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Vol 17 No. 07 - April 1940

John Glanton Of San Antonio

By Col. M. L. Crimmins

This is the account of cold-blooded gunman, John Glanton of San Antonio who, after abandoning his wife and infant daughter in San Antonio, left a bloody trail over the Southwest, not only in Texas, but Arizona, California and New Mexico. Here is his story.

Mentions: General W. P. Lane's Texas Rangers * General Zachary Taylor * General Guerra * Madelina * Lieutenant Earland * First Lieutenant Muscoe L. Shackelford, 2nd U. S. Artillery * the battle of the Molino del Rey, Mexico * William S. Bliss, or "Perfect Bliss," as he was known * Captain Adams * Shackelford * General Walter P. Lane * Rev. William Young, a young Methodist preacher of San Antonio * Rev. John McCullough * McCullough built the first Protestant church in San Antonio, the First Presbyterian church * the Stevens Building, at' 133 West Commerce Street * the James mansion * the Western Union Telegraph office * the Brown brothers * Chihuahua * Joaquina Glanton * James Kirker * Ed B. Bobbit * Owen White * Ojinaga * the mining town of Jesus Maria * Mangos Colorado, the Apache chieftain * Dr. Langdon * Mr. Colt * a canny Scotch trader named Brodie * the old stone house on the northwest corner of Blum and Elm Streets, in San Antonio *


A poem by Frank H. Bushick.

The river is crooked as a snake,
 Its cowboys the rootin', tootin' brand; There's not a counterfeit among 'em, Down by the Rio Grande.
 Jokiest, wittiest set you ever saw,
 Tellin' yarns and laughing out loud, About scrimmages with the law,
 A whopper breaks up the crowd.
 About a cowboy in a hospital,
 They brought him a graveyard stew; He heard what they called it,
 "Not for me," said be. "Goes for you."
 One night he stopped at a ranch…

Thomas Kenney, The Kentucky Doctor

By Eula Sue Fisher


Account begins with a description of Thomas Kenney, Kentucky doctor who came to Texas in 1833 and founded Fort Kenney in Williamson county in 1838. The Kentucky surgeon came south in search of a suitable climate for his wife's health, who, in an aged and yellowed clipping from a Georgetown newspaper, is declared to be "the first white woman who died in the territory within the limits of Williamson county."

Mentions: Colonel W. K. Mackemson * S. M. Lesesne * Mrs. Sue Burden Sparks * Col. William K. Makemson * The family home, where his boy-hood days in Texas were spent, waslocated on Brushy Creek in Williamson county, not far from where old Fort Kenney once stood * the Black Hawk war * Rock Island, Illinois * his brother, Rev. J. W. Kenney * Rev. J. W. Kenney * Bastrop * the `Old Double File Crossing,' between 300 and 400 yards below the bridge of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad * Joseph Weeks, Major Chenneworth, James O. Rice, Henry A. Castlebury, John Courtney, Jack Angel * the William Stinnett place * Gunn Branch * Jacob Harrel, who planted this first corn patch in Williamson county, was also the man who built the first house in Austin the capital of the state * Congress avenue * Shoal Creek, within what is now included in the city limits of Austin * Captain Nelson Merrill, Joseph Barnhart, Davis Chandler and Captain Ladd * In 1839 Rogers, a man living with Dr. Kenney raised a crop of corn in the same patch where Harrel had planted and raised a crop of the same cereal the year previous * Mrs. Mary Jane Kenney * Mr. and Mrs. Davis Chandler * Mrs. Nelson Merrill * Mrs. Lee; Clarissa, now Mrs. Click * W R. Mason of Georgetown * Castlebury and Courtney * Corn Hill * Ruthersville College * Mr. Stephens, John Brothers. an Englishman * Judge Joseph Lee, John Wooldridge, John Mathews * Bone Hollow * 'Dr. Kenney's eldest daughter, Mary Jane * Clarissa married Bill Burden, son of an old pioneer family of San Saba * an old gristmill at the San Saba dam * children were Molly, Tom and Sue * Mirabeau B. Lamar * General McLeod * Town's Mill dam * Captain Mark B. Lewis * Mrs. J. W. Brooks * James Kenney * Samual and William are other brothers of Reverend John Kenney * Martin M. Kenney * the Kenney Sanitarium in San Antonio * Miss Mamie Kenney *

A Story Of Three Macks

Henry W. Dailey, Kenedy, Texas.

This rather unusual coincidence of frontier days concerning the lives of three Macks—McKinney, McCoy and McCall—in which the first-named Mack died at the hands of the second Mack, and he, in turn, died at the hands of a third Mack is recalled by Mr. S. C. Butler, well known Karnes County cattleman and historian.

