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Vol 16 No. 02 - November 1938

Tom Turner Tells Thrilling Tales

Eve Lynn Duke, Marfa, Texas.

Account of Thomas Winslow Turner, a direct descendant of Captain Miles Standish, of the Plymouth Colony, and a Winslow Turner, whose name figures in the early settlement of Texas. This story includes his memoirs of the early days, and the excitement of settling a new country. Born at Old Refugio, Texas, Dec. 11, 1859, Mr. Turner was orphaned at ten. He was befriended by the John Welder family, German ranchers located near Corpus Christi. He made his home with them until he was fourteen and then "hit the Kansas trail" with a herd of cattle from near White Point, Texas, to Wichita and Baxter Springs, Kansas. Here is his story.

Mentions: employed as a scout for "E" troop, 4th' Cavalry, United States Army * Fort Sill, Indian Territory * John Matin * Joe Luque * Captain Henry Scott, Jim McFadden, Phil Welder * General Mackenzie * Tim Hart * Watkins * Heal * Double Mountain * Fort Griffin, * Cook * Camp Supply * Leavenworth, Kansas * Fort Sill * Canadian * Pease river * Sitting Bird. the notorious slayer * Blanco Canyon * the Sand Fight * Silver City, near old Fort Apache * Medcalfe Mines * Duck Creek * Jim Pearcewright * John House * Dutch Henry * the Bar A Bar cattle * Mrs. Maude Travlor of Cuera, Texas * the Rawls Ranch * Colonel R. H. Lewis * D. A. Russell *


Brief account of Captain John E. (Jack) Elgin, of Austin who earned his title of Captain by commanding the Waco Grays, a military company active in the decade of reconstruction following the Civil War to check lawlessness and prevent Indian depredations. At an early age Captain Elgin moved to Waco where he was graduated from Waco University, now Baylor University, as an attorney.

Further Mentions: Mrs. Violet Haynes * the Texas Deepwater convention * Waco University * Rockport * Lieut. Gov. Barney Gibbs * Texas Association of Pioneers * Edwin Chamberlain * August Thiele * Mrs. B. A. Gilmer

On A Mexican Mustang Through Texas


This is part of a serial account of two daring adventurers who colorfully describe their exciting and sometimes humorous happenings on their trip through the wilds and wiles of Texas during the 1870's.

(Continued from Last. Month)

Mentions: the Dew Drop Inn Saloon * Joseph P. Maxwell * Monte Joe * Luling * Dr. Kane *

Adventures Of John Rufus Alexander

Written by John Warren Hunter.

(Editor's Note.—Iu the September, 1938 issue of Frontier Times appeared the story of George Lord, a Mier prisoner, which our readers found very interesting. John Rufus Alexander was also a member of the Mier Expedition, and gave the account of his escape to John Warren Hunter, who wrote it out, and we here give it as related by Mr. Alexander.

Mentions: John Rufus Alexander was born October 27, 1817, in that part of the Territory of Louisiana which, in 1821, became the State of Missouri * Round Top, Fayette county * Miss Mary Jane Jones * old "Paint" Caldwell * Salado * Dawson's company * Santa Anna * Brazoria county * Shelby McNeel's company * the Castle of Pertoe * General Somorvell * Tom Green * Captains Cameron, Pearson, Ryan, Eastland, Buster, General Green and Dr. Brenham * Colonel Fisher * Joe Berry * Bate Berry, Dr. Sinnickson * Jack Hays * Colonel Fisher * General Canales * Dan Henry * and Mr. Copeland * Cameron * Bate Berry * Sam Walker and Captain Ryan * the Red Caps * a man by the name of Lyons * John Brennan * Jack Johnson and Gibson * Ackerman, Arthtur, Cash, and Jim Neely * Major Oldham * Captain Pearson * Thompson * Pearson * Fayette county *

Fifty Years On Forty Acres

Brief account of the experiences of T. U. Taylor Dean Emeritus of the Engineering Department of the University of Texas who served on the forty acres which comprise the University property in Austin, and be has seen that great institution grow to be the greatest in the South.

Mentions: Vinton L James * Alec Book Company * Justice Holmes *


Obit. Of Joseph William Short, for about a half century a prominent cattle man and banker of Bandera county. He was born in Karnes county, Texas, November 11, 1863. His parents came from Kentucky to Texas in an early day, and settled in Karnes county, later moving to Seguin, where Joe Short was reared. On December 21, 1893, he was happily married, at Henderson, Kentucky, to Miss Margaret Clay, and brought his bride to Bandera. Old photo of Mr. Short included.

