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Vol 13 No. 10 - July 1936

Old Indianola, Once Important Seaport

Account of the ill-fated Texas seaport town of Indianola, destroyed by the devastating storms of 1875 and 1886. Indianola was established between 1841 and 1844, and was made the county seat when Calhoun county was organized in 1846. Many of the buildings and a large number of underground cisterns were made of concrete blocks which the settlers themselves manufactured of lime and crushed oyster shells. Other business buildings and substantial residences were of frame construction. The devastation was total, and the towns quickly became uninhabited ghost-towns.

Mentions: the once-prosperous store of Lichtenstein and Alexander * Mr. Lichtenstein, a partner of the firm, moved to Corpus Christi where he founded the M. Lichtenstein Department Store * C. E. Fisher and Mrs. Owen Smith, Sr., both of Port Lavaca * Chevalier La Salle * Highland Cemetery * Morgan Line steamers * Many tales of heroism are recounted by old timers, and it is said that no heroic deeds surpassed those of William Taylor and Joe Blackburn, both first degree murder prisoners. These men had been taken to the court house, and during the height of the storm both…

Some Recollections Of Mexico City

By Upton Lorentz, Comfort, Texas

Account deals with construction of railroad systems to and around Mexico City and details such tasks as well as life in the city in the late 1870’s.

Mentions: The Mexican National was a three-foot guage, designed to run from the City north by way of Toluca, Acambaro, San Miguel, San Luis Potosi, Saltillo, and Monterrey to Nuevo Laredo. The Mexican Central was a standard guage line (4 feet, 81/2 inches) designed to run from Mexico City to Ciudad Juarez, just across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas. * James A. Sullivan, an Irishman * Oaxaca * Benito Juarez and Porfirio Diaz * revolution against Lerado de Tejada in 1877 * a line from Vera Cruz on the Gulf of Mexico to Manzanillo on the Pacific * The concession for the Mexican Central, the standard-guage line from Mexico City to Juarez, was granted to a man named Simonds, who transferred his concession to interests headed by Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, then under the influence and management of Thomas Nickerson of Boston * The Sullivan narrow-guage lines * the Mexico City Juarez line, then known as the Mexican Central * San Juan del Rio * Buena Vista, * the Vera Cruz Mexican Railway * Calla de San Cosine * Calle de San Francisco and the Puente de Alvarado, and by San Cosme, leading to the main road to Chapultepec, now known as Calle de la Reforma * The few American and English people then living in the City of Mexico lived in two English boarding houses, first that of an English lady, a Mrs. Hawthorn, just south of the station at Buena Vista, and another English lady, a Mrs. Potts, with two fine daughters, who kept a boarding house on the Puente de Alvarado, about four blocks west of the Alemeda, and several blocks up toward the National Palace, from, the Legation residences of the Britisa, American and Spanish minisers * Marshall Bazine * Church of "El Noche 'Trieste," or San Hipolito * San Hipolito * General Ord, * the Standard Oil Company's subsidiary, the Waters Pierce * General Trevino * San Cosme street * Prince Albert coat * Mrs. Hawthorne's boarding house * John Gadsden * American Minister Gadsden

Blanco County Is Proud Of Lod Calohan

Account of Blanco county resident Lod Calohan, who was generally conceded to know more about his particular line of business than any other man that ever lived. His line of business was cattle brands. As ace brand inspector for the great Texas Cattle Raiser's Association, Calohan knew on sight more than 15,000 cattle brands. But cow critters weren't the only ones that Lod Calohan knew by the thousands. It was often said in Texas that Lod knew more Texans, and more Texans knew of him, than any other man. He had that particular faculty of seeming to be the personal friend of everyone whom he met or had ever met. Really, he was their personal friend. Though he spent the last forty years of his life in work that kept him out of the state-mostly at Kansas City, he never forgot the boys with whom he grew up in Blanco nor the "boys" whom he knew on the trail in later years. This is his story.

Mentions: his mother, Mrs. T. Calohan * Mr. George Luerson * William Lawrence Calohan * Calohan Branch * A. B. McDonald of Kansas City * the "Diamond X" brand * son, Lindsay Calohan * Pawhuskee, Oklahoma * D'Hanis, in Medina county Texas * Henry Castro * Mr. Joseph Nester, the first boy born in D'Hanis *

Old Towash On The Brazos

Dr. Robert T. Hill Torrey's Trading House on the Brazos.

