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Vol 15 No. 07 - April 1938

An Indian Massacre in Montague County

Account of brutal Indian attack that occurred in 1870 on the west prong of Denton Creek, in Montague county, Texas, about six miles southwest of the town of Montague.

Mentions: Mrs. T. W. Beall * Denton Creek, in Montague county * Mr. and Mrs. Jesse B. Maxey * Paul Maxey * John Stroud * Dr. John A. Gordon * Valentine Maxey * Anadarko, Oklahoma *

General Ranald S. Mackenzie

By Colonel M. L. Crimmins.

Account was taken by the author from a book rarely accessible to those outside the Military Service. The account describes Mac­kenzie during his Civil war battles and then goes on to detail his battles with marauding Comanches, Kiowas, and Cheyennes, whose main camp he attacked, Sept. 28, killing and capturing nearly 2,000 horses. In 1875, from his headquarters at Fort Sill, I. T., Mackenzie, by his energetic measures, effected a complete change in the disordered condition of Indian affairs. His career was one of the most brilliant in the annals of the American army.

Further Mentions: * General Cullum's Biographical Register of the Officers and Graduates of the United States Military Academy, 1891 * Commodore Alexander Slidell Mackenzie * Williams College * Powder River Expedition * Captain J. H. Dorst. * Roman Nose and Crazy Horse * Cigar Springs, northwest of Chisos on Cottonwood Creek (G4 Ranch), and Bone Springs *

Let's Know Texas and Texans


In this article answers are given to inquiries as to Texas history and other matters pertaining to the State and its people.

Mentions: * the town of Bastrop * James Bowie's bravery * Orozimba * Dr. James A. E. Phelps * Burnham's Crossing * N. B. Tanner * Captain Robert C. Morris * Bailey Hardman * S. Rhodes Fisher * Caney Creek, Matagorda county * Colonel Horton * Jas. W. Bulloch's * Ayish Bayou * Gen. Piedras * Green DeWitt * James Kerr * Don Rafael Gonzales * Francis Berry *

Louis Schmidt, and the Mason Brass Band

By J. Marvin Hunter

Story of the old Mason Brass Band, of from six to ten pieces, which provided music on gala occasions for a vast scope of country northwest of San Antonio. Includes old photo of the band.

Mentions: * Philip Pfeiffer * Adam Ritter * Benno Schmidt * Louis Schmidt, Philip Maisack * John Reugner * Fred Ottens * Jim Finney * a fellow by the name of Faulkner killed a man at Loyal Valley * Charlie Wahrmund * Koocksville * William Koock * Littlefield & White * Mrs. Anna Martin, Wm. Wheeler * Ike T. Pryor, Ben Gooch, John Gamel, Major Seth Mabry, Chas. Lemburg * Captain Charles Schreiner * James E. Ranch and Major D. Doole * Dan Hoerster * Herman Schmidt * Cherry Springs *

Ride on First Railroad in Texas Recalled

Account draws from the memory of Mrs. Georgina Kendall Fellowes, who recalls being a passenger on the first railroad line to operate west of the Mississippi River, the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railroad which ran between Richmond,and Har­risburg, Texas, before the Civil War. She specifically describes the 33-mile ride on the train in 1858 when Mrs. Fellowes, born in France on May 29, 1850, accompanied her parents to New Orleans from their ranch near New Braunfels.

Further Mentions: * her father, George Wilkins Kendall * the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railroad, a corporate property of the Southern Pacific Lines * Mademoiselle Adeline de Valcourt * Ben McCulloch * General John Worth * home on Mission Hill near New Braunfels, * Miss Adeline de Valcourt Kendall * Henry Fletcher Kendall * William Henry Kendall * Eugene Jay Fellowes * Boerne ranch *


By J. Marvin Hunter.

