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Vol 14 No. 03 - December 1936

Big Celebration At Denison In 1874

By W. W. Hornbeck, Mountain Home, Texas.

Account describes the events associated with the arrival of two railroads which were competing against each other for the establishment of commerce in the town of Denison, TX in March, 1872.

"The new town had been widely advertised as "the Gateway to Texas" and hundreds of citizens from other states were gathering there. We found the town in an uproar, with crowds of excited people milling about like wild cattle on a stampede. It was late in the afternoon when we arrived and without waiting for explanation of this unusual commotion we found our way to a secluded spot in the timber, where we made camp and prepared for a night's rest. But the prolonged racket and continual stir of nearby campers made restful sleep impossible. About 4:30 A. M. our fitful slumbers were shattered by the rumble of an incoming train and a piercing shriek from the engine whistle. That settled it; sleep was out of the question, and after an early breakfast we mingled with the crowd to learn the cause of all this "hullabaloo." Here is the explanation : The townsite company had offered free right-of way through the town, grounds for commercial trackage, machine shops, switch yards, etc., to the company first bringing into Denison a train over its tracks. This enticing bid met with quick response. Two roads entered the race-the Houston & Texas Central, building north from Houston, Texas, and the M. K. & T. (Katy) line, coming south from Sedalia, Missouri. Each of the contending parties put on a road-building force of one thousand to twelve hundred men, and the race was on good and strong…"

History Of The Rio Grande Railroad

By Anna Cora Petz

THE Rio Grande Railroad which runs from Brownsville on the Rio Grande to Point Isabel on the Laguna Madre, has the double distinction of being the shortest railroad in the United States and the only one which up to November, 1924, had the old French or one-meter gauge.

There are many prominent men connected with its history. Such names as Richard King; his partner Mifflin Kenedy; Simon Celaya; E. J. Davis, one of the early Governors of Texas; James B. Wells, and Joseph Kleiber, its original founder and promoter, are links in the chain of its successes and failures. Here is the story…

Further Mentions: Mifflin Kenedy was born in Downington, Chester county, Pennsylvania, on June. 8, 1818. * Kenedy helped to transport General Zachery Taylor * the San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railroad * Captain Kenedy died March 14, 1895, on his beautiful ranch, La Parra, Cameron county * Captain Richard King was born in Orange county, New York, on July 10, 1825 * . In 1868 he moved to his now famous ranch, Santa Gertrudis, Nueces county, Texas * The immediate purpose of the organization of the Rio Grande Railroad was to break up the Kenedy and King monopoly * Simon Celaya, H. E. Woodhouse, Charles McManus, John S. Ford, David Maltby, and Joseph Kleiber * E. J. Davis, who afterward became Governor of Texas, was the lawyer for the Rio Grando Railroad * the Rio Grande Railroad * the Corpus Christi, San Diego & Rio Grande narrow guage railroad * The rails were purchased from Joseph Railtor & Son, a famous mercantile establishment of Liverpool * the Palo Alto prairie * the roundhouse in Brownsville * The roundhouse of the Rio Grande Railroad would present an interesting study in the evolution of engines, each discarded locomotive representing a… * The Baldwin engine * The valve motion is the old Stevenson link type * the "Mother Hubbard" * The braking is done by the old style… * The headlight is a kerosene-burning lamp. The old style grease cups… * Don Jose Ayala, an old-time resident of Brownsville, and this Baldwin engine somehow seem as one * George W. Rendall, the first master mechanic of the Rio Grande Railroad * the "Green Bug" reached Loma Trosada * Mr. Robert Kingsbury * Mrs. Frank Thielen, Jr. * Reverend Hall * Mrs. Dreyfus, a Brownsville merchant * Promposo, a youth from Point Isabel * Mr. Martin Kingsbury * the Morgan Steamship Line, the Wells, Fargo Express Company * Mr. Brito, who was at that time sheriff * Blas Loya, Severiano Loya, Reyes Loya, Fabian Garcia, Jose Olivares, Jose Maria Mosgiieda, and Pancho Jaramillo * the Cross Brothers, prominent citizens of Matamoras * James B. Wells * W. T. Eldridge, of Sugarland * Caxton Printers, Ltd., Caldwell, Idaho * Sophie A. Poe * Eugene Cunningham * N. H. Rose * William Poe * John W. Poe * John Jacobs *

