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Vol 13 No. 11 - August 1936

Dr. Robert T. Hill, Texas' Own Geologist

Account of Dr. Hill, a man ripe in honors and scientific achievement and an orphan of the Civil War at five, young Hill turned toward Texas at 15 and stopped at Comanche, "the last town of the frontier and the roughest and toughest of that age." While there, he found time to study the geology and topography of the region, which was "different from any other then recognized in America" but couldn't find an explanation for the rock formation of the region. This study, however, led to the identification of the link in the geologic column which he named the "Comanche Series." This is his story.

Mentions: Gen. McKenzie * his brother's weekly newspaper, the Comanche Chief * Garrett P. Serviss, science writer for the Sun * Dr. Andrew D. White, president of Cornell University * the New York Sun Am * Maj. Powell, founder of the United States Geological surve * Dr. Alexander Agassiz of Harvard University, * Dr. Charles Schuchert of Yale University *

Santa Anna's Opinion Of Himself

By Laura Ratchford Fromme, Elgin, Texas

Account of the "Butcher of Goliad" and his self-inflated ego.

Mentions: Mrs. Willye Ward Watkins * the disaster of San Jacinto * Filosola * General Don Jose Urrea * Llano del Perdito * San Louis Potosi * Francisco Vales * Cerro Gordo * Churubuseo * Molino del Rey * General Don Juan Alvarez * defeat at Chapultepec *


Mentions: Charles L. Fagan of Rahway, New Jersey * museums in Comfort, Fredericksburg and San Angelo, Texas * Mr. Alex Brinkmann * Mrs. Ingenhuett * Miss Krauskopf * Mrs. Henry W. Lewis * the Vereins-Kirche, or rather the restored "Coffee Mill" church * the West Texas Museum * Mrs. W. W. Carson *


Col. M. L. Crimmins, relates the facts regarding a misstatement which appears in an elaborate article entitled "The World's Biggest Ranch," in the Fortune magazine, December, 1933, on page 92: "Captain Richard King, who in 1851 rode out from Brownsville with his good friend, Col. Robert E. Lee, U.S.A., and picked out the first few thousand acres of his ranch."

Mentions: Douglas Southall Foreman * Capt. Robert E. Lee, Topographical Engineers * General John E. Wood * the King Ranch * Camp Cooper * Ringgold Barracks at Rio Grande City * George H. Thomas, 2nd U. S. Cavalry * Fort Mason * Indianola * Cortina *

Masonry A Factor In Texas Civilization

By J. M. Woods

Account traces out influence of Masons in early settlement and history of Texas, going back to 16th century Masons in Mexico.

Mentions: Masonry in Texas was naturally a development of York Rite Masonry in the United States * Masonry existed in Mexico in the latter part of the sixteenth century * Lie Verdad, one of the first martyrs of the idea of Mexican Independence * the Masonic Lodge of the Calle del Cuervo * Father Miguel de Hidalgo * Masonic Lodge of "Arquitectural Moral" of Calle de los Ratos No. 4 of Mexico City * Nicolas Bravo, Vicente Guerrero, Juan Alvarez; Ignacio Comonfort, General Gudalupe Victoria, and many others, prominent in Mexican affairs, were members of Masonic fraternity * Moses Austin * Stephen F. Austin and Musquez, political chief of Bexar * Masonic Lodge at San Antonio de Bexar * The first Masonic meeting in Texas was held in a laurel grove in the… * the Grand Lodge of Louisiana * Holland Lodge No. 36, U. D., was organized December… * John Austin Cemetery near Brazoria * Holland No. 36 * General Urrea * Col. J. W. Fannin * Anson Jones * the Battle of San Jacinto * Col. Wm. B. Travis, * Bonham and Crockett * Grand Lodge of Texas *

The Bedias Trail In Angelina County

By Thomas Y. Banks, Tyler, Texas

The trail derived its name from the Bedias Indians, whose usual habitat was along the lower Trinity river, a likely starting point for the known history of the territory now embraced within the limits of Angelina county. This trail led from the lower Trinity river to the Spanish missions and settlements in the vicinity of Nacogdoches, and traversed Angelina county in a northeasterly direction, seemingly following the general course of the line of the H. E. & W. T. Railway, according to the map in Prof. H. E. Bolton's "Texas in the Middle Eighteenth Century."

