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Vol 17 No. 05 - February 1940

Songs Of Yesteryear

3 Songs from the Texas Frontier:


The marriage rites are over, and now I turn aside.
 To keep the guests from seeing the tears I could not hide.
 I wreath my face in smiles, and lead my little brother
 To greet my father's chosen, but I can-not call her Mother.
 She is a fair young creature, with meek and gentle air,
 With blue eyes, soft and loving, and sunny, silken hair.
 I know my father gives her the love he bore another,
 But if she was an angel, I could not call her Mother…


There in the din of battle's roar, Just at the close of day,
 Wounded and bleeding upon the field Two dying soldiers lay ;
 One held a ringlet of thin gray hair, One held a lock of brown,
 Bidding each other a last farewell, Just as the sun went down.
 One thought of mother at home alone, Feeble and old and gray;
 One of his sweetheart he left in town. Happy and young and gay;
 One kissed a ringlet of thin gray hair,
 One kissed a lock of brown; Bidding farewell to the Stars and
 Just as the sun went down…


Belinda's been a-shopping;
 She's looked at silks galore And hats and hose and velvet
 Enough' to stock a store.
 She's ask the price of bronzes…

Folklore In Texas

By J. Frank Dobie

Many people think it consists solely of errors—lies, superstitions, idle rumors or childish fancies disproved by history and maintained only by the ignorant. Many historical characters, in Texas as well as elsewhere, have become folk characters. This account, written by Texas’ foremost frontier historian describes the relationship between legend and men like James

Bowie and Bigfoot Wallace.

Further Mentions: Governor O'Daniel's Hillbilly Band * Mary Austin * Joel Chandler Harris * Coronado's Children and Apache Gold *

An Interesting Letter From Mrs. Traylor

Maude Wallis Traylor, Cuero, Texas writes of early days around Divide, Cuero and Kerrville in pioneer days.

Mentions: Mrs. Ollie Peril and her family who were close neighbors * her son "Dolph" * Mrs. Benedict * J Wesley Wallis * Dolph Peril * the Perdenales River * Kerrville * Major Jno. W. Wallis * L.A. Carter of Cuero * Mountain Home * the Nelsons * the old Nelson home * Cliff Lodge * The fish hatchery * Chas. Schreiner * Schreiner ranches * Alfred Alonzo Lee * Alfred Allee * Houston Wade * old Clinton * Capt. Sam Highsmith * Capt. Ahijah Highsmith and Capt. Albert Highsmith * Ben Milam *

The Diary Of A Frontier Preacher

Account further continuing the diary of Rev. Walter Smith South, a Methodist preacher on the frontier of Texas - extracts from his experiences in 1860 to 1869.

Mentions: Bro. McGuire * Bro. Long, L. P. * Springfield * Tehuacana Hill * . E. Caruthers, L. P. * Maston White * . G. S. Gatewood * Car Forest * Cos. Lee * Mike Welch * C. Forest * Bro. Blanton * D. Campbell * D. Roose * D. Rose and Bro. Dunn * Corsicana * Henry, Bros. Cox, Littlepage, and Glass * Bro. Fry * Bro. H. M. Glass * Bro. S. C. Littlepage, H. M. Glass, Bro. J. F. Cox * Mr. Calahan * Ingram's neighborhood * Chambers' Creek * Bro. D. Rose * J. McElliot * Quillian * Mr. W. Ingram

A Voice From The Past

By Mrs. Ida Babcock Hall, Austin, Texas

Account of old Zadock Woods, who immigrated to Texas from Missouri in the original Three Hundred of Austin's colony.

"I had rather die than retreat!" These words were uttered by the venerable Zadock Woods while on his march to defeat General Woll's army during those soulstirring days of the Republic. Woods, who was then near eighty years of age, was then living at La Grange. He fought with General Jackson at New Orleans and with the Texas army in the War for Indeperdence, and was getting along well hi years when the Mexican invasion rallied young and old once more to do battle. Although his form had lost its vigor and his eye its keenness, his martial spirit was undaunted and he was among the first to respond to Captain Dawson's call for volunteers. His family and friends tried to dissuade him from going on account of his age. This is the story of the great man...

