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Vol 15 No. 05 - February 1938

Moses Austin Was A Real Pioneer

By J. Marvin Hunter

When Moses Austin came to Texas in 1820, to seek a colonization grant, little did he dream of the far-reaching results of the tedious trip of more than eight hundred miles he made on horse-back through a totally unsettled and wilderness country, nor could he fore-see the destiny of the great common-wealth that was to develop, directly as the outcome of that hazardous trip. Moses Austin did not live to even see his colonization scheme put into operation, for on the return trip to Missouri he was stricken with pneumonia, and died at the home of his son-in-law, James Bryan, June 10, 1821, in the 57th year of his age. His work was then taken up by his illustrious son, Stephen Fuller Austin, and successfully carried forward. So began the great state of Texas. Here is his story.

Further Mentions: Elias Austin * Moses Bates * Governor Martinez * Baron de Bastrop * Natchitoches

Two Daughters Of The Frontier

Mary Whatley Dunbar

Account of two sisters of Mineral Wells in Palo Pinto county, Mrs. Jane Harris and Mrs. Robert S. Dalton, who were both born in Palo Pinto county, on the Slaughter Valley ranch, in a pioneer double log cabin. Mrs. Harris was born in 1858, and Mrs Dalton in 1860. Their father was Rev. G. W. Slaughter, the first Baptist preacher to settle in this county, a pioneer circuit rider, known and respected not only in his home county, but over the entire frontier at that time. He was also the trusted lieutenant of General Sam Houston, and carried his last message to Travis, Crockett and Bowie in the Alamo.

The account goes on to mention: John Slaughter * Mrs. Harris * Emporia, Kansas * the old Chisholm Trail * Lasell Seminary near Boston * Auburndale, Massachusetts * the Virginia Female Institute * Sid Geddis * David Cook Harris * Mrs. George Metcalf and Webb Harris of Palo Pinto, Mrs. B. A. Blackman * Mayor D. C. Harris of Mineral Wells * Marcus L. Dalton * Mesdames Ottie Cunningham, C. G. Fearris, G. C. Miller, Jimmie Hollingsworth, Ruth Needham, Edwin C. Mays, and Webb, Mark, Slaughter and J. B. Dalton * Alex E. Sweet and J. Armoy Knox

Hanged By Jesse James And Still Lives

Ed Reichelt

Account and reminiscences of William James Keneson of Fannett, Texas, who speaks among other things, of duty in the ranks of the Federal army under General Ulysses Grant during the Civil War; months of fighting the Indians in the Dakotas; a desertion from the ranks of the Blue; trips up the old cattle trails from Texas; participation in the biggest buffalo hunt the nation has ever seen; his capture by Jesse and Frank James during the Civil War; years of service as a wild cowboy in the early days of the west, and his hauling of the corner stone for the capitol in Austin.

Further Mentions: Mr. Keneson was born in New York and reared around Chicago, later moving to Iowa, Missouri, and then to Kansas, where as a 15-year-old boy he enlisted in the ranks of the Union army when the Civil War broke out * Jesse and Frank James * Harrisonville * Independence, Kansas * the Chisholm Trail, the Slaughter Trail, and the old Santa Fe Trail * a horse ranch in Burnet county * Marble Falls * Osawatomie, Kansas * John Brown

On A Mexican Mustang Through Texas


This is the first part of a serial account of two daring adventurers who colorfully describe their exciting and sometimes humorous happenings on their trip through the wilds and wiles of Texas during the 1870's.

Mentions: a gambler, Phil Parker * Mat Woodlief, a noted gambler * Woodlief's saloon * Jean Lafitte * Buffalo Bayou

Sole Survivor Of Packsaddle Mountain Fight

By Odie Minatre.

Here is the first hand the tale of the famous Pack-saddle Mountain battle with Apaches, which occurred in Llano county, Texas August 3, 1873. E. D. Harrington re-calls vivid memories of the historic fight in which he was an active participant.

Mentions: Moss brothers, James, Steve and Bill Moss * Eli Loyd, Robert Brown, Pink Aires, Arch Martin * Jim Moss * the Duncan home * Deaver Harrington * John Tally * the Round Mountain * Captain John Green * Jim Patton * the Spring Valley Indian fight which occurred November 16, 1870

A Yacht Voyage To The New World

By Mrs. Houstoun.