Mentions: Captain W. L. Rudd * Charley McKinney * Karnes City * LaSalle county * Sheriff McKinney and his deputy, Pete Edwards * Jim McCoy and Bud Crenshaw *

Woman, 102, Recalls Long Tourney

San Antonio Express

Sad account describes the experiences of Mrs. Clarintha Draper, long-time resident of Pontotoc, Mason county, whose flight from Arkansas during the civil war holds a similarity to that of "Gone With the Wind’s" Scarlett O'Hara from Atlanta. Her story recounts when she and her husband, George Washington Draper, left their home in Texas and went to Arkansas. Soon the Civil War broke out, and Draper was caught stranded penniless in Arkansas with his family. Meanwhile the Union forces had burned Mrs. Draper's home and all of her possessions. This is the story of that event and of her life.

Mentions: Walden, Ark * Dawson Draper, of McCulloch county * William Eilers of Austin * W. Lee O'Daniel * Mrs. Hortense Ward, Miss Ruth Virginia Brazzil (now Mrs. Ruth Roome, postmaster at Bandera), and Miss Hattie L. Henenberg * Ruthersville, in Fayette county *

Captain Samuel Highsmith, Ranger

By Maude Wallis Traylor.

Account of Captain Samuel Highsmith, born in Boone county, Kentucky in 1804, one of the early immigrants to Texas one of her first Rangers. Extensive history and genealogy of Highsmith.

Mentions: Capt. James J. Ross * John Highsmith * Pitt county, North Carolina * Solomon Highsmith * Daniel Highsmith * Jacob "Hysmith", of the New Bern District * Moses Highsmith * John Hysmith of Pitt county * The Joseph Cottle family * Winslow Turner, Sr. and family * Woodstock, Vermont * Zadock Woods, James Woods, and Martin Woods * Pembroke, Massachusetts * A. M. Highsmith, was one of Col. Daniel Boone's most noted scouts * Mrs. Margaret E. Pearson * Mr. Ben L. Emmona of St. Charles, Missouri * Stephen Cottle * Ahijah Highsmith * D. K. Morris * Sally Cottle * Terressa Turner * Rabb's Mill * Old Caney and Columllus * Jesse Burnham * Elliot C. Buckner * Ben Highsmith, William B. Travis, Ben McCulloch * Sarah Jane * Amanda Louisa * George W. Cottle * Powder House Hill * Edwin Turner * Old Harrisburg * Capt. James Sylvester * Thomas Winslow Turner, of Marfa, Texas * Mrs. Elizabeth Turner * Samuel P. Middleton * Abram M. Clare * Betty Turner, married Edward L. Mills * Sarah Turner * Cynthia Ann Burns * Toxana, Jackson county * Malkijah Williams * Edward Burleson or "Paint" Caldwell * Victoria Prairie * Linnville * the Vasquez Campaign * the battle of Plum Creek * Mary A. Maverick * Mr. Gautier * Henry Albert Highsmith * Col. Jack Hays * P. Hansborough Bell ; M. T. Johnson * Mitchel Chevallie * August Buchel * Samuel H. Walker * John S. Gullet * John S. (Rip) Ford * John Connor, Jim Ned, Jim Shaw *

Account further contains:


Of His Expedition For The Exploration Of A Route To Presidio Del Rio Grande And Paso Del Norte.

By Col. P. Hansbrough Bell, Com'd'g Frontier, dated San Antonio, Dec. 15, 1848

Mentions: 2d Lieut. Williams * Dr. Barton * John Conner * Col. J. C. Hays * San Carlos * Fort Leaton * Brady's Creek * Llano Station * Paso del Norte * Col. Bell * Gen. Edward Burileson * Mrs. S. C. Downing of Hutto, Texas * Rev. John McCullough * Mr. Fish * Mrs. Mary A. Maverick * Capt. Albert Highsmith * Col. Milam * Col. P. H. Bell * P. M. Hamer * Santa Rosa Hospital * Mrs. Albert Maverick of Sunshine Ranch, San Antonio * Miss Evaline Coupee * Sarah Jane, married John Tomlinson * Amanda Louisa. married John H Armstrong * Sarah A. McCutcheon * Edwin Highsmith * Lelia A. Dabney * Mrs. Terressa Highsmith *

Flowers And Fruits From The Wilderness

Written by Z. N. Morrell in 1871

The famous fighting parson continues in this excellent series of articles, to describe the period of Texas history from December, 1835 to October, 1871. It was during this time that Morrell settled and labored in Texas, having come here from Tennessee at a time of great conflicts and conquests—conflicts between barbarism and civilization, anarchy and well regulated government; conquests of truth over error, and the faith of the gospel over priestcraft and superstition.