Mentions: description of Torrey's Trading House on the 'Brazos river near Waco * Dr. Ferdinand von Roemer * two Torrey brothers, of Houston * the mouth of Tehuacana Creek, which flowed into the Brazos * from W.. X. Sleeper, a well-known attorney of Waco * "Trading House Tehuacana." * the Tomes de la Vega eleven league grant * Samuel May Williams, Austin's cousin * Mrs. Sophia St. John * Wharton * Jack * J. C. League * T. Jeff League * Thomas M. League * William W. Kendall was sent to Waco * Stephen Turner, County Surveyor * Mr. Sleeper * the Tohawacony Creek * Guadalupe above New Braunfels * Nescutunga near Fort Atkinson, Indian Territory * Van Dorn * Lieut. Fitzhugh Lee * Camp Colorado * Camp Radziminski * General Winfield Scott * Capt. E. Kirby Smith * Capt. Richard W. Johnson * Lieutenant Van Camp * a ranchman named Sacket * John Wesley Hardin * Captain McAnally * Monro Cheney

Breech Loaders And Magazine Military Rifles

Patrick S. Bilks

"The first breech-loading rifle of any consequence was the one patented by Captain John H. Hall of the United States Army on May 21, 1811. Official records show that in January 1817, 100 of these arms were ordered by the Government. They were issued to a company of riflemen for experiment and were subsequently reported on favorably. The breech of Hall's weapon consisted of a block pivoted at the rear which carried the flash pan and hammer and into which the cartridge was pushed from the front. The block was then depressed and caught by a spring catch. Close to 40,000 of these rifles and carbines had been turned out for the Government at the Harper's Ferry arsenal, but, with Captain Hall's death in 1841, the weapons ceased to be manufactured.

Following close upon the Hall patent came the famous Needle gun, officially adopted by the Prussian army in 1841 and used in the Franco-Prussian war (1870-7D.This gun is said to have been an improvement of a breech-loader developed by Pauly, one of Napoleon's officers in 1812, under whom, Johan von Dreyse, the inventor of the needle gun, is said to have worked…"

Further Mentions: Sharp's breech-loader * the French Chassepot * Antoine A. Chassepot * had a calibre of .433 * the Lebel rifle * the Springfield, calibre .58 * Burnside's breechloading * Marsh's breechloading * Spencer's breech-loading * Jacob Snider * the muzzle-loading Enfield * Colonel Boxer of the Royal Artillery * The first breech-loading Springfield rifle was a model of 1866. This was a calibre .50 * E. S. Allin, master armorer * the Allin alternation * Spencer * the Remington rifle * the old Mauser of 1871 * the Lebel magazine rifle * the Mannlicher .433 rifle * the calibre .30 Krag-Jorgensen * the Brag * The Krag-Jorgensen rifle * the efficient Mauser * black powder Springfields * the present United States Magazine Rifle, Model 1903, which replaced the Krag *

Transformation Of The Llano Estacado

By Max Coleman

As settlers came to Texas in frontier days, they did not have the advantages of transportation facilities and ready means of communications of this day and time. They entered a new country, many of them with nothing but their fire arms. By the law of gravitation they settled the more desirable and easily accessible places first.

So it happened that the enormous plateau country known as the Llano Estacado, or Great Plains of Northwest Texas, were the last to be settled and was the last stand of the Indians in Texas. This is the story.