Lengthy, detailed and thrilling account of voyage that was made by this intrepid young woman in September, 1843, on the schooner yacht Dolphin from England to the then struggling Republic of Texas. (Continued from Last Month)

Mentions: Colonel Baldwin * Colonel Morgan * General Baker * Pellegrini * Matagorda * Copano * Mrs. Kelsey, the wife of the Captain of the little Houston steamer

Building A Major Museum In Bandera

By J. Marvin Hunter.

Mentions: T. U. TAYLOR * JESSE CHISHOLM * W. A. PERIL * HATTIE CLUCK * DR. ROBT. T. HILL * GOV. JAMES V. ALLRED, Austin. JUDGE A. V. PUE, Bandera * E. B. ELAM, Bandera * BENJ. G. WEIMERS, Bandera. CADDO CAMERON, Bandera. W. R. FLETCHER, Bandera * E. BUCK * TED HILLMAN, Bandera * J. A. BACHMAN, Bandera * CHAS. ECKHART, Bandera * W. M. WAIDE, Ft. Stockton. C. E. SCHOFF, San Antonio. ALBERT MAVERICK, San Antonio *JOSEPH MADISON KINCAID * MISS RUTH COIT, San Antoino. DR. P. I. NIXON, San Antonio. DR. C. F. LEHMANN, San Antonio. HON. HARRY HERTZBERG * C. STANLEY BANKS. San Antonio W. E. WRATHER, Dallas * R. S. ELLISON, Tulsa, Okla * A. SCHREINER, Kerrville. W. A. PIIILPOTT, JR.. Dallas. ALEX BRINKMANN, Comfort. JNO. E. OWENS, Dallas * MRS. C. T. TRAYLOR, Cuero. DR. S. E. THOMPSON, Kerrville * S. GARRETSON, New York. E. C. de MONTEL, Wichita Falls. MISS ISABEL ALLARDYCE * S. C. BUTLER, Kenedy * LOUIS LENZ, Lake Charles, La., LESLIE TRAYLOR, New York. H. N. DARST, Richmond, Texas. JUDGE O. W. WILLIAMS * FRED W. CROXEN, Window Rock, Arizona * W. S. MABRY. Selma, Alabama. R. I. NICHOLS. Louise * SAM R. KONE. San Marcos. HON. JULTUS REAL, Kerrville. DR. R. J. MOONEY. San Antonio * WALTER GANN, Denver, Colo. RAYMOND HICKS, Bandera. OSCAR NOWLTN, Camp Verde. G. H. DONKEY, Shiocton, Wis. EARL VANDALE, Amarillo * L. G. PARK, Council Hill, Okla * T. H. PHILLIPS, Medina * R. W. NOWL1N, San Antonio. GABRIEL TIBILETTI, Victoria. EDGAR MONIETH, Houston * N. J. DELOS R. JOHNSON, Franklinton, La * MRS. F. A. HICKS, Utopia * J. H. TALLICHET, Houston * DR. SAM JAEGGLI, Moulton. W. O. DICKERSON, Roosevelt * J. R. WATKINS CO.,Winona, Minn. FRANK H. MANSFIELD, Bandera. JOE BENTON, Nocona * DAN H. MARSHALL, Holliday. JOE O. NAYLOR, San Antonio. A. K. BRIGGS, Bandera * JNO C. HUBBARD, Weimar * A. B. RE ALAN, Brady * WALTER PRESCOTT WEBB, Austin

Anglo-Saxon Trails Across Texas

By T. U. Taylor

Very extensive and detailed account of many of the major trails of Frontier Texas used by Anglos as opposed to the many Indian and Mexican trails already in use on the frontier.


Also includes excellent old map of these trails.

