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Vol 16 No. 11 - August 1939

The Fight At Blazer's Mill, In New Mexico

This account of the the Blazer Mill fight is written by Mr. Almer N. Blazer, whose father owned the mill, and he himself was an eye-witness being in his teens at the time, writes from that perspective. He gives a version that is slightly at variance with Mr. Frank Coe's tale in other particulars and says that the single shot that hit Roberts came from the gun of Billy the Kid, and in this he quotes Billy, who came that way in charge of two deputies on the way from Mesilla to Lincoln after he had been convicted and sentenced for the murder of sheriff Brady of Lincoln county.

Further Mentions: Walter Noble Burns * Frank Coe, of the McSween faction * Charlie Bowdre * George Coe * Brewer * Emil Blazer * Captain Miller * Johnny Patton, Numa Strain, Dick Ewin * Tularosa * Tejanos * Nogal Canyon * La Luz * Godfrey * Wellie Pitts and Si Maxwell * old Joe Weaver * Boudre * Johnny Ryan *


The editor of Frontier Times, in company with Dean T. U. Taylor and J. D. Dillingham of Austin, made a trip to New Mexico the early part of July, to dig up history concerning John Simpson Chisum, the great cattle baron, who entered the cattle business in Denton county, Texas, before the Civil War, and who later moved his herds to Concho county, and operated a store at Trickman, in Coleman county. When the country became too crowded John Chisum again moved his cattle, this time driving them across the Pecos up into New Mexico, and located a ranch there, becoming the greatest cattle baron in the West. The Lincoln county war, and the Billy the Kid history clusters around that early day cattle venture of John S. Chisum, but he was not a participant. This history has been touched upon in various issues of Frontier Times, but more will follow later.

Further Mentions: Trickham, Texas * Fort Stockton, Pecos City, Carlsbad, New Mexico, Roswell, Hondo, San Patricio, Mescalero, Lincoln * Roswell * Fort Sumner * Clovis, and Lubbock * Big Springs, San Angelo * Mrs. Lillie C. Klasner pioneer school teacher of New Mexico * Robert Casey * Almer N. Blazer * Hondo Canyon * George Coe * San Patricio * Miss Nan Hillary Harrison * the Lincoln county war * the delightful Bonnell Dude Ranch near Hondo *

An Airplane Trip Over The Chisholm Trail

By T. U. Taylor, Austin, Texas.

Account is a travelogue given by Dean T. U. Taylor at the Bandera County Old Settlers Jubilee at Frontier Times Museum in Bandera, June 3, 1939, under the title of "A One-Day Trip Over the Old Chisholm Trail." Includes map of the old cattle trail.

Mentions: the home of the late W. T. Jackman, President of the Trail Drivers * the home of Sam Kone * the ranch of Jesse Day * grandson, Pierce Day * Webberville * Montoplis Ford * Josiah Wilbarger * Mrs. Reuben Hornsby * Walnut Creek * Dave Dillingham * Round-Rock * the ranch of George Cluck * his wife, Hattie * Snyder * Red River Station * old Cornhill * Florence * Jarrell * Salado * the ancient home of the Robertsons * Salado College, * Jim Ferguson * Sam Sparks * Belton, the county seat of Bell county * Bosque county * Oakwood Cemetery at Austin, Texas * Valley Mills, Clifton, Meridian, and Walnut Springs * Phillip Nolan * the city of Cleburne * Easterwood 's Brick Yard * Caddo Peak * the little town of Birdville, once county seat of Tarrant county * Fort Bird * John B. Denton * John Simpson Chisum * Slidell * the old camping ground at Bolivar * Red River Station * Montague * Queen Victoria Peak, * the Old Butterfield Route * the old settlement of Ringgold * old St. Joe * J. H. Baker of Palo Pinto * George Cluck's herd of Williamson county * Ewell Cluck * Monument Hill, * the town of Waurika * Duncan * Marlow * Guthrie * Kingfisher * the grave of Pat Hennessey * Smoky River * Mrs. Lou Gore * Chief Left-Hand * James R. Meade * , P. A. Smith, * Joe Van * Council Grove * Salt Springs in Blain County * Joe Thoburn and Alvin Rucker * Greenfield, Oklahoma * The firm of Driscoll and Moritz Monument Works *

Alfred Sturgis Thurmond

By Houston Wade.

Account of a true Texas hero and patriot, he was one of the Mier Prisoners and a prisoner in Perote Castle. Following his return to Texas, he served as the first sheriff of Victoria county, from 1847 to 1852 in that office. After annexation Captain Thurmond served as a member of the Second Legislature. Here is his story.

