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Vol 13 No. 08 - May 1936

The Cradle Of Texas History

Emma D. Carter, Dallas, Texas.

Account of the little band of a few hundred pioneers who followed Stephen F. Austin into the Valley of the Brazos, in 1821 and especially the establishment of two of the most interesting towns in Austin's colony: Washington and Independence.

Mentions: Stephen F. Austin, son of Moses Austin * San Felipe de Austin * the present towns of Giddings, Bastrop, San Marcos, and San Antonio * Rev. Rufus Burleson * President Anson Jones * Hatfield's saloon * the broad valley of the Yegwa * R. E. B. Baylor * General Sam Houston, Colonel William P, Rogers, Dr. Rufus Burlesou, General G. W. Crawford, the Forquhars, Hendersons, Lotta, Lindleys * Judge Coles * Colonel William Travis * General Urrea * James A. Sylvester * Moses A. Bryan * General Almonte * the building of the H.&T.C. Railroad *


Mentions: S. Omar Barker * Larry Chittepden's "Ranch Verses," E. A. Brininstool's "Trail Dust of a Maverick," Nan Hillary Harrison's "Texas Emblems," Evelyn Hornby Mims' "Texas Greeting," Mary Ann Austin's "Memory Shadows," *

"Colorado Charley," Friend Of "Wild Bill"

By Upton Lorentz, Comfort, Texas.

Account of long time partner of J. B. Hickok, "wild bill," Hickock, Dr. Charley Utter, "Colorado Charlie."

Mentions: J. B. Hickok, "wild bill," * Jack McCall * Deadwood City * the "Gold Room," a combination theater, dance hall, gambling place and saloon, paralleling the Union Pacific Ry. line at Cheyenne, Wyoming * Ed Bremond, a son of Paul Bremond, for whom Bremond, Texas, was named * Bremond's East & West Texas Railroad between Houston and Shreveport * Socorro, New Mexico * Utter and Jim Curry * the actor, Porter * Marshall, Texas * Joe Fowler, a wealthy cattleman * Texas Ed's Saloon.' owned by a relative of Fowler * Dr. Charley Utter * Culebra Cut *

History Revolves About Old Anahuac

By Dabney White

It was in June, 1832, the first blood was shed in the Texas Revolution. Mexican authorities had created a fort and a port-the primary purpose being to make Anahuac the chief and only entry where taxes could be collected on imports as well as exports. An American soldier of fortune in the service of Mexico, Col. John Bradburn, and 150 Mexican soldiers had charge of the fort. They became obnoxious to Americans by Bradburn's tyrannical rulings, resulting in Texans, headed by William B. Travis, Francis White Johnson, R. M. Williamson and many other noted characters of that period, rebelling against his activities and causing him to be removed from Texas. Here, the historic document, the Turtle Bayou Resolutions, was planned and promulgated throughout the colonies, causing the rebellion to become a reality.

Mentions: Dr. James Long, a native of Tennessee * Nacogdoches * Anahuac at Bolivar Point * R. M. Williamson, one of the most noted lawyers of that period * Francis White Johnson * Patrick C. Jack, William H. Jack and Spencer H. Jack * Bradburn * the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence * Capt. Patrick Jack * The pirate, Jean Lafitte * Khan Long * the noted French Generals, Lallemand and Bizand * the Cooshattie Indians * James Taylor White * Thomas Jefferson Chambers * the Acadians: Broussards, La Blanes, and Arceneaux * Louis Arceneaux * Jared Groce, a wealthy planter * Eli Whitney * The Sterling family, living near there was among the first to raise rice profitably in Texas * Ross Sterling *

Ranger Days At Camp San Saba

By Clarence Snider, Brady, Texas.

Excellent historical and genealogical account of the J. N. (Jim) Cavness family, early settlers in the Camp San Saba region. James Newton Cavness (originally spelled Caviness) was born near Fayettesville, Arkansas, Dec. 22, 1848. When about one year old he was brought to Texas by his parents. His father, Robert (Bob) Cavness, lived for about three years in Austin, Texas, and hauled sand to help build the state capitol. Later he went to Burnet and from there he moved his family out beyond the Conchos and took a job hauling water to Johnson's Station of the Over land Mail. In 1855 or 1856 he moved his family to Mason county.