Judge D. R. Wingate, Pioneer Lumberman


JUDGE D. R. WINGATE was a pioneer lumberman and perhaps the most prominent among the old guard of Orange, Texas. He settled in Texas in April, 1852, locating near Belgrade in Newton county, where he remained until 1858, and then moved to Sabine Pass, where he engaged in the milling business. He owned and operated the largest and best equipped saw mill at that time in the south, owning his own vessels and carrying on a lumber trade in Havana. Judge Wingate remained at Sabine Pass until during the war between the states, then returned to his farm in Newton county, where he remained until 1874, then came to Orange, and again engaged in the lumber business, building the first improved saw mill erected in the state.

His success in life is to be attributed to energy, strict integrity, his capacity to plan and execute, and untiring attention to business. Starting from the lowest rung, when mills were only supplied with the, old whip saw, he steadily made his way upward until he reached the top and became a leading authority on all matters pertaining to saw mills, having been engaged in the business the greater part of fifty years. Here is his story. Contains excellent old photos of Mr Wingate and also of his wife.

Further Mentions: His first venture in the saw mill business was on Pearl River in Mississippi * Judge D. R. Wingate was born February 20, 1819, in Darlington District, South Carolina * His father, Robert P. Wingate * Pharaba (Kelly) Wingate * Judge Martin Ford and W. F. Sparks * the Wingate Lumber Company * Miss Caroline Morgan * Walter J. Wingate * Rev. T. J. Horne * Mrs. D. R. Wingate * Jonnie Wingate, Robert Wingate, Walter Wingate, Elizabeth (Mittie) Wingate and Rufus Wingate. * Edwin Wingate and Mary Wingate * Eugenia Singleton * Granny Morgan * the Wingate plantation in Newton county * Annie Louise Linzey, a Dallas girl * Ruth Powell of Newton, Texas * Tom Wilson of Kirbyville, Texas * Carl, Earl, Buster, Elizabeth, Bitsie and Mary Tom * Jonnie Wingate married Jay Bassett of Kosse, Texas * Fred B. Glass * Gladys * Herbert Rice * Marlin, Texas * Irys * Pherobe Wingate married Tom Sparks of Orange, Texas * five children: Clyde, Opal, Robert, Reta, and Beatrice * Emma Wingate married Ray Brown of Orange * four children. Howard (deceased), Arthur, Audre, and Lois * Robert P. Wingate married Dona Sherman ; they had four children: Jimmie, Billie, Mary Alice (deceased), and Claude (deceased). Morgan Wingate married Georgie Kneighton ; they had six children : John, Georgina, Mildred, Maybeil, Morgan, Jr. (deceased) and Wendell, (deceased). William W. Wingate married Velma Faulk of Houston ; they had two children : A. W. and Kenneth. Rufus Wingate first married Ledie Turner; one child was born, Estelle. His second wife was Ophelia Hatten, and three children were born to them, Ophedom, Milton, and one deceased. George Wingate married Anna Patterson ; they had four children : Leola, Wilborn, Ruth and Dorothy Lou. Rebecca Wingate married Cam Clark; they had five children : Jewel, Vena, Mary, Culberson and David. Claud Wingate married Mena Bonni, and they had eight children: Lance, Nick, Joe, Mabe, Roy, Cecil, Barbara and Julia * Agnes Smith * Walter, Jr., Lila and Mattie * Veva Slaughter * Mittie Elizabeth Wingate * Major B. H. Norsworthy of Jasper * Rebecca Norsworthy * David (deceased), Marie, Lillie and Ann, of Uvalde, Texas * Mary Ann Wheat * Mr. Ford * Caroline * D. R. Wingate * Sallie Morgan * John Morgan *

John Z. Means, Entertainer Extraordinary

By T. C. Richardson

Account detailing the life of Mr. John Z. Means, early Big Bend settler and rancher. He developed the firm of John Z. Means & Co., owning and operating ranches and dealing in cattle in various places, but the Y6 ranch near Valentine always remained Uncle John's home and headquarters. This is his story.