Mentions: Yellow House Canyon, Tule Creek and the Palo Duro * Cynthia Ann Parker * Peta Nocoua * Quanah * Quahada Comanches * Caprock * Soldier's Hill * Broncho * Bent's Fort on the line of Kansas and Colorado * Colonel Bent and Ceran St. Vrain * the Cimarron breaks in Oklahoma * Bent's Fort * Lucien Maxwell * Kit Carson * Billy the Kid * Leonard & Myers store in Dodge City, Kansas * Billy Dixon * Adobe Walls * . An enterprising ranchman from Hood county, named J. K. Milwee * Tascosa * the first actual settler was Henry Kimball * Channing, Texas * Dr. Hoyt, probably the first practicing physician on the Great Plains * John Arnot, an ex-LX cowboy * John Snider * a cowboy named Bob Russell * George Howad * Fred Leigh, an LX cowboy * Jack Ryan's saloon * Hog Town * Oldham * the LS Ranch * Ed King, Fred Chilton and Frank Valley * Lem Woodruff, Lewis Bozeman, Charles Emory and the Catfish Kid * Jesse Sheets * Tascosa's old Boot Hill * Plainview * Hale Center * Canyon City * Mrs. Mickey McCormick * the LX, the Frying Pan, the XIT and the LS * Jim East * Charles Siringo, Bob Robertson * Bill Moore, Lewis Bozeman, Cal Polk * Frank James, Tom Emory and Charlie Jones * Charlie Bowdre and Tom O'Pallard * The old town of San Patricio, in San Patricio county * Lipan mission * James McGloin, of Ireland * McGloin and McMullen grant * Copano Bay * Jim Newton * the Oge ranch in Frio county

History Of The Mormon Colony

By H. B. Lewis

IN 1874 a group of 200 Mormons, composed of 40 families, head ed by Elder Lyman Wight, came to Gillespie county, and settled on the Pedernales river about four miles south of Fredericksburg. The colony, very prosperous, remained in the county until 1853. At that time they left, apparently for Utah and other states. This is the story of their times in Gillespie County.

Further Mentions: Wolfe crossing on the Colorado river * the Hamilton Settlement * Fort Martin Scott * Christian Gartner * Mrs. J. T. Clements, of Burnet, Texas

Frontier Times Museum

Mentions: Mrs. Jennette Hay * Mrs. Ruth Buell, a pioneer mother in Bandera county * Mrs. C. W. Harris * Mrs. Fritz at Fredericksburg * Mrs. George Hinds * H. C. Miller, of Brenham, Texas * the Half Circle S brand * Old Steve's brand * L. L. Cook *

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Zumberg, L. H. Zinsmeister, Pipe Creek, W. M. Waide, Fort Stockton J. J. Starkey, Kerrville; Walter Loyd Driscoll.

A Journey Through Texas in 1856

By Frederick Law Olmsted

Mentions: Mr. G. W. Kendall * Seguin * Lavaca * the Cibolo * a town called Boerne * the Dresden gallery * the valley of the Guadalupe * Sisterdale is a settlemnet of eight or ten farms, about forty miles from San Antonio * Humboldt * Goethe's Bettina *

Facts Regarding The Escape Of Billy The Kid

By Leslie Traylor, Galveston, Texas

Many versions have been written about how the Kid killed his guards, how he secured the

pistol that sent a bullet through Guard Bell's heart, as to where Bell died, whether at the foot of the stairs in the Lincoln county court house, or in the corral back of the courthouse, whether the guards were killed during the noon hour, or as to whether they were killed late in the afternoon, as to what route Billy took on leaving Lincoln for his final farewell. This account contributes data that will throw some light on many doubtful incidents, and recites the different stories as to how Billy escaped, and also quotes a dispatch sent out of New Mexico, as well as stories told by Billy and his friends.

Mentions: Fort Sumner, New Mexico * the Rio Bonito river * Roswell, New Mexico * Bob Alinger and J. W. Bell * Higinio Salazar * the McSween home * Mr. Francisco Lovato of Fort Sumner * Mr. C. W. Foor, a veteran frontiersman of Fort Sumner * Pete Maxwell * Pat Garrett * Bob Ollinger * Mr. Ogle Underwood of Roswell * La Paloma Bar, owned by Ramon Maes * Seven Rivers, N. M * the Juan Patron saloon * Chapman, Tunstall, and Morris * McSween * Francisco Salazar * Captain Saturino Baca * Sheriff Brady * Bonificio Baca * Sam Corbett * Higinio Salazar * Mr. Goss * Billy Burt, deputy clerk of the probate court * Rio Bonito Canyon * Ataviano Salas * Francisco Gomez * Ataviano Salas * Spring Canyon * Jesus Padilla * Jose Cordova * Las Tablas * Don Vicente Otero * Valencia, N. M. * Francisco Lovato * a ranch near Lake La Tule, about 30 miels east of old Fort Sumner * Mr. C. W. Poor * Thomas O'Folliard * by Walter Noble Burns * Hell's Half Acre * Vicente Otero * T. H. S. Hamersley * Mr. and Mrs. Joe Benton * son, Clarence Benton * Nocona, Texas * Mrs. Grover C. Johnson * E. L. Deaton's "Indian Fights on the Texas Frontier." *