This article further relates to the foregoing article and supplies more important history of George Wilkins Kendall who first came to Texas from Louisiana in 1840 for his health. He was a journalist and eventually fell in with Thomas Falconer, with whom he joined as guests of the Republic of Texas upon the Santa Fe expedition of the same year sent out by President Lamar. He was later captured in New Mexico at San Miguel without ever having seen Santa Fe. The members were carried prisoners to the City of Mexico. Later, after having retuned from the Mexico prison, he located a sheep ranch near Sisterdale in the beautiful hill country of what is now Kendall county. There he remained for the rest of his life. This is an excellent account of his family and history of the area.

Further Mentions: * Brushy Creek, 15 miles north of Austin * Brigadier General Hugh McLeod * Hon. Waddy Thompson * Dr. Robert T. Hill, * von Roemer, Olmsted, Gregg *

Georgetown Editor Defied Ben Thompson

Account describes events that occurred in 1884, when the cattlemen of Texas held a convention in Austin. At a certain time, and without warning Ben Thompson suddenly surprised the cattlemen by entering the banquet hall, and with drawn gun began to knock things hither and thither from the table. He stampeded the unarmed visitors and broke up the banquet. The Sun newspaper then printed an article critical of Thompson, which triggered then a further and dangerous altercation between the badman and the editor of the newspaper. Here is the account.

Mentions: * B. E. Chrietzberg * Tom Smith, * R. T. and J. B. Cooper * Cooper Sansom * Dee Sansom and P. B. Safford * Miss Margaret Belle Jones * Don Felipe Henry Neri, Baron de Bastrop * Margaret Belle Jones *

On a Mexican Mustang Through Texas


This is part of a serial account of two daring adventurers who colorfully describe their exciting and sometimes humorous happenings on their trip through the wilds and wiles of Texas during the 1870's.

Mentions: * Styx Ferry * Barnes House * The Abbe Dominick * Old Caney bottom * the Muscogee tribe * Sheriff Webber * John Wesley Hardin * the Brazos bottom, in Fort Bend county *

Benjamin Franklin Highsmith

By Maude Wallis Traylor, Cuero,Texas

Excellent history of Ben Highsmith, the son of Ahijah M. and Deborah Turner Highsmith, a descendant of a long line of Indian scouts and rangers. Highsmith served in the Army of Texas 1835—1836, then became a Texas Ranger under Capt. Jack Hays, was a member of the Somervell Expedition, 1842, etc, etc. here is his story.

Mentions: * Utopia, in Uvalde county * Captain Miles Standish and Edward Doty * Molly Standish * Daniel Boone * Molly (Standish) Turner, * Fort Wood or Troy, in Lincoln county, Missouri * Femme Osage District * Joseph Cottle and Stephen Woods * Joshua N. Robbins * Moses Austin * Ahijah M. and Deborah Highsmith * Jesse Burnham * Zadock Woods * Stephen Cottle * Old Mina * James Bowie, William B Travis, Ben McCulloch, Winslow Turner, and Samuel Highmsmith * Captain Elliot C. Buckner * Leander Woods * Andrew Castleman * Elliot C. Buckner * Old Caney * John Sowell * Colonel James C. Neill * Captain John Alley * Colonel John H. Moore * old Mission Concepcion * Dick Andrews * the "Grass Fight." * General Edward Burleson * Colonel J. C. Neill * Frank W. Johnson * John Harvey * Captain Ware and Deaf Smith * James C. Neill * Colonel Wm. B. Travis * Powderhouse Hill * David B. Kent, * Dr. Venters * Winslow Turner, Jr * Captain Ed Burleson's company * Captain Juan N. Seguin * Captain Rogers * Brushy Creek * Jacob Burleson * Captain James Rogers * Jack Hays * Jack Walters, Ed Blakey, and James Gilleland * Noah Smithwick * Colonel Bell * Linnville * Victoria Prairie * Peach Creek * Pinto Trail Crossing * Kit Ackland * Captain J. S. Sutton * Adam Turner * J. M. O'Brien * Blanket Creek * Mary Deborah * J. W. O'Brien * Resaca de la Palma * Jacob C. Trask of Matagorda * Gail and Thomas Borden * L. W. Kemp *

The Second Cavalry Pursues Cortina

By Colonel M. L. Crimmins.