Mentions: . The town of Bedias in Grimes county and Bedias Creek, a tributary of the Trinity * the Ainais, Caddos, Nacogdoches, Ays and other native East Texas tribes * Don Joaquin de Orobio Basterra, Captain of the Fort of La Bahia (Goliad), * Joaquin's Crossing * Camino Real" (Royal Highway), * Marquis de Rubi * Jose Lucobiche, an Italian * Vicente Michili * Pedro de lara Pozos * Esteven Goguet * Our Lady ' of Pilar of Nacogdoches * Don Jose Maria Guadiana * Presidial Company of Montclova * Miguel Berrerra * Gregorio Mora * Antonio Aquirre * Juan de la Cruz Montoya * Surdo, of the Bedias Nation, the Captain of the Ays Nation * the deaf Indian, named "Negrito" * Santo Pietro * Province of Venetia * "Don Joaquin's Crossing" later became known as "Procella Crossing." * State Highway No. 35

Early Settlers Of Atascosa County

J. Sowell


During the days of Indian raids in the west and southwest, Atascosa county did not escape, and has her bloody chapter in the frontier history of Texas. The county was created from Bexar in 1856, and named for Atascosa Creek. The Navarros, Salinas, and others established stock ranches inside the present limits of the county at an early date, but were broken up during the Texas revolution and the Navarros moved further east and established ranches near the present town of Seguin, in Guadalupe county.

In 1853 permanent settlements began to be made, and by the time the county was organized quite a number of settlers were located, among whom were Justo Rodriguez, Judge J. S. Fern, Calvin Horton, the Askins, Yarbers, Tumlinsons, Brights, Slaughters, "Scotch" Jim Brown, Franks, Spears, James Lowe, Charles Hood, Old Man Ferry and Dan Arnold. This is their story and of others who were important in the early settlement of the county.

Further Mentions: The first county seat was called Navatasco, and located twelve miles above the present town of Pleasanton * Col. Antonio Navarro * Jose Antonio Navarro * DeWitt's Colony * San Juan de Ulloa * Herrera * Atascosa Creek * Pleasanton * John Bowen * E. B. Thomas * came Tobias Kelly, Calvin S. Turner. Judge Ferryman, J. H. Dorsey, Captain John Tom, Rev. W. W. Whitley, (Methodist preacher), John W. Stayton, and V. Weldon * V. Weldon * W. H. Crain * Dr. Pyrtle * blacksmith named Garlinghouse * a German named Slickum * Louis Zork * Marcellus French * James H. French * Daniel I. Tobin, brother of Captain William Tobin of San Antonio * Ed Walker, W. H. Long * Eli O'Brien, Levi English, James Lowe, and J. A. Durand * James Paul * E. F. Buckner * William N. Gates, James McDonald, Jacob Ryman, Sexto Navarro, Gil Rodriguez, James Brown, Jesus Hernandez, James Feeder, Rich. Hilburn, Isaac Cavender, Drake Gilleland, Thomas R. Bright, Tryon Fuller, Cullen Benson, and Calvin Horton * Calvin Horton * the Rev. Uzzel * a mechanic named Carter * the Somerset settlement * the Ducks, Klemkes, Millers, and Louis families * Gates Valley * the families of Rutledge, Gardner, Gates, and Williams * the Navarros, Flores, and Tiriens * The Musgroves, Barksdales, and O'Briens * Laparita Creek, * Juan Palkacia, Jesse Lott, the Cook boys, and Dan Brister * the Laguillinas * Marshalls, Odens, Newtons, Lease Harris, and Tom Kerr * Galvan Creek * R. G. Long and the Cavenders * Mr. Eli Johnson * Montgomery county, Alabama * Guadalupe county, near Seguin * Sheffields and Olivers * Ed Lyons * James Young * Salt Branch, seven miles from Pleasanton * Mr. Johnson * Capt. Peter Tumlinson * Miss Melissa Tucker * Mary Adams, whose maiden name was Lawton * Miss Mildred E. J. Hurley * Maj. William Turner * Calvin S. Turner * Jack Hays * the Battle of Salado * Captain Henry E. McCulloch * San Miguel Creek * Wood's Regiment * Captain Maverick's company * "Mustang" Moore * the International Railroad * James Winters * Black Creek * Murray, the tax assessor of Bandera county * William Herndon * Marcellus French * Alexander Anderson * Eli O'Brien * Napoleon Tucker * Herndon * Ed Lyons * Alex Anderson * William Dillard * Eli Johnson * Captain Rabb * Big Foot Wallace


Excerpts from an almost complete file of the Runnels County Record, published 1882-1886 at Runnels City, Texas. In about 1887 the Santa Fe railroad was built through that county, missing Runnels City about four miles, with the result that Runnels City faded off the map.

