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Vol 17 No. 04 - January 1940

Indian Massacres in Parker County

From "Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas," by John Henry Brown.

The first settlements in the present territory of Parker county were made about 1853-4. The county was created by the legislature. December 12 1855, and organized March 2, 1856 It was long exposed to forays by bands of hostile savages, and this story details certain successive massacres in Parker county during that early period.

Mentions: * Fort Cobb, north of Red river * ich. and Coke, John Henry Brown, George B. Erath. Joseph M. Smith and Dr. Josenlms M. Steiner. * Tehuacanos, Keechis, Anadarcoes„ Towashes, Toneahuas, Ionics, Caddos * Camp Cooper * Choctaws, 'Delawares, Shawnees * Mr. John Brown * Weatherford * Mr. Thompson * Mr. Sherman * Mrs. Sherman * Josephus Browning * Frank Browing * Elias Hale, Minn Wright and John Dawson * John R. Bay. lot., George W. Baylor * Paint creek * David Stineson, Budd Slover, John Slover, Boyd and McMahon, a scout from Capt. M. D. Tackett's Company, * William Youngblood * James Gilleland, Agie Price * William Washington and John Killen * Mrs. Woods and her two sisters, the Misses Lemley, of Parker county * Dr. J. P. Volintine * Jas. Brown * Rev. John Hamilton * Ms. F. C. Brown * A Mr. Berry * Hugh O. Blackwell * Henry Maxwell * Patrick's creek * Jacksboro * Fuller Milsap * Donnie * Mrs. Jesse Hitson * Meek's prairie * Al J. Gorman * Charles Rivers * Sanchez Creek * Bohlen Savage * Patrick's Creek * James Savage * Hiram Wilson, of Spring Creek, * Diana Fulton * Captain Caldwell's company * Rock Creek * Edward Rippey * Fort Sill * a boy named Eli Hancock * George and Richard Joel * James Redfield and James McAster * Marcus L. Dalton * Loving's valley * Green Lassiter * Keechi valley * Linn Boyd Cranfill * Isom Cranfill * Fuller Milsap * Donnie Milsap * Jackson, aged thirteen, a son of Jesse Hale, and Martin Cathy * Joseph B. Loving * Rock creek * Thomas Landrum * Geo. W. McClusky *

John A. Chambers: Panhandle Pioneer

By May Stevens Isaacs, Canadian, Texas.

Account of John A. Chambers of Canadian, Texas who was born in Hood county, Texas, in 1860, and grew to young manhood there. John Chambers liked the Panhandle country and in 1883 became a cowhand on the Springer ranch where he worked under for about five years. Later he opened a mercantile establishment which he ran for forty years in Hemphill County. Here is his story.

Mentions: * the Goodnight ranch * Los Hays (brother of Mose Hays) * John A. Chambers * Amarillo * Canadian * The Springer ranch * Foreman Mose Hays * Spring creek in Hemphill county * His brand was A G S * Ledbetter * Tuttle * Rhodes & Aldredge Cattle Company * Palo Dare * Miss Myrtle Winsett * Mrs J. F. Johnson and Mrs. H. E. Hoover * Mrs. Pauline Blue of New York * Frank C. Chambers *

Texas University Started With 28 Students

Mentions: * Dr. Homer P. Rainey * J. W. Mallet * the School of Medicine at Galveston * the College of Mines and Metallurgy at Fl Paso * J. J. Starkey and Dale Huntington, of Kerrville,

Old Austin College Hall

By T. U. Taylor, Austin, Texas.

Account details the origins of the school which actually begun in 1850 in Huntsville, Texas, and was called Austin College. It became a factor in the education system in Texas. It was started some ten years after the McKenzie School at Clarksville and the college at Rutersville near LaGrange. Daniel Baker soon became connected with the institution and many notable men who made their impress on educational affairs of the state were connected with its faculty. Here is the story. (Contains old photos)

Mentions:  Judge Yoakum * Colonel A. T. McKinney * O. M. Roberts * B. Sears, an agent of the Peabody Fund * President Crane, Rufus C. Burleson, O. H Cooper * the H. G. & C. (Dallas to Houston), and the I. G. N. from northwest Texas * Hoger Q. Mills * Major Ellis * Major T. J. Goree * Roger Q. Mills * Professor O. H. Cooper * Major T. J. Goree * Major Ellis * Bernard Mallon of Atlanta, Georgia * Mrs. Reynolds * Dr. Mallon * H. H. Smith * George A. Crutchfield of Dallas * B. B. Buck, * Robert McMicklin * Frank Etheridge *

The Old Spanish Mission in Real County

San Angelo Times.