Mentions: Mr. Cavness' father, Robert Cavness * Mr. Cavness' brothers, Steve Cavness and Will Cavness * the Flat Rock Crossing on the San Saba river * Henry Nix, Jim Chapman, M. W. Barker, John Clark and his mother-inlaw, Mrs. Fowler, Henry Coleman, T Kelly, J, 0. Pope, Porter Turner, Lige Modgling, Robert Cavness and Wm. Cavness * W. R. Turner and his family lived about a mile south of the Ranger Camp on Katemey Creek * Harve Milne was the camp blaclrsmith * W. H. New * Doctor Hansford of Burnet * Milne * Robert Cavness * Mr. Mulkey 'taught school * Christy Crosby * Paddy Fields who lived near Mason * Jim Brown of Richland Springs * Bob Flippen, Bob Biniou and Taylor Vanderveer * M. W. Barker * a boy by the name of Joe Pope * a Ranger by the name of Jack Faulkner * A family by the name of Dorsey lived nearby and also one named Deckert * Tom Stayton ranch * W. G. O'Brien, J. M. Wood, T. P. C. Hambin, R. H. Flippen, U. B. Cooke, J. R. Phillips, N. Lawler, C. G. Wood, C. Y. Vanderveer, J. A. Taylor, G. R. Chapman, J. Tanner, W. T. Shugart, Jasper Bradford, John T. Altman, R. Cavness, Matt Altman, Josiah Altman, M. W. Barker, R. G. Binion, R. J. Boone, A. W. Begole, John Bradford, W. W. Brantley, S. Cavness, Wm. Cavness, J. Crosby, M. J. Coots, J. Clock, H. Coleman, J: Chapman, J. Clucky, F. Deats, B. F. Davis, L. L. Emmett, H. G. Farrer, D. J. Farquhar, T. Farquhar, G. A. Gammenthater, E. M. Gardner, G. Gambol, B. M. Gibson, R. W. Hardin, G. W. Hardin, G. Howard, Joe Hanna, Jack Hanna, W. D. Hinton, E. S. Hunthall, B. M. Hambrick, T. F. Hambrick, A. J. Hubbert, J. A. Hall, C. B. Haynes, J. W. Jackson, T. Kelley. J. B. Lowe, T. D. Lindsey, W. M. Lindsey, W. T. Linn, J. Lackey, L. B. Morriss, E. Modgling, L. A. Mulkey, Harvey Milne, F. M. McFarland, R. E. lslaby, J. McDowel, W. H. New, N. Vol'-s: A. W. Nabers, J. O. Norris, H. Nix, N. D. Wilson, S. Olney, J. O. Pope, E. S. Pankey, J. W. Phillips, H. Russell, John Russell, L. W. Rambolt, N. Rambolt, A. J. Roberts, S. G. Reeves, W. T. Stayton, W. A. Smith, T. H. Shelley, E. Shelley, P. G. Snow, C. C. Shilling, T. A. Turner, A. J. Williams, Wm. Williams, J. D. Williams, Jas. Whitehead, C. P. Wood, Wm. Wood, S. Willis, J. S. Watson, J. E. Ranck, R. A. Ragsdale. * Capt. O' Brien * John Eaker, Doe Hansford, John Lemburg, Cal Putman, Christy Crosby, John Crosby, and Fred Conway * Landon, Texas * G. B. Cooke * Burkett in Coleman county * he signed as a teamster for Gooch & Ranck * Honey Creek *


By Arthur Curry, B. L. S.

Thomas Jefferson Rusk was born in Pendleton District, North Carolina, Dec. 5, 1803. His parents were John and Mary (Sterritt) Rusk. As his parents were "not wealthy" he had to make the most of his opportunities. His mother taught him to read, using the Bible and a few other books as texts. John C. Calhoun then let him have law books to read and allowed him to use his office. Rusk read law in this office and worked in a grocery store until he was twenty-two years old, when he moved to Clarksville, Ga., and began to practice law. He was successful as a lawyer, and on January 4, 1827, he was married to Mary F., lovely daughter of General John Cleveland. He became interested in the movement for Texas Independence, became captain of a company of troops, joined Austin's force near San Antonio, and was soon made a colonel. He was then appointed to raise men and supplies to help carry on the war, he being assigned to work east of the Trinity as Fannin was to work west of the Trinity. Thus began the great Texas Statesman and patriots life efforts for the country he loved.