Mentions: S. W. Hughes, of Brady, Texas * . I. C. Huege * Abilene, Buffalo Gap * the town of Ballinger * the Runnels Record * the Western Star Hotel * W. G. Green * Green & Carpenter Brothers * Taylor & Willingham, attorneys * Davis, Guy & Baker, general merchandise * Geo. W. Ferryman, lawyer and land agent * Brandt's Hotel, Jacob Brandt, proprietor * Swift & Murphy, sheep dealers * Cotten & Helm, druggists * Livery and Feed Stable, Frank Gressett * Dr. T. W. Helm, physician and surgeon * W. L. Towner, lawyer and land agent * Willis & Earnest, lawyers and land agents * H. D. Pearce, dry goods * Rollins & Son, groceries * Jack & Rollins, dry goods * C. A. Donovan * H. Watters * Ford & Kelsey * M. A. Stanford, groceries

A Journey Through Texas In 1856

By Frederick Law Olmsted

(Continued From Last Month)

Mentions: the Sister creeks * Mr. Bartlett, the Boundary Commissioner * Brady's Creek * San Saba * Fort Belknap * the Upper Guadalupe * Sisterdale * Comanche Springs * the Cibolo * Mr. Brown * Currie's Creek *

Don Erasmo Seguin, A Texas Patriot

By J. M. Woods, San Antonio, Texas

The town of Seguin was so named to commemorate the record of Don Erasmo Seguin, of whom the historian Thrall said, "He was a high-toned gentleman of truly honorable and patriotic sentiments." In 1831 a colonist, located his league and labor of land, upon a portion of which the City of Seguin is located, moved onto it in 1832 and built the first house on the banks of Walnut Branch (the former name of the City of Seguin) in 1833. And so begins this account of the earliest days of Seguin and the man whose name the town bears.

Mentions: Count de Leon * Matagorda Bay * Monclova, Mexico * "Walnut Springs" * Don Erasmo Seguin * Humphreys Branch * Marquis of Casa Fuerte * Mrs. Carolina Jarvis * E. L. Jarvis * Mrs. Antonio Sandoval * P. M. Batisto * Francisco Ruiz * Jose Navarro * Homer S. Thrall * Erasmo Seguin * Mildred Burrows Garrett * Floresville * Wilson county * Don Juan Martin de Veramandi (father-in-law of James Bowie and who was afterwards Lieutenant-Governor of Coahuila and Texas). * James B. Miller

Ernst Hermann Altgelt, Founder Of Comfort

By Mrs.. Ida Altgelt Schweppe

It took men and women of strong will and hardy build to willingly forsake a civilized country and venture into unknown wilderness with no other aim than to enjoy freedom and the hope for a better future.. Such a man was Ernst Hermann Altgelt, son of a German official privy counsellor in Duesseldorf. His father, a man highly honored in his community, had been army chaplain and tutor of the two sons of the reigning prince of Prussia for several years. He sailed from Bremen to Texas via New Orleans on a small sailboat in the year 1852, settling on Cypress Creek, (then part of Bexar county – Kerr and Kendall county were settled in 1856 and 1862). The town of Comfort was soon to be born. This is the story.

Mentions: Mr. John Vless * Mr. Schladoer * Mr. Lunkwitz * Flash's mill * Brownsville * Gen. Portis * "Wassenburg in the Hills." * S. H. Gilliland * E. V. Hedgecoke

The First Texas Capital Was In Louisiana

Meigs O. Frost

In the parish of Natchitoches, just 15 miles from Natchitoches, just a mile or so from Robeline, is the spot where for 52 years 13 governors ruled the vast Province of Texas for the King of Spain. There, from 1721, to 1773, was the civil and military capital of Texas, in the royal Presidio de Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Los Adaes, only Spanish mission in Louisiana. This is the story of what was essentially, Texas’ first capital there.