Mentions: Elder James Huckins came as missionary to Galveston in 1840 * Dr. R. Marsh, the old Baptist preacher * Danville * brother J. W. D. Creath * Thomas Horsely * . T. G. Birdwell * G. W. Baines * S. G. Obriein * the famous Isaac Parker of "two-seed" notoriety * Elder James Parker * Baptist preacher, by the name of McClenny * Elder R. G. Green * Isaac Reed * Huntsville * John Barleycorn * Tory Hill * Elder Stovall *

(Continued Next Month.)

Missing Chapters In Texas History

Lengthy historical records of by Captain Thomas J. Jenkins, U. S. A. Retired. He describes the many and varied events of the Regiment he was attached to during its early days in Texas. The account is from notes contained in his Scrap Book, a collection representing forty years of research and labor. There is much fascinating and little-known Texas history in this account.

Mentions: "Old Baldy" * Ant McIntosh * "Jimmie" McClure * Lieut. Eben Swift * Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Oakes, Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Johnson * Jefferson Barracks, Missouri * Waynesville and Springfield * General Nathaniel P. McClure * Captain August C. Nissen * Camp Cooper * Captain Price * Shank Evans * Lakey * Robinson, the guide *

When Will Rogers Visited The Old Range

In 1926 Will Rogers, the beloved cow-boy humorist, visited San Antonio, and while there he was the honored guest of the Old Time Trail Drivers at a barbecue in Brackenridge Park. At that time efforts were being made to raise funds for the erection of a monument to the Old Trail Drivers, and Will Rogers gave $500 to the fund. Since then Will Rogers, George W. Saunders, Ike T. Pryor, Mrs. R. R. Ruessll, John R. Stocker, and many of the others connected with the movement have passed on to their eternal home. Will Rogers wrote the following account of his trip to San Antonio, and his reception by the Old Trail Drivers: This was sent to Frontier Times by Colonel A. Huffmeyer, custodian of the Trail Drivers' Memorial Hail in San Antonio :

Mentions: Mr. Saunders, Mrs. Russell * Col. Ike Pryor * George W. Saunders * Johnny Blocker * Dan Waggoner * Mrs. Cora Melton Cross * Jesse. Francis Cross * William B. and Bettie Cox Cross * Rev. George Kornegay * Mrs. Inez B. Springer and Mrs. Jessie Mae Moore * Virginia Ree Moore of Yoakum, Texas * Riley Cross of Brownwood * Will Cross of Sylvester * Dr. George W. Cross of Yorktown * Old Frio Town * Mrs. Will A. Roberts * Pearsall * Jack Hornsby, of near Austin * Mrs. J. B. Pangle, of Corpus Christi *


Mentions: Earle R. Forrest * Cedar Ranch, 35 miles north of Flagstaff


By Carlisle C. Mclntyre

The pungent smell of the desert sage Ascends fom the open trunk ;
 He scans with eyes that are dim with age
 The bundle of dutsy junk
 A rope, a saddle, a broken spur,
 A rag of a Navajo,
 A tarp, a bridle, and chaps that were The things of the long ago.
 A slicker streaked by the Texas rains,
 And boots of the "shop-made" brand, Besmeared with mud of the Pecos plain
 And worn by mud of the Brazos sand, A hat besmoked by the campfire grime, A holster, a belt and gun,
 And blankets gnawed by the teeth of time
 And bleached by the southern sun.
 A shattered wreck of the vanished. years,
 A voice from the silent past,
 A ghost that calls through a veil of tears,
 A flower with its 'petals cast,
 A pile of trash in an attic room,
 A man with a head of gray,
 An eye that fades in the…

Partial list of names mentioned in this volume:

