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Vol 15 No. 06 - March 1938

Stephen F. Austin, The Father Of Texas

When Stephen F. Austin heard that the application of his father to plant a colony in Texas had been granted, he was in New Orleans gathering emigrants, but decided to proceed at once to Texas with a small party. Before he reached the Sabine he heard the news of his father's death. Nevertheless he proceeded on to San Antonio de Bexar, and arrived there August 12, 1821, just in time to witness the rejoicing over the independence of Alexicoico. Austin, after informing Governor Martinez of the death of his father, asked to be recognized as impresario in his stead to carry out the contract. This request was granted. by Martinez, who also gave him permission to explore the country along the Colorado and Brazos rivers and select, a location for his color. At the request of the Governor, Austin furnished a sketch of his plans, which was approved and authority given him to take charge of the local government of the colony. He selected a location for his settlers along the lower Brazos and Colorado rivers. Then he took upon himself the work of bringing the colonists to the chosen site. He returned at. once to New Orleans to conduct the colonists to their new home. The first party are conducted was made up of the families of the Old Three Hundred. This was the birth of the Texas of Frontier history. Here is the story of the man who so instrumental in that event.

Further Mentions: Edmund Spenser * Ahia Brown * Anthony Sharp and Robert Turner * William Tenn * Mary Coleman * James Bryan * Josiah H. Bell * William H. Wharton * William J. Russell * William H. Wharton *

General David E. Twiggs In Texas

By Colonel M. L. Crimmins.

General Twiggs played a vital part in the tragedy that followed the secession of Texas, and this account was been compiled from contemporary sources in order to make it available to the students of Texas history. It details first, his condensed military record, and then quotes data concerning his activities in Texas between the years 1846 and 1861.

Mentions: Fort Jesup, Louisiana * President Tyler * General Zachary Taylor * General Don Mariano Arista * Colonel William Jenkins Worth * General Winfield Scott * George T. Mason, James S. Woods * T. S. McIntosh, Martin Scott, Jacob Brown. H. McKavett, George Lincoln. T. L. Chadbourne. R. H. Graham. and James Duncan. * R. H. Cochrane, IL McKavett, R. Hazlett, Randolph Ridgeley. R. M. Graham, .L. S. Woods. C. Haskins, D. S. Trvin, L. N. Morris, T. L. Chadbourne, John Page, Jacob Brown, Z. M. P. Page, Truman Cross. and O. T. Mason. * Bernard E. Bee, D. C. Buell, M. Rosenerans, D. H. Hill, J. .T. Reynolds, C. T. Hardee. TT. TT. Sibley, J. Bankliead Magruder. and Braxton Bragg * Captain C. F. Smith * Point Isabel * Lieutenant F. Kirby Smith * Major Ringgold * Lieut. R. Ridgely * Lieut. French * Captain May * Capt. L. N. Morris * Col. Garland * Shover, and French * Captains May and Graham, Meals. Winship, Pleasanton, Stevens, and Sackett * Capt.. Buchanan, Ideals. Hays and Wood * Capt. W. W. S. Bliss * General M. Arista * Don Jesus Cardenas * Captain Samuel G. French * Lieut. Arthur D. Tree * Lieut. Col. Abraham C. Meyers * Col. Charles Anderson * Major Nichols * Colonel Charles Audeson * Major Bob Anderson * Lam Anderson * Thomas T. Devine * Major David Vinton. Major Sackfield Maelin * Captain Reuben Marmeduke Potter * Col. Carlos A. Waite * Colonel Carlos A. Waite * Col. Charles Anderson *

Early Surveying In The Texas Panhandle

Oldham County, Texas was organized in 1880; Tascosa the county seat. The Oldham Laud District was composed of the counties of Hallam, Sherman. Hartley, Moore, Oldham, Potter, Deaf Smith, Randall and Parmer. The 3,000,000 acres set aside for the Texas capitol building was lamely located in the counties enumerated above.

The writer was appointed surveyor of the Oldham Land District, qualified, and took charge in 1882, went to Austin and procured from the General Land Office a copy of all files, field notes and maps of each of the above enmities, thereby furnishing the surveyor's office of the Oldham Land District with a complete set of records. THIS IS VERY EXCELLENT HISTORY OF THE ORIGINS, EARLY LAND TITLES AND OWNERSHIPS, SUBDIVISION AND HISTORY OF THOSE EARLY PANHANDLE DAYS, INCLUDING ORIGINAL FORMATION OF THE GREAT XIT RANCH, THE LS COMPANY AND OTHERS.

Mentions: John H. Clark * Rich. O. Chaney * General Joseph H. Johnston * John J. Major * John A. Clark * William R. Scurry * Mr. John K Weyes * the Clark party * N. L. Norton * Taylor, Babcock & Company of Chicago * N. L. Norton * Colonel A. C. Babcock * Colonel A. W. Spaight * Senator C. B. Farwell * Fort Elliott * Mobeetie * Tascosa * John Clark * C. B. Vivian * Buffalo Springs * Chapin & Gore * J. T. Munson * Bob Ingersoll * Cottonwood Arroyo * the old LS range * Canadian river * South Plains * Spring Lake * Causey Brothers * Yellow House * Agua Frio * Perien * Buffalo Springs * Metcalf * L. H. Campbell (known as Barbecue Campbell, because he had a ranch in the Indian Territory and the brand he put on his cattle was Bar BQ, hence his sobriquet of Barbecue) * Abner Taylor * Reginald DcKoven * the birth of the XIT Ranch * the brand LS * The TIT brand * Campbell * the MT Ranch * Mr. Stuart, an Englishman from Manchester * C. B. Farwell and Abner Taylor * Studebaker * Bob Smith * Griffin & Shannon * Mr. W. D. Twichell * Marshall & Jones * Sod House Draw * Mr. Norton * Mr. Boyce * Colonel Campbell Malty * Blaney Creek in Hartley county * J. W. Snyder * A. Boyce * C. C. Slaughter * William Ragland * Gus O'Keefe * Coman & Shear * the Lee Scott Cattle Company * Mr. A. L. Matlock * A. G. Boyce * Matlock and Boyce * Mr. George Findlay * Lee & Reynolds Cattle Co * U. W. Littlefield Cattle Company * Lee & Scott Cattle Company * the Bates & Real Cattle Co * Gunter & Munson Cattle Co * Glidden & Sanborn Cattle Co * Trujillo * Trujjillo Creek, Punta de Agua Creek, Canyon Romero Creek. Alamositas Creek, Alamosa Creek, Tascosa Creek, and Sierrita In Cruz Creek * Rhinehard & Howard * McMasters * the American Pastoral Company * W. S. MARRY *