Mentions: Louis NIV, France's Sun King * Crozatt * Antoine Crozat * Juchereau de St. Denis * San Juan Bautisto * France's Poste Saint Jean Baptiste * Zelaya in Old Mexico * Marquis de Agauyo * Fray Pena * Padre Margil * the Zacatecan missions * Dr. Herbert E. Bolton * Fray Jose de Solis * Ross Phares of Winnfield * J. Fair Hardin * Mrs. Louis C. Bulkley, Mrs. Donald C. Dickson, Mrs. S, L. Williams, Mrs. Alone C. Whittington, Mrs. Howard Doll, Jr., Mrs. Frank Doll, Mrs. Ama Ford Vance, Mrs. Robert Roberts, and Mrs. J. Harry Steph'ens * Marquis de Aguayo * Governor Narvarette of Texas at Los Adaes * Governor Bustillo of Spanish Texas * Jean d'Herbanne * Governor Boneo


The following news items appeared in the Runnels County Record published at Runnels, Texas, September 15,:

"A most daring robbery was committed at the residence of Wm. Johnson, three miles south of Liberty Hill by two masked men about 9 o'clock one night last week. The robbers covered Mr. Johnson and party …Mr. Young, a relative of Mr. Johnson, was present, and the robbers were … * A tragedy was enacted at Hondo City, Medina county, which shocks all who hear it. W. D. Ward, formerly editor of the Castroville Quill, and at present traveling agent of the San Autonio Daily Express, and Robert U. Fly, son of Rev. B. F. Fly of Gonzales county, entered a, saloon to et a glass of beer. Ward had been drinking to execs and was crazed from the effects. After the drink they had a short controversy, when Ward… * etc, etc.


By Dave Finkelstein

G. K. Crabb, Sr., was born December 3rd, 1845, in the Republic of Texas, on a plantation five miles north of Huntsville, Walker county, Texas, at what is known as Crabb's Prairie. He was one of ten children born to Judge H. M. Crabb and Mrs. Rose Crabb. Mr. Crabb remained at Crabb's Prairie until his father, Judge H. M. Crabb was sent to the Legislature in Austin, Texas, at which time the family moved to Madisonville, Texas. While Judge Crabb was attending the Legislature in Austin, Mrs. Rose Crabb, his wife and the mother of G. H. Crabb, took ill and died. G. K. Crabb was the youngest of the ten children and is the only one of the children that survived. Here is his story.

Mentions: the Speaks and Hazlewoods. * moved to the southern part of Lavaca county and settled on the Navidad river * Capt. Lou Hightower * Miss Elizabeth Hazlewood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Hazlewood * Mr. Crabb's first wife, (Rose) * son, Keenan Crabb * Miss Ella Bosewell * Mrs. John Bell * Miss Fan Moore * Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Moore of Hallettsville, Texas * Walker Crabb * Mrs. Rose Crabb McFadden * Edna Brown, Almeda, Texas * Mrs. Tommie Upchurch * Nova Crabb, Speak, Texas

Life Sketch Of Jesse Chisholm

By T. U. Taylor, Dean of Engineering, University of Texas

JESSE CHISHOLM was born in the State of Tennessee in 1806. His father was a Scotchman and his mother was a Cherokee Indian. They lived in the Cherokee section of Tennessee, and when the trek or emigration occurred, they went to the west and for a few years lived in the western part of Arkansas, but later settled in Indian Territory (Oklahoma) in 1829. For thirty-nine years Jesse Chisholm was a factor in the civilization in the Indian territory. He was a pioneer with the traits of Daniel Boone. Here is his story. Account contains excellent old photos of Mr. And Mrs. Chisholm. Account also contains graph comparing MILESTONES IN LIVES OF JESSE CHISHOLM AND JOHN CHISUM.

Mentions: Cantonment Gibson (later Fort Gibson). * John S. Chisum of New Mexico * Eliza Allen * Fort Gibson * steamboat "Red Rover" * Jennie Dew * Tiana Rogers * Headman Rogers * the Rogers family * Mrs. Julia Chisholm Davenport * Asher, one at Council Grove * the present town of Purcell * the Little River * J. R. Mead * the towns of Wheelingon, Caldwell, Pond Creek, Enid, Buffalo Springs by Pat Hennessey's Camp, Dover, Kingfisher, Concho just east of Fort Reno * Miss Elizabeth Edwards * Holdenville * Frank Chisholm * William E. Chisholm * Julia McLish. * William Chisholm, the son of Jesse Chisholm * Biddie * Samuel W. Lee. * Alice, deceased, married A. S. Asbury * Cora, deceased, married J. F. McKeel * W. V. Cook * Stella, married W. T. Ward * Julia, married Dr. D. A. Davenport * Jennie, married Buck Beaver * Lucinda married Turkey Straw * William E. Chisholm, located and founded the town of Chism, northeast of Ada, and south of Asher, Oklahoma * Joseph B. Thoburn * Alvin Rucker * , J. R. Mead * Blaine county, Oklahoma * Geary at the Johnny Left-Hand Spring * Kingfisher and El Reno * Andreas' "The History of Kansas," * John Simpson Chisum * old Hickory Jackson * Mrs. John Trotwood Moore * John B. Denton * Alexander Chisholm, James Chism, John Chism, Taylor Chism, William Chism, Dempsey Chism, Guillentim, Chisum, James Chisum, John Chisum, John Chisum, Richard Chisum, Tayior Chisum, and William Chisum. * Concho Ranch. * Bolivar Ranch * J. M. Wade * Ranch at Bosque Grande * Salt Mines in Blaine county * Bosque Grande Ranch * Moves ranch to South Spring