By H. B. Lewis

On Baron's Creek, four miles south of Fredericksburg, Gillespie county, the United States Government located a fort in 1848. The fort was established as a precautionary measure against Indian attacks and depredations. It continued in use until 1853. At that time the buildings were abandoned and the troops moved further west. This is the account of the development and history of that fort.

Further Mentions: command of Captain Eastman * Major Merrill * Mormon camp * Captain Robert E. Lee, Phil Sheridan, Kirby Smith, and Longstreet *


Mentions: Miss Betty Ruth Kirkpatrick, Mason * Miss Claudine Brown, Mexia * Miss Marguerite Day, Dallas * Louis Youens, Navasota * Miss Elizabeth Smither, Huntsville * Miss Claudia Mae Hotz, Thomaston * J. E. Archer, Anson * Miss Annie Lee Borden, Wharton * Miss Erleta Flowers * Monard Preston, Vigo Park * Jas Thornhill, Jr * Miss Katheryn Louisa Alleyn, Brownsville * Miss Merna B. Boales, Bandera * Miss Fay Marie Thomas, Onalaska * Miss Viola Beth Hearn, San Angelo * Miss Orieon Smith, McCamey * Dr. J. L. Clark * L. W. Kemp * Miss Katherine Henderson *


Mentions: Uncle Ed Cosper of Duncan, Arizona who writes, "Myself and wife celebrated our sixty-fifth wedding anniversary at home in Duncan, Arizona, April 27th. We were married in Rusk county, Texas, April 27th..."


Col. F. M. McCaleb, writing the "Early Days in Southwest Texas" feature in the San Antonio Express, quotes from files of an early San Antonio paper in this story.

Mentions: Judge Buckner * James Paul, State attorney; Roy Henson of San Antonio and Columbus Upson of Castroville * T. H. Stribbling and M. G. Anderson of San Antonio * Mr. Cooley from Fredericksburg * Judge Devine * Mrs. Ruth Roome, Bandera, Texas *

Texas University Graduates Fifty Years Ago

By T. U. Taylor

Mentions: Rev. Dr. Howard * A. S. Walker, Jr * Miss Jessie Andrews * Rev. A. C. Garrett, D.D., LL.D * Andrews, Jessie * Lewright, James Bruce * Pessels, Constance * Armstrong, George * Batts, Robert L * Bradshaw, Charles J * Calhoun, George * Crane, Roysten C * Feuille, Frank * Fiset, Frank * Fisher, Orceneth C * Gibson' Andrew J * Gillis, Walter * Goodrich, William F * Green, John * Gross, William G * Heffner, George E * Henderson, Theodore L * Kennedy, Osborne * McConnell, Henry G * McDonald, William L * Miller, Clarence H * Moore, Alvin E * Newton, Franklin M * O'Brien, George C * Patrick, Albert T * Porter, Rufus C * Robertson, Willian L * Storts, Cavour C * Walker, Alex S * Robert L. Dabney, Philosopher of Economics. * Edgar Everhart * Robert S. Gould, Law * George B. Halsted, Mathematics * Milton W. Humphreys * Alvin V. Lane, Applied Mathematics * Alex MacFarlane, Physics * Oran M. Roberts, Law * Leslie Waggener, English and History * Edgar E. Bramlette, Ancient Languages * George P. Garrison, English and History * Charles F. Gompertz, Modern Languages * Mrs. Helen M. Kirby, Lady Assistant * James B. Clark, Proctor and Librarian * In 1886, there were several very big men on the faculty of national reputation. Robert L. Dabney had published many books, was a philosopher of wide reputation and had been chief of Stonewall Jackson's staff during the Civil War, and had ridden by Jackson's side till the bullet snapped out the life of the great Stonewall. * Robert S. Gould * Walter Hall * Leslie Waggener * Judge R. L. Batts * Dean T. U. Taylor * George W. Armstrong, law graduate * George Calhoun * Royston C. Crane of Sweetwater * William F. Goodrich, lawyer and banker, Hemphill, Texas * John M. Green, district judge, attorney and lawyer at Cuero * Dr. Samuel Clark Red, the first graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree * Anderson J. Peeler * Albert S. Burleson * Dr. Robert T, Hill * Robert L. Batts * Royston C. Crane, Sweetwater * Walker Hall of Amarillo * Frank Feuille * Judge R. S. Gould * Mrs. Spain * Alvin E. Moore * Millett Opera House * Albert Patrick *


