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Vol 14 No. 05 - February 1937

"T. U." The Grand Young Man Of Texas

By Dr. Robert T. Hill

Account of the life and career of T. U. Taylor, who served for fifty years as professor of engineering in the University of Texas. "T. U." as he was affectionately known throughout Texas was the father of engineering education in this State and the graduates from his department probably number over a thousand. Thomas Ulvan Taylor was born in January, 1858, in a cabin on Bear Creek in the southeast corner of Parker County which was then furthermost margin of the Indian frontier, and his parents were poor, briar-breaking frontier settlers, who settled with their hand upon the trigger, under the constant threat of Indian massacre.

Mentions: Professors J. C. Nagle and D. W. Spence * the A. & M. College * Dr. F. B. Plummer * Cleburne * Carlton Seminary, a school of high standing in Bonham * Maury's geography * Venable's Arithmetic * the Sam Houston Normal School * Huntsville * Dr. Oscar H. Cooper * professor of philosophy at Simmons College * Dr. Charles Venable, professor of mathematics * the Comanche Chief * Cornell University in New York * Major Gen. Beaumont Buck * Tallichet, Waggener, Everhart, MacFarland and Halstead * Hon. W. L. Prather * Dr. George L. Garrison * Henry Ware * R. E Nagle, Dr. M I. H. Hernd Halley * President H. Y. Benedict * R. E. L. Knight * late J. C. Nagle, Dr. McDaniel of San Antonio, I. H. Herndon of Tyler, Prof. R. E. Halley * Bonham, near Red River * TELLS OF PIONEER DAYS

Frontier experiences as told by Mrs. Eli Loyd, Medina, Texas.

Mentions: was born in 1860, in what was then Lexington county, Texas * father's name was Samuel Fleming * I was christened Virginia Scott * moved to San Marcos, in Hays county * Burnt Boot, in what is now Medina county * the home of Mr. Galbreath * the Lott Johnson ranch * Atascosa county * Eli Loyd * North Prong of the Medina river in Bandera county * One of our neighbors was Bill Hind * we moved to Carrizo Springs and Mr. Loyd did well there * the J. W. Short ranch in Bandera county * Turkey Springs * Flat Rock * our present home above Tuff, in Bandera county *

The Refugio Colony And Texas Independence

The extensive article is an address that was delivered by Hon. Hobart Huson, LL. B., B. O., of San Antonio, Texas, on the occasion of the Refugio County Centennial celebration at Refugio, Texas, October 21, 1936 – it is the story of the part played in Texas Independence by those associated with the notable Irish settlement of Refugio.

Mentions: The heroic Fannin, the brilliant Ward, the daring King, the impetuous Johnson and Grant, and even the old Eagle, General Sam Houston himself * the "Royal Irish" of Power and Hewetson's Colony * Captain don Carlos de la Garza * Malone's rancho * the empresario James Power * the lovely River Slaney * El Copano * town of Wexford * St. George's Channel * Wexford Bay * Aransas * Live Oak Peninsular * the Poers * Waterford County * Bob Taylor * Robert Emmet * O'Briens, O'Connors, O'Kellys, O'Reillys, O'Doughertys, O'Donnels, O'Carrols, O'Tooles, and Powers * the O'Sullivans, McCarthys * El Copano * Colonel Power, Walter Lambert, John Dunn, Elkanah Brush, Martin Power, Joshua Davis, George McKnight, Ira Westover, John Maiene, Thomas O'Connor and Nicholas Fagan * John Malone * Captain Collinsworth and his Old Caney planters * John O'Toole * Dimmitt's garrison at Goliad * Philip Dimmitt * John J. Linn, James Kerr and Augustus H. Jones * Novell Lipantitlan * Lieut. Don Marcellino Garcia * Colonel Power, Kerr, and Linn * the Matamoras Expedition * Filisola's retreat * Lucius W. Gates * Colonel Hockley * Duval's Kentucky company * the Scotts * Captain King and his Kentucky Company * Colonel Ward * A. H. Osborne * John B. Sydick * Lewis Ayres * Captain Charles Frazier * Edward Perry * Mrs. Sabina Brown * Mrs. Osborne, Mrs. Ayres * Mrs. John Scott *

Horrors Of Indian Captivity To Be Retold

Brief sketches of the gruesome and sad accounts of numerous Indian captives such as: Cynthia Ann Parker, Mrs. Horn, Mrs. Harris, Dot Babb, Mrs. Luster, Henry Scott, Sarah and Eva Thomas, Herman and Willie Lehmann, Anna Metzger, Melinda Cordell, Warren Lyons, Mrs. Jane Wilson, Frank M. Buckelew, Clinton and Jefferson Smith, and several others.