A Journey Through Texas In 1856

By Frederick Law Olmsted

(Continued from Last Month)

Life Sketch Of John Simpson Chisum

By T. U. Taylor, Austin, Texas

Life account of JOHN SIMPSON CHISUM, who was born on August 16, 1824, and grew to his teens in East Texas, but eventually became one of the largest cattlemen in Texas, settling in Denton County and eventually Concho County and then New Mexico. Also tells of the "Village Creek'.' fight, about eight miles east of Fort Worth May 22, 1841. Contains abstract of the Lincoln county war in New Mexico, and the involvement of Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett. Includes old photo of Chisum.

Mentions: His father, Claiborne C. Chisum * Village Creek * Captain John B. Denton * Captain Henry Stout. * Fossil Creek, opposite old Birdville * Oliver Creek, near Justin * the Chisum ranch * S. K. Fowler * Clear Creek, just west of Buck Creek in the northwest part of Denton county * R. W. Woodruff * Buck Creek * James M. Waide * Bolivar * Julesburg * Dave Waide, now of Slidell, Wise county * Buck Creek * Fish Creek northwest of Gainesville * McCoy, in McCoy's History of the Cattle Trade * Trickham * Judge O. L. Sims of Paint Rock * Theodore Sterzing Survey * W. G. Currie, Paint Rock * Fogg Coffey * Mr. John Clampitt * Ballinger * Charles Goodnight, and Oliver Loving * The old Butterworth Trail * Bosque Grande on the Pecos river, nearly thirty miles above the present town of Roswell * Nancy E. Chisum, John S. Chisum, James Chisum, Feverson Chisum, and Pittser M. Chisum * John Chisum's South Spring ranch five miles southwest of Roswell * Miss Sallie Chisum, a daughter of James Chisum, and niece of John S. Chisum, went to New Mexico and kept house for her uncle. She was there when "Billy the Kid" visited * the Dionne Quintuplets * the little hamlet of Lincoln * the Englishman, Tunstall * Eureka Springs *

History Of Camp Colorado, Texas

By Colonel M. L. Crimmirs.

CAMP COLORADO was one of United States Army military outposts established to protect the settlers of Texas from the incursions of hostile Indians prior to the Civil War. These outposts were also established to enable us to comply with the provisions of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo of February 2, 1848, which required us to keep marauding Indians from United States territory crossing into Mexico to commit depredations. The camp was first temporarily established on the Colorado river until the necessary material was collected to build the post. Pursuant to orders, it was built on the Jim Ned river.

Mentions: Major R. S. Neighbors * Major Earl Van Dorn * Robert E. Howard * Hcnry Sackett * Captain Michael McNamara * the Wichita Expedition * Fort Atkinson * Lieut. Fitzhugh Lee, the nephew of Lt Col. Robert E. Lee * Camp Radziminski * General Winfield Scott * Major George. H. Thomas * "The Rock of Chickamauga," * Major C. C. Sibley * Col. I. V. P. Reeve * the Battle of Corinth * a Dr. Peters * Major Edmund Kirby Smith * General E. R. S. Conby * Captain Richard W. Johnson * Ryan Campion * Private Timothy Lamb * Sergeant Thomas Gardner * Private John McKim * Sergeant James E. Garrison * Lieut. Cornelius Van Camp * Corporal Joseph P. Taylor * Nescutunga near Fort Atkinson, Comanche Nation * Sergeant Thomas Elliott, Privates ' William Moore, Patrick Kenevane and Eugene Gamus. * Captain E. Kirby Smith and Lieutenant Fitzhugh Lee * Bugler Edward M. Hayes * Privates Benjamin Jones, Robert W. Turner and William McLean * Beaver Creek, Kansas * Sergeant Robert N. Chapman * Corporal John Rutter * Sabano Creek * Private McLaughlin * Private James Cunningham * Major George H. Thomas *

Some Early History Of Williamson County

Mentions: Mr. John Griffith, prominent banker of Taylor * Hernando De Seth * Col. W. Makemson of Georgetown * Cedar Park on the headwaters of Brushy Creek * Kenney's Fort * Palm Valley * the Battle of Brushy which occurred on Cottonwood Creek, five miles south of Taylor, in 1839 * Lieutenant James O. Rice * The first settlers in Williamson county located principally along the San Gabriel and Brushy * Webberville * Hornby's Bend on the Colorado * Port Sullivan and Nashville * Robert M. Williamson * The first store, owned by Josiah Taylor, was opened in 1848, at Shiloh, on Brushy, about three miles southeast of Hutto * Berry's Creek, Wilson Springs and Gabriel Mills * A. W. Terrell * Col. Phil Claiborne * Admiral Richard Byrd and Senator Harry Byrd * Jones Rivers *

Texas Indian Tribes In 1869

From the Texas Almanac, 1869.