Real county, tucked away in the heart of the Hill Country of Texas' vast domain, helped to make pioneer Texas history. Here in the mid to late 1800's, Apache, Comanche and Lipan Indians stalked the early settlers. Adjacent to Camp Wood the historic old mission, San Lorenzo de la Santa Cruz, was established at the request of the Lipan Indians because the predatory Comanches were warring upon them, as well as upon other less ferocious tribes. Here is the story of the old frontier mission.

Mentions: * The Lipan chief Cahezon * El Canon * Bolton's history * Franciscan fathers, Ximenes * Joachin Banos * Captain Rabago and the Lipaa Chief Cabazon *

Flowers And Fruits From The Wilderness

Written by Z. N. Morrell, in 1871

This is a serial article of 10 installments that traces the events in the life of fiery Baptist frontier preacher, Z. N. Morrell, who came to Texas from Tennessee in December, 1835 due to health problems. His life quickly became intertwined with many formative events in Texas history of which he played an important part. Morrell, besides being a notable preacher of the Gospel and a true Texas patriot, was also an excellent historian and writer.

(Continued from Last Month.)

Mentions: * R. E. Baylor, T. W. Cox, A. Smith and A. Dancer * Elders T. W. Cox and Spraggins * Elders R. E. B. Baylor * J. L. Davis * Plum Grove church * Guadalupe * Clear Creek, Fayette county * Elder William M. Tryon * Eufala and Wetumpka, Alabama * Elder Jesse Mercer * Brother Tryon * S. P. Andrews * Elder James Huckins, Elder Z. N. Morrell, and brethren J. L. Farquahar, Gail Borden, Stephen Williams, William H. Ewing and J. S. Lester * Huckins * Union Baptist Association * Mount Gilead Church, Washington county * R. B. Green and Asael Dancer * James Huckins * Elder A. Buffington * Trinity River, Tryon, and Little River Associations * M. E. Crumpler * Elder Carroll, a Methodist circuit rider * Dr. Witter * WM. SCALLORN * JAMES GREER * James Greer, Holly Springs, Miss * Colonel Edward Burleson *

Missing Chapters in Texas History


Submitted by Captain Thomas J. Jenkins, U. S. A., Retired.

Mr. Jenkins offers some additional information regarding Captain Brackett's Big Bend Expedition (as set forth in the November 1939 issue of Frontier Times), and of the encounter which preceeded it known as the Wichita Expedition.

Mentions: * Cortinas * Major Heintzelman * General Nathaniel F. (Jimmie) McClure * Captain Price * G. O. No. 1, W. D., 1905, * Colonel Johnston * Mormon troubles had been brewing for some time * Fort Arbuckle * Fort Leavenworth, Kansas * Fort Belknap, Texas * General Twiggs * the friendly Choctaw Nation * Captain Earl Van Dorn * J. F Ward, and Mr. S. Rose * Otter Creek, near Macy's * Rad ziminski * Morse Creek * Captain N G. Evans * John W. Spangler * Privates Peter Magan and Jacob Erhard * Sergeant James Garrison * Private Henry Howard *

The Diary Of A Frontier Preacher

Account further continues the diary of Rev. Walter Smith South, a Methodist preacher on the frontier of Texas. Story contains more extracts from his experiences in 1860 an 1861.

Mentions: * Mr. Henderson * Bro. Cobb * Rev. Walter Smith South * Mr. Watson's Mill * Nic Sims * Wesley Richardson * Bro. Car Forest * Onion Creek, and Long Branch * Mr. N. P. Rankin * Bro. W. G. Veil * Chamber's Creek * Bro Mose French * W. Clary * Heard a Bro. McDonnell preach at Pin Oak church * Cos. Tooit * V c Horning * Quillion * M. C. Elliot * Emil Caruthers * H. W. South * Miss Bettie Burleson * Miss Mary A. Burleson * Pin Oak *

Sketch of Captain Jack Hays

By Willie Mae Weinert

Biographical account of Texas Ranger Captain Jack Coffee Hays, early settler at Seguin, who at the age of nineteen joined the Texas army, the day following the Battle of San Jacinto, and served thereafter as a scout in the Texas army. In 1838 he was one of the most daring and successful fighters the Texas Ranger service had ever known. He was captain of his company of seventy-five men.

