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Vol 15 No. 11 - August 1938

Ho-che-ay-um, the Church of the Indian

By Col. Richard I. Dodge

Account describing religious ceremonies and structures used in rituals of Indian religious worship. The literal meaning of the word, in the Cheyenne language, is the "lodge made of cottonwood poles.” Great detail is used in the account to depict the ceremonies held in the Ho-che-ay-um.

The Constitutional Convention in 1836

Mayo Thompson, Fort Worth, Texas

This article on The Constitutional Convention at Washingtonon-the-Brazos, by Mayo Thompson, describes in detail the events that occurred on March 1st, 1836, when fifty-eight delegates representing the whole of Texas were called together to formally declare independence.

Texas Rangers and Their Great Leaders

This article is an address given by Texas Ranger Captain Jack Elgin of San Antonio, which he made at the reunion of the Texas Rangers Association at Coleman in 1924. His reflections and observations on the Rangers comes from his long-standing experience as a Ranger during some of the most dangerous and challenging days on the Frontier.

Mentions: * Colonel M. L. Crimmins * Jack Hays, Ben McCollough, and Tom Green * General Edward Burleson * The Wilbargers and Hornbys * George B. Erath * Wacos and Tehuacanies * Captain Shapley P. Ross * the giant Comanche Indian, Big Foot * General Sul Ross * Colonel Ford * Quanah Parker * Captain Tobin * George H. Thomas, Kirby Smith, Fitzhugh Lee * Major Van Dorn * General Henry McColloch * John B. Jones * Jack Coke * Colonel Frank W. Johnson * Carlos Bee * Glaud Kuykendall, Maury Maverick, Thomas Young Banks, R. Bruce Banks, 'C. Stanley Banks, Frank S. Huson, Thomas J. Lancaster, all of San Antonio, Albert Sidney Burleson, Austin, Robert J. Kleherg, Kingsville, Andrew J. Sowell, Alpine. * Mrs. O. M. Farnsworth * Hubart Huson * Lewis R. Bryan, Charles E. Ashe, 0. M. Kendall, Franklin Williams, George A. Hill, Sidney Houston, Milton Howe, Jacob F. Walters, Andrew J. Houston, William K. Craig, Birdsall Briscoe, Lewis Fisher, A. Y. Bryan, Houston Williams, W. E. Kendall, A. M. John, Augustine De Zavala, Lewis R. Bryan, jr., Royston Williams, Guy M. Bryan, Clarence Kendall, and E. T. Branch * Hobart Huson * Dr. Robert T. Hill *

On a Mexican Mustang Through Texas


This is part of a serial account of two daring adventurers who colorfully describe their exciting and sometimes humorous happenings on their trip through the wilds and wiles of Texas during the 1870's. (Continued from Last Month.)

Mentions: * Don Vejez * Count Jose Maria de Cuatro Palacios * the Marquis Tejada Hernandez de los Santos * Count Cuatro Palaeios * the church of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe * General McCarty * Eagle Lake * Mose Patterson * The Galveston, Harrisburg, and San Antonio Railroad Company * an agent named Kingsbury * the G. H. & S. A. Railroad * Schulanberg * Schulenberg *

Jesse Chisholm in Stone

By T. U. Taylor, Austin, Texas

Photos and account of the erecting of the Jesse Chisholm monument in Bandera, TX.

Mentions: * Mrs. Billy Peril * Dr. Robert T. Hill * Wilbur White * Mrs. George Saunders * Charlie Eckhart * Dave Dillingham * Elmo Newcomer * Mrs. Julia Chisholm Davenport * the H. & T. C. Railroad * Brooksville * Florence, Texas * the firm of Moritz and Driscoll of Austin, Texas * Jesse Chisholm Spring, two miles east of Allier, Oklahoma * Professor Leland Barclay * Governor James V. Allred *

In the Land of the Chisholms

By T. U. Taylor, Austin, Texas

Account of a retracing of the land and life of Jesse Chishoim Hall by two old time frontiersmen, Dave Dillingham and T. U. Taylor. Numerous old photos relating Chisholms are included.