Account depicting the numerous Indian tribes that once inhabited the territory of Texas, such as: The Alabamas * Coshatties, and Caddos * The Wichitas * Wacos, Anadarkos, and Kechis * Tonkawas * The Lipans * Kickapoos, the Navajos, Utes, and Apaches & Kiowas, The Pennatethea band. The Yamparekah, Cochatethca, Noconu, Tenewah, Moochakah, Pohobis, and Quahadechaco, still roam the plains, and prey upon the borders of Texas. These several bands constitute the Comanche nation

Further Mentions: the gallant old chief, Placido * General Ed Burleson * Major R. S. Neighbors *


Mentions: Judge and Mrs. H. E. Haass of Hondo, Texas, * Mrs. Haass' father, Captain Charles de Montel, an early settler of Texas * Governor F. R. Lubbock * John James * Sarassa, Texas * Ramon F. Adams * Clyde Wantland of San Antonio * Mrs. Wilfred McCormick of Hagerman, New Mexico * L. H. Ziusmeister, of Pipe Creek, Texas * , Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Zinsmeister * Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meyer


Some names mentioned in this volume:

Pvt Francis M Alexander; Allen; Gen Almonte; John J. Altman; Josiah Altman; Matt Altman; Chief Anahuac; Louis Arceneaux; Mary Ann Austin; ; ; Baker; M. W. Barker; S. Omar; Florence E. Barnes; Florence E. Barns; Baylor; A. W. Begole; Bob Binion; R. G. Binion; Gen Bizand; R. J. Boone; Bowles; Lois F. Boyle; Col John Bradburn; Jasper Bradford; John Bradford; W. W. Brantley; Ed Bremond; Paul Bremond; Brininstool; Brown; Moses A. Bryan; Rev Rufus Burleson; Pres Burnett; Frank Bushick; Sen Harry Byrd; Adm Richard Byrd; John C. Calhoun; Ryan Campion; Gen E. R. S. Canby; Emma D. Carter; Melissa A. Castle; James Newton Caviness; J. N. (Jim) Cavness; James Newton Cavness; Jasper Cavness; Jim Cavness; R. Cavness; Robert Cavness; S. Cavness; Steve Cavness; Will Cavness; William Cavness; Wm Cavness; Fred Chabot; Thomas Jefferson Chambers; G. R. Chapman; J. Chapman; Jim Chapman; Sgt; Robert N. Chapman; Claiborne C. Chisum; James Feverson Chisum; John S. Chisum; John Simpson Chisum; Lucinda Chisum; Nancy E. Chisum; Pittser M. Chisum; Miss Sallie Chisum; Chittenden; Col Phil Claiborne; John Clampitt; John Clark; Gen John Cleveland; Mary F. Cleveland; J. Clock; J. Clucky; Fogg Coffey; H. Coleman; Henry Coleman; Judge Coles; Fred Conway; Conwill; Cook; G. B. Cooke; M. J. Coots; Cousins; Gen G. W. Crawford; Crimmins; Crockett; Christy Crosby; J. Crosby; John Crosby; Pvt James Cunningham; W. G. Currie; Arthur Curry; Jim Curry; B. F. Davis; Hernando De Soto; F. Deats; Capt John B. Denton; Duval; John Eaker; Earp; Eckhart; Ehrenberg; Elam; Thomas Elliott; L. L. Emmett; D. J. Farquhar; T. Farquhar; H. G. Farrer; Jack Faulkner; Field; Paddy Fields; Fletcher; Bob Flippen; R. H. Flippen; Flores; Foote; Joe Fowler; S. K. Fowler; Francis; Fulmore; G. Gambol; Gammel; G. A. Gammenthater; Eugene Gamus; E. M. Gardner; Sgt Thomas Gardner; Garrett; Sgt James E. Garrison; B. M. Gibson; Goodnight; Green; Greer; John Griffith; Jared Groce; Judge H. E. Haass; Mrs H. E. Haass; J. A. Hall; T. P. C. Hambin; B. M. Hambrick; T. F. Hambrick; Jack Hanna; Joe