Here is the account of what became known as the Cortina campaign when a Mexican named Juan Cortina, who claimed he had been wronged by the citizens of Brownsville, TX and so crossed from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande in the autumn of 1859 with a body of armed men recruited from both sides of the river estimated from 600 to 1,500 strong. This unlawful force committed many depredations and killed several Americans. It was reported that Cortina had captured Brownsville, and that he had assumed a formidable and threatening attitude at various places between the Nueces and the Rio Grande, The whole frontier and, in fact, the entire State was very much excited. General David E. Twiggs assembled a force at Brownsville under the command of Major Samuel Peter Heintzelman, and thus the campaign began. This article presents the entire account in detail.

Mentions: * old Fort Merrill, * Grove H. Thomas, George Stoneman, David S. Stanley, and Samuel Peter Heintzelman * Albert Sidney Johnston, Robert E. Lee, John Bell Hood, William Joseph Hardee, Edmund Kirby Smith, Charles William Field, and Fitzhugh Lee * George H. Price * Captain George Stoneman's company * Lieutenant Manning Marius Kimmel * Captain Stoneman * Captain Stoneman * Captain Albert Gallatin Brackett * Lieutenant Robert Nelson Eagle * Edinburg * La Mesa * Reynosa * Ringgold Barracks * Mexican General Garcia *

When 10,000 Indians Died of Smallpox

Account of the scourge of smallpox which decimated the Indian tribes of the region now encompassed by northern Montana, the Canadian area just north of the Montana border, and North Dakota, during the summer of 1837. The death toll from the epidemic probably reached a total of 10,000. Here is the sad account of that event.

Mentions: * Piegan, Blood and Blackfeet tribes * The Mandan tribe in Dakota * Assinniboines * The Minuetarees * Major Alexander Culbertson * Captain Pratt * old trapper named Bill May * Bernard Pratt * Sandoval * where Fort Whoopun * The Crows * Gros Ventres * the Nagel Brothers Granite Works of Fredericksburg