Further Mentions: O. W. Williams, Ft. Stockton, Texas * Castle Gap * Comanche Springs * Chihuahua * the Conchos river * Durango * Llano Estacado * Lake Haco * Natchitoches, Louisiana * Nacogdoches * Brenham * Navasota river * Giddings * Old Lincoln * town of Paige * The Upper Presidio Road * The Lower Presidio Road * The map of J. H. Young, published in 1853 * Eagle Pass * McCamey * Dr. Henry Connelly * Erin Go Bragh * the Dozier school * Dr. Ware May * a Mr. Powell * old Fort Towson, in the Choctaw Nation * Josiah Gregg * Van Buren, Arkansas * Edward J. Glasgow * Alexander W. Doniphan * Jesus Maria * Josiah Gregg was born in Overton county, Tennessee, on July 19, 1806 * Harmon Gregg, and his mother Susannah * David Gregg * Jacob Gregg * John Gregg * Margaret Gregg * Choteau's Store just north of the present town of Purcell * Tabba-quena (Big Eagle), * Spring Valley * Lipscomb county, Texas * the famous Tucumcari Mountains * Geary * Mirabeau B. Lamar * General McLeod * Bryant's Station on the Brazos * Cross Timbers * Bosque river * Elizabeth Crockett, wife of David Crockett * George W. Kendall * the Santa Fe Trail between Cresson and Granbury * Caddo Peak * Gallinas * W. P. Lewis * Baker and Rosenberry * Denison, Texas * Col. Jacob Snively * Eli Chandler * Captain Phillip St. George Cook, * Chas. A. Warfield * Governor Armijo * Gen. Wool * Captain Jack Hays * John Conner * Horsehead Crossing * Liveoal Creek * Fort Lancaster * Captain Highsmith * Brady's Creek * Las Moras * W. F. Smith, of the Topographical Engineers * Howard's Creek just northeast of the present town of Sheffield * Lts. Whiting and W. F. Smith of the Topographical Engineers * Castroville * Devil's River * Liveoak Creek * Leon Springs * Balmorhea * Limpia Creek * O. W. Williams

The Fourth Cavalry In Texas

By Colonel M. L. Crimmins.

After the capture of Macon, Georgia, on April 20, 1865, the Fourth United States Cavalry remained there until late in November, when it was ordered to Texas, where ten companies were concentrated at San Antonio and two companies were sent to the Rio Grande. In the fall of 1866 companies were sent to Camp Verde, old Fort Martin Scott at Fredericksburg, and to Fort Mason, Mason county, Texas. In 1867 old Fort Chadbourne, about sixty miles north of San Angelo, was reoccupied by four companies of the Fourth Cavalry. In May, 1873, the Fourth Cavalry was concentrated at Forts Clark and Duncan under brevet Brigadier General Ranald Slidell Mackenzie. In August, 1874, eight companies of the Fourth' Cavalry, A, D, E, F, H, I, K, and L, commanded by Captains M. B. McLaughlen, E. B. Beaumont, Sebastian Gunther, Peter M. Boehm, Theo. J. Wirt, Edward Miles Heyl, left Fort McKavett and proceeded to Fort Concho, Texas, and along the the North Concho river to the First Fork of the Brazos, close to the Staked Plains. Here they established a supply camp on September 2, and left it under the command of Colonel Thomas Anderson, while the Cavalry, with an escort of the Eighth Infantry for the wagon train, scouted along the heads of the Brazos, Pecos, and Red Rivers. Many fierce engagements with Comanches followed. The regiment then took post in Indian Territory in 1875, and did not again return to Texas. Here is the story.

Further Mentions: Edward V. Sumner * Robert E. Lee * John Sedgwick * Lawrence P. Graham * Ranald S. Mackenzie * Resaca de la Palma * Remolina * John J. Bullis * Captain Beaumont * Ouajada Comanches * Palo Duro Canyon of the Red River * Lieutenant Joseph H. Dorst * Captain Sebastian Gunther * Fort Griffin

Dean T. U. Taylor Honored On 80th Birthday

By J. Marvin Hunter.

Mentions: Dr. Robert T. Hill * General M. M. Crane * Driskill Hotel in Austin * Julian Mongomery * John D. Miller, Steve D. Heffington, V. R. Schmidt, Jr., Hon. Robert Lee Bobbitt * E. C. B. Bartel * Steve D. Heffington * V. R. Schmidt, Jr * John D. Miller * Prof. E. C. H. Bantel * Judge Robert Lee Bobbitt * Dave Dillingham * 'Divan Taylor III * Mrs. Summerfield Taylor * John D. Miller * Thomas Ulvan Taylor * Uncle Charlie Carlton of Bonham, Texas * O. H. Cooper * Charles S. Venabble * William H. McGuffy


Mentions: Col. W. T. Jackman president of the Trail Drivers' Association * Brackenridge Park, San Antonio * Mrs. Lesser * Adolph Huffmeyer * Mrs. Bessie Terry Lesser * James F. Hinkle, of Roswell, New Mexico * the C A Bar outfit * a ranch on the Rio Penasco * W. S. Mabry

Let's Know Texas And Texans


Mentions: Jose de Ugalde * Henry Smith * Bird's Fort * Tarrant County * Jonathan Bird * John Neely Bryan * Neil McLennan * treasure near Chireno, in Nacogdoches County

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