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Vol 18 No. 08 - May 1941

Some Old Songs & Poems


Abel Morgan's Experience At Goliad

By Grace Miller White

Account details Abel Morgan's experiences at Goliad and his sojourn in Mexico. It is Abel Morgan's own story, written by himself beginning with an account of Colonel Fannin's plight at Goliad.

Mentions: Dr. P. I. Nixon of San Antonio * Captain King * Ayer * Major Ward * Captain Westover * Irishman named Cash * Dr. Barnard * General Urrea * Copano * Wingate * Dr. Goebbels * his grandfather was Daniel Morgan * Solomon Beesley

Old Cowboy Has Fine Violin

Account of Crim Q. Thompson notable cowboy who spent time in the Panhandle on the XIT range, and in Kansas. He was also a fine fiddler. Here is his story.

Mentions: Minneapolis, Kansas * Josef Antoni Finoli * Alvin Wilfer * the Moody Marble Yard * John Younger * Cole Younger * the XIT range * Joe Thompson * the present town of Las Animas * J. B. (Wild Bill) Hickock * Charlie and Herbie Hodge * John Edwards * Sam Garrison * Miller Brothers' 101 Ranch * Miss Nettie A. Zuker * MRS. LOUISE GORDON PASSES

Mentions: Captain G. Keith Gordon * Groveland Street * , Mr. Herbert Marlim and Miss Elizabeth Marlim * Mr. P. C. Hodson * the Gordon ranch

Bigfoot Wallace's Tussle With An Indian

Account of hand-to-hand fight in the fall of 1842 between the legendary frontiersman, Indian fighter and Texas hero, and a hostile warrior that ended in Wallace giving the Indian a "Christian burial."

Mentions: Alice Ann * Zumwalt Settlement * John C. Duval *

Huntsville Baptist Church Is 96 Years Old

By Miss Augusta Lawrence.

Account describes origination and early history of the the First Baptist Church of Huntsville and has some good early Huntsville, Montgomery county TX history. The record is taken from the first book of the minutes of the church, dated Monday the 16th day of September, A. D. 1844.

Mentions: Reverend Benjamin Fry * Elder Z. N. Morrell * John Lehr, Tresilla Lehr, Thomas G. Birdwell, Tirsey Birdwell * Harsley * O. H. P. Hill * Dr. R. C. Burleson * Dr. Keenan and Dr. Renfro * Gen. Sam Houston * J. W. D. Creath, and Geo. W. Baines * Mr. R. A. Josey * S. J. McClenny * L. G. O'Bryan * Jonas Johnston * S. B. McJunkin * W. W. Gwinn * W. H. Leavell * D. K. Moreland * D. S. Snodgrass * L. A. Traylor * W. W. Keep * J. Peddy * Jeff D. Ray * Beverly of Crockett * J. S. Thomas * T. T. Martin * J. D. Ray * R. O. Dewberry * J. H. Cason * G. C. Cates * L. T. Mayes * W. C. Friley * E. S. Pool * T. C. Mahan * W. M. Reuter * J. P. Thornberry * C. F. Andrews * J. G. Early * Van Camp * R. L. Wood * H. D. Bruce * T. P. Lott * Swan H. Skelton * J. E. Prince * W. H. Randolph * W. H. Randolph and M. C. Rogers * J. E. Prince * V. H. Pace * Elam Parish * E. T. Josey * G. B. Skelton * J. D. Cunningham * P. H. Singletary * C. C. Johns * C. A. Parkhill * V. L. Morse * J. B. Doaniney * Saul Patrie * W. F. Rudd * V. M. Stephenson * Henry Smith * Charles Bruce * V. Runnels * Mr. Janes Morris * Mrs. C. C. John * Mr. C. C. Johns * Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Dominey * Mrs. U. F. Cotton * Miss Alice Cotton * Rev. H. D. Bruce * R. W. Miller * W. L. Morse * Mrs. Eugene Addison * Mrs. Mary E. Riley * E. A. Gresham * Mrs. T. P. Compton * the Tryon Evergreen Baptist Association