Further Mentions: Cynthia Ann and her little daughter, Prairie Flower * Captain Sul Ross * Peta Nacona, a chief * the Quohada band of Comanches * the ill-fated Beales Colony which was established on the Nueces river * chivalrous William Donoho, a Santa Fe merchant * Dot Babb and his little sister, Bianca * Mrs. Luster, a beautiful young widow * Wise county, Texas * Bianca Babb and Dot Babb * Hugh and Johnnie Wilson * Adolph Fischer * Anna Metzger * Mrs. Charles Wattenbach * Charles Wattenbach * Emma Metzger * Sarah and Eva Thomas, two little girls, were captured by a band of Comanches in Nueces county in 1865 * Church Rollins, an Indian agent * a man named Anthony Strauch * Clinton and Jeff Smith * Boerne *

A Journey Through Texas In 1856

By Frederick Law Olmsted

(Continued from Last Month)

Mentions: General Cazneau * Eagle Pass * Cora Montgomery * Durango * Dr. Stillman * the Leona * Major Dashiell * Dunn's Rancho * Callahan * Piedras Negra *

Mrs. Mary A. Bell, Kimble County Pioneer

Junction Eagle, December 10, 1936

Sketch of the life of one of London's most outstanding women, Mrs. Mary E. Bell, whose father came to Texas with Stephen F. Austin in 1828. He took up land in Jackson and Matagorda counties and later pre-empted a homestead in Lavaca county where Mrs. Bell was horn in 1858. In 1881 her family moved to Llano county and soon thereafter to Kimble county, where she has resided for more than one-half century.

The Early Pioneers of the West

By Felix C. McKinney Sr.

Account especially depicting the life of Julius Nichols McKinney, where the town of McKinney, in Collin county, TX got its name. This old time ranchman eventually became a prominent cattle rancher in Frio County.

Mentions: the town of McKinney in Collin county * Uncle Collin McKinney * Frio, Uvalde, and Zavalla *

The Jews' Early Contribution To Texas

By J. M. Woods.

Account of notable Jewish pioneer citizens who helped settle the Texas Frontier through endeavors as merchants, noble service at the Alamo, at Goliad and, upon the bloody field of San Jacinto. Account is compiled from sketches of Jewish achievement by Dr. Henry Cohen of Galveston, Dr. David Lifkowitz of Dallas, and Dr. Ephraim Frisch of San Antonio, three eminent Rabbis who have themselves earnestly and unselfishly served Texas and its diversified population. The writer of the article culled from material compiled by them, and made a partial record of some of the outstanding occurrences of the lives of the early Jews in Texas.

Mentions: Cohen * Frisch * The first permanent Jewish settlement in Texas was at Velasco * Jacob Henry from England and Jacob Lyons from Charleston * Abraham C. Labatt * Dr. I. Kokernot a native of Holland, from the Gonzales colony * Adolphus Sterne * Dr. Moses Albert Levy * Benjamin H. Mordecai * M. K. Moses and Herman Ehrenberg * Edward J. Johnson * A. Wolf * D. K. Kokerot, Dr. Moses Albert Levy,' Dr. Isaac Lyons, Eugene Joseph Chimne, Kohn, Albert Emanuel * Capt. Levi Charles Harby * Dr. Joseph Hertz and his brother, Hyman Hertz, of Nacogdoches * Leon Dyer * Michael de Young of San Augustine * Jacob de Cordova * James Hamilton * Henry Castro * David S. Kaufman became one of the earliest prominent lawyers in Texas * Kaufman county was named in his honor. * Michael Seeligson * Henry Seeligson * Adolphus Sterne was an outstanding character in Masonry. * Jacob de Cordova as the founder of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in this State * Thomas Wildey * Isadore Dyer * Adolphus Sterne, Simon Mussina * Mrs. Rosanna Osterman * Phineas de Cordova * Dr. Ephriam Frisch

Open Range Sketches

Will Gay in Coleman Democrat-Voice.

Remarkable description of what Coleman County, TX was before it was dissected with barbed wire, roadways and other accoutrements of civilization – a day when navigation was done by the natural landmarks of creek, river, mountain range and other "trail marks."