Mentions: the tower at La Grange * Thomas Jefferson Green * John Henry Brown * A. S. Shurmon. Alexander W. Terrell * Miss Harriet Smither * O. R. Willis * Alfred Sturgis Thurmond was born in Rutherford, Gibson county, Tennessee, in the year 1815 * the son of John G. Thurmond and his wife, Ann Louise Sturgis Thurmond * eight children in the order named: Erasmus Darwin, John Hermodius, Orville, Mary Jane, Pulaski Adolphus, Tobias, our hero Alfred Sturgis, and Columbus Lafayette * Captain Michael Costly * participated in the Vasquez Raid * Captain Ewen Cameron of the Mier Expedition. * Victoria * Miss Julia McGrew * Alfred McGrew Thurmond * Rockport * Captain Thurmond became a member of Refugio Lodge No. 190, A.F, & A.M. * Alexander W. Terrell * Tom Green's brigade * C. L. Thurmond * three sons: Seymour, Jr., of El Paso, Denton of Hatch, New Mexico, and Stafford Thurmond of Los Angeles * J. Williamson Moses * Joseph F. Smith * Rancho Salado * W. L. Robards * Sharp & Bellews * J M Doughty *


Brief obit. and account of Governor Will H. Mayes, aged 78, former lieutenant-governor, and dean of the University of Texas school of journalism.

Mentions: Governor O. B. Colquitt * the Brownwood Bulletin * his son, Wendell Mayes * Mrs. E. V. Boles of Brownwood ; * H. F. Mayes of Brownwood; three sons, Will H. Mayes Jr., of Ranger, Wendell, and, Robert C. Mayes of San Antonio; and three daughters, Miss Etheridge Mayes of Fort Worth ; Miss Tyty Mayes of Norman, Okla *

On A Mexican Mustang Through Texas


This is the last installment of a serial account of two daring adventurers who colorfully describe their exciting and sometimes humorous happenings on their trip through the wilds and wiles of Texas during the 1870's. (Continued from Last. Month)

Flowers And Fruits From The Wilderness

Written by Z. N. Morrell, in 1871.

This is a serial article of 10 installments that traces the events in the life of fiery Baptist frontier preacher, Z. N. Morrell, who came to Texas from Tennessee in December, 1835 due to health problems. His life quickly became intertwined with many formative events in Texas history of which he played an important part. Morrell, besides being a notable preacher of the Gospel and a true Texas patriot, was also an excellent historian and writer.

Mentions: Yellabusha county, Mississippi * McIntosh, a deacon of the Baptist church at Nashville * Elder Frank Baker * two lawyers, Chester and Hayes, both nephews by marriage to General Jackson, then president of the United States * Dr. Butler * Adam Huntsman * old Fort Gaines on the Sabine * Daniel Parker of "twoseed" notoriety, from Illinois *

Tells Of Killing Of Camilla Hanks

Account of killing of Camilla Hanks, a member of the notorious Butch Cassidy gang, by Colonel Thos. M. Stell, of Cuero, who knew Hanks personally.

Mentions: Camilla was born here in DeWitt county * His grandfather was one of Stephen F. Austin's original Three Hundred colonists *

Gun-Play Versus Gun-Fighting

By Guy J. Giffen.

Lengthy and detailed article comparing the gun-fighters of the day (1930's) versus the renown outlaws of old. Speed comparisons are given in detail.

Mentions: Ed McGivern of Lewiston, Montana, unquestionably ranks first for speed and has been called "the fastest gunman of all time" * Milton Hicks, of Atlanta, Georgia * * Billy the Kid could equal, if not exceed, the speed of McGivern * Kid Curry (Harvey Logn) * "Dutch" Henry Ziplinsky * Butch Cassidy * Rud Rennie * Buffalo Bill * the Winchester Arms Company * John Wesley Hardin, Bill Longley * Bill Tilghman * Capt. Jeff Milton of Tombstone, Arizona * Owen Wister * Burt Alvord one time constable at Wilcox, Arizona * Emmet Dalton *

Young America Is Taking To The Air

By J. Marvin Hunter.

Indian Days In Llano County

Account of Mrs, Cede Pool Faris, one of Llano county's best known pioneer characters and a member of one of the first families to settle in the county. Her parents, Isaac Sampson and Sarah Hails, came from South Carolina to Texas, and after residing for a time in Lavaca and Williamson counties, they came to Llano and settled in the Long Mountain section. This was in 1853, several years before Llano county was organized. Mrs Faris was born at their Long Mountain home on September 30, 1858. She was married on January 18, 1887, to W. J. Faris, an early day trail driver and ranchman, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Faris, also settled in the Long Mountain section in the early fifties. Here is the story of the Llano pioneer couple.