Some Old Texas Ranger Captains

By Frank H. Bushick

Brief sketches of the deeds and lives of some Rangers especially noted for bravery. Among those mentioned are: Captain Lee Hall * Captain John B. Armstrong * Captain B. D. Lindsay * Captain Bill Scott * were L. H. McNelly, Charles B. McKinney, G. W. Baylor, Frank Jones, C. L. Nevill, June Peak, Joe Shelly, John B. Armstrong, James B. Gillett, L. P. Sieker, D. W. Roberts, John R. Hughes, Bill McDonald, W. L. Wright James S. McNeill, J. A, Brooks, Tom Ross, John Y. Sanders, Charley Stevens *

Further Mentions: McNelly's Ranger Company * Oakville * Grayson county * N. A. Jennings * the Brazelle family in DeWitt county * Gainesville Texas * the First Texas Immunes * the Maccabee scouts * Denison * Lake Espantoso * Dimmit county * Captain John B. Armstrong * John Wesley Hardin * Private B. C. Riley * Prudencio Herrera * the Connor gang of outlaws * Private Moore * Sergeant Briggs and Private Rogers * Dr. E. S. McCain * a soldier named McBee * the Carranzista party * General Pershing's pursuit of Pancho Villa * Santa Gertrudis * General Punston * Charley McKinney * the Altito pasture gang * Jim McCoy * McCoy * Cotulla * Major George B. Black, president of the Texas Rangers Memorial Association * Mrs. Mary Bell of London * Capt. John R. Hughes * Mr. R. G. Kimball of Altus, Oklahoma * Captain Dan Roberts * Fort McKavett

Heroines Of The Hills

By T. U. Taylor, Austin, Texas

This account is excellent very early LLANO COUNTY TX history and genealogy, gathered from original sources. Account includes old photo of Will B. Moss and family. The account also includes autobiography of Susan Tate Phillips which is one of the most riveting accounts of early pioneer depredations and hardships you can read.

Mentions: Will P. Miller, the engineer and surveyor of Bluffton * Miles Barler * Mrs. Will B. Moss * many mountains such as Bull Head, House, Lone Oak, Pack Saddle, Riley and many other smaller ones * Packsaddle Mountain * Dave Dillingham * the Moss ranch * Crown Moss * the old Mormon mill, seven miles north of Marble Falls * Hamilton Creek * Ike Pryor Moss, James L. Moss, William Crownover Moss, Grace Moss, Jack Moss, Mark Moss, and V. V. Moss. * Charlotte Bailey * Ranger Captain Dan W. Roberts * James R. Moss * Deer Creek fight * Dever Harrington, Robert Brown, Eli Lloyd, Arch Martin, Pink Ayres and the Moss brothers * Eli Lloyd * Tow Valley * Fairland * Burnet * Ike Maxwell * Castell * Samuel Tate, and Martha Means * Nacogdoches county * Uncle Hick Tate * David G. Burnet * Backbone Mountain * Mr. Farris * Sandy Creek * the Sandy Mountain neighborhood * Reverend Dancer * Mormon Mill * Mrs. Friend * the Whitlock home that was attacked * Mrs. Whitlock * Mr. Cooper, the father of Mrs. Whitlock * Ben Phillips * the old Ben Phillips ranch home on Pecan Creek * White's Creek * John Rufus Phillips * Melissa Crownover Phillips * John and Elizabeth Crownover * Matilda Friend * Rev. Jonas Dancer * February, 1868, there occurred one of the bloodiest and blackest deeds ever enacted in Llano county * John S. Friend * Hondo Creek * Legion Valley * Mrs. Samantha Johnson, Mrs. Rebecca Johnson, Miss Amanda Townsend * Malinda Cordle * Lee Temple Friend, stepson of Mrs. Friend * Mr. Bradford * the Bradford home * Amanda Townsend * the Devil's river * Leonard S. Friend

Houston, Lincoln And Texas Secession

By Thos. B. Love, Dallas, Texas

Account describes a threatening letter sent to Sam Houston from President Lincoln, indicating the course of events that Lincoln would begin to enact upon the state of Texas if they dared to secede and join the Confederate cause.

Mentions: Alexander Watkins Terrell * David B. Culberson * James Throckmorton * Ben H. Epperson * Colonel William Rogers * Giddings a Federal mail contractor * Charles A. Culberson * F. Hopkinson Smith * Colonel Kyarter of Kyartersville * Robert Culberson * Scribner's Magazine * George W. Paschal * Greer County * David B. Culberson * by A. W. Terrell * General Twiggs * Colonel Rogers * Colonel Waite * F. W. Lander * George Giddings * J. T. DeShields of Dallas * Judge Oran M. Roberts * Will H. Craig of Nashville

Crossing High Water In A Wagon

By Ira Aten

Account of Mr. Aten who resigned as Sheriff of Castro county inn 1895 to accept the management of the Escarbada Division of the XIT Ranch and remained with the Company until the fall of 1904.

Mentions: the Vermejo Park Ranch in Northern New Mexico * Imogen * the XIT Steer Ranch in Montana * the LE Crossing * Burlingame

On The Buffalo Range Of Texas

By Don H. Biggers

Excellent and very detailed account of the techniques, lifestyle and characteristics of that unique breed of frontiersman - the buffalo hunter.

After the Indian outbreak in the Panhandle and No Man's Land, the buffalo hunters retired front those sections, the southwestern part of Kansas and what is now Oklahoma, most of them going to Fort Dodge, which had already superseded Fort Hays as the market and trading point of the buffalo hunters. The question with them now was to find a hunting country where the hides could be gotten to market and operations continued. It was well known that buffaloes were plentiful on the prairies of Western Texas, but to reach this section it was necessary to travel more than 500 miles by the most direct route, through an unknown country, a considerable part of it infested by bands of marauding Indians. Eight to ten miles per day was the limit distance that could be covered by the big ox-teams of the buffalo hunters, and to travel a distance of 500 miles under such circumstances, having no positive destination and to probably find the hunting grounds too far from a railroad point where the hides could be marketed and supplies obtained, would have been a foolish, desperate venture. It was therefore necessary to investigate before making the move, and to make the investigation necessarily involved great danger and uncertain results. Here is the story.

Mentions: James White, Mike O'Brien * Mooar Brothers * the Cheyenne agency * Fort Griffin * Fort Sill * Black Holes, in Haskell county * Hiller Creek * Lake Creek * Big Lake * Haskell and Knox counties * Denison * George Causey * Sam Carr * Charley Rath * the Goodnight pasture on the Quitaque * J. Wright Mooar, Jim White and George Causey * Marshall Sewell * Bull Creek * Yellow House Canyon * Hardeman, Jones and Taylor counties * Llano Estacado * John Chisum

"Them Was The Days" In El Paso

By J. Marvin Hunter

Mentions: the Pecan Valley News at Brownwood * Henry Taylor * John Rainbolt * Mrs. Nelson * Ira W. Hall * Will H. Mayes * a young man named Morris * H. & T. C. * Texas & Pacific * Cisco * Sierra Blanca * F. M. McMahan * Utah Street * Tillie Howard * John Wesley Hardin * John Selman * George Scarborough * Newt Stewart * Dick Blacker * J. A. Smith * W. W. Bridgers * Juan S. Hart * the McGinty Band * Bull's Printing House * John Snead, John McNaughton, and W. C. Conner * Dr. Robert Gould * Felix Marlinex * E. M. Conley * Hoeck & Collins * McReynolds * Torreon * McMahan

Students Pay Tribute To Dean Taylor

Mentions: Dan Penick * Schreiner Institute * Walter Prescott Webb * the Driskill Hotel * Dr. Ralph Lounsbury * Seb S. Wilcox * the Laredo Archives, of Laredo, Texas


Mentions: Rev. George E. Pentecost of Benevides, Texas * Mrs. F. A. Masters of Bandera * Mrs. B. J. Rawls of Llano, Texas * Miss May Weldon of Bandera * H. O. Weldon * Mrs. Margaret Labarreaire, of Fulton, Kentucky * Mrs. J. O. Rucker of Pipe Creek, Texas * William Cornelius, of Vanderpool, Texas * Mrs. Julia Jones, of Houston * Mrs. Mary White * Mrs. J. B. Rawls * Mrs. M. A. Dees * Mrs. Ida Rhodes of Fairfax, Oklahoma * Col. Walter Godkin * Miss Juanita Godkin * Pauline Losano

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