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Vol 16 No. 03 - December 1938

The Winnemucca Bank Robbery

By Franklin Reynolds

Eye-witness account of the events that occurred when Butch Cassidy and his Hole in The Wall Gang rode into Winnemucca, Nevada, on September 19, 1900, and robbed the First National Bank. The real story could only be told by the man who best knew it. Honorable Edward A. Ducker, a Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court, then a young lawyer just starting his legal career in Winnemucca. Here is his account.

Further Mentions: C. D. Van Duzer, then district attorney .for Humboldt county, and later a member of Congress from Nevada * Mr. Nixon, the president of the bank * George Parker (alias Butch (Cassidy) Harry Longbaugh (alias The Sundance Kid), and Harvey Logan (alias Kid Curry) * George Rose * Soldier's Pass * the little town of Golconda, seventeen miles East of Winnemucca * the Silve Ranch * Silvain Siard * the Clover Valley Cattle Ranch * Shorty Johnson, Jack Lowrie, Burns Caldwell and Frank Stone * Squaw Valley * the Snake River Valley * Jarbridge county, a wild and rugged mountain country near the southern line of Idaho * Three Creeks * a man by the name of Moore * George S. Hopkins, of Winnemueca

The Fight At Loving's Ranch In 1874

The following account of the fight with Indians at Loving's Ranch that occurred in July, 1874 and was written in 1910 by R. S. Purdy of Cenemt, Oklahoma.

Mentions: Archer county, Texas * Fort Murray * Jim Boyd, of Boyd's Mill * Lost Valley * Jim White * Jack county line * Cameron creek * West Fork * Ira Cooper and John Heath * Flat Top Mountain * Mrs. John Herndon James * Maria Aurelia Williams * Charles Albert Sloane * Colonel Thomas Greenhow Williams * Sara C. Alford * Harlingen, Texas

Captain Jack Elgin's Last Story

By Colonel M. L. Crimmins.

Account of Captain John E. "Jack" Elgin', veteran politician, lawyer, publisher and champion of Texas deep water ports, and for more than three decades a colorful San Antonio figure.

Mentions: Waco University, now Baylor University * Waco Examiner * Rockport * Martinez Street * Henry Sackett * Camp Cooper near Coleman * Mirabeau B. Lamar * the Rodeo at Cotulla * Major Riply Allen Arnold * Dr. Steiner


Account of the murder of Major Ripley Allen Arnold, 2nd U. S. Dragoons, which occurred at Fort Graham, on the Brazos river in Hill county, about midway between Waco and Fort Worth on September 6, 1853.

Mentions: Assistant Surgeon Josephus M. Steiner * Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma, Texas * General Theophilus F. Rodenbough * First Lieutenant Newton C. Givens * Fort Croghan * Brevet Colonel Charles C. May * Lieutenant George B. Anderson * Gov. H. R. Runnels * Major Ripley Allen Arnold * Fort Graham * General William Selby Varney * Jack Evans, leading attorney from Waco * Bacon's Abridgements * the Menger Hotel in San Antonio * College Hill * Washington Lafayette Hill

Early Days In The Brush Country

Jake English

HERE IS SOME ESPECIALLY GOOD EARLY HISTORY AND GENEALOGY OF UVALDE, TX AND FRIO COUNTY, TX as well as surrounding areas of Dimmit, La Salle, Maverick and Zavala counties.

