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Vol 16 No. 07 - April 1939

The Killing Of Cebe Goens At Salt Gap

By A B. Reagan, Brady, Texas.

Cebe Goens was the first white mail killed by Indians in what is now McCulloch county, Texas. This happened in May, 1861, while he and two other men were camped in Salt Gap, three or four miles north of Melvin, Texas. His body was buried near the spot where he was killed; and although considerable search has been made for his grave, the exact spot is unknown. In order to erect a suitable monument over the grave, several efforts were made to find the place, by a group of McCulloch county citizens, during the years of 1918 to 1925. The searching parties consisted, not only of McCulloch county citizens, but, also of San Saba county citizens, among whom were several persons who had frequently seen the grave in the long ago, past, including Warren Hudson, who was with the burial party in 1861. There is still a feeble hope that the grave will some day be found, and the monument erected to his memory. The circumstance of his murder by the Indians is the subject of this article.

Mentions: Richland Creek, about five miles west of the present town of Richland Springs * a man named Hysaw * a man named Nabors * the Brady Mountains * Captain W. R. Woods * Montgomery and Warren Hudson, two of San Saba county's most useful pioneer citizens * Jack and John Beasley * M. S. Sellers, Newt Craig and A. B. Reagan * Joe Ogden, an old McCulloch county ranchman * Rising Star * Gus O'Keefe, manager of the C. C. Slaughter Ranch near Big Spring * Aleutien Wells * Hackberry Creek to * the Capitol Syndicate, the XIT Ranch * a man named Kincaid * Dry Tobacco Creek * Tahoka Lake * Yellow House Canyon * Yellow House about eight miles east of where Lubbock now is *

A Winner Of The West

Buren Sparks.

Account of rugged pioneer preacher, Rev. L. R. Millican

He soon won his way into the hearts of these hardy people. They liked his method of approach, for he always hit a town or a cow camp, on the back of a nervous, high-stepping bronc. Cowboys just naturally liked a bronc-riding preacher. Millican could not only "fork a bronc," but could rope one that had never known leather, put a saddle on him and ride him to a fare-you-well. Plunges, sunfishing and stifflegged jumps on the part of the bronc could not dislodge this hard riding preacher. After one of these performances, the cowboys would give each other a wink and say, "He's our kind, he will do." then after a supper of frijoles, bacon and black coffee, it was no trouble to preach to a circle of cowboys as they settled around the campfire. Then, too, they had respect for his style, for he did not storm and bluster at them, but in a quiet way and friendly voice told them of man's greatest friend. In all of his preaching to such men, he held neither whip nor threat, but stood on common ground and talked as man to man. Cowboys are quick to catch a false note, and in judging strangers, they are ever on the alert for a gesture of insincerity. They are seldom deceived by the superficial. They may like a lot of swashbuckling at a medicine show, but never in a church house.

This is an excellent account of a very fine man.

Group Of German Colonists At New Braunfels

Excellent old photo of a group of early German pioneers at New Braunfels, in front of the old Sophienburg fort built by Prince Solms&Braunfels in 1846. The site of the old fort, we understand, is now occupied by the beautiful New Braunfels Museum building. This picture, which is thought to have bean taken some time in the 1890's, is from the famous N. H. Rose Collection of Old Time Photographs.

Yoakum's Account Of The Mier Expedition

Henderson Yoakum

As of 1939 when this magazine was printed, this account of the ill-fated Mier Expedition was the most authentic and reliable obtainable on this sad epic in Texas history. It is a fairly lengthy and detailed account.