Further Mentions: Caldwell's army * Norman and Gonzalvo Woods * Castle of Perote * Jane Woods * Joe and Milvern * Joe Robinson and Milvern Harrell * the Dawson Massacre * Corascoes * Melillo Del Rey * Milvern * Saltillio * Richard Keen * aunt Azubah * John Black * Gonzalvo * Richard A. Barclay * D. Coyne Gay * Waddy Thompson U. S. Minister to Mexico * Jeffrey Hill * E. Y. Keen * S. C. Lyon * Jn. Trapnell, Crews, Tremble, Woods, and Miller * Dawson * Monument Hill near LaGrange * Salado Creek * Jane Woods, the wife of Norman * Thomas Glimp * Ardelia, Norman's eldest child * the "Runaway Scrape." * Mrs. Caroline Spellman * Mrs. A. C. Hahn * Harmon * Burnet * Mrs. Bertha Hahn of Burnet * Thomas Glimp * Dave and Andy Glimp * the S.W. Quarterly of Texas

Excerps From Records Of The Firth Cavalry

By Colonel M. L. Crimmins.

Mentions: Captain T. J. Jenkins * "Captain Brackett's Big Bend Expedition" * The Cortina Trouble in 1859-1860 * E. Van Nostrand * Captain George F. Price * Capt. Albert G. Brackett * Webb Leonidas Moore * Florence Fenley *

Flowers And Fruits From The Wilderness

Written by Z. N. Morrell, in 1871 (Continued from Last Month.)

The famous fighting parson continues in this excellent series of articles, to describe the period of Texas history from December, 1835 to October, 1871. It was during this time that Morrell settled and labored in Texas, having come here from Tennessee at a time of great conflicts and conquests—conflicts between barbarism and civilization, anarchy and well regulated government; conquests of truth over error, and the faith of the gospel over priestcraft and superstition.

Further Mentions: Plum Grove * John Hornsby * Richard Ellis * the Waldenses and Albigenses * R. E. B. Baylor * N. T. Byars * Caldwell * Jack Hays * Henry McCulloch * Jack Hays * John W. Smith * Judge Hemphill * son, A. H. Morrell * Mrs. Jakes * Mrs. Elliot

Harry Fishburne Estill

By T. U. Taylor, Austin, Texas

Harry Fishburne Estill (Story includes old photo of Mr. Estill, Miss Minnie O. Rawlings, & T. U. Taylor together) was born in Lexington, Rockbridge county, Virginia, August 12, 1861, the son of Patrick Estill and Katherine (Fishburne) Estill. The Estill family came to Teas in 1869, and located in Washington county. Charles Estill, the father, was an educator of broad training. In 1880, he was elected a professor in the A. & M. College. Later he was elected a teacher in the Sam Houston Normal Institute at Huntsville in 1881, but died after teaching one year. Harry Fishburne Estill was elected to succeed his father in 1882. This is his story.

Further Mentions: the Sam Houston Teachers' College * John S. Wise * The V. M. I. cadets at New Market * Old Austin College * old Austin College at Huntsville * Miss Loulie Sexton of Marshall, Texas * Frank Sexton Estill, Katherine Fishburne Estill, Mary Sexton Estill, Harry Fishburne Estill, and Ruth Estill * old Austin College Hall * Mrs. Mallon * Professor Cooper * O. H. Cooper * James B. Baker, Fort Worth, Texas * Miss Lena Bradford * Mrs. Lockett (Blair) Early, Ivanhoe, Virginia * John W. George, 709 Slaughter Building, Dallas, Texas * Mrs. Janie (Parks) Love * W. P. Martin * John W. George, Dallas, Texas * Miss Minnie O. Rawlings * T. U. Taylor * Mrs. Mollie Moore Thomas, La Grange, Texas * O. M. Roberts * George A Crutchfield * Miss Janie O. Park * the Estill Library * Dr. Love * Lockett Blair * Lena Bradford * Mollie Moore, LaGrange, Texas * Congressman Lyttleton Moore

Our Texas Heritage

By Jack Love.

When Sam Houston crossed the Red River, known to historians as the muddier Rubicon of Texas, he carried a Bible and a copy of the Illiad in his saddle bag and founded an empire. I: was not, however, the determination of Houston alone that gave Texas its rich heritage. It took the bravery and courage of Travis and Bowie, the vision and leadership of Lamar, the statesmanship and stability of Austin, and the fight and sacrifice of thousands whose names have now faded to build the rich tradition of Texas.

The following essay by Jack Love, was awarded a prize by the Battle of Flowers Association of San Antonio, and in published in this edition Frontier Times by permission of that association.