Let's Know Texas And Texans


Mentions: Ben Milam * Milam Square, San Antonio * L. E. R., Hale Center * Col. Bradburn * Ugartechea * the "Coffee Mill Church." the old "Vereins Kirsch" * General James Wilkenson * Arroyo Hondo, a branch of Red River * Father Damian Massanet * Mrs. Mary Helm * Will H. Mayes


Some names mentioned in this volume:

Mrs Mary Adams; Dr Alexander Agassiz; Marquis de Aguayo; Eliza Allen; Almonte; lt; Ernst Hermann Altgelt; Gen Alvarez; Juan Alvarez; Gen Juan Alvarez; Alexander Anderson; Antonio Aquirre; Dan Arnold; A. S. Asbury; Austin; Baker; Thomas Y. Banks; Florence E. Barns; Bass; Joaquin de Orobio Basterra; P. M. Batisto; Buck Beaver; Mrs John Bell; Gov P. H. Bell; Cullen Benson; Miguel Berrerra; Bertillion; Prof H. E. Bolton; Dr Herbert E. Bolton; Gov Boneo; Boone; Miss Ella Bosewell; John Bowen; Bowie; Lois F. Boyle; Bradburn; Humphreys Branch; Jacob Brandt; Nicolas Bravo; George Bridgman; Thomas R. Bright; Brinkmann; Dan Brister; Mrs Edna Brown; James Brown; "Scotch" Jim Brown; E. F. Buckner; Mrs Louis C. Bulkey; Burr; Bushick; Gov Bustillo; Mrs W. W. Carson; Carter; Castle; Isaac Cavender; Fred Chabot; Alexander Chisholm; Alice Chisholm; Biddie Chisholm; Cora Chisholm; Eliza Chisholm; Frank Chisholm; Jennie Chisholm; Jesse Chisholm; ; Julia Chisholm; Lucinda Chisholm; Mary Chisholm; Sa Kar Ka Chisholm; Stella Chisholm; William Chisholm; William E. Chisholm; Dempsey Chism; James Chism; John Chism; Taylor Chism; William Chism; Guillentine Chisum; James Chisum; Richard Chisum; Taylor Chisum; William Chisum; Clay; Ignacio Comonfort; Conwill; Cook; Mrs Mary V. Cook; W. V. Cook; Cousins; G. H. Crabb; G. K. Crabb; G. K. Crabb Sr; Judge H. M. Crabb; Miss Nora Keenan Crabb; Mrs Rose Crabb; Walker Crabb; W. H. Crain; Crimmins; Antoine Crozat; Dr D. A. Davenport; Mrs Julia Chisholm Davenport; Denton; Jennie Dew; Green DeWitt; Jean d'Herbanne; Mrs Donald C. Dickson; William Dillard; Mrs Frank Doll; Howard Jr Doll; C. A. Donovan; J. H. Dorsey; Le Page duPratz; J. A. Durand; Duval; Elizabeth Edwards; Elizabeth Miss Edwards; Ehrenberg; Elam; Queen Elizabeth; Emmett; Levi English; Charles L. Fagan; Fannin; James Feeder; J. S. Judge Fern; Judge Ferryman; Field; George Fields; Dave Finkelstein; Fletcher; Robert G. Fly; Foote; Douglas Southall Foreman; Francis; Fremont; James H. French; Marcellus French; Fromme; Fromme; Meigs O. Frost; Tryon Fuller; Fulmore; Gammel; Juanita Victoria Garcia; Mildred Burrows Garrett; William N. Gates; Drake Gilleland; Gillett; S. H. Gilliland; Esteven Goguet; Gov Gonzales; Victoria Gonzales; W. G. Green; Greer; Frank Gressett; Don Jose Maria Guadiana; Vicente Guerrero; John Wesley Harden; J. Fair Hardin; Lease Harris; Harry Harter; Hay; Hays; David Hazelwood; Mrs David Hazelwood; Miss Elizabeth Hazelwood; E. V. Hedgecoke; Mrs Mary Helm; Dr