Mentions: General Thos. J. Green's Journal of the Texian Expedition Against Mier * Mrs. Maude Wallis Traylor * General Somervell * the murder of Dawson's men * George Lord, a Mier prisoner * John Rufus Alexander * General Adrian Woll * Captain Matthew Caldwell * Captain John C. Hays * LaGrange * Captains Fisher, Cameron, Eastland, Ryan, and Pierson * Dr. Sinnickson * Colonel Barragan * Captain Ewing Cameron * L. L. Cash * James Ogden * James D. Cocke Charles Roberts Wiliam Rowan J. L. Sheppard * J. M. N. Thompson James N. Torrey James Turnbull Henry Whaling M. C Wing * Ackerman, Peter * Barber, James * Daniel F. Alexander, Matthew Berney * George Beard, Robert Armstrong * William Armstrong * William H. Hays * Drake Hensley * Charles Hill * Hill, Charles * Hill, Jeffrey * Isam, Zed * Thomas L. Jones * Edward B. Johnson * William Kaughman, E. G. Kean, Edward Kean, Richard Kelly, Charles S. King, R. B. Kirkendall, Hanks Lacy * Robert M. Lehan, Jerry Crittenden, George B.Lewis * W. K. Dickson * William M. Middleton * William H. Glasscock * Malcom Hannon * Wilson M. Eastland * Edward Este * John Brennen * Richard Bridges, Henry Brown * A. T. Burk * James Bush * Claudius Calvert * Ewin Canfield * Israel Carter * William T. Cash * L. L. Censibeau * T. J. Chalk * Winfield Clark * Willis G. Clarke * Charles Clopton * J. D. Cady * W. H. Colville * Thomas Copeland * Willis Cox * G. H. Locherman * Stanley Lord * Samuel C. Lyons * Joseph McLaughlin * Charles Smith * Robert McLelland * Samuel McMath * William J. Smith * John Nealy * James McMullen * James H. Nelson * James B. Nealy * Thomas Oats * James Oldham * James Phelps * Orlando Pierson * J. G. W. Piland * George W. Pilley * Robert M. Pitts * Elisha Randolph * William Rice * James O. Rice * Sandford Riley * Francis Ripley * William Roark * H. H. Rockyfellow * Peter Rogers * William Runyan, William J. Ryan, William Sensberry, John Sargeant, Carter Sargeant, William Saunders, Leonidas Scott, William Sellers, Harvey W. Shepherd * William M.Wynn * John Young * Smith, Thomas St. Clair, Caleb Stapp, W. P. Sullivan, Daniel Sweizy, John Tanney, John Thompson, J. M. Tatum, Thomas Thompson, Thomas A Thompson, William Thurmond, Alfred S. Torrey, James N. Toops, John Towers, Isaac Trehern, James Turner, Robert W. Uric, James Usher, Patrick Vandyke, Wilson M. VanHorn, William H. Van Vechten, D. H. Walker, Samuel H. Wallace, William A. Waters, Robert G. Watkins, Joseph D. Weeks, Henry D. Whaling, Henry White, Calvin White, Francis White, James S. Wilson, James C. Wilson, William F. Wilson, Zancheus Wilson, Williams, Levi Willis, O. R. Willoughby, Robert Wing, M. C. Woodland, Henry Wright, E. D. Wyatt, * and many more…


Obit. of W. T. Jackman, who lived a colorful life as a Texas pioneer, including the career as a peace officer, trail driver, and cattleman. He was born in Cloward county, Missouri, April 19th, 1851, and moved to Texas with his family in 1864, and first settled in Red River county. He was president of the Old Time Trail Drivers' Association.

Mentions: Rev. P. B. Will of San Antonio, and Rev. Bruce Roberts of Hebbronville * Edwin Jackman * Mark Jackman of Fostoria * Tom Jackman of Galveston * Mrs Nellie Hogan of Tuttle, Oklahoma, and Mrs. Nora J. Hanks of San Antonio, and a grandson, Sidney Jackman of Kenedy, Texas * His father was Colonel S. D. Jackman * General Joe Shelby * General Sterling Price * Miss Lou Green * George W. Saunders *

On A Mexican Mustang Through Texas


This is part of a serial account of two daring adventurers who colorfully describe their exciting and sometimes humorous happenings on their trip through the wilds and wiles of Texas during the 1870's.

(Continued from Last. Month)

Mentions: Eagle Pass * Gen. John R. Baylor * Sierra Mojada * the Mojada mines * Jones & Co * Tom Jones * Mrs. Parker * Mrs. Grimes * the State of Nueva Leon * Don Salvador Carrasco * Anastasio Bustamente * Gaspar Lopez * Jose Felix Trespalacios * Sebastian Rodriquez Biedma * Los Almagres * San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, and Guanajuato * Sebastian Rodriquez

Those Men Of The Mier Expedition

By Maude Wallis Traylor.