Mrs. Sarah Ann Ross Pringle

By' Marjorie Rogers, Marlin, Texas

Account of Mrs. Sarah Ann Ross Pringle, pioneer citizen of Falls county, who was born near Meridian, Mississippi, on the 25th day of September, during the year (1845) that the Ninth Congress of the Republic of Texas met in Washington-on-the-Brazos to consider the serious matter of annexation. Sarah Ann came to Texas at the close of the war. The way was long and dangerous, for the period of reconstruction had set in. She was the typical Southern type tower of strength that knew the hardships of war and the desperations of pioneer life in Texas. Sarah Ann Ross, descendant of Betsy Ross, the flag-maker of America, left her native state of Mississippi at the age of twenty years and settled with her family near Madisonville, Texas. This is excellent genealogy of Ross and Pringle families of Texas.

Mentions: A neighbor, Mrs Mary Newton * her uncle, Garland Ross * Her two brothers, Albert Ross and Brantley Ross who settled at Kosse * I. J. Pringle * Alto Springs, in Falls county * Mr. and Mrs. Pringle moved to Marlin in 1881 * Mrs. T. H. Mathieson of Colorado Springs, Colo.; Mrs. Loins Wardlaw of Fort Worth ; Parker Tingle of Tulsa, Oklahoma ; Miss Fannie Pringle, teacher in Dallas Public Schools * Mrs. Llewellyn

Mavericks And Maverickers

By J. Frank Dobie

Account of the wild steers of Texas that became known as "Mavericks." The word maverick did not become common until along in the 1850’s, when Samuel Maverick had a little herd of four hundred head of cattle that he had taken on a debt, the increase of which his negro range rider seldom branded—so that when people saw any unbranded animal they called it "one of Mavericks," or simply "a maverick." But long before the word was invented there were many, many mavericks in that part of Texas below the plains. Here is the story.

Further Mentions: * the Trinity, Brazos, Colorado, San Saba, Sabinal, Frio and Nueces rivers * Andrew Gatluf Jones and some other rangers * Pegleg Stuart * old Fort Ewell on the Nueces * Rockport * Kill Vickers * Adolph Huffmeyer * Oge & Woodward * Frio Town * The aMerage * Dunn * Ike Hewitt * Tres Palados on the Gulf coast * Coonskin Ike * W. C. Cochran * a rancher named Will Allen * West Edwards' ranch * Will Allen's range * Jim (J. N.) Jones, who ranched on the San Miguel creek in Frio county * Mrs. Jones * Jake English and Joel English * Carrizo Springs * Haas * John Champion * Arroyo Tortuga * the Diablo Mountains

Missing Chapters In Texas History


Submitted by Captain Thomas J. Jenkins, U. S. A., Retired

This account continues the narrative of what was known as, THE WICHITA EXPEDITION.

Mentions: "Old-Timer's" lean-to * Radziminski, the name of th'e supply camp at Otter Creek * Captain Whiting * Antelope Hills * Otter Creek * Captain Van Dorn * Old Fort Atkinson, Texas * Nescutunga Valley * the valley of the Washita, Canadian and Cimarron rivers * Hankers * Lieutenant Royall * Jack Harry, a Delaware, and Shawnee Jim * Charles Radziminski * Fort Mason * Forts Inge and Clark * Mr. G. M. Doyle, of Kerrville * Ignace Pieyel & Compie, Paris * Mayor G. A. Holland * Miss Violet M. Roberts * the city of Weatherford * Holland's Lake, near Weatherford * Hon. G. A. Holland, Weatherford, Texas *


Mentions the passing and a brief sketch of the life of Mr. John Wilburn White. Mr. White was 85 years old, and was a pioneer ranchman of Mason county. He had been president of the Mason National Bank, which he established, since 1902. He was the son of Thomas J and Mary E. White. His father came to Texas from Mississippi in 1850, and settled in Gonzales county, where he engaged in farming.

