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Vol 07 No. 05 - February 1930

Sterling C. Robertson

John Henry Brown

STERLING C. ROBERTSON was born in Nashville, Tenn., about 1785. He served as Major of Tennessee troops in the War of 1812 and 1814, and was honorably discharged. He received a liberal education and was reared in the occupation of planting. He engaged in agriculture in Giles county, Tennessee, but in a few years moved to Nashville. Enterprising and adventurous, and being possessed of large means, in the year 1823 he formed a company in Nashville to explore the wild province of Texas. He penetrated as far as Brazos and formed a permanent camp at the mouth of Little river. All the party returned to Tennessee, however, except Col. Robertson. He visited the settlements that had been made, and while there conceived the idea of planting a colony in Texas. Filled with enthusiasm over this plan he went to his home in Tennessee; there he purchased a contract that had been made by the Mexican government with Robert Leftwich for the settlement of 800 families. Col. Robertson was a delegate to the General Convention of 1836, was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and of the Constitution of the Republic of Texas. He died in Robertson County, Texas, .March 4, 1842, in the fifty-seventh year of his age – this is his story.

History Of Fifth Cavalry

By Voorheis Richeson

THE FIRST ROSTER of officers of that regiment which is the Fifth Cavalry reads like the list of players in a drama for which an entirely stellar cast has been employed: Albert Sidney Johnston, Colonel, commanding; Robert E. Lee, Lieutenant Colonel; George H. Thomas, Major; Earl Van Dorn, Captain; John B. Hood, 2nd Lieutenant.

All these, and then there were still other future generals whose later fame was likewise great. Some of them were Kirby Smith, William J. Hardee, Oleo, Stoneman, James Oakes, H. W. Johnson, Charles W. Field, William H. Emory, and N. George ("Shanks") Evans. A few years later two other young second lieutenants, destined for future distinction, joined the command -George Armstrong Custer and Fitzhugh Lee. The origins and brilliant history of the Fifth Cavalry is the theme of this excellent article.

Further Mentions: Fort Belknap, Texas * hand-to-hand struggle near Wichita Village * General Winfield Scott * Troops B, E. G * Troops B, E, and I * the capture of Alexandria * Colonel S. R. H. Tompkins, "Tommy" of the Seventh * Fairfax Court House * engagements in which it took part. Bull Run, Peninsula, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Maryland Campaigns of 1863, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Shenandoah Valley, and Appomattox * William F. ("Buffalo Bill") Cody. * Indian chief, Yellow Hand * Arapahoes under the able leadership of Tall Bull at Summit Springs, Colorado * Hermigueras and Las Marias * Jefferson Barracks, Missouri * Fort Huachuca, Arizona * Schofield Barracks * Forts Huachuca and Apache, Arizona * Fort Myer, Virginia * the Villa raid on March 29 1916 * Fort Bliss, Texas, at Camp Stewart * Marfa, Texas * Fort Clark *


R. D. Holt

Account of Campbell Bates of Eldorado, 32 years resident of Schleicher county.

Mentions:Mentions: the Menger hotel * Luling * Zavalla county, Batesville * Uvalde * his daughter, Mrs. H. M. Murchison * The Eldorado Townsite Company * Mr. Bates' son, F. C. Bates, Jr * Sheffield, Texas * Senator Joe Bailey *

Xavier Wanz Came To Texas In 1845

XAVIER WANZ, (pronounced Sevier Vance) was born in Strassburg, Alsace, in 1844, and came to Texas with his parents as part of Castro's Colony in 1845. They landed at Port Lavaca and then proceeded out to Castroville. Later his parents left Castroville, went fifteen miles further west and settled at a place called Vanderburg, four miles northwest from the present village and settlement of New Fountain. Mr. Wance was a formidable Indian fighter, settler and ranchman of Medina county for 77 years. This story is excellent history of Hondo, Verde Creek and Medina County, TX.

Further Mentions: old "Woll Road" * Joe and Charley Decker * Louis White * Castroville * McCoy's ranch on the Hondo * a Frenchman named Bushman * Hondo Canyon * Billy Harper, son of Judge George Harper * Robert. A. Harper * Rev. William Fly * Judge Harper * Rolly Harper * Little Creek * John Ware * Frio Canyon * Camp Wood on the Nueces * Frank Vogel, Gottlieb Britsch, Louis Mumme, Charles Martin, the Tampkes, Halters * Widow Dean * the Vance settlement * the Dean Ranch * Perry Wilson * Isaac King * Perry Wilson's ranch * Chris Schumaker, Billy Johnson * Mr. August Rothe * F. A. Hicks * George Byers * Capt. H. J. Richarz * Rift * Captain Kelso * Camp Wood in Nueces Canyon * D'Hanis * Mrs. Vance was a Martin * the Carrizo fight *