Further Mentions: his son, Sam * the Devil's River canyon where the Border highway crosses it * old Fort McKavett * the settlements in San Saba and Lampasas counties * George Evans * Sawtooth * Davis mountains * the Bloys camp meeting which has been held at Skillman Grove near Fort Davis every year since 1889 * The Jonses, the Kingstons, the Finleys, the Evans * Rev. William B. Bloys * Joe M. Evans, a nephew, Sam Means, a son * Toyah creek * Kent * Madera canyon * "Aunt Exa" (Mrs. Means) * Rev. George W. Truett of Dallas, Peter Clark McFarlane of Collier's Magazine * Marfa * Mount Livermore * K. P. Aldrich

A Journey Through Texas In 1856

By Frederick Law Olmsted

(Continued From Last Month) Mentions: the Medina * the Nueces * Castroville a colony of * Alsatians * M. Tarde * the upper Rhone valley * the Courrier des Etats Unis * Mr. Henry Castro * the Rhine one, Quihi, upon the Quihi Creek, a branch of the Seco; the, D'Hanis, the Seco * the Rio Frio * Fort Inge * the Canyon Uvalde * the Bandera Pass * Victor Considerant * Major Simonson * Fort Duncan * Mr. Black * San Geronimo * Mr. Callaghan * a settler named Forrester *

An Incident In Early Texas Ranger Life

A. J. Sowell

Account details a bloody confrontation that occurred in August, 1844, in Nueces Canyon, when four men of Capt. Jack Hays' company of rangers were scouting for Indians. The party was brutally ambushed and the tale recounts the sad failure of two one-time brave Rangers to assist their fellow rangers at an awful hour.

"As the evening wore on Perry suffered much from his wounds and thirst. He could hear the river running near by, and was almost tempted to risk the Indians seeing him and try to get to it,, but yet he waited and listened. He could tell by the birds singing that night was not yet approaching. After what seemed almost an age to him everything became still. He could no longer hear the birds and all animal life seemed hushed except the hoot of an owl or the scream of a panther or wildcat. He now determined to leave his hiding place and make an effort to crawl to the river. Slowly and in darkness he came forth, feeling his way and guided in the right direction after he got clear of the drift by the sound of running water. Many obstacles were encountered-logs, tree tops, and large rocks-so much that many detours had to be made around them. Finally, however, he arrived at the edge of the water, and no one who has not experienced the same sensation can realize his suffering or his pleasure while drinking the cold water, after dragging himself over rough stones and logs, guided by the rippling water to its brink. He now bathed his head and washed the clotted blood from his eyes so that he could open them and once more take a survey of the situation. It was indeed night. The dark mountains loomed up on both sides of the canyon, and the stars shone bright overhead and cast their reflection in the clear water at his feet…"

Further Mentions: Thomas Galbreath * Kit Ackland, Rufus Perry, James Dunn, and John Carlin * the prairie north of where the town of Uvalde now is * Dunn and Carlin *

Fred Mosebach, Versatile Feature Writer

By Albert Curtis

Account of Fred Mosebach, long time writer for the San Antonio Express. He started to work on the Express as a compositor in 1890 and as a reporter in 1892. He became sports editor, a position he held for many years. He was known as "The Grand Old Man of Baseball in San Antonio." This is his story. This account also give a detailed look at life in San Antonio in 1871.