Further Mentions: Trinity University * Major George W. Littlefield * the Littlefield Cattle Company * His Mill Creek ranch in Mason county * Miss Core Bridges of Mason * Thomas White, Jr., W. W White and J. W. White Jr., who operate the White ranch in Mason county; Mrs. Jennie D. Cotner of North Carolina; Mrs. Mildred Baze of Mason; and Mrs. J. R. Nicholosn of San Antonio * Mrs. Josephine Susan Westfall * Elmendorf, Texas * Ed Westfall noted frontiersman and companion of Big-Foot Wallace * Mrs. Agnes A. Brehm, and a brother, Sam E. Dillon, both of Elmendolf

Partial list of names mentioned in this volume:

Alfred A. Allee; Will Allen; Capt Ira Aten; Mary Austin; James B. Baker; Richard A. Barclay; Baylor; Mrs Mildred Baze; Bertillion; John Black; Lockett Blair; Bowie; Capt Albert G. Brackett; Miss Lena Bradford; Mrs Agnes A. Brehm; Core Miss Bridges; Joe Burleson; N. T. Byars; Col Caldwell; D. Campbell; Carleton; L. A. Carter; John Champion; Chisholm; Chisum; W. C. Cochran; Mrs Jennie D. Comer; Conwill; Cook; Prof O. H. Cooper; Col Corasco; D. Cornegay; J. F. Cox; Crimmins; George A. Crutchfield; Dawson; Dillingham; Sam E. Dillon; Dobie; Capt Dorn; G. M. Doyle; Lt; Eagle; Mrs Lockett (Blair) Early; West Edwards; Elam; Ellis; Jake English; Joel English; Charles Estill; Frank Sexton; Harry Sexton; Harry F. Sexton; Harry Fishburne; Katherine Fishburne; Mary Sexton Fishburne; Patrick Fishburne; Ruth Fishburne; Fenley; Fletcher; Car Forest; Gammel; Gen Garcia; G. S. Gatewood; John W. George; H. M. Glass; Andy Glimp; Dave Glimp; Thomas Glimp; Maj Gray; Mrs A. C. Hahn; Mrs Bertha Hahn; Harmon Hahn; Mrs Ida Babcock Hall; Halsell; William J. Hardee; Milvern Harrell; Joel Chandler Harris; Jack Harry; John Hays; Hemphill; Ike Hewitt; Capt Ahijah Highsmith; Capt Albert; Capt Sam Highsmith; Asa Hill; Jeffrey Hill; Hon G. A. Holland; Mayor G. A. Holland; Mrs Susan Holland; John Hornsby; Houston; Huffmeyer; Hugh Ingram; Wash Ingram; Jackson; Capt T. J. Jenkins; Thomas J. Jenkins; Capt Thomas J. Jenkins; Johnston; Andrew Gatluf Jones; Jim Jones; Jim (J. N. ) Jones; E. Y. Keen; Richard Keen; John Knox; Langford; Alfred Alonzo Lee; S. C. Littlepage; Mrs Nat Llewellyn; Dr Love; Jack Love; Janie O. (Parks) Love; Mrs Janie (Parks) Love; S. C. Lyon; W. P. Martin; Mrs T. H. Mathieson; Maverick; McCoy; McCulloch; J. McElliot; Milam; Lyttleton Moore; Mollie; Webb Leonidas; A. H. Morrell; James Morrell; Mrs Mary Newton; Mrs J. R. Nicholson; Gov O'Daniel; Miss Janie O. Park; "Dolph" Peril; Mrs Ollie Peril; Capt George F. Price; Fannie Miss Pringle; I. J. Pringle; Parker Pringle; Mrs Sarah Ann Ross Pringle; Pringle; Charles Radziminski; Minnie Rawlings; Miss Violet M. Roberts; Joe Robinson; Rogers; D. Roose; Rose; D. Roses; Albert Ross; Betsy Ross; Brantley Ross; Garland Ross; Sarah Ann Ross; Lt Royall; Royall; Judge Sanders; Capt Chas Schreiner; Loulie Miss Sexton; Pres Smith; Mollie South; Mrs Caroline Spellman; Capt Stoneman; Pegleg Stuart; ; ; Thalmann; George H. Thomas; Mrs Mollie Moore Thomas; Waddy Thompson; Jn Trapnell; Traylor; Capt Van Dorn; Earl Van Dorn; E. Van Nostrand; Kill Vickers; Wade; Wallace; J. Wesley Wallis; Jno W. Maj Wallis; Mrs Louis Wardlaw; Mike Welch; Ed Westfall; Mrs Josephine Susan Westfall; White; John Wilburn; Mary E. Wilburn; Maston Wilburn; Thomas J. Wilburn; Thomas Jr Wilburn; Capt Whiting; Wiemers; John S. Wise; Gen Wole; Ardelia Woods; Gonzalvo Woods; H. G. (Gonzalvo) Woods; Jane Woods; Norman Woods; Zadock; Zedic; Gonzalvo Zadock; Norman Zadock; Zadoc Zachary

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