Further Mentions: her son, V. H. Faris * V. H. Faris of Llano, W. S. Faris of Bandera, R. D. Faris of Donna, Mrs. C. D. Garrett of Burnet, Mrs. Sidney Nobles of Lone Grove, and Mrs. Charles Harpin of La Feria. * Tow Valley * the massacre of the Whitlock family * the Yett settlement * Marble Falls * the Whitlock home on the east side of Long Mountain * Riley Smith * the Solomon Faris place * Fort Mason Crossing * Kingsland * J. D. Haile; a sister, Mrs. A. G. Murchison *


By Margie M. Minatre

There are still old timers at Colettoville. nine miles west of Victoria, who remember when there wasn't a Colettoville, but a little settlement that was known for miles around as the Steiner Settlement or String Town. Talk to these old timers and they'll tell you of days when it was kind of hard to make a living; times when it wasn't safe if you had any money; and maybe too they will tell you of Frank Winkler. They didn't know Winkler so well but their fathers knew him, and they remember that he was killed by a bunch of "onary men that weren't fit to live." They'll tell of Winkler because he seems to typify what frequently happened in the little town. Here is the story.

Further Mentions: The Brookins—a group of men that had banded together near the close of the Civil War and made their living. by plundering, and stealing *

Sam Houston: Texas Hero

Account is an oration delivered before the Battle of Flowers Association, in April, 1939, by J. C. Schoultz, A. and M. College of Texas.

The Diary Of A Frontier Preacher

Account details a well-kept diary, which belonged to Rev. Walter Smith South, an early day Methodist minister, who came to Texas from Kentucky in 1848 or 1849, and located at Eutaw, near Bryan or Waxahachie. This diary was kept in a plain, legible handwriting, from June, 1860, through the Civil War period, and up into the 1870's

Further Mentions: Col. J. N. Sweeney, U. S. A., Retired * Bro Holbrook * Mrs. Fullerton's * Mr. Nicol * Phillip George * Hamby * George Bragg * Mrs. Southerland * Judge Deckman * Miss Mary Southerland * Dr. Standerford * Miss Mary Burleson * Montie South * Mr Latimer * Mr. Medlin * Sister Vannoy * Bro. J. George and Mrs. Covington * Capt. J. R. Baylor * Mr. Dawson * Mr. Alverson * Bro. J. G. Johnson * Lemuel Bangs * George Needham * Bro. Brittain at Weatherford * John Standley * A. F. Luekot * Miss Minerva Southerland * Benjamin Bond * Miss Mollie V. Spent * Mr. P. E. Miller * Jack Cuington * q

Old Red River Station

By T. U. Taylor, Austin, Texas.

Account of what became an essential commercil point in Texas, Red River Station connected with great cattle industries that had just sprung into life. Word passed from county to county that a half-breed Indian Jesse Chisholm, had marked a trail through Indian territory; and herds headed for the Red River. It was learned that the Chisholm Trail had extended within sixty miles of the Red River, and the cattlemen soon concentrated on the most strategic point to the south end of the Chisholm Trail. This proved to be at Red River Station, at the mouth of Salt Creek in Montague county. Here is the story.

Mentions: The H. & T. C. Railroad * Hempstead * Jefferson * Weatherford * Cleburne, Jackboro, Granbury * Millican, Bryan, etc * Victoria Peak, Montague county * Camp Ten * Nocona * the present Belcherville * Caddo Peak * Bear Creek * Wylie Gilden * Van Buren * Marcy's Trail * Lee N. Perkins * Hiram Hudson * Lee N. Perkins * Charlie H. McHugh * Walter S. Thurston * John M. Rudman * John W. Clanton * Lewis C. Kendall * Lafayette D. Barefoot * Early W. Robberson *


Mentions: Miss Elizabeth Rullman * , J. D. Rullman * M. Rossy, H. Beilig, G. Altman, W. Wakner * S. Jacobson, and J. Oppenheimer * J. F. Fentiman * , W. L.. Richter, J. R. Lambert, Mayor J. P. Campbell, H. B. Salaway, W., G. Tobin, G. F. Stuemke, Vicfor Beze, W. L. Parker, J. H. Kirkpatrick, C. Meerscheidt, Vories Brown, J. D. Rullman, F. M. Gloeckner, J. E Webb * J. H. McKee * The Huntsville Patriot * Dr. A. Urban, M. D. *

Florence Fenley And "Old Timers"

Brief account of the life of Florence Fenley, who had an eventful life, filled with tragedies, joys and sorrows that would read like fiction. She has actually lived through stirring events in her personal life that would have discouraged a person of less determination She was born December 19, 1898 in her grandfather's home at Uvalde, Texas. She was also married in this same historic home. She was the daughter of Jim Fenley and the granddaughter of Joel C. Fenley.

Mentions: book under the title of "Old Timers," * Jno. N. Garner * Draughon's Business College * taught in Del Rio Draughon's College * taught a business school at Camp Wood * her grandfather Fenley's ranch, "Murlo" (Muela) in Zavala county. * Daisy Davenport

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