Mentions: Andrew Jackson Potter, the famous fighting preacher * Carrizo Springs * Aunt Melinda McGlaufin * Aunt Harriet Tomlinson * Bud English * Bud English, Dean Oden, and Dan Williams * Levi English, W. V. Bell, Ed Burleson and George Daugherty * Bud and Big English, Joe Tumlinson, and W. V. Bell built his ranch at Carrizo Springs in 1861 * Bob Lemmons, a slave and oxdriver of English's ranch * Carrizo Creek * Bill Bell * Till Berry, John Berry, Bill Allen, John Allen, Ben Slaughter, Harrison Daugherty, Bill Daugherty, Geo. Daugherty, Dave Parks, Bill Parks, Hy Bennett. Cal Woodward, Mont Woodward. Lot Johnston, Clay Johnston. Bob Lone. John Hay, Bud Hay, Si Hay, Dan Hay, Big Foot Wallace, Ed Westfall * the old Indio ranch * Simps McCoy and Duncan Lemmons * Sage Creek in La Salle county * McCoy * Jesse Laxton * John DeSpain * the old Conchino Ranch * Old Dog Town, old Frio Town, Carrizo Springs, and Eagle Pass * John Gardner * Bill Love * Dave Cleary * Scar Face Black who was a partner of Frank James * Sheriff Gonzales of Laredo * Little Johnny Burleson * John Laxton * old Jim Lowe, and his three boys, Marcellus, Dolphus, and Little Jimmy Lowe * a big family of Walkers that lived in old Dog Town * old Sam Frazer * Bill Hiler * Jim Harkness * John Little and Bill Daugherty * John Little married a Blackaller girl * Bill Slanghter * B. L. Crouch, Cal and Mont Woodward, Les Harris, and Bill Votaw * old Presidio Crossing * Bibb & Hart had the first store * Calvin Walden * Dick Thompson * A widow by the name of Cos * Alex Zimmerman * Jim Eldridge * Thompson and Zimmerman * Espantosa Lake * Bill Tucker * Ben Duncan * the Tucker Ranch * Crystal City * English Mott. Joe Tumlinson * W. V. Bell and Rube Bell * Penia Creek * Terry, Charley, Fate, John, Jim and West Vivian built the first ranch on Pendeucia Creek * Indian Bend on the Nueces river * Grey White * Bed ranch on Penia Creek * J. R. Burleson, Jim Roberts, Billy McGlaufin Bill Dickens, and L. L. Bell * the English ranch at Carrizo Springs * Old Man Evert and his boys and Jim Croosing built the first ranch at Loma Vista in Zavala county * the Wm. Lane survey * Bill Votaw and Asher Richardson built the old San Pedro ranch and Oak Grove, Eagle's Nest, and Big Morro, Duncan Lemmons built the old Lemmons ranch on Carrizo Creek. Old Jim Carr built the Valbenuala ranch * Fort Ewell * Jim Buck * Billy Tompkins * Capt. C. B. Mckinney * Bill Irving, Joe Cotulla, Jack Hargues. George Hill, John K. Barretta, and John A. Kerr * Levi English, Jr., and Dan Carr built the first saloon, named the Lone Star * Old lady Burke and old Dunham had the first hotel * Alfred Allee killed a negro named Potter * Bowen, the editor of the Cotulla paper * Sam Rhodes * Little Johnny Burleson * John Laxton * Sam Rhodes * Sallie Rhodes * Joe Botherlow * Alfred Allee * Joe Tumlinson, Si Hay and Jim McCoy * Jess Sumter * The leading cowmen were George Whaley, old man Towns and his boys, Stones and Sanmaguills, old man Joe Whipp, Theodore Whipp and Lamans * the four Thompson brothers, Pat, John, Bob, and Jim * Jim Riddle, Debonas, Sam White * Bonnet and his boys, Al Switzer, and Charley Shuller * Joseph Jones * Bethel Coopwood, and Theodore, Terry, and Dick Lumbard * the 7D and Bar S ranches in Zavala county * Lum Acres * Old Capt. McNelly * Lieut. John A.. Armstrong * John Martin, Nole Kelly, George McMullen, and oneeyed Jim Roberts * Alf Day * Tom Kellison * Bill McDonald, C. B. McKiney, Si Hay, Tom Oglesby Rogers, Brooks, and Bill Wright


Account of a man who was once hanged for a murder he did not commit. Will Purvis, known throughout the nation as the man who was hanged and yet lived, passed away at a ripe old age, with his wife and eleven children at his bedside.

It was on Feb. 7, 1894, that Purvis, convicted of murdering a neighbor, Will Buckley, mounted the gallows steps at Columbia, in Marion county, Mississippi, to pay the supreme penalty. The sombre black cap was slipped over his head, and the noose set. A brief pause and then the order was given. Purvis plummeted downward, but…

On A Mexican Mustang Through Texas


This is part of a serial account of two daring adventurers who colorfully describe their exciting and sometimes humorous happenings on their trip through the wilds and wiles of Texas during the 1870's.

(Continued from Last. Month)

Mentions: Mr. Crank moved out to Fredericksburg * the Schwiker House * the Island of Kawahowa * Atascosa county * Mr. Williams * Rodriguez * Tom Walker * Don Juan De Acuna, Marquis de Casa Fuerte, Knight of the Order of Santiago, Commander of Adelphia en los de Alcantara * Juan Antonio Bustamento * Marquis De Casa Fuerte * Jul. Shepard * Col. Shepard * Quiritachequia * Manuel De Salcedo * Cluke and Formasa Granados * Stefan Von Meezhawrki and Bryjida Farka; R. C. Cummings and Susan V. Enuner ; Federrico Zepeda and Valeriana Zedio; Francisco Latron and Monica Bibl; Ramon Toldra and Isabel. Martinez; ltharles Ackerman and Anna Rickermann; Otto Schroeder and Fannie Seiler * Jack Harris' Variety Theatre *

Don Tomas Sanchez, Founder Of Laredo

This account of Don Tomas Sanchez, the founder of Laredo, is the address of Seb S. Wilcox, Laredo historian, delivered on the occasion when the monument to Don Tomas Sanchez was unveiled.