Mentions: Colonel and Mrs. R. H. Overall * the famous "Overall Ranch" * ranchman, J. F. Gordon * Eagle Spring' * Brownwood or that region for Fort Concho * Bead Mountain * "Doan's Store" on Red River * D. A. R. Trail Mark * Trickham * the Santa Anna Mountains * the Brady Mountain Range * Cow Gap * Salt Gap * the Holloway and Comanche Mountains * Caddo Peaks * Callahan county * Robertson's Peak * Mrs. M. K. Witt * Tecumseh Peak * the Jim Ned Peaks, and Parker Peaks * the Warnock hills * Squirrel Gap * Stake Mountain near Talpa town * Concho Peak and Speck Mountain down near Rockwood and Trickham * Lee Guthrie and Leon Shields * Joel Warren * the McCord Pasture near the western line of Coleman county * the Jim Ned Springs * the Baird Roads, Pecan Bayou, Clear Creek, Crooked Creek, Jim Ned and Cow Creek Crossings * Fogg Coffey * Coffey Crossing * Trap * Creswell * Currie * Brady Bend * Stacy * Flat Rock * Waldrip * Mukewater * Home Creek, Elm and Grape Creek * Rough Creek * "Hell's Ten Acres" * Hoard's Creek * one of Coleman's pioneers, C. H. Rychard * the "Jim Bob." * the old Dunman "Six Bar" ranch and waterhole on Turtle Bayou * the old Day Ranch rock house, in southern Coleman county * Haywood Water Hole on Jim Ned * Hoard's Creek valley * Walter Gann * the "OK" and "Petmaker" spurs * many ropers used the "Darla Welta Wrap" and the "Julian Twist" * George W. Saunders * Mr. J. F. Henderson * E. McElrath * H. L. Bennett * Captain W. H. Day * J. P. Morris, J. M. "Mun" Parker, J. B. Warren, Joel Warren, Ellis McElrath, John Watson, Sam H. Gilliland * John F. Henderson, Sr., Harve Close, Will T. Smith, L. S. "Lester" West, G. P. Keeney, Mitchel "Mitch" Sneed, Greer Gray, J. A. "Buck" Stobaugh, Lee Vaughn, R. G. Mann, W. P. Burris * Miss Lenoir Dimmitt *

Muzzle Loadings

Mentions: Dr. Robert T. Hill, of Dallas * Mrs. Belle Bridges, pioneer resident of Mason, Texas * Miss Isabella Woolls Naudain * Prof. M. H. Allis * J. W. White of Mason * . S. F. Bridges * Ben Baker * J. P. White * Yellowhouse Ranch * H. O. Brockmann * Martin Van Bridges * Mrs. Thankful Hannah Allis * Prof. M. H. Allis * Mrs. Lige Walker * J. P. White of Roswell * Ben Baker * the Littlefield & White ranches * the Mason House at Mason * Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Bridges * Calvin Cope * H. O. Brockmann * Hon. A. P. Johnson * Misses Barbara and Dorothy Johnson, and Andrew and Ross Sterling Johnson of Carrizo Springs; former Lieut. Gov. and Mrs. Will H. Mayes of Austin, and their daughter, Miss Tyty Mayes * Will Bickenbach * Miss Isabel Allardyce, Dorval * Mr. and Mrs. Pornpeo Coppini, New York * Charles L. Fagan * Mrs. James V. Allred * Mrs. H. Y. Benedict * Omar S. Barker * Mrs. Gertrude Dills * Mrs. John Reitzer * Philip C. Tucker *

J. K. Miliwee, Frontiersman

By Max M. Coleman, Lubbock, Texas.

January 15, 1851, at Paris, Texas, was born one who was destined to have a colorful and adventurous life and exemplify everything the word "frontiersman" stands for. Learning to ride almost as soon as he could walk, he early determined to spend his life following the trail of the cow. This is the story of the man - J. K. Miliwee.

Mentions: J. K. Miliwee * Jingle Bob Ranch * Harvey Morris * Francisco Semora * Frank Baker, Billy Morton * Charlie Bowdre * Alexander McSween * Dick Brewer * Jim Sanders * William Bonney * Harold Strayhorn * the Chisum ranch * the Fritz Ranch in Canyon Bonito a. few miles south of Lincoln * Francisco Semora * Ruidoso * Mr. Strayhorn * The brand was I 0 A * The Bar X * the T. P. pushed * Crosby county, Texas, near where Lorenzo now stands * the Flying M brand * a man named Van Sanders * the Deuce of Hearts ranch in northern Lynn county * the Deuce of Hearts cattle * etc, etc

Let's Know Texas And Texans


Mentions: For the Johnson family (Jim, Sam and Tom) * the famous Deer Creek fight with Indians was waged in August, 1873 * James Coryell * George W. Kendall * Senator John H. Reagan * O. M. Roberts * Gen. Isidro Barades * Frank Jackson * Lieut. Antonio de Espejo * Diego Perez de Luxan * Dr. Ruter * Rev. Chauncey Richardson * Lieut. Col. Washington Seawell * Limpia creek * etc, etc

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