W. E. Loyd, Medina, Texas was a participant of the bloody engagement that occurred in Llano county, August 5, 1873. He writes from first-hand perspective to clarify certain critical details.

Mentions: Jim Moss' ranch * the Morton ranch, Arch Morton and Pink Ayres * Jim Moss, Steve Moss, Bill Moss, Bob Brown, R. D. Harrington * Honey Creek settlement * Clint Brazealle * the Devil's Sink Hole in Edwards county...

Some names mentioned in this volume:

Henry Adamietz; I. E. Adamietz; J. J. Adams; O. L. Adams; O. O. Adams; Paul Adams; Bob Alinger; Alinger; Miss Isabel Allardyce; Allardyce; Miss Katheryn Louise Alleyn; E. S. Allin; James V. Allred; Gov James V. Allred; A. J. Anderson; M. G. Anderson; Frank J. Anderwald; J. C. Anderwald; Tom J. Anderwald; Frank Andrews; Jessie Miss; D. Appleton; F. B. Armstrong; George W. Armstrong; John Arnot; Chester K. Arthur; C. J Austin; Chas H. Austin; Pink Ayres; Bonificio Baca; Capt Baca; Capt Saturino Baca; J. A. Bachman; Rev J. E. Bagley; L. S. Hillegas-Baird; Elizabeth W. Baker; Mrs Ben Balzen; L. C. Banks; Stanley C. Banks; Thos Y. Banks; Edwin B. Barker; Mrs F. D. Barnes; Mrs J. A. Barnett; Dr W. M. Barron; E. G. Bartberger; Dr C. W. Bartlett; Bass; R. L. Batte; R. L. Judge Batts; Batts; Robert L. Batts; Batts; Marshall Bazine; John P. Bear; J. W. Bell; Mrs Mary E. Bell; George S. Bender; Col Bent; Clarence Benton; Joe Benton; Mrs Joe Benton; Bertillion; Harry Bertram; W. F. Bickenbach; Bickenbach; Patrick S. Bilks; Bilks; Mrs C. Y. Billings; Dr D. W. Black; Joe Blackburn; T. N. Blackwell; Ulmont Blalack; Parker Blunt; Miss Merna B. Boales; Boales; R. C. Boales; Boales; W. H. Bonney; William H. Bonney; Wm H. Bonney; Charles Bowdre; Charlie Bowdre; Col Boxer; Lewis Bozeman; J. W. Bradley; Charles J. Bradshaw; Sheriff Brady; Mrs E. J. Braley; Edgar E. Bramlette; Dr A. E. Brammer; Brammer; Dr Nell M. Brammer; Douglas Branch; Clint Brazealle; W. N. Brazzil; Martin Breit; Mrs V. F. Brewer; Chas H. Brient; A. K. Briggs; Brinkmann; Herbert Brinkmann; Chas Britsch; Guss Britsch; Judge Brooks; Bob Brown; Miss Claudine Brown; J. J. Brown; J. L. Brown; Leonard Brown; O. Y. Brown; E. Buck; R. E. Buck; John F. Buckelew; R. H. Buckelew; Mrs Florence Buckner; Judge Buckner; T. A. Buckner; Mrs T. A. Buckner; Mrs Ruth Buell; Albert S. Burleson; Walter Noble Burns; Billy Burt; Dr J. O. Butler; George Calhoun; Leo Callan; Lindsay Calohan; Lod Calohan; Mrs T. Calohan; William Lawrence Calohan; Alvis L. Cardwell; F. J. Carle; Hal H. Carmichael; Read Carpenter; Carson; Henry Castro; Walter Lee Causey; Antoine A. Chassepot; Monro Cheney; Fred Chilton; C. C. Chipman; H. P. Chipman; Howard E. Chisum; John Simpson; Mrs J. M. Churvi; Alvin Clark; Dr J. L. Clark; James B. Clark; O. J. Clark; Mrs J. T. Clements; Grover Cleveland; George