Anglo-Saxon Trails Across Texas

By T. U. Taylor

Very extensive and detailed account of many of the major trails of Frontier Texas used by Anglos as opposed to the many Indiana and Mexican trails already in use on the frontier. This is a continuation of the article which began in the February, 1938 issue of Frontier Times magazine.


Includes poem, "THE OLD MACKENZIE TRAIL" Further Mentions: Brigadier General Arbuckle * Captain R. B. Marcy * Jesse Chisholm * Elizabeth Edward * The Edward settlement * Edward's Trading house * a Delaware Indian, named Black Beaver * Staked Plains * Dona Ana * Organ Gap * Las Cornadas * Crow Springs * Guadalupe Mountains * Valley of the Peens * Lieutenant Harrison * Lieutenant Sackett * Old Preston * T. Bryan * Lieutenant J. E. Johnston * W. F. Smith * South Fork of Brady's Creek, * Comanche Springs * Horsehad Crossing * Lieut. Bryan * Fort Lancaster * John S. Chisum * Roswell New Mexico * Ysleta * the Waco Mountains * Dr. H. Connelly * Fort Towson * Chihuahua City * John W. Spencer, John B. Davis, Ed Froboesse, John Holly * Sha Hogan, Jolla Burgess * Brooks, Calderon, Mehard Daly * William Russell * San Felipe Springs * Leon Water Holes * Joe Head * Burgess Spring * Charco de Alsace * Antelope Springs * Tinaja San Esteban * El Alamito * Pope's Crossing * John Butterfield * Colbert's Ferry on Red River * Delaware Springs * William Lawrence * the Double Mountains * O. W. Williams * R G. Carter * J. H. Young *

On A Mexican Mustang Through Texas


This is part of a serial account of two daring adventurers who colorfully describe their exciting and sometimes humorous happenings on their trip through the wilds and wiles of Texas during the 1870's.

Map Showing Coronado's Route

Robert T. Hill claims to provide the most accurate version of the great expedition of the early explorer through Texas.

Rangers And Reservation Indians Battle

By J. Marvin Hunter.

The leniency of the government Indian agencies toward the Indians under ward on reservations, often was the cause of suffering for the settlers on the frontier in the early days. It took the Texas Rangers to properly chastise and punish the reservation Indians when they slipped away from the reservation, and, under pretext of hunting buffalo, committed depredations and murdered white people, seemingly under the very eyes of the military authorities. This is the account of altercations that occurred due to the policy of leniency.

Mentions: Company B of the Frontier Battalion of Texas Rangers * Colonel Cook * Fort Sill reservation * Black horse, chief among the Comanches * Corporal Douglas * Big Spring, China Ponds, and Monument Springs * Fort Chadbourne * Shaffer's Alkali Lake * Five Wells * Cedar Lake * Hackberry Springs * Captain Arrington *


Mentions: Mr. and Mrs. R. W. McClung of Victoria, British Columbia * Mrs. Paul McClung and Mrs. Herman Saenger of Kerrville * Mrs. C. T. Traylor of Cuero * Mrs G. Keith Gordon * Judge W. C. Linden * Captain Gordon * Col. P. S. McGeeney * El Diablo Cojo * Walter Gann * Doris Killingsworth * Joe O. Naylor * Ellen Bary * Gay F. Buell * Miss Lydia Shirley * Mr. and Mrs. Silas Shirley * the Pipe Creek community * Mrs. Lydia Buell * Miss Myrtle Murray * Joel D. Fenley family of Utopia *

Dangerous Life Of A Customs Inspector

Account of experiences of J. D. White, "Captain" White, as he was known of Robstown, Texas describing harrowing days of service for over 20 years as a customs inspector on the Texas Frontier.

Mentions: Simon C. White * Karnes county * Frank Rabb * McAllen * John Bales * Gregoria * Judge Hutchins * Miss Nannie White * Mrs. Mary Busby of Kenedy *

Let's Know Texas And Texans


Mentions: Presidio la Bahia del Espiritu Santo * Dr. Stephen F. Everett * Fort Griffin, Shackelford county * John James, Charles de Montel and John H. Herndon * Plum Creek * General Felix Huston * a Mormon colony settle near Austin * In 1839 a Mormon colony from Nauvoo, Illinois, located on the Colorado about six miles above Austin * Hamilton Creek * Burnet * Noah Smithwick * Elder Lyman Wight * Henderson Yoakum * General Manuel Teran * Garcia Library at the University of Texas * General. Edward Burleson * General Henderson * Antoine Crozat * Richard Bullock * Ben Milam * the Peramendi House *

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