Mentions: * Mrs. Mary V. Cooke * Edwards' Store, five miles south of Holdenville, Oklahoma * Mr. Baker * James Edwards * Fort Gibson * William Edwards Chisholm * Eliza Chisholm * Mr. Hersel Marshall * Asher. Oklahoma * Sahkahkee McQueen * Chisholm spring * Alvin Rucker * Julia McLish * William Chisholm * Mrs. Mary V. Cooke * the Chickasaw capitol, Tishomingo * Mrs. J. P. McKeel * Mrs. Stella Ward * Wynnewood * Douglas Johnston * Mrs. Asbury * Joseph Bynum *

The Ancients Had Their Worries, Too

William Burnett Benton

Mentions: * Prof. Waldo H. Dubberstein, of the Oriental Institute * King Ashurbanipal * Dr. Dubberstein * James Henry Breasted

A Good Letter From An Old Cowpuncher

Asa Cicero Perry, Duncan, Arizona

Autobiographical account of Asa Cicero Perry, who was born January 21, 1866, in Travis county, Texas, eight miles from the capital city, Austin. His father, R. C. Perry, joined the Texas Rangers when he was sixteen years old. His mother was Sara Ann Kegan, a daughter of James Kegan. who came with his family with a colony from Missouri, in 1826, to colonize Washington county, Texas.

Mentions: * the widow of Mike Burcher * Jim Dooley at Fort Clark, Texas * Brackettville * the Thurmans,' and the Barksdales, B. B. Moeuer * Dick and Pete Hall * Ben Trailer * Ash Fork, Arizona * Joe Cude * the Tree Brand outfit * Jim Valentine * Nate Hall * the NH brand * Will Witt * Captain Jones * Albert Maverick * Maury Maverick * Henry McKeen * Charles Schreiner * Columbus Kountz * Sebastian Kountz * the T. & P. railroad * Jap Farr, of Blanco City * Fred Grovtetfe * Billy Laird, Jim Daughtry. and Bill Yarbrough * Ed Beater * Bird Terre * Garrett Davis * Fred Grostette * John Davis * Sam Rains and Frank Willis * the LC outfit at Mule Springs * the Pipe Line Ranch * Silver City * the Apache Kid * the CA Bar's: Bob Casey * Toni Capehart. Burk Hardin * Joe and Jack McAllister * Johnny Clay * Charlie Johnson * Miss Josephine Hillman * the Hart Brothers of the 24 Circle * Tom Phillips and P. M. Wilson * Johnny Phillips * Fayette Miller * Bill Hinds * Britt Means * Keese family * lack Hamilton * Ike Jones * Andy and Herman Mansfield, Charlie Montague * the Lessons, the Walkers * Alta Holland Gibbs * Mrs. J. T. Clements, H. F. Atkinson, and L. C. Chamberlain * W. F. Billingslea, * Miss Sarah Wilson * Mrs. J. T. Wilson * Mr. and Mrs. D. H. D. White * Mr. and Mrs. Ben. C. Wiemers * Santhoff * three Schweers brothers * Wernette Park * Castroville * Reverend A. H. Falkenburg of Castroville * Revrerend F. W Radetzky, of Mason county * Benj. G. Wiemers * William G. Sanson * State prison at Huntsville * John Marchiscn * John H. Green * Elizabeth Hofman * Clerk J. M. Carolan * Judge Sam O'Bryant * Benjamin R. Brigham, Lemuel B. Blakey, Mathias Cooper, George A. Lamb, Thomas P. Fowle, J. C. Hale, Dr. William Motley, A. R. Stevens, and Owen J. Trask *

Let's Know Texas and Texans


In this article answers are given to inquiries as to Texas history and other matters pertaining to the State and its people.

Mentions: * James E. Brown * W. B. Travis, Henry Smith, Branch T. Archer William H. and John A. Wharton, James Bowie, R. M. (Three-Legged Willie) Williamson, Edward Burleson, J. B. Patrick, Asa Hoxey, and Alexander Horton * Provisional Governor Henry Smith * Alonzo De Leon * Dr. Anson B. Jones * The Carancawas

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