewick , Gene Austin, Gainesville , Robert Angew, San Antonio , Judge Philpot , Hope Hampton , Dorothy Devore , Robert H. Buckner , E. B. Leachman , Arnold French and A. Aubrey Shipman

The Fighting Doctor

By Colonel M. L. Crimmins

Assistant surgeon Bernard John Dowling Irwin is remembered for great bravery and endurance when he rode boldly through dangerous Indian country to rescue some wounded civilians.

Mentions:Fort Buchanan , George Nichols Bascom , Apache Pass, Arizona , Brigadier General George Leroy Irwin , Lieutenant Colonel Robert R. McCormick , Major Arthur A. Small , Medical Chief, Base Hospital, Camp Pike, Arkansas , Silas St. John.

The Border Command

By Colonel M. L. Crimmins

Brigadier General Benjamin H. Grierson, commander of the 10th Cavalry, leads his troops through privation, Indians, and hardships to numerous victories.

Mentions:General Prentiss , Colonel Charles C. Walcutt , the Kansas Pacific Railway , Fort Hayes , Captain George A. Armes , Sergeant William Christy , Prairie Dog Creek, Kansas , Company "G," under Sergeant Davis , the campaign of General Philip H. Sheridan against Black Kettle's band of Cheyennes. , George Wallace Graham , Big Sandy Creek, Colorado , Lieut. Col. George A. Forsyth , Arickaree Fork of the Republican River, Kansas , Captain Henry Cary Bankhead , Captain Henry Lewis Carpenter , Captain G. W. Graham , Major Jas. C. Brisbin , Colonel Forsyth , Beaver Creek, Kansas , Major Eugene A. Carr , Wallace Station , Satanta, the chief of the Kiowas , Satank and Big Tree, two influential Indians , Lieutenant Samuel Lippincott Woodward , Lone Wolf, a notorious Kiowa chief , General R. S. Mackenzie , Major George Wheeler Schonfield , Elk Creek, Indian Territory , Corporal John Robinson , Lieutenant Powhatan M. Clark , the Penito Mountains , Captain Charles L. Cooper and Troop "H" in the White Mountains , General Nelson Miles , General Henry C. Corbin , the Moki Indian , General Joe Wheeler , Colonel Tommy Tompkins , Colonel George A. Dodd , Slaughter's Ranch , Captain Charles T. Boyd , 1st Lieut. Henry R. Adair , Carrizal , Fort Huachuca , Custom House, Nogales, Arizona , Lieut. L. Loftus , Colonel Frederick J. Herman , Captain Joseph D. Hungerford ,


Siringo, who was born in Texas and who gained fame as a hunter of outlaws, rode in the saddle on drives over the old Chisholm trail of Kansas. Later he punched Texas longhorns throughout the Panhandle country, where many a wild and wooly Western story had its inception.

But it was a train ride 42 years ago that turned the tide in Siringo's life. A cattle train took the plainsman to Chicago, where his experience as a cowboy gained him a place with the Pinkerton Detective Agency.

From Chicago, the Pinkertons sent him to Denver. Some of his better known exploits against the lawless characters of the Western plains followed.

Mentions: Siringo fought the "Wild Bunch," , "Billy the Kid," , "A Lone Star Cowboy," "Fifteen Years on the Back of a Spanish Pony," "The Life of Billy the Kid" "A Cowboy Detective," "Riata and Spur." , Mrs.. A. D. Gentry, Fort Stockton, Texas ,

Brief History Of The Early Days In Mason County

By J. Marvin Hunter

[SELLER’S NOTE: Actually, Mr. Hunter should have titled this series of stories "A detailed and extensive account of the Early Days in Mason County." This great series (5 installments) includes some of the most painstaking historical and genealogical research to be found anywhere, and it all pertains to the life of Mason County and its early history, settlements, frontiersmen, family movements, development, Indian raids, political, social, economic development, etc, etc. As well as including the most minute detail, this series also includes many, many old B&W photo images of NUMEROUS early settlers of Mason County. Truly Mr. Hunter has done an inestimable service to those interested in Mason County, Texas history and genealogy.

Suffice it to say, if you live in Mason County, Texas, or have ancestors there, or just have genealogical or historical interest in the area, YOU WILL FIND NO RESOURCE BETTER THAN THIS GREAT SERIES.]

This second installment of a series of articles on the early history of Mason County and its pioneers includes photos of Dr. J. D. Beck, Ben Hey, Judge S. V. Wood, Judge J. H. Jones, Erv. Hamilton, and Judge G. W. Todd as well as the public square in Mason, IN. Also contains a photo of the Kettner family; Louis Kettner, Mrs. August Kettner, Charles Kettner, Mrs. G. W. Gamel, and William Kettner.