Capt Adams; Sam Houston Allred; Jack Angel; John R. Armstrong; Austin; G. W. Baines; Joseph Barnhart; Dr Barton; Col Bell; Col P. H. Bell; P. Hansborough; Col P. Hansbrough; Sen Benton; Bertillion; Chief Big-Water; T. G. Birdwell; "Perfect Bliss" Bliss; William S. Maj Bliss; Johnny Blocker; Maj Ed B. Bobbit; Boone; Miss Ruth Virginia Brazzil; Mrs J. W. Brooks; John Brothers; August Buchel; Elliot C. Buckner; Bill Burden; Molly Burden; Sue Burden; Tom Burden; Burleson; Burnet; Jesse Burnham; Cynthia Ann Burns; Bushick; Rhett Butler; "Paint" Caldwell; Henry A. Castlebury; Chabot; Capt Chandler; Davis; Mrs Davis; Maj Chenneworth; Chenneworth; Mitchel Maj Chevallie; Chisholm; Chisum; Abram M. Clare; Capt Coleman; Mangos Chief Colorado; John Connor; Conwill; Cook; Gen Cooper; George W. Cottle; Joseph Cottle; Sally Cottle; Stephen Cottle; Miss Evaline Coupee; John Courtney; Jesse Cox; J. W. D. Creath; Bud Crenshaw; Crimmins; Bettie Cox Cross; Mrs Cora Melton Cross; Dr George W. Cross; Jesse Francis Cross; Riley Cross; Will Cross; William B. Cross; Lelia A. Dabney; Henry W. Dailey; Dailey; Davis; Dobie; Mrs S. C. Downing; Mrs Clarintha Draper; George Washington Dawson; Duval; Lt Earland; Pete Edwards; William Eilers; Ben L. Emmons; Capt Evans; Shank Evans; Fannin; James H. Sen Faubion; W. J. Faubion; Fenley; Rev Fish; Eula Sue Fisher; Fletcher; John S. (Rip) Ford; Forrest; John S. Gillet; Joaquina Glanton; John Glanton; R. G. Green; Gen Guerra; P. M. Hamer; Jacob Harrel; John Harrel; Col J. C. Hays; Miss Hattie L. Henenberg; A. M. Highsmith; Ahijah Highsmith; Capt Albert Highsmith; Amanda Louisa Highsmith; Capt Highsmith; Daniel Highsmith; David Highsmith; Edwin Highsmith; Henry Albert Highsmith; Jacob Highsmith; John Highsmith; John Jr Highsmith; "Kige" Highsmith; Malcijah Benjamin (Kige) Highsmith; Malcijah ("Kige") Highsmith; Moses Highsmith; Richard Highsmith; S. Highsmith; Sam Highsmith; Capt Mrs Sam Sam Highsmith; Samuel Highsmith; Capt Samuel Highsmith; Mrs Sarah Jane Samuel Highsmith; Mrs Highsmith; Terressa Solomon Highsmith; Mrs Terressa Solomon Highsmith; William Solomon Highsmith; William Samuel Solomon Highsmith; Jacob Hismith; Jack Hornsby; Smith Hornsby; Thomas Horsely; William Roger Horsely; James Huckins; Col A. Huffmeyer; ; Jacob Hysmith; John Hysmith; Capt Thomas J. Jenkins; M. T. Johnson; Mrs Melanie Earle Keiser; Anna Kenney; Clarissa Kenney; Rev J. W. Kenney; James Kenney; Rev John Kenney; Mamie Miss Kenney; Martin M. Kenney; Mary Jane Kenney; Mrs Samual Mary Jane Kenney; Thomas Kenney; William Kenney; George Kimble; James Kirker; Rev George Kornegay; Capt Ladd; Lamar; Gen W. P. Lane; Dr Langdon; Langford; Tom Lea; John Lee; Judge Joseph Lee; Lt Col Lee; S. M. Lesesne; Capt Mark B. Lewis; Col W. K. Mackemson; William K. Col Makemson; Dr R. Marsh; W. R. Mason; John Mathews; Mary A Maverick.; Mrs Mary A. Maverick; Sheriff McCall; Jimmie McClure; Gen Nathaniel P. McClure; Jim McCoy; McCulloch; McCulloch; Rev John McCulloch; Rev John McCullough; Sarah A. McCutcheon; Carlisle C. McIntyre; Charley McKinney; McLeod; Capt Nelson Merrill; Mrs Nelson Merrill; Samuel P. Middleton; Milam; Wilson Miller; Edward L. Mills; Margaret Mitchell; Mrs Jessie Mae Moore; Virginia Ree Moore; Morrell; D. K. Morris; Polly Morris; Ned; Pat Neff; Capt August C. Nissen; S. G. Obriein; W. Lee Gov O'Daniel; Scarlett O'Hara; Mrs J. B. Pangle; James Parker; Mrs Margaret E. Pearson; Pease; Capt Price; Ike Pryor; Isaac Reed; Rice; Oran M. Roberts; Mrs Will A. Roberts; Rogers; Mrs Ruth Roome; Rose; Capt James J. Ross; Shapley T. Ross; Capt W. L. Rudd; Mrs R. R. Ruessll; Saunders; "Windy" Scotts; Lt Muscoe Shackelford; Shaw; Sowell; Mrs Sue Burden Sparks; Mrs Inez B. Springer; Lt; Gov Coke Stevenson; William Stinnett; Lt Eben Swift; Col James Sylvester; Taylor; Thalmann; John Tomlinson; Travis; Traylor; Betty Turner; Edwin Turner; Elizabeth Turner; Mrs Elizabeth Turner; Mary Turner; Sarah Turner; Stephen Turner; Terressa Turner; Thomas Winslow; Waggoner; Samuel A. Walker; Wallace; Mrs Hortense Ward; Joseph Weeks; White; Wiemers; Malkijah Wiemers; Terressa Wiemers; James Woods; Martin Woods; Zadock; John Wooldridge; Rev William Young;

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