Lost Mission Bells Found

By H. M. Sheppard, Houston, Texas

Mentions: Mount Zion Baptist in the San Antonio River Bottoms southwest of Victoria * Refugio, Texas * Brownsville * Rev. Father Jos. G. O'Donahoe of Waxahachie * the O'Connor ranch near Refugio * Mrs. Thomas O'Connor of Victoria, and by Miss Adina De Zavala, of San Antonio * Dr. Paul J. Fock, C. S. A., St. Edward's University of Austin * Matamoros * Santa Margarita * the Oblate Fathers * Father Cerodes * Miss Mary Mitchell of Refugio * Nuevo Santander * the Mission of Nuestra Senora del Refugio * Captain King and Captain Ward * Nichols Fagan * Dennis O'Connor *

The Old Macedonia Baptist Church (Continued from last month)

Miss Clarinda Loveworth Latham


Detailed and lengthy account of early records of Llano county settlers from the old church book which was in the possession of the writer, who was a member of the Macedonia church. Beginning with the early founders of the church while still in Missouri (Pulaski County), the account goes on to show the early movements of the hardy settlers who came to southern Llano and northern Blanco county to make their homes their. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ESPECIALLY DETAILED GENEALOGY OF THE AREA, THIS ARTICLE IS A MUST – IT IS ONE OF THOSE GEMS FOR WHICH THESE HUNTER’S FRONTIER TIMES ARE FAMOUS!

Further Mentions: Rev. Joseph Bird * Elder R. J. McNeil * Rev. Joseph Bird * Rev. J. F. Hillyer * Rev. E. K. Branch * W. B. Harmon * Rev. G. W. Johnson * Rev. C. B. Hollis * Rev. G. W. A. Latham * Rev. C. M. Hornburg * Rev. J. N. Marshall * Rev. J. C. Dodgen * Rev. Jay Dodgen (Includes old photo of him) * J. V. Latham * J. C. Hardin * Ed Hardin * Hick L. Tate * Ben M. Gibson * Uncle George Latham * Miss Nannie Latham * Wm. Latham * V. G. Lathani, Jr * Millie Green * Jim Latham * Lewis L. Green * Walnut Creek * Ralph Haynes, Ed Hardin, J. V. Latham, J. Y. Latham and James Green Richards * James G. Richards, Vance Richards, and Frank Yoast * Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Tate * John C. Tate * Comanche Creek Church * Joe Hardin * J. C. Hardin, lives at Willow City, Texas * Lon Hardin * Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Philips came from Fayette county * Hudson Mountain * Willow City * Mellisie Crownover * Rev. Arthur Crownover * Mrs. Phillips * Plum Creek * the store at Linnville down near Lockhart * Mr. Chief * Mary Phillips * John Backus * Mary Phillips married John Haynes * George Washington Allen Latham * Nancy Wolverton Latham * Sarah Jane Gibson * Osage county, Mo * Spring Creek in Blanco county * Wright's Creek * Ben Major Gibson (Includes old Photo of him) * Mrs. Friend, in Legion Valley, Llano county * J. P. Smith * Pleas Wimberley * large families, as the Hardins, Phillips, Tates, Harringtons, Lathams, Mosses, Wimberleys, Wilsons and Crownovers * Mrs. Samuel Tate * Mrs. Samuel Richards * Indian fight on Packsaddle Mountain in August, 1873 * Mrs. George Latham * Excellent old photo of The G. W. A. Latham Home * Wm. Cansler * the Friendship Church in Pulaski County, Mo * the Little Hope Baptist church * Round Mountain, Texas * Rev. R. G. Stone * Celia Scott * the Squaw Creek church * Excellent old photo of Rev. R. G. Stone and Wife * Mrs. Eliza Johnson, Alamogordo, N. M., Mrs. Carolyn Yoast, Las Cruces, N. M. Mrs. Matilda Kidd, of Loyal Valley, Texas * James Gibson * Rev. John Gibson * Miss Margaret Morrow * John, Mike, and Sandford Backues * G. G. Hardin and wife, Cynthia Hardin * Curd Cox * Wm. White * the Comanche Creek community * Clay Oatman *


By L. W. Kemp

Story of John Alexander Greer who was born, July 18, 1802, at Shelbyville, Bedford County, Tennessee, the son of Thomas and C. L. Greer. Little is recorded of his early life but the fact that Greer County, Texas, now in Oklahoma, was named in his honor is testimony to the esteem that he was held in by those who knew him – this is his story.

Further Mentions: Harmony Lodge at Shelbyville * Rev. Thomas Jordan Lambert * Adeline Minerva Orton * Henry W. Augustine * Governor James Pinckney Henderson * Capt. Middleton T. Johnson * Peter Hansborough * Governor George Thomas Wood * Catherine Adeline * Dr. W. Bond Dashiell * San Augustine *

Memories Of Mollie Bailey

Marshall Monroe.

Account of the South's foremost woman circus owner, and to her, more than to any other woman of her time, it was given to capture the hearts of Southern children. To Mollie A. Bailey the circus business was a lifetime profession. She had been in the circus business for 66 years. Mollie Bailey started in the show business when she was but 16 years of age. This is her story.

