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Vol 18 No. 09 - June 1941

Lyman Wight And The Mormons In Texas

By T. U. Taylor.

Excellent account of the history of the Mormon settlers in Texas under the leadership of the controversial figure, Lyman Wight, who in 1845, brought the factious religious group to the Texas Hill country, eventually settling in Bandera county. The history of the Mormons in the region is one marked by hopes dashed, scandal and controversy - here is the story. Account offers a detailed description of Lyman Wight's family lines and a timeline of his activities, both prior to and during his time in Texas.

Mentions: Judge Austin A. King, Judge of the Fifth Judicial Circuit, in the state of Missouri * Joseph Smith * Carthage, Illinois * Nauvoo * Hyrum Smith * Mount Bonnell * Harriet Benton (born in Litchfield, Conneticut in 1801). * Harriet Benton Wight * Orange Lysander * Matilda Carter * Hannah Christiana * Black River Falls * Spencer Smith * Heenan C. Smith * Heman C. Smith * Rozina * Minerva Wight * John Miller * Sophia Leyland, sister of Eliza Leyland * Loami Limhi * Martha Rhyne * Preston in Grayson * Fort Johnston, known also as Georgetown * Mormon Grove near the present village of Dorchester * Webber's Prairie * Noah Smithwick * Colorado Valley * Fredcricksburg * the Pedernales near Zodiac * Hamilton Creek in Burnet county * J. J. Klingelhoefer * Sophia Leyland, sister of Eliza Leyland * the Mormon Camp at Mountain Valley on the Medina *

Getting To The Doctor In Montana

By Mrs. Grace L. Barris

Mrs. Burris, who was raised on a remote ranch in Eastern Montana describes the hardships endured by the remoteness of the place and especially in emergency situations where a doctor was needed.

Mentions: Tongue River * Miles City * Sheridan, Wyoming * Bob Silway * a Mr. Graham's ranch * Rosebud * Mr. Silway's ranch * Colonel Walter Godkin of Pipe Creek Texas * William D. Godkin

The Reverend Edward Fontaine

By Grace Miller White

When General Mirabeau Lamar, President-elect of the Republic of Texas, rode up to the present site of Austin, Texas in the fall of 1838, he had as his companion the Reverend Edward Fontaine, his friend and associate, who later became his private secretary during his presidency of the infant republic. This trip by horseback, eventually led to the relaocation of the capitol to it's present location. Though it may seem a little strange to some that the President's secretary was a churchman, nothing could have been more natural than the close association of Lamar and Fontaine. Their lives parallel in several ways : they were both descended from old French-colonial families, who had settled originally in Virginia, the Lamars later moving on to Georgia, the Fontaines to Mississippi; both were scholarly gentlemen of more than average literary attainments, Lamar being rather poetical minded, while Fontaine leaned to scientific studies; and both played important parts in the moral and cultural development of the new Republic. Mr. Fontaine was a great-grandson of Patrick Henry, who also helped to build a new nation. Here is the story of Fontaine's role in Texas history.

Mentions: the foot of Shoal Creek near Jacob Harrell's cabin * the Protestant Episcopal Church * Bishop Freeman * Seventh and San Jacinto Streets * Reverend Mr. Gillette * Bishop Gregg * the Calhoun theory of State Rights * Saint. David's Church in Cheraw, South Carolina * Captain' John E. Elgin of San Antonio * Mrs. Betty Elgin Gilmer of Austin * Dr. John E. Elgin, one of Austin's earliest physicians * St. Paul's College * the Swisher Tavern * Bee, Spring * Barton's Spring * Baron Munchausen * General Twigg *

The Louise Gordon Collection

By J. Marvin Hunter.

Account of Mrs. Louise Marlim Gordon, widow of Captain G. Keith Gordon, of San Antonio, Texas. Born in London. England, April 20, 1851, she lived 90 years full of good deeds, kindness, happiness in brightening the lives of others; years of patriotic devotion to her native country, to her church, to her husband, and loyalty to her friends. She came from England and settled on a ranch in Kimble county with her husband. Here is her story. Contains old photo of Mrs. Gordon and of Capt. C. Keith Gordon.

Mentions: Grace Episcopal Church in Galveston * home at 167 Groveland Place * H. M. S. Doris, a. sailing vessel * R. H. Dana * the Groos National Bank of San Antonio *

The King of the County Fair

A poem by Carlos Ashley, Llano, TX

A chestnut foal on trembling legs
 Is nudging his mother's thigh, While Old Trav lolls in the stable shade
 And stares with a dreamy eye.
 His blood was hot as a lava bed
 That rolls from the crater's rim—He sired a thousand colts or more,
 And they always looked like him.
 A half-smile plays on his wrinkled cheek
 As he visions the golden flare
 Of June Bug racing the Texas tracks—The King of the County Fair…" etc, etc

Five Forts On The Texas Frontier

From Don H. Biggers

Excellent history of the origins, and development of FORT PHANTOM HILL, CAMP COOPER, and CAMP COLORADO.

Mentions: General Arbuckle * Fort Belknap * Captain Marcy's Santa Fe Trail * Major Thomas * Black Beaver * James Moorehead * Senator Benton * Billy Benton * Colonel Abercrombie * Capt. Robt. E. Lee * Fort Ewell on the Nueces River * Peneoca Indians * John R. Baylor * Fort Bliss * the Jim Ned, in Coleman county * Major Earl Van Dorn * Albert Sidney Johnston

Some Lost Tribes Of Texas

Mrs. Julia Jones, Houston, Texas.

Account describes certain extinct Indian tribes who disappeared from the earth about two hundred and seventy years ago, but who for a time had their parts in making the history of Texas. These were tribes of wandering Indians, who bore the unsavory reputation of being cannibals as well as nomads. This fact, no doubt, is what led to their extermination, for all the savage peoples, those practicing cannibalism, naturally, were the most loathed. Many of them were hunted down and massacred, while others, unfitted for changed conditions of life imposed upon them by the coming of the whites, died off in rapidly increasing numbers.

Mentions: Dr. John R. Swanton * the Karankawans, the Coahuiltecans, the Tanmalipecans and the Janambrians * the Alamo, called originally `San Antonio de