T. W. Helm; Jean d'Herbanne; Jesus Hernandez; William Herndon; Herrera; Miguel de Hidalgo; Capt Lou Hightower; Rich Hilburn; Hill; Holley; Charles Hood; Calvin Horton; House; W. H. Huddle; I. C. Huege; S. W. Hughes; Miss Mildred E. J. Hurley; Francisco Iturve; Old Hickory Jackson; Mrs Carolina Jarvis; E. L. Jarvis; Eli Johnson; Wm Johnson; Jones; Tobias Kelly; Kendall; Tom Kerr; Capt Richard King; E. E. Kirkpatrick; Francois Lamoine; Langford; Mary Lawhon; Samuel W. Lee; Count de Leon; Mrs Henry W. Lewis; Linn; R. G. Long; W. H. Long; Jesse Lott; James Lowe; Jose Lucobiche; Ed Lyons; Padre Margil; Gov Martinez; Damian Father Massanel; Capt Maverick; Will H. Mayes; Capt Henry E. McCulloch; James McDonald; Mrs Rose Crabb McFadden; J. F. McKeel; McKenzie; Julia McLish; McLish; J. R. Mead; James R. Mead; Roxylea Melas; Vicente Michili; Milam; James B. Miller; Juan de la Cruz Montoya; A. V. Moore; Mrs A. V. Moore; Miss Fan Moore; Mrs John Trotwood Moore; "Mustang" Moore; Moos; Gregorio Mora; Morgan; Gov Navarette; Col Antonio Navarro; Col Navarro; Jose Navarro; Sexto Navarro; Capt Negrito; Newell; Eli O'Brien; Square Octavo; Olmsted; M. de Pages; Juan Palacia; James Paul; Peak; H. D. Pearce; Fray Pena; Geo W. Perryman; Ross Phares; Pilgrim; Gen Pleasanton; Gen Portis; Maj Powell; Pedro delara Pozos; Le Page du Pratz; Dr Pyrtle; Sa Kar Ka de Queen; Capt Rabb; Ant. Sr Rainosek; Reid; Mrs Robert Roberts; Gil Rodriguez; Justo Rodriguez; Headman Rogers; Tiana Rogers; Rose; Marquis de Rubi; Alvin Rucker; Francisco Ruiz; Jacob Ryman; Mrs Antonio Sandoval; Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna; Dr Charles Schuchert; lt Mrs Ida AltgeSchweppe; Schweppe; Scott; Basil Seguin; Erasmo Seguin; Juan N. Seguin; Garrett P. Serviss; Shawver; Smithwick; Fray Jose de Solis; Sowell; Juchereau de St. Denis; M. A. Stanford; Stapp; John W. Stayton; Mrs J. Harry Stephens; Turkey Straw; Thalmann; Joseph B. Thoburn; E. B. Thomas; Mrs George H. Thomas; Rev Homer S. Thrall; Thumim; Daniel I. Tobin; Capt William Tobin; Capt John Tom; Gen Jose Maria Tornel; W. L. Towner; N. Travis; Col Wm B. Travis; Miss Melissa Tucker; Capt Peter Tumlinson; Calvin S. Turner; William Maj Turner; Col Domingo Ugartechea; Mrs Tommie Upchurch; Gen Jose Urrea; Rev Uzzel; Francisco Vales; Fray Vallejo; Mrs Ama Ford Vance; Juan Martin de Veramandi; Lie Verdad; Gen Gudalupe Victoria; John Vless; J. M. Wade; Ed Walker; Bernhardt Wall; Wallace; Mrs Stella Ward; W. D. Ward; W. T. Ward; Mrs Willye Ward Watkins; H. Watters; Walter Prescott Webb; V. Weldon; Dr Andrew D. White; Rev W. W. Whitley; Mrs Alorie C. Whittington; Wiemers; Wilbarger; Gen James Wilkenson; Wilkinson; Julia William; Mrs S. L. Williams; James Winters; Gen John E. Wood; J. M. Woods; Yoakum; Jake Young; Louis Zork; Zook

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