Mentions: * Miss Susan Calvert * "The Hermitage," * Robert Hall * A. J. Sowell * Yellow Chief * Pinta Trail crossing * the present Magnolia Hotel * John M. McCulloch * Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore * Elijah V. Dale * John and Andrew Erskine * Andrew Sowell * McAnelly * John McGuffin, Thomas D. James, Pendleton Rector, Gustave Elley, John A. Wells. Robert Hall, * Capote Hill ranch * Major Caperton * the Erskine family *

Musings and Mistakes

By Dr. Robert T. Hill

Renown Texas historian Dr. Robert T. Hill, here adds corrections and additional details to some controversial and misunderstood tid-bits of Texas history.

Mentions:  W. M. Sleeper of Waco and George W. Baylor of Carrizo Springs, Texas * Gen. John R. Baylor * Gen. A. S. Johnston * Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca * the De Soto expedition * Spanish Fort (Taovaya) on Red River * Panuco (Tampico or Corpus Christi). * Moscoso * Anthony F. Lucas * Herbert E. Bolten * John A. Udden * James Stephen Hogg * David Donoghue * Dr. Oscar O. Watts of Hardin-Simmons University * Mr. J. Stoddard Johnston * J. M. Wagstaff * William Preston Johnston. * Senator Josiah Stoddard * the T. & P. Railroad

Emily, the Indian Squaw

By Buren Sparks

Story of love-sick and heart-broken Indian girl whose sad and untimely death was immortalized in the hearts and memory of the pioneers of the town of Fort Davis, TX.

Mentions: * two beautiful canyons, Limpia and Musquiz * Mrs. Easton, mother of Lieut. Thomas Easton * family whose name was Nelson *

Mrs. Frances A. Nixon Passes On

Biographical sketch and obit. Of Mrs. Frances Andrews Nixon, pioneer Texas school teacher and oldest member of the American Legion Woman's Auxiliary, who came to Texas in a stage coach in 1869, was the mother of Dr. P. I. Nixon, prominent San Antonio physician.

Mentions: Born November 5, 1843, in Randolph county, North Carolina * taught school until 1872 in Guadalupe, Caldwell and Gonzales counties * Captain Thomas Nixon * Dr. P. 1. Nixon of San Antonio, and Seb Vance Nixon of Luling * Mrs. E. F. Wood, Mrs. W. B. Hyman, Mrs. J. E. Fisher, all of Luling, and Mrs. F. C. Allen of Corpus Christi. * Mr. and Mrs. Eli Phillips * Salisbury, N. C. * Seals Creek, near Luling * Belmont * the Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio Railway * Lu Ling, a Chinese restaurant owner * Dorn's Ford * Lee Russell, a brother-in-law of Mrs. Nixon * Glasgow School * Mountain City, now Kyle, * Darst Creek oil field * the Fannie A. Nixon Sunday school class *


Biographical sketch and obit. Of Colonel Upton Lorentz who passed away at Comfort, Texas, on December 5th, 1939 at nearly 90 years old, but had been active up to a few days before he was stricken with the illness that resulted in his death. Colonel Lorentz was a man of wide experience and remarkable personality. He had been a railroad engineer in Mexico and South America in the early 1880's.

Mentions: * the Isthmian Canal Commission * the Calebra Division * construction of the Panama Canal * the Orinoco river * Louis Faust, in Comfort *


Mentions: * Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gann, of Denver, Colorado * Mayor Maury Maverick * H. H. Ochs of San Antonio * Dr. Walter Prescott Webb * Senator Tom Connolley * Harbert Davenport, historian, of Brownville * Prof. Edens, Miss Sarah King, Mis Bessie Wiebling, and Miss Dora Mabrito * Jim Mills, Shorty Williams, and Mr. Darnell * Al Brite * the San Antonio Lancers Club * Mrs. Nellie M. Gosling, Mrs. Lytle W. Gosling, and Mrs. William O. Hosdon * Mrs. Nellie M. Gosling is the widow of Hal L. Gosling, early day newspaper man and lawyer of Castroville * Miss Nellie Mayes * Pitts and Yeager, two stage robbers * the Castroville Era * The Castroville Quill * Mrs: Katherine C. Douthitt, of Henrietta, Texas *

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