Further Mentions: Charles Lilienthal * Lilienthal Brothers * Seymour, county seat of Baylor County * Sumpter County, Alabama * At 14 years of age Mollie was chosen in a statewide contest as one of the most beautiful girls in Alabama. * James, A. Bailey * In the Civil. War Bailey entered the Confederate service and Mollie became a nurse. * Captain R. G. Carter * about "Crawford's Ranch," half way from Fort Richardson to Weatherford *

The Oldest Native Born Texan

By L. W. Kemp, Houston. Texas

Account of Mrs. Amanda Bryant Fetterly who was born a native Texan on March 2, 1836 170 days before the Declaration of Independence was signed. Mrs. Fetterly enjoys another coveted distinction. Her father led a company in the victorious army that made binding the declarations of the statesmen at Washington-on-the-Brazos. Benjamin Franklin Bryant was born in Wilkes county, Georgia, in 1802, but later moved to South Carolina where he was married to Roxana Price. On Nov. 10, 1834, with their children they crossed the Sabine River at Gaines' Ferry and entered Texas, continuing their journey in wagons until Polygoch Creek was reached, two miles from the present town of Milam, Sabine county. Here they acquired land and here Sept. 12, 1835, Amanda Bryant first saw the light of day. This is her story.

Further Mentions: Trinity River at Robin's Ferry * Groce's Retreat * the home of Jared E. Grace * Bryant's company * Capt. Bryant * Col. Sidney Sherman * James C. Hale * Bryant's Station, on Little River * Jose Maria * George Morgan * Adeline Marlin * Brevet Brigadier General Hugh McLeod * Judge Jeff Kemp * the Somervell expedition into Mexico * Gen. Flaco * Maj. John C. Hays * George B. Erath * Benjamin F. Bryant, William D. Thompson, Isaac Standifer, Winifred Bailey, John Turnham, Daniel Monroe and August Sullivan * Capt. Ewing Cameron * Roxana Price * Mrs. Colbert * Mrs. C. H. Sloane * Col. E. H. R. Green, of Terrell *

Denison Wild Town In 1872, Pioneer Says

By W. S. Adair

Account of J. F. Propst who came to Texas from Illinois as a young man. He had no money and so came with a gang of hoboes, and ended working all his life on the Texas Railroads. He was employed by the old Texas & Pacific Railroad for 32 years. THERE IS SOME GREAT EARLY RAILROAD HISTORY HERE AS WELL AS A VIEW OF EARLY DENISON, AND DALLAS TX REGION.

Further Mentions: Fort Scott, KS * the Katy Railroad * the Houston & Texas Central * Texas & Pacific Railroad * the International & Great Northern * McKinney * the Crutchfield House * the William Tell House * the northwest corner of Commerce and Market streets * Dallas was an exceedingly crude town * W. E. Parry * Dallas and Collin Counties * Kaufman and Ellis Counties * Harry Brothers * the south side of Main street, between Lamar and Poydras streets * the Palace Theater on Elm street * Dodge Station, in Walker County * The International & Great Northern Railroad * B. S. Wathen, chief engineer of the Texas & Pacific Railroad * Major Wathen * the Southern Pacific at Sierra Blanca * the Gould Building in Dallas * the Linz Building * Judge Edwin Waller

The Passing Of The Medicine Show

By Joe Sappington

"There is another institution that has brought much joy to mankind that is destined to pass away within the next few years if the protesting arms of the game law or the Salvation Army are not thrown around it. I refer to the great American institution-that medicine show-that has cured more diseases on the spot and pulled more teeth in public than all the doctors and dentists for the past two hundred years…"


Mentions: Jean L'Archeveque * Colonel C. C. Smith, U. S. Army, * Dubot * Pedro Archeveque * L'Arhis * Mrs. Josephine Navarro Forester * R. E. Davis * Navarra county * Antonio Lucero Navarro * Theodora Corsicana * John Samuel Davis * Will Davis of San Antonio * Isaiah Davis * M. E. Davis * Henry Davis of Dead Wood, South Dakota * R. E. Davis of Sterling City * Domingo Archebeck

Detail History Of The Santa Fe Expedition

The Santa Fe Expedition, of 1841, set out from Austin, and pursued a northwestern course with a view to reaching New Mexico in order to gain trade advantages for Texas. The expedition encountered Indian trouble, insufficient provisions and scarcity of water. The account is especially interesting in its description of the regoins around Georgetown, TX.

Further Mentions: Jose Antonio Navarro * Kendall * General McLeod * Mirabeau B. Lamar * Honourable Mr. Chalmers * Cross Timbers * Captains Caldwell, Sutton, Houghton, Hudson, Strain, and Lewis * Opossum Creek * Major Howard * camp on Deer Creek *


Account of Montague County resident, Reline Allred Sr., who carried the first mail route out of Bowie, for more than twenty-six years of service on the same route. During his long period of service, Mr. Alfred has traveled more than ten times the distance around the earth, delivering mail. For more than eighteen years he made the twenty-fourmile route, on fair days and stormy ones, in an open cart drawn by a faithful mare Ginger. This is his story.

Further Mentions: Rev. W. M. McKee, a pioneer Methodist minister * Mr. Charles H. Coe * Hardin R. Runnels

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