Further Mentions: Another of the early day school teachers of Mason county is Professor S. A. McCollum , . His brother, Dr. C. L. McCollum, was for many years a practicing physician in Mason , forget Dr. J. D. Beck, Dr. J. D. Grandstaff and Dr. Ratliff , Dr. Robert Baze , Chicasha, Oklahoma , Perry A. Bagf , Francis Kettner, father of the Kettners , Baden, Germany , Comal county , Charles Schreiner of Kerrville , Miss Katharine Keller , the Foley Crossing , Louis Kettner , the McSwane place on Comanche Creek, six miles below Mason , Mr. and Mrs. Kettner, Louis, Will and Charles Kettner, Mrs. Ida Keller, and Mrs. Alice Gamel , Another pioneer of Mason was William Greenwood, who settled northwest of the present town of Mason in 1852 , Greenwood Prairie , Peter Bickenbach, Henrich Kothmann, Dedrich Kothmann, Fritz Kothmann, Peter Jordan, Louis Graebner, August Arhelger, William Sands, George King. Lyon King, George King, Charles Lemburg, John Lemburg, William Geistweidt, William Behrens, Tom Brite, Tom Gamel, George Bird, Frank Moody, H. C. Fellmore, Otto Mebus, Herman Mebus, John Gamel, William Wilkinson, V. M. Loring, John Schaeg, Christie Crosby, William Wheeler, Sam Capps, Tom Lindsay, John Lindsay, Jess Leslie, William Leslie, J. W. Hunter, ' eo Guggenhein, H. Zork, S. V. Wood, Tom Rainey, William Dodd, Ernest Bogusch, Adam Ritter, John Ruegner, Henry Ruegner, Jacob Henrich, John Willmann, Fritz Grote, Charlie Eckert, Fred Stengel, Adolph Keller, Chas. Keller, William Willmann, Anton Willmann, Phillip Schmidt, Herman Ischar, John Keller, Otto Martin, George Durst, Mart Moran, Henry Doell, Rudolph Doell, Dan Bickenbach, P. C. Baird, Wm. Bowser, Tom Garner, A. J. Boston, J. E. Taylor , Bettina, in Llano county, and Sisterdale, in Kendall county , Metternich, the Austrian prime minister , Among these settlers at Bettina and Sisterdale were the Donops, Runges, Schleichers and dozens of others , Dr. William Runge, of the Sisterdale colony, was a grandfather of Carl and Roscoe Runge, of Mason, Judge Rudolph Runge, the father of Carl and Roscoe Runge, being a son of Dr. Runge , One of the first teachers in Mason county was Otto von Donop , Persons who settled in what is now Mason county prior to 1858, but later than 1848, did not settle in Mason county, but in Gillespie county. Persons born in what is now Mason county between 1848 and 1858 were born in Gillespie county , G. W. Todd , E. J. Davis , the County Spring in what is known as the Grote pasture , Henry Schweers, of San Antonio , . B. F. Weatherby, a somewhat eccentric old bachelor, but a very courageous man and a good citizen , Old Weatherby Spring, on Honey Creek , John Rogers , Mrs. G. W. Todd , the Todd family , Miss Alice Todd , the killing of Henry Kensing and his wife , Beaver Creek , An Indian fighting character in those days was Jim Biddy , Uncle Billy Gamel , the Bluff Creek community , Leon Creek , Ham Biddy, a brother of Jim Biddy , Harve Putnam , the present town of Streeter , Billy Gamel's ranch , the Gamel ranch , W. S. Kidd, of Loyal Valley , Hermann Lehmann , Quannah Parker , Philip Buchmier , his sister Mina , Carnovista, the Indian who had captured and claimed Hermann as his property , Hey and Ranck, of Mason , Battle Springs , George Durst , Henry Behrens, , Dr. McSween , Felix Vander Stucken , John Brite , the James River community , Henry Keller , Eugene Zesch pasture , Simonsville , Schepp creek , Louis Eckert and Fritz Eckert , a German nobleman by the name of von Gehren , Adolf Keller , J. W. White's pasture , Julius Schuchard , Francis Kettner , Van Bridges , George Brandenberger, Fritz Brandenberger , the Ellebracht place , Ellebracht ranch , Fritz Hoerster, Anton Hoerster, Hy. Evers , an Irishman by the name of Dorsey, Phillip Lange, L. Burgdorf, Jacob Bauer, and Jacob Durst , Bowers Crossing , Henry Hoerster , Conrad Meckle , John Henrichs , the ranch on Willow Creek , Cherry Springs , Ben Thompson, the noted outlaw , Sheriff Tom Milligan , Dr. P. A. Baze , the Milligan home , the killing of Dan Moore by his father, Ranse Moore , Adolph Korn , Castel , Louis Korn , Mrs. Wilson Hey , the Comanches known as Quojales , Willie Hoerster was captured by the Indians , Bluff Creek, near the present town of Streeter , Henry Doell , August Keller , SECTION ON BIG RANCHES, PAST AND PRESENT à J. W. White and Sam B. Capps , Ben Gooch and James Ranck , W. E. Wheeler , the first of the big ranchmen of the early days in Mason county was John W. Gamel , This ranch was started in the early 'fifties by "Uncle Billy" Gamel, father of Tom Gamel, and was located on Bluff Creek , Schreiner, Lytle & Light had a big ranch , Little Devil's river. , the Hey & Ranck ranch, is now owned by Mrs. Jeffries, of San Antonio , Captain Chas. Schreiner , Col. George W. Littlefield and J. W. White , the Mill Creek ranch , James Ranck , the Centenial Creek ranch , Elgin O. Kothmann , Thomas Murray , William Geistweidt and Gottlieb Brandenberger , the Beaver Creek country , Charley and Phillip Eckert , Mrs. Annie Martin really started with a little store, gradually acquired land and cattle and the Martin ranches, owned principally by Max and Charley Martin , Fritz Kothmann , the Loyal Valley community , W. S. Kidd , William, Jim, John, Reuben, and Joe Kidd , W. E. Wheeler , Lemburg & Allen had an early day ranch on Bluff , Mose McKnight , Emmett Bratton , The ranch of John D. Eckert & Sons , Castle Canyon , , T. I. Wheeler , TenMile Crossing on the San Saba river , the Muleshoe or Buzzard Rail brand belonging to Judge Terry Lynch, of Shackleford county , W. C. Lewis opened a store , J. F. Milligan , little Jimmy Milligan , Wilson Hey, father of Judge Ben Hey , , P. J. Willis, of the wholesale firm of P. J. Willis & Bro., of Galveston , William Koock , David Doole , Charley Hoerster , Rev. Weber and Henry Pluenecke , Lemberg's store , Geistweidt estate , the Denver Hotel , Wm. Hofmann & Glenn Smith , Mike Foley opened the first saloon in Mason , the Southern Hotel , an Irishman by the name of Martin Moran and a Pennsylvania Dutchman by the name Nicholas , Creed Taylor , Doughboy Taylor , August Brockmann , Fritz Leifeste , S. F. Bridges , the Arnold Hotel , Mrs. Ricks built the Ricks Hotel , Col. Tom Rainey , Carl Wahrmund , the Zork building , Jim Finney , a man by the name of Buford , Fred Key , Hermann Schuessler , . Wm. Schon, of Pomeroy, Iowa , Bob Hall ,