Some names mentioned: * MISS ISABEL ALLARDYCE, * IRA ATEN * J. A. BACHMAN * A. K. BRIGGS * C. STANLEY BANKS * S. C. BUTLER * ALEX BRINKMANN * ABRAM STILES BEELER * S. OMAR BARKER * G. R. BECKHAM * JOE BENTON, * MARTIN M. BRETT, San Antonio * C : Y. BILLINGS, Bandera. * DR. J. O. BUTLER, Bandera. * T. A. BUCKNER, San Marcos. P. J. BLACKMON, Bandera. * CADDO CAMERON, Bandera. MISS RUTH COIT, San Antonio. FRED W. CROXEN, Window Rock * D. E. CONWILL, JR., Bandera. COL. MARTIN L. CRIMMINS, San Antonio * H. N. DARST, Richmond. * W. O. DICKERSON, Roosevelt. W. A. DAVIS, San Antonio * J. D. DILLINGHAM, Austin. FRANCES DONECKER, San Antonio * JULIA CHISHOLM DAVENPORT, New York City, N. Y * GEO. B. DAVIS, San Antonio * R. S. ELLISON, Tulsa * E. B. ELAM, Bandera * W. R. FLETCHER, Bandera. CHAS. L. FAGAN, Rahway, N. J. CLIFF FARRELL, Mar Vista, Calif. DR Z. FULLER, San Antonio. * M. S. GARRETSON, New York. WALTER GANN, Denver, Colo. * FRED I. GLENN, Dallas * CHAS. GERSDORFF, San Antonio. HUGH GORDON, JR., Houston. * MRS. F. A. HICKS, Utopia * JNO. C. HUBBARD, Weimar * DR. ROBERT T. HILL, Dallas. TED HILLMAN, Bandera. RAYMOND HICKS, Bandera * MRS. GRACE L. HARRIS * *JOHN F. HODGES, Bandera, C. W. HANLEY, Fort Worth. FLOSSIE E. HUTTON, Hot Springs * WILL HEINEN, Los Angeles, Calif. * GEORGE P. ISBELL, San Antonio * DELOS R. JOHNSON, Franklinton, Louisiana * DR. SAM JAEGGLI, Moulton * GEO. W. JAYROE, Santa Monica, * J. RALPH JACKSON, Holliday * MISS VIVIAN KEESE, Medina *COMMANDER G. KEITH GORDON..* JOSEPH MADISON KINCAID. SAM R. KONE, San Marcos * G. H. LONKEY, Shiocton * LOUIS LENZ, Lake Charles * DR. C. F. LEHMANN, * W. J. LAYLAND, Cleburne *.LEO LINDNER, Comfort. * MRS. J. A. MILLER, Bandera. FRANK H. MANSFIELD, Bandera. ALBERT MAVERICK, San Antonio R. W. MEITZEN, Bandera. JASON CHILTON MATTHEWS. DR. R. J. MOONEY, San Antonio. EDGAR MONTIETH, Houston. DAN H. MARSHALL, Holliday * JOHN V. MONTAGUE, Waterbury, * P. S. McGEENEY, San Antonio * W. E. McDERMETT, Big Lake * R. W. NOWLIN, San Antonio. H. M. NOWLIN, Center Point. JOE O. NAYLOR, -San Antonio. OSCAR NOWLIN, Camp Verde. R. I. NICHOLS, Louise * DR. P. I. NIXON, San Antonio * JNO. E. OWENS, Dallas * JUDGE A. V. PUE, Bandera. L. G. PARK, Council Hill, Okla. *W. A. PERIL * W. A. PHILPOTT, JR., Dallas. T. H. PHILLIPS, Medina * MRS. W. A. ROBERTS, Frio Town. O. B. ROLLINS, Austin * HON. JULIUS REAL, Kerrville. A. B. REAGAN, Brady * E. W. ROBINSON, San Antonio. *N. H. ROSE, San Antonio * J. W. SHORT, Bandera * LESLIE E. SHORT, Bandera. * L. A. SCHREINER, Kerrville. D. W. SHORT, Hondo. * C. E. SCHOFF, San Antonio * COL. JOHN N. SWEENEY, Helotes. J. F. SMITH, Hondo * BUDDIE SCARBOROUGH, Austin. *JOHN SCHMIDT, SR. * MRS. C. T. TRAYLOR, Cuero. T. U. TAYLOR, Austin. * J. H. TALLICHET, Houston. DR. S. E. THOMPSON, Kerrville. LESLIE TRAYLOR, New York. GABRIEL TIBILETTI, Victoria. *THOS. W. TURNER, Marfa. THALMANN, FRED B. Bandera. * JOE VILLEMAIN, Pipe Creek. EARL VANDALE, Amarillo. MAJOR RUFUS G. VAUGHAN, San Antonio * R. L. WEIBLING * MISS MAY WELDON, Bandera. W. M. WAIDE, Fort Stockton. W. E. WRATHER, Dallas * JUDGE DUVAL WEST, SanAntonio ERNEST W. WILSON, Abilene. WALTER PRESCOTT WEBB * JOS. WEIDEL, LaGrange, Illinois * Hon. A. B. Reagan * Gus O'Keefe * C. C. Slaughter's ranch * the XIT outfit * Mr. Mabry * Tahoka Lake and Yellow House Canyon * Gus O'Keefe * Mrs. R. E. Tullis, of Center Point, Texas * Mrs Benjamin Denton * Mr. C. F. Pitts, * Mrs. Cleora Davenport * Rosa Chipman * John Eckhart, and Mrs. Nicie Lewis * Mrs. Joy Tilley * Mrs. Gladys Maiming * John Travis Walker * John, Jr., and William Walker, of Kerrville * Joe D. Walker, of Medina * Mrs. L. D. Ferguson, of San Angelo * Bill Phillips * Ben Kilpatrick * Sanderson and Dryden * George Parker * Express Messenger Truesdale * Caddo Cameron * Dick Beeler

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