This account is a defense of the personal characters of the men of the Mier Expedition in 1842, and is a lengthy and detailed account of the events and conditions as led up to and resulted in that Expedition.

Mentions: Henderson Yoakum * Sheppard's Valley * George Lord * John C. Duval * Captain Philip Dimit * Captain Jack Hays * General Rafael Vasquez * Captain Dawson * Zadock Woods * Walter Prescot Webb * Oliver Buckman * Ewing Cameron * Alfred A. Lee * Mrs. Henry Journey * Patrick Usher * Elizabeth Turner * James Armstrong * Amanda Highsmith * Captain Sam Highsmith *


The Jaybird And Woodpecker War

By Ira Alen

Eye-witness account of the Jaybird and Woodpecker War which broke out in Fort Bend and Wharton counties In 1889. The war was between the pro-negro, northern carpetbagger Republicans (Woodpeckers) and the pro-white rule (Jaybirds). This detailed account is an example of the terrible conditions that prevailed in Texas during reconstruction days and following.

Mentions: Ned Gibson * Kyle Terry, assessor of Fort Bend county, and one of the white political leaders of the Woodpecker faction * The sheriff, J. T. Garvey * Captain Jones * Henry Frost and Volney Gibson * Tom Smith, chief deputy sheriff * Sheriff Garvey and a deputy, J. W. Blakely * Deputy H. S. Mason and Judge J. W. Parker * Volney Gibson * Ranger, Frank Schmidt * Sul Ross * J. M. Shamblin * H. H. Frost * The Killing Of Kyle Terry * Judge Penry, Captain Pearson, Clem Bassett and Messrs. Dunlevy and Mitchell * Pat Tiennan * Marion Aten *

"Black Jack" Ketchum And His Gang

By J. Marvin Hunter

Account of the Black Jack gang in the early 1890's. The Black Jack gang originated in the Knickerbocker region, west of San Angelo, which was for several years the main rendezvous, while their operations extended through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, and Montana. Includes excellent photo of the hanging of "Black Jack" Ketchum at Clayton, New Mexico, April 26, 1901. Also includes photo of the "Wild Bunch of Robbers' Roost." Showing Will Carver, Harry Longabaugh, Kid Currey, Ben Kilpatrick, Butch Cassidy. The photo was taken in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1901, shortly after the Winnemucca Bank robbery. Also includes photo of Ben Kilpatrick and Ole Beck, Killed While Robbing Train.

Mentions: Tom Ketchum * Ben Kilpatrick, a likeable Concho county boy, and Will Carver, another pretty good old country boy, who was raised in Bandera county * The Hills, midway between Eden and Paint Rock * The gang was composed of Tom (Black Jack) Ketchum, his brother, Sam Ketchum, William McGuinnes, Will Carver, Bronco Bill, Ben Kilpatrick and several others * the longhorn-C * the railroad from Amarillo to Roswell * Twin Mountain * Moines, New Mexico, some forty-five miles north of Clayton * the Colorado & Southern railroad * the town of Folsom, N. M., * Engineer Kirchgraber * Fred Bartlett, the express messenger * Conductor Frank Harrington * the Kilpatrick ranch in The Hills settlement * Ed Dozier * Oliver Thornton * Eldorado, in Schleicher county * Sheriff Lige Bryant, of Sutton county * Sam Ketchum * Sheriff Carr of Huerfano county, Colorado * William McGuinnes * Will Carver and Ben Kilpatrick joined forces with Butch Cassidy, alias George Parker, Harry Longabaugh, Harvey Logan, alias Kid Curry, Bob Leigh, Camella Hanks, and Flat-Nose George * A. C. Williams * Tad Moses * Sergeant W. J. Atridge * Mrs. Florence Fenley Angermiller * Judge Frost Woodhull of San Antonio * Mrs. Katherine C. Douthitt, of Henrietta, Texas * Captain J. A. Brooks, of Falfurrias * John Morgan Brooks * Dr. Harcourt * Chas. Harcourt

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