Charles Goodnight’s Indian Recollections

By J. Evetts Haley

The life and adventures of the Goodnight family as they struggle to survive and deal with hostile Indians.

Mentions:Michael Goodnight , Charlotte Collier , Cahoe country , Woodburn and Bunkerhill, near the Madison and Macoupin County line , Hiram Daugherty , Oak Cliff , Milam County near Nashville , Port Sullivan , J. W. Sheek , Lampasas Springs , Claiborne Varner , General Jack Baylor , McAdams, a rancher and an old Mexican War veteran , Jack Cureton , the Marlan ranch , Parson Meyer , Vanburn , Bill Saunders , Mr. Lynn , the Double Mountain Fork , Judge Lassiter , Parson Maderie's ranch in the Couch and Graves eammunity on the West Keechi , a Dutchman over in New Mexico called ` Tecalote" (Owl) , Stag Prairie , Sam Ham , Sul Ross , Mosely, a rancher and lawyer of the frontier , the Quitaque , Judge Pollard ,Tom Callahan , William Cranmer

Some names mentioned in this volume:

Aaro A. Mah Ti; Lt Henry R. Adair; Robert Angew; August Arhelger; Capt George A. Armes; Capt G. W. Arrington; Gen Austin; Baird; Capt Henry Cary Bankhead; Lt George Nichols Bascom; Jacob Bauer; Gen Baylor; Gen Jack; Dr P. A. Baze; Perry A. Baze; Dr Robert Baze; Dr J. D. Beck; Henry Behrens; William Behrens; F. S. Bell; Madge Bellamy; Dan Bickenbach; Peter Bickenbach; Ham Biddy; Jim Biddy; H. W. Bierschwale; George Bird; Jno B. Birdwell; John D. Birdwell; Lyston Black; Ernest Bogusch; A. J. Boston; Wm Bowser; William Bowser; Capt Charles T. Boyd; Fritz Brandenberger; George Brandenberger; Gottlieb Brandenberger; Emmett Bratton; Bridger; S. F. Bridges; Van Bridges; Jas C. Maj Brisbin; John Brite; Tom Brite; August Brockmann; Otto Brockmann; Theodore Brockmann; James Pres Buchanan; Philip Buchmier; Robert H. Buckner; L. Burgdorf; Walter Noble Burns; Tom Callahan; Roy Capps; Sam Capps; Sam B. Capps; Capt Carpenter; George H. ; Capt Henry Lewis ; Eugene A. Maj Carr; Carson; Gen Lewis Cass; George Causey; John; Albert Chandler; Wash Chandler; Jess Chisholm; John Chisum; Sgt William Christy; Lt Powhatan M. Clark; Zach Lamar Cobb; Charlotte Collier; Mrs L. D. Collings; Capt Connor; Capt Charles L. Cooper; Dr J. E. Copenhaver; Copenhaver; Gen Henry C. Corbin; Joe Crail; William Cranmer; Crimmins; Crockett; Christie Crosby; Kate Miss Cunningham; Capt Cureton; ; Capt J. J. "Jack"; Bebe Daniels; Hiram Daugherty; E. J. Davis; Dorothy Devore; Dobie; Col George A. Dodd; William; Henry Doell; Rudolph; Otto von Donop; (See von Donop); David Doole; Scott Dooley; John Dunn; George Durst; Jacob Durst; John L. Judge Dyer; Charley Eckert; Charlie Eckert; Fritz Eckert; John D. Eckert; Louis Eckert; Phillip Eckert; A. R. Evans; Hy Evers; H. C. Fellmore; Jim Finney; M. A. Fleming; Mike Foley; Lt Col George A. Forsyth; Arnold French; Mrs Alice Gamel; Billy Gamel; ; Mrs G. W. Gamel; John Gamel; John W. Gamel; Tom Gamel; Mrs C. E. Gann; Tom Garner; H. P. Gartrell; William Geistweidt; Mrs A. D. Gentry; J. B. Gibson; Gillett; Ben Gooch; C. Goodnight; ; Elijah Goodnight; Michael Goodnight; Louis Graebner; Capt George Wallace Graham; Dr J. D. Grandstaff; Greenwood; Gen Benjamin H. Brig Grierson; Col Benjamin H. Grierson; Col Grierson; Gen Grierson; Corinne Griffith; R. Grosse; Fritz Grote; Leo Guggenhein; Ben Guthrie; J. Evetts Haley; Bob Hall; Sam Ham; Erv Hamilton; Harney Hammer; Hope Hampton; Sen Harris; Hatcher; Hays; Jacob Henrich; John Henrich; S. J. Henry; Col Herman; Col Frederick J. ; Lee Herron; Bill S. Hester; Ben Hey; Wilson Hey; Mrs Wilson Hey; Bill Hickok; Anton Hoerster; Charley Hoerster; Dan Hoerster; Hoerster; Fritz Hoerster; Henry Hoerster; Willie Hoerster; C. L. Hofmann; H. J. Hofmann; Wm Hofmann; Mary Austin Holly; Houston; Hubbard; Capt Joseph D. Hungerford; Geo Hunt; J. W. Hunt; J. C. Ingram; Dr Bernard John Dowling Dr Irwin; Gen George Leroy ; Herman Ischar; Jim Ivy; John H. James; Maria Williams; John Janes; James A. Jasper; Hiram Johnson; J. J. Johnson; Sgt Dick Jones; Judge J. H. Jones; Peter Jordan; Adolf Keller; Adolph Keller; August Keller; Mrs August Keller; Chas Keller; Henry Keller; Mrs Ida Keller; John Keller; Katharine Miss Keller; Kensing; Mrs Henry Henry; Charles Kettner; Francis Kettner; ; Mrs Francis Kettner; Louis Kettner; ; Mrs Louis Kettner; Will Kettner; William Kettner; Fred Key; Jim Kidd; Joe Kidd; John Kidd; Reuben Kidd; W. S. Kidd; William Kidd; Mrs May Blanks Killough; George King; J. S. King; Lyon; William G. Klein; William Koock; Adolph Korn; Louis Korn; Dedrich Kothmann; Elgin O. Kothmann; Fritz Kothmann; Henrich Kothmann; W. L. Kothmann; Mrs August E. Kroninger; R. G. "Bob" Lackey; Phillip Lange; Judge Lassiter; Col Osmun Latrobe; E. B. Leachman; Caroline Lehmann; Gusta Lehmann; Hermann Lehmann; ; Mina Lehmann; Willie Lehmann; Fritz Leifest; Charles Lemburg; John Lemburg; Jess Leslie; William Leslie; W. C. Lewis; W. W. Lightfoot; John Lindsay; Tom Lindsay; Col George W. Littlefield; Paul Loeffler; Lt L. Loftus; V. M. Loring; Chap Loving; Oliver Loving; Solon Loving; Terry Judge Lynch; Gen Mackenzie; Gen R. S. Mackenzie; Parson Maderie; Madison; Chief Mangus; Mrs Annie Martin; August Martin; Charley Martin; Max Martin; Otto Martin; Thomas J. Martin; James Mason; Dr C. L. McCollum; S. A. Prof McCollum; J. E. McCord; Col Robert R. McCormick; James L. McElroy; Pvt James L. McElroy; Mose McKnight; Hiram McMurray; Dr McSween; Charley Mebus; Herman Mebus; Otto Mebus; Conrad Meckle; John O. Meusebach; Parson Meyers; Gen Nelson Miles; E. S. Millard; J. F. Milligan; Jimmy Milligan; Sheriff Tom Milligan; Chas deMontel; Mrs Helen Janes deMontel ; Frank Moody; Dan Moore; Maher; Minor; Monta J. ; Monta Judge; Ranse; Mart Moran; Martin Moran; Thomas Murray; Parson Myers; Chief No-bah; Capt Nolin; Nolin; Parker; ; Peanut; ; Passmore; (See Parker) Peanut; Judge Philpot; Henry Pluenecke; Judge Pollard; Rufus C. Judge Porter; Gen Prentiss; W. J. "Bill" Preslar; Harve Putnam; (See Parker) Quanah; Tom Rainey; Col Tom Rainey; James Ranck; Dr Ratliff; Chief Red Cloud; Adam Ritter; Roberts; John Corp Robinson; John Rogers; Gov Ross; Lt Sul ; Henry Ruegner; John Ruegner; Carl Runge; Dr Carl Judge Runge; Roscoe Runge; Judge Rudolph; Dr William Rudolph; Joe Rush; Corp Joe Rush; William Sands; Bill Saunders; John Schaeg; Louis Schmidt; Otto Schmidt; Phillip Schmidt; H. Wm Schon; Maj George Wheeler Schonfield; Charles Schreiner; Capt Chas Schreiner; Julius Schuchard; Hermann Schuessler; Henry Schweers; Corp Scott; Oscar Seaquist; Ed Sedgewick; J. W. Sheek; Gen Philip H. Sheridan; Gen William T. Sherman; A. Aubrey Shipman; Frank C. Shoemaker; Claude A. Shutt; Charles Siringo; Siringo; Maj Arthur A. Small; Ed Smith; Glenn Smith; Reson Smith; Will Snerley; Prince Solms-Braunfels; Sowell; Chief Spotted Tail; Silas St. John; Fred Stengel; Alexander M. Stephens; Ben Stewart; Willie Stonebreaker; Lt Sturgis; Doughboy Taylor; J. E. Taylor; Gen Terrazes; (See Werner R. R.) Texas Dick; Maj Thompson; Col Tom Thornton; Gov Throckmorton; Alice Miss Todd; G. W. Todd; G. W. Judge Todd; Mrs G. W. Todd; Mrs Robert Tucker; John P. Twomey; Felix VanderStucken; Claiborne Varner; Florence Vidor; King Vidor; Carl Wahrmund; Lt Col Charles C. Walcutt; Wallace; Capt (Big Foot Wallace); B. F. Weatherby; Rev Weber; R. R. Werner; Reinhold Richard Werner; Gen Joe Wheeler; T. J. Wheeler; W. E. Wheeler; William; J. W. White; William Wilkinson; Alex Williams; Bill Williams; George Williams; Jim Williams; P. J. Willis; Anton Willman; William Willman; John Willmann; Capt Dan Wills; S. V. Wood; S. V. Judge; Samuel Lippincott ; Lt Woodward; Eugene Zesch; Harold Zesch; W. A. Zesch; H. Zork; Zook.

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