Hanna; Doc Hansford; Dr Hansford; G. W. Hardin; R. W. Hardin; Harris; Nan Hillary Harrison; Harry Harter; Hay; Edward M. Hayes; C. B. Haynes; J. B. Hickok; W. D. Hinton; Holley; Houston; ; ; G. Howard; Robert E. Howard; A. J. Hubbert; Hunter; E. S. Hunthall; Jack Huston; Capt Patrick Huston; Spencer H. Huston; William H. Huston; Francis White Johnson; Capt Richard W. Johnson; Gen Joseph E. Johnston; Pvt Benjamin Jones; T. Kelley; T. Kelly; Kendall; Patrick Kenevane; E. E. Kirkpatrick; J. Lackey; Lafitte; Lake; Gen Lallemand; Lamar; Pvt Timothy Lamb; Langford; N. Lawler; James Taylor LeBlanc; Lt Fitzhugh Lee; John Lemburg; Lewis; T. D. Lindsey; W. M. Lindsey; Linn Lindsey; W. T. Lindsey; Dr James Long; Upton Lorentz; Lorentz; Loving; J. B. Lowe; F. R. Gov Lubbock; R. E. Mabry; Makemson; Jack McCall; Wilfred McCormick; Mrs Wilfred McCormick; J. McDowel; F. M. McFarland; Pvt John McKim; Pvt McLaughlin; Pvt William McLean; Capt McMillar; Capt Michael McNamara; Roxylea Melas; Joseph Meyer; Mrs Joseph Meyer; Miller; Harve Milne; Harvey Milne; Evelyn Hornby Mims; E. Modgling; Lige Modgling; Capt Charles de Montel; William Moore; Moos; Paul A. Morgan; L. B. Morriss; L. A. Mulkey; A. W. Nabors; Ned; R. S. Maj Neighbors; Neighbors; Neil; W. H. New; Newell; H. Nix; Henry Nix; N. Nolles; J. O. Norris; Capt O'Brien; W. G. O'Brien; Capt Theodore O'Hara; Olmsted; S. Olney; E. S. Pankey; Peak; Dr Peters; J. R. Phillips; J. W. Phillips; Placido; Poe; J. O. Pope; Joe Pope; Cal Putman; R. A. Ragsdale; L. W. Rambolt; N. Rambolt; J. E. Ranck; Col I. V. P. Reeve; S. G. Reeves; Reid; Lt James O. Rice; Jones Rivers; A. J. Roberts; Col William P. Rogers; Mrs Ruth Roome; Rose; John Rusk; Mary Sterritt; Thomas Jefferson; H. Russel; John Russell; John Rutter; Cpl John Rutter; Henry Sackett; Florence Johnson Scott; Winfield; Shackelford; Shawver; E. Shelley; T. H. Shelley; C. C. Shilling; W. T. Shugart; Maj C. C. Sibley; Judge O. L. Sims; Capt E. Kirby Smith; Maj Edmund Kirby Smith; John W. Cpl Smith; Col Joseph Lee Smith; Gen Persifer Frazier Smith; W. A. Smith; Smithwick; Clarence Snider; P. G. Snow; Clarence Snyder; Stapp; Tom Stayton; W. T. Stayton; Ross Sterling; Capt Henry Stout; James A. Sylvester; J. Tanner; Gen Tarrant; J. A. Taylor; Joseph P. Taylor; Josiah Taylor; A. W. Terrell; Thalmann; Maj George J. Thomas; Thompson; Thumim; William Barrett Travis; Col William Travis; Porter Turner; Pvt Robert W. Turner; T. A. Turner; W. R. Turner; Urrea; Charley Utter; Dr Charley Utter; D. H. Utter; Vaca; Lt Cornelius Van Camp; Capt Van Dorn; Earl Maj Van Dorn; C. Y. Vanderveer; Taylor Vanderveer; Wade; Dave Waide; Waide; James Waide; James Jr Waide; James M. Waide; Wallace; Wantland; Gen Ward; J. S. Watson; Webster; James Taylor White; Jim Taylor White; Jas Whitehead; Eli Whitney; Wiemers; Wilbarger; A. J. Williams; J. D. Williams; Wm Williams; R. M. Williamson; S. Willis; N. D. Wilson; C. G. Wood; C. P. Wood; J. M. Wood; Wm Wood; R. W. Woodruff; Yoakum; Hubert Zinsmeister; Mrs Hubert Zinsmeister; L. H. Zinsmeister; Zinsmeiste Zinn;

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