Coe; Mrs L. N. Coffey; Miss Ruth Coit; Coleman; Ben R. Collins; E. G. Connely; Herbert T. Conover; Conwill; D. E. Sr Conwill; James H. Cook; John R. Cook; Dane Coolidge; Mrs E. J. Coose; Coose; J. N. Coose; Mrs J. N. Coose; Phillips Coose; Richard Coose; Sam Corbett; Ben Cordell; Jose Cordova; J. P. Corley; Cosper; C. N. Cotton; L. E. Couch; Bud Cowan; Mrs G. D. Cox; Roysten C. Crane; Royston C. Crane; Ray J. Cravey; Mrs Cora Melton Cross; Charles A. Culberson; Rev S. H. Culpepper; Cunningham; Robert L. Dabney; E. H. Dahse; Tate Dalrymple; Mrs L. A. Darnell; Mrs J. F. Davenport; Mrs W. J. Davenport; G. B. Roy Davis; Mrs Margaret Davis; Mrs W. H. H. Davis; Marguerite Miss Day; E. L. Deaton; J. M. Deaver; Mrs T. S. Dennis; S. E. Denson; Mrs Annie Denton; J. DeSynek; Mrs Sue DeVany; Judge Devine; Admiral Dewey; W. O. Dickerson; Walter E. Dickerson; Miss Sallie Dill; Dixon; Dobie; H. A. Dorow; Dr Douai; Sam F. Drake; Walter Loyd Driscoll; J. H. Driver; Mrs G. B. Droemer; Sam Dugger; Magdalen Miss Dugosh; I. I. Duke; Duval; Judge J. A. Eames; East; Capt Eastman; Ed F. Echols; Eckhart; Mrs John Fritz; R. D. Edgecomb; R. J. Edmondson; Emmett Edwards; J. B. Edwards; E. B. Elam; Fannie Splittgerber Ellis; J. J. Ellis; Emmett; Charles Emory; Tom; Mrs Julia Englehardt; Herbert Marion Evans; Levi Evans; Edgar Everhart; Chas L. Fagan; Claude Faris; Mrs M. E. Faris; M. V. Faris; Mrs M. V. Faris; Manuel V. Faris; Chas L. Farrer; Walter Ferguson; Frank Feuille; Dr Field; George Fields; Dave Finkelstein; J. W. Finley; Frank Fiset; C. E. Fisher; Chas W. Fisher; Orceneth C. Fisher; Sterling Fisher; W. H. 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Jones; Jim Jones; Mrs Mattie Jones; Sam H. Jones; Slick Jones; W. J. Jones; Ernest Jump; C. J. Kalka; Mrs C. J. Kalka; Chas Kalka; Emil Kaufman; S. W. Kearny; Elizabeth E. Keefer; Thomas Keese; Vivian Miss Keese; J. T. Kelley; Judge Jeff T. Kemp; J. L. Kempf; Mrs J. L. Kempf; G. W. Kendall; George Wilkins; William W. Wilkins; Osborne Kennedy; Ed Kilman; Henry Kimball; Mrs J. M. Kincaid; I. I. Kindla; Ed King; Mrs Helen M. Kirby; Miss Betty Ruth Kirkpatrick; T. M. Knatcher; Sam R. Kone; W. P. Krempkau; Wm B. Krempkau; Lackey Krempkau; John Krempkau; Mrs John Krempkau; R. G. Krempkau; Mrs R. G. Krempkau; Lake Krempkau; Lake Krempkau; Alvin V. Lane; A. B. Langford; B. F. Jr Langford; Mrs B. F. Langford; John Jr Langford; M. H. Langford; J. E. Lassen; J. T. Laughlin; Layland; Mrs F. P. Layton; J. C. League; T. Jeff League; Thomas M. League; Mrs Emma L. Lee; Dr C. F. Lehmann; Eddie Leibold; Fred Leigh; Mrs J. J. Leighton; Lemley; Louis Lenz; Hough LeStourgeon; LeStourgeon; H. B. 