Further Mentions: Major J. C. Short of Fort Clark, Texas, Joe Short, Jr., and Leslie E. Short of Bandera. and Jake L Short of Ozona

Three Men From Guadalupe

By J. M. Woods, San Antonio, Texas

Account of three noble Texans: Ben McCulloch, Henry E. McCulloch and John Ireland—all of whom valiantly and gloriously served Texas in peace and in war, each of whom were distinguished for their wisdom, devotion to the common good, and fidelity to a high and noble purpose in life.

Mentions: Guadalupe Lodge No. 109, A. F. and A. M. of Seguin, Texas * E. McCulloch * Crockett * Bishop's Palace at Monterey * Captain Mathew (Old Paint) Caldwell * Linnville * Plum Creek * General Adrain Well * Colonel W. S. Fisher * Canales and Ampudia * Richard Coke * Edmond J. Davis * Hart county, Kentucky * Munsfordsville, Ky * William H. Burgess *

Mrs. Sallie Reynolds Matthews Passes On

From The (Texas) News, September 15, 1938.

Account of Mrs. Sallie Reynolds Matthews, wife of Judge J. A. Matthews, and daughter of one of the earliest pioneer families of the regions of Albany, TX.

Mentions: Rev. J. A. Owen * Sallie Ann Reynolds * Breckenridge * B. Watt Reynolds * Stephens county * Elm Creek, in Young county * Clear Fork of the Brazos * Stone Ranch, near Camp Cooper * John A. Matthews * Reynolds & Matthews * California Creek, in Haskell county * T. P. Hughes of Georgetown * the Albany-Haskell road * Throckmorton county * the now famous 45,000 acre Lambshead ranch * George T. and W. J. Reynolds * Matthews Memorial Presbyterian church * Joseph B. Matthews * Fort Griffin * Judge Ben F. Reynolds, Throckmorton, and P. W. Reynolds, Albany; seven children. Mrs. Thomas L. Blanton, Joe 13. 'Matthews and Watt R. Matthews, Albany. Mrs. A. P. Burns, Paul's Valley, Oklahoma, Mrs. Lucile Brittingham, Cleveland, Ohio, Mrs. L. A. Casey, Houston. and Mrs. A. B. Judd, Houston *

The Ideals Of The Texans

By R. L. Doss, Whitewright, Texas

This story on "The Ideals of the Texans," by R. L. Doss student of Texas A. & M. College, was awarded fourth prize by the Battle of Flowers Association of San Antonio, q

Curley Hatcher Was A Daring Ranger

By J. Marvin Hunter

During the years of 1873 and 1574 there were troublous times on the Texas border. The vanguard of civilization that had then begun to plant its posts in what is now Central West Texas were heroes of iron mold. Such was the character of the subject of this account. Here is his story.

Mentions: Lieut. Best * Sergeant Israel, Jim Polk, Dick Buss, Henry Sackett, John St. Clair, George Davis Bill Dunman.. Sam Scott


Mentions: W. E. Richardson, of Erwin, Tennessee * Odie Minatra * Sam Moore * Wild Jim French * Dean T. U. Taylor * John S. Chisum *


Brief account of B. F. Manton, who was born in Colorado county, near Fayetteville, and grew up in the early days of Texas when Indians were still a menace. When he was 15, he commenced driving cattle to Kansas.

Mentions: W. N. Blanton, vice-president and general manager of the Houston Chamber of Commerce * Paris, Texas * National Frontiersmen's convention * Jack McCully * the Blanton family * San Felipe * Ham White * William Blanton and John B. Blanton * the fatal Mier Expedition * R. B. Blanton of Paris, Ed Blanton of Waco, and Harold Blanton of Arkansas; two daughters, Mrs Oscar Wallace of Oklahoma, and Mrs. W. C. Mosely of Marshall, Texas * Oakwood Cemetery * Rev. J. W. E. Airey *

Let's Know Texas And Texans

Mentions: the Llano Estacado, or Staked Plains * the first county seat of Brazoria county * Boonville * the present town of Millican * Bryan * Clarksville, Texas * Col. Charles DeMorse * H. Raralsop * Secretary of War Eaton * William H. Wharton * George C. Childress and Robert Hamilton * James W. Collingsworth and Peter W. Grayson * Col. Guy M. Bryan * Andrew J. Hamilton * E. M. Pease * Edmund J. Davis * Hamilton and Pease * J. W. Throckmorton * Gen. Phil Sheridan * Huntsville * Raven Hill * Cedar Point * Thomas J. Rusk * J. Pinckney Henderson * Samuel Bangs * Capt. R. D. A. Price * Rev. Rufus C. Burleson * the first Spindletop well, near Beaumont * Anthony F. Luchich * Plum Creek * Lionville, near Victoria * Col. Edward Burleson

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