Mentions: Martin (old San Agustin) Plaza in Laredo * Father A. M. Souehon and Bishop Neraz * Don Tomas Sanchez de la Barrera y Gallardo * Valle de Carrizal, Province of Nuevo Peynn do Leon * Dona Maria Josefa de la Garza * Don Tomas Sanchez opened a ranch on the south side within sight of the new settlement * Hacienda de Nuestra Senora de los Dolores * Jose Vasquez Borrego established his ranch and headquarters * Coahuila * Don Jose de Esceatidore, the colonizer of Nuevo Santander * Old Indian Crossing * Fort McIntosh * Don Joseph Martinez de Sotomayor * Governor Vicente Gonzalez de Santianes * Catarina de Uribe * Dona Encarnacion Garcia * Don Basilio Benavides * the Reverend Bachiller Jose Manuel Perez * The Irish poet. Theodore O'Hara *

An Outburst For Independence

By J. M. Woods, San Antonio, Texas.

In the life story of Empresario Hayden Edwards there is found evidence of the conflict of racial instincts between the Latin and the Anglo-Saxon, and which in later years germinated the impulses which largely produced the Texas Revolution. Here is the story.

Mentions: Nacogdoches in Texas * Ramon * General Herrera * the "Neutral Strip" * the Fredonians * Stephen F. Austin * Hayden Edwards * Governor Blanco * R. W. Edwards * grand old Milam Lodge A. F. and A. M. of Nacogdoches

Chas. L. Fagan Finds Ancient City

Mentions: a Grace Liner, the Santa Clara * Chimulluaco * Miss Sarah Wilson * Cajamarquilla * the Rimac river *

The California Column In The Civil War

By Colonel M. L. Crimmins.

The most successful column of Western troops we have record of, during the Civil War, was the "California Column," whose existence was of tremendous stragetical value to the Union. Here is the story.

Mentions: Fort Buchanan, Arizona * General Samuel Cooper * Brigadier General Earl Van Dorn * General David E. Twiggs * Fort Bliss * Fort Quitman * Fort Davis, Fort Stockton and Fort Lancaster * Colonel Isaac V. U. Reeve * Major Isaac Lynde * Fort Fillmore * Colonel John R. Baylor * the battle of Val Verde * Colonel B. S. Roberts * Major Thomas Duncan * Glorietta Pass * Brigadier General G. Wright * Colonel James H. Carleton * Lieutenant Colonel Joseph West * General Canby * John Jones, Sergeant Whaly * Manuel Cliavis * Colonel William Steele * Pichacho * General E. R. S. Canby * Colonel Edward E. Eyre * Stephen B. Elkins * E. E. Eyre * Colonel Eyre * Cook's Spring * Pershing Expedition * Colonia Dublan * Captain John C. Cremony * Captain E. C Shirland * Fort Craig * Camp Garland * Major A. H. Meyer * Captain W. R. Shoemaker * Captain J. G. Show * Major Arthur Morrison * Captain J. D. Sala * Captain Samuel Archer * Captain E. D. Shirtaud * Major William McCleave * Lieutenants French and Latimer * Major McCleave * Private James Hall * Corporal Charles E. Ellis * Fort Thomas


Mentions: the North Texas State Teachers College of Denton * the Panhandle Plains Museum of Canyon * Mr. Charles Eckhart of Bandera * the Montague boys, Frank, Jr., Charles, Bruce and George * Charles Montague * Bruce Montague * Dr. Robert T. Hill * Judge O. W. Williams * Mr. W. E. Wrather * Dr. Herbert Gambrel * Mrs. Whitney C. Montgomery * Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ferguson * Whitney C. Montgomery * Mrs. Sue V. DeVany * Flora Campbell Kimbrough * Mrs. W. A. Roberts * Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Myers * Douglas, Artzoua * Mrs. W. A. Robrets. * Mrs. Lillian Spears Domingues of Kerrville * J. W. FitzGerald * John Dunn * Edwin Starkey * John and Henrietta Lowrance Rees * Jim Starkey * Edwin Starkey * the Kerrville Times * Molly C. Boatright * Dr. Carl Coke Rister *

Let's Know Texas And Texans

Mentions: Jesse Bond * F. M. Collier * Bosque and Coryell counties * T. J. Dunlap * James Martin * a "Hubbard College" in Texas * Overton * Professor W. M. Crow * B. J. Benefield * Boyle & Scott * Ochiltree county * General Wm. B. Ochiltree * Tom Ochiltree * Abner, Joseph and Robert Kuykendall * La Bahia road * Abner Kuykendall

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