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McConnell; Joseph Carroll McConnell; Mrs Mickey McCormick; Joseph G. McCoy; W. E. McDermett; A. B. McDonald; William L. McDonald; Maurine McFarland; P. S. McGeeney; McGloin; Webb McKandles; Mrs F. M. McMahan; Bill D. McMahon; Leslie McMains; Mrs A. Meadows; Meadows; Wiley Meadows; Thos C. Megraw; Mrs Thos C. Megraw; H. D. Meister; R. W. Meitzen; Wm Mennike; Maj Merrill; Pete Mexwell; J. F. W. Meyer; Meyer; Louis C. Meyer; J. W. Mickle; Mickle; Mrs J. W. Mickle; Raymond W. Mickle; Clarence H. Miller; George Hall Miller; H. C. Miller; H. C. Miller Sr; Mrs J. A. Miller; L. O. Miller; Anson Mills; J. K. Milwee; A. W. Mixon; John V. Montague; Chas D. III Montell; A. R. Moore; Alvin Moore; Alvin E. Moore; Bill Moore; Seth T. Moore; Moos; A. T. Moravietz; Joe L. Moravietz; J. W. Morris; Arch Morton; A. F. Moss; Bill Moss; Jim Moss; John O. Muesebach; R. D. Mulhern; A. Mumaw; Julia Thompson Neal; Wm M. Neifert; Robt T. Neill; Joseph Nester; Elmo Newcomer; J. J. Newcomer; Newell; Franklin M. Newton; Jim Newton; R. I. Nichols; Thomas Nickerson; J. E. Niland; Dr P. I. J. P. Nixon; Chief Peta Nocona; H. M. Nowlin; Mrs Fanny Becton Nunnally; George C. O'Brien; Mrs May O'Brien; Sam O'Bryant; O'Bryant; Square Octavo; Thomas O'Folliard; William Ogden; Oglesby; Bob Ollinger; Robert Ollinger; Olmsted; Tom O'Pallard; Ord; Ostrander; Pat Otero; Vicente Otero; Frank Overstreet; Overstreet; J. I. Padgett; Jesus Padilla; D. S. Palmer; J. E. Palmer; R. P. Pankey; Park; C. T. Parker; Albert Patrick; Albert T. Patrick; Juan Patron; C. C. Patron; James Paul; A. J. Peeler; Anderson J. Peeler; Ernest Peixotto; Mrs Marguerite Pennington; Miss Ida Pepper; Mrs W. A. Peril; Mrs M. L. Perner; Ira Perry; Mrs Ira Perry; Constance Pessels; Dr Constance Pessels; Pessels; T. H. Phillips; Arthur Pickens; S. R. Pinkston; Poe; L. Poetzinger; Cal Polk; Rufus C. Porter; V. D. Powell; R. F. Power; Mrs R. F. Power; Ben N. Powers; Monard Preston; Clyde Price; A. V. Pue; P. A. Pue; M. W. Purcell; Carlysle Graham Raht; William McLeod Raine; Ant Sr Rainosek; Tom C. Rayfield; Samuel C. Red; Dr Samuel Clark Red; L. A. Reed; Walter Rees; Sam C. Reid Jr; Alfred Reinarz; Gus Reinarz; Reinarz; Franklin Reynolds; W. A. Rhea; J. A. Rieholt; Miss Annie Rietzer; Rietzer; Hubert Risinger; Lee Risinger; Risinger; Rev Bruce Roberts; Oran B. Roberts; Oran M. Roberts; Bob Robertson; Willian L. Robertson; Miss Bonnie Tom Robinson; Rogers; Phillip Ashton Rollins; Ruth Miss Roome; Mrs Ruth Roome; lt Teddy Pres Rooseve; Rose; Roland; Howard Rothe; Ashley Rugh; Rugh; Emil Rugh; Rugh; Clive Runnells; Bob Russell; Jack Ryan; Boyd Ryle; Mrs John Ryle; A. E. Saathoff; Ataviano Salas; Francisco Salazar; Higinio Salazar; Sepio; D. L. Sansom; Saunders; Buddie Scarborough; Ernest Scheele; B. F. Schmidt; Chas Schmidt; F. A. Schmidt; L. I. Schneider; C. E. Schoff; J. J. Schrade; Chas Scott; H. H. Scott; W. W. Scott; Chas