Mentions: A game was arranged in 1871, the teams being the O'Connells and the Prymes, who represented the Cavalry and the Infantry of the Army Post * the Postal Telegraph Company now is, on Commerce Street, near Navarro, across from the present Groos Bank and Sherwin-Williams Paint Store * Stanley Welch * Alex E. Sweet * A. Siemering & Co * The Texas Farmers' Zeitung * Die Frie Presse fuer Texas * Frank Grice * the Hummel homestead, where the King Furniture Co., now is, near the corner of Navarro Street * the corner of Commerce and Losoya streets, east of the bridge * Mergenthaler * Harvey L. Bear * the Express building, corner of Crockett and Navarro streets * corner of Avenue and Third Street * In 1871 San Antonio numbered from 12,000 to 15,000 inhabitants. Mr. Wm. C. A. Thielepape was mayor * the Probandt property on Crockett Street, near Nacogdoches Street * The first iron bridge in San Antonio * Houston Street was then called Paseo, Commerce Street was then known as Alameda Street, east of Alamo Street and as Main Street west of Alamo Street. Main Avenue was then known as Acequia Street. Commerce Street was then… * Gen. W. T. Sherman * The Casino * Messrs. Peay and Karber * the Menger Hotel * Turner Hall * Muench Hall * the Arbeiter Verein Hall * the Fireman's Hall * Mr. Duerler * The Jockey Club and the Scheuzen Verein * the Alamo, Literary Society * Mr. Thos. H. Stribling * Samuel Maverick * Wm. H. Houston * , A. L. McLane, J. H. McLeary * W. M. Young * W. H. Huston * F. E. Young * Taylor Thompson * , C. L. Wurzbach * H. McCormack * the Gunter * the French * Vance's * the Vance Building * Wm. A. Menger * Travis Park * Sweeney's Mudhole" * William B. Krempkau * the Arbeiter Verein school * Rusk Street, where Market Street now runs through to Water Street * Mr. Hanzal * Ollie Hanzal * Miss Emma Nentwich * Franz and Carl Nagel * Mrs. Wehrhahn * Mrs. Riedner * Miss Arminda Ohnesorge * Reinhold Becker * Carl Wurzbach * a man named Blake * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas U. Leighton * Thomas G. Leighton * Ed A. Leighton * Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Haueisen * Joseph McAllister and Emil Haueisen * Mr. Stappenbeck, and Dr. Cupples * George J. F. Schmitt * Manuel Yturri * F. Kalteyer * F. Groos &. Co * A. Pancoast & Son * the Grand Rapids Furniture Co. * Battle of Flowers fete * Ollie Hanzal

Bravery And Fortitude Of A Pioneer Mother

From A. J. Sowel

Among the pioneer women of Southwest Texas who deserve a chapter in the history of early settlers is Mrs. Nancy Kelley, wife of Mr. Chris. Kelley, an early settler of Uvalde county. Mrs. Nancy Kelley was the daughter of Milton Williams and was born in Perry county, Illinois, in 1833. Her grandfather, Robert Williams, was a soldier under General Washington and took an active part in the War of the Revolution.

When quite young Mrs. Kelley went to Arkansas and was married there to Mr. L. C. Kelley in 1847, in White County, near Siercy. She came to Texas in 1850 and lived two years in Kaufman county, and then in 1852 moved to Sabinal Canyon, Uvalde county. After about of year of peaceful life in the valley, Indian trouble commenced. This is a story of incredible bravery and loyalty.

Further Mentions: * the Anglin prong * Mr. Aaron Anglin, another early settler * ranch of Mr. Sam Harper * Fort Inge * her two boys, Robert and Joseph * Nolton Creek in the Uvalde prairie * two other boys, Spencer and O'Bryant * She moved to Frio * the Blue Waterhole * Blanco Canyon * the Guadalupe valley * Lone Tree Mountain * John Davenport has a ranch at its base * George Dillard * James Watson * Henry Robinson * Joseph married Miss Ida Crank * Little Blanco * Zeno * Edward married Miss Lela Martin, daughter of Judge William Martin, of Kerrville * Florence married Mr. Henry McBride, merchant of Sabinal *

Old Days In Old San Antonio

By James A. Wright

The writer finds himself exploring the Old San Antonio in the winter of 1880. He offers a detailed glimpse of the city.

Mentions: the corner of Acequa and Houston streets * the San Fernando Cathedral, the T. C. Frost clothing store, located where the Frost National Bank now stands * the "Chili Queens" * the Hugo-Scmeltzer wholesale establishment * Joseph D. Sayers and Roger Q. Mills * J. P. Newcomb * Soledad where the Solo-Serve now stands * the notorious Jack Harris theater, where Ben Thompson and King Fisher were killed * Garden street, known locally as "Lover's Lane." * "Bowen's Island," * Sangerbund * the "Mexican Railroad" * the "Silvery Rio Grande." * Austin Street near Nacogdoches * East Commerce Street, east of the railroad * the I. & G. N. depot * George Schroeder's store * the Silver King, White Elephant, Green Front * the S. A. & A. P. Railroad * Uriah Lott * the Woolworth building * Maverick * South Flores street * Col. W. T. Jackman * Wiley Fain * Mrs. W. A. Roberts, of Frio Town, Texas * Mr. and Mrs. J. W. White of Mason * Dr. and Mrs. Nicholson, and Mr. and Mrs. John F, Schaeg of San Antonio * Mr. White has been a prominent ranchman * John Schaeg * Misses Cora and Lula Bridges * Mrs. Nicholson * the Limpia Hotel * the McDonald Observatory * Marfa * the Paisano Hotel * Sul Ross State Teachers' College and Museum * the Haley Dude Ranch * the Chisos Mountains Park * J. E. Grinstead * the Kerrville Mountain Sun * Ed Cosper * J. E. Cosper in Rusk county * Mrs. Gertrude Hills * Ben F. Harigel * Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Hall, of London, England * W. W. Hornbeck * Mrs. Edith Wilson Smith, of San Diego, California * B. C. Murray * Dr. John Harvey * George A. Cutler * Mountain Home, Texas * Miss Linnie Wilson * the Honey Grove Independent * Lewis Hornbeck

Let's Know Texas And Texans


Mentions: E. M. Pease * Hermann F. Seele * New Braunfels * The Comal * DeWitt's colony at Gonzales * the Aguayo Expedition of 1721 * Gail Borden * Provisional Governor Henry Smith * George Childress * Catfish Creek * Double Mountain Fork * the Deer Creek battle * Col. Francis W. Johnson * Olive K. Dixon * Eugene Barker * George L. Crocket * C. L. Douglas * C. L. Douglas * the Mason County War, Horrell-Higgins feud * Clarence Wharton * G. W. Barrington * W. C. Holden * Herbert P. Gambrell * Florence Johnson Scott * Lona Shawver and Walt Cousins * Mrs. S. G. Miller * Lois F. Boyle * Walter Prescott Webb * Harry Harter * Chris Emmett * May E. Francis * Howard W. Peak * E. E. Kirkpatrick * Fred Chabot * Herman Ehrenberg * James K. Greer * Florence E. Barns * Melissa A. Castle * Paul A. Morgan * Wm. F. Drannan * Olin D. Wheeler * R. S. Townsend * Thos. E. Farish * Frank Wiltach * Carlyle Graham * Elliott Coues * Sam C. Reid, Jr. * J. W. Bradley

Some names mentioned in this volume:

Ackland; Andy Adams; K. P. Aldrich; B Allen; Anglin; D. Appleton; Austin; Jose Ayala; Baker; Eugene Barker; Barns; G. W. Barrington; Gladys Bassett; Irys Bassett; Jay Bassett; Jonnie Wingate Bassett; Harvey L. Bear; Reinhold Becker; Bertillion; Rev William B. Bloys; Mena Bonni; Borden; B Boyle; J. W. Bradley; Douglas Branch; Cora Bridges; Lula Bridges; Arthur Brown; Audre Brown; Howard Brown; Lois Brown; Ray Brown; Ross J. Brown; Burleson; Burnet; Burns; Frank B Bushick; John Carlin; B Carter; Carlos E. Castenada; B Castle; Chief Castro; Henry Castro; Simon Celaya; Celaya; B Chabot; George Childress; Chief Chiquito; Chiquito; Chisholm; Chisum; H. N. Chittenden; Arthur H. Clark; Cam Clark; Culberson Clark; David Clark; Jewel Clark; Mary Clark; Vena Clark; Victor Considerant; Conwill; James H. Cook; Dane Coolidge; Cosper; Elliott Coues; B Cousins; Bud Cowan; Ida Miss Crank; M. L. Crimmins; Mrs Martin L. Crimmins; George L. Crocket; Crockett; Cunningham; Dr Cupples; Albert Curtis; George A. Cutler; Davenport; Davis; George Dillard; Dixon; Dobie; C. L. Douglas; Wm F. Drannan; James Dunn; Duval; Ehrenberg; Elam; W. T. Eldridge; B Emmett; George Evans; Joe Evans; Joe M. Evans; Wiley Fain; Thos E. Farish; Velma Faulk; Field; Fields; Don Vicente Fillisola; Fisher; Fletcher; Foote; John S. Ford; Judge Martin Ford; Grant Foreman; B Francis; T. C. Frost; Fulmore; Thomas Galbreath; Herbert P. Gambrell; Gammel; Fabian Garcia; Garrett; Mrs Charles A. Gianini; Gillett; Fred B. Glass; Goodnight; Francisco Graces; Green; B Greer; Frank Grice; J. E. Grinstead; Albert J. Hall; Mrs Albert J. Hall; Rev Hall; Ollie Hanzal; Ben F. Harigel; Francis Harper; Francis P. Harper; Sam Harper; B Harris; Benjamin Pres Harrison; B Harter; Ophelia Hatten; Emil Haueisen; F. C. Haueisen; Mrs F. C. Haueisen; Hay; Hays; Gen Hebert;; J. Pinckney Henderson; Hickok; Mrs Gertrude Hills; Holden; Holley; Sherlock Holmes; Lewis Hornbeck; W. W. Hornbeck; Will Hornbeck; Rev T. J. Horne; Frank G. Huntress; W. H. Huston; Col W. T. Jackman; John Jacobs; Pancho Jaramillo; Jennings; Col Francis W. Johnson; Ben C. Jones; F. Kalteyer; Elizabeth E. Keefer; Albert Kelley; Chas Kelley; Edward Kelley; Emma Kelley; Florence Kelley; Joseph Kelley; L. C. Kelley; Mrs Nancy Kelley; O'Bryant Kelley; Robert Kelley; Sarah Kelley; Spencer Kelley; Zeno Kelley; Kendall; Mifflin Kenedy; Richard King; Mrs Martin Kingsbury; Robert Kingsbury; B Kirkpatrick; Joseph Kleiber; Kleiber; Georgie Kneighton; Krempkau; Lamar; Langford; Charles Larapentuer; Lee; Ed A. Leighton; Thomas G. Leighton; Mrs Thomas G. Leighton; B Lewis; Linn; Annie Louise Linzey; Uriah Lott; Blas Loya; Reyes Loya; Severiano Loya; David Maltby; Lela Miss Martin; William Judge Martin; Maverick; Maxwell; Mayes; Mrs Joseph McAlister; Henry McBride; Joseph Carroll McConnell; H. McCormack; Joseph G. McCoy; Peter Clark McFarlane; Pres McKinley; A. L. McLane; J. H. McLeary; Charles McManus; Mrs Exa Means; John Means; John Z. Means; Sam Means; B Melas; Wm A. Menger; Milam; B Miller; Roger Q. Mills; Moos; Caroline Morgan; Caroline Miss Morgan; "Granny" Morgan; John Morgan; B Morgan; Sallie Morgan; Fred Mosebach; Fred (Fritz) Mosebach; W. F. Mosebach; Jose Maria Mosqueda; B. C. Murray; Emma Miss Nentwich; J. P. Newcomb; Newell; Dr Nicholson; Marcos de Niza; B. H. Maj Norsworthy; Norsworthy; Mrs Mittie Wingate Norsworthy; Rebecca Norsworthy; Octavo; Bishop Odin; Arminda Miss Ohnesorge; Jose Olivares; Olmsted; A. Pancoast; Anna Patterson; B Peak; E. M. Pease; Rufe Perry; Rufus Perry; Anna Cora Petz; Petz; Ernest Piexotto; John William Poe; Sophie A. Poe; Ruth Powell; G. P. Putnam; Carlyle Graham Raht; Joseph Railtor; William McLeod Raine; Sam C. Jr Reid; George W. Rendall; Herbert Rice; T. C. Richardson; Roberts; Henry Robinson; Philip Ashton Rollins; Rose; Osborne Russell; Saunders; Joseph D. Sayers; John Schaeg; John F. Schaeg; Mrs John F. Schaeg; J. F. Schmitt; George Schroeder; B Scott; Charles Scribners; Hermann F. Seele; B Shawver; Sheridan; Dona Sherman; A. Siemering; Maj Simonson; Eugenia Singleton; Chas Siringo; Veva Slaughter; Agnes Smith; Mrs Edith Wilson Smith; Erasmus "Deaf" Smith; Smithwick; Sowell; Beatrice Sparks; Clyde Sparks; Opal Sparks; Reta Sparks; Robert Sparks; Tom Sparks; W. F. Sparks; Stapp; Granville Stewart; Thos H. Stribling; Alex E. Sweet; Pres Taft; M. Tarde; Taylor; Thalmann; Mrs Frank Thielen; Maj Thielepape; Wm C. A. Thielepape; Thompson; Gov Throckmorton; Thumim; R. B. Townsend; Rev George W. Truett; Ledie Turner; Wade; Walker; Wall; Wallace; Gen Washington; Alf Watson; James; B Webb; Stanley Welch; James B. Wells; Clarence Wharton; Mary Ann Wheat; Olin D. Wheeler; White; Mrs J. W. White; Wiemers; Wilbarger; Williams; Milton B Williams; Robert Williams; Bitsie Wilson; Buster Wilson; Carl Wilson; Earl Wilson; Elizabeth Wilson; Dr John Harvey Wilson; Linnie Miss Wilson; Mary Tom Wilson; Tom Wilson; Frank Wiltach; A. W. Wingate; Ann Wingate; Barbara Wingate; Billie Wingate; Caroline Wingate; Cecil Wingate; Claud Wingate; Claude Wingate; D. R. Judge Wingate; David Wingate; Dorothy Lou Wingate; Edwin Wingate; Elizabeth (Mittie) Wingate; Emma Wingate; Estelle Wingate; George Wingate; Georgina Wingate; Jimmie Wingate; John Wingate; Jonnie Wingate; Jonnie Wingate Jr; Julia Wingate; June Wingate; Kenneth Wingate; Lance Wingate; Leola Wingate; Lila Wingate; Lillie Wingate; Mabel Wingate; Marie Wingate; Mary Wingate; Mary Alice Wingate; Mattie Wingate; Maybell Wingate; Mildred Wingate; Milton Wingate; Mittie Elizabeth Wingate; Morgan Wingate; Morgan Wingate Jr; Nick Wingate; Ophedom Wingate; Pharaba Kelly Wingate; Pherobe Wingate; Rebecca Wingate; Robert Wingate; Robert P. Wingate; Roy Wingate; Rufus Wingate; Ruth Wingate; Walter Wingate; Walter J. Wingate; Walter Wingate Jr; Wendell Wingate; Wilborn Wingate; William W. Wingate; H. E. Woodhouse; James A. Wright; C. L. Wurzbach; Carl Wurzbach; Yoakum; Sums York; F. E. Young; W. M. Young; Manuel Yturri; Ysleta

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