Scribners; Dr C. E. Scull; Mrs D. B. Seale; Garner Seaquist; W. W. Sheen; Jesse Sheets; S. A. Shellenberger; Phil Sheridan; A. N. Shipp; Mrs John A. Shirley; D. W. Short; J. W. Short; Jake L. Short; Joe Jr Short; L. E. Short; Leslie E. Short; Mrs Leslie E. Short; Walter Short; Jesus Silva; Charles Siringo; Chas A. Siringo; W. M. Sleeper; Bessie F Smith; Lt E. Kirby Smith; Kirby Smith; L. V. Smith; Orieon Miss Smith; Mrs Owen Sr. Smith; Tevis Clyde Smith; Elizabeth Miss Smither; Smithwick; Jacob Snider; John Snider; M. C. Sowell; Mrs M. C. Sowell; C. H. Speckels; Mrs Sophie St. John; Ceran St. Vrain; Walter Stahely; Stapp; J. J. Starkey; J. A. Steinle; Steinle; Mrs Henry Stevens; Mrs Jack Stevens; S. A. Stevens; S. I. Stevens; Stinnett; Jack Storms; Cavour C. Storts; T. H. Stribbling; Herman D. Stumberg; Sturtevant; Alex H. Suess; James Sullivan; James A. Sullivan; Mrs O. C. Surber; Miss Thelma Surber; John Sutherland; D. O. Tallman; Tankersley; H. L. Taylor; Dr O. B. Taylor; ; ; William Taylor; Thos Teakle; E. R. Teel; Rev Vasco Teer; Lerado de Tejada; Thalmann; Jack Thomas; Miss Viola Beth Thomas; Mrs W. R. Thomason; R. M. Thompson; Dr Sam E. Thompson; R. M. Thomson; Tas Jr Thornhill; Thumim; Gabriel Tibiletti; Mertzon Gabriel Tibiletti; J. L. Tiner; Mrs R. Tommins; Leslie Traylor; Mrs Mabel Treadaway; Gen Trevino; Karl Troeglen; R. S. Trowbridge; Stephen Turner; Ogle Underwood; Columbus Upson; Frank Valley; Harry Van Demark; Lt; VanCamp; Earl Maj VanDorn; Tom Vann; T. W. Vardell; Tomas de la Vega; Emil Villemain; Joe Villemain; Villemain; Johan Von Dreyse; Dr Ferdinand Von Roemer; Alfred VonJess; Wade; Leslie Waggener; Waggener; W. M. Waide; J. J. Wainright; C. J. Waldschmidt; A. S. Jr Walker; Alex S. Walker; Chas A. Walker; Mrs Chas A. Walker; John T. Walker; R. Lee Walker; Bernhardt Wall; ; ; Lee Judge Wallace; Gov Lew Wallace; M. Walsh; Walters; Wantland; R. G. Waters; Watson; B. R. Weaver; A. Webber; Alva Webber; R. L. Weibling; Mrs Hattie Welch; Mrs Hettie Welch; May Miss Weldon; Duval Judge West; Mrs J. S. Westfall; Wheat; Fred Jr Whisenhunt; D. H. D. White; John I. White; Owen P. White; R. L. Whitehead; W. W. Whitley; R. L. Wiebling; Wiemers; Lyman Elder Wight; Wilbarger; Mrs Chas H. Williams; Mrs E. F. Williams; Mrs J. Tom Williams; Judge O. W. Williams; Samuel May Williams; Talmage Williams; Mrs Edward Allen Wilson; H. G. Wilson; Woodrow; E. Wilton; J. F. Winans; Andrew Winkler; W. Roy Winn; A. W. Withers; Mark A. Withers; John Wolf; Mrs Olive O. Wood; Lem Woodruff; Walter Woodul; Woodul; J. P. Woolsey; Dr T. D. Wooten; Judge Granville Wright; John Wright; John C. Wright; Yoakum; Louis Youens; Young; Joseph Zentner; A. J. Zilker; L. H. Zinsmeister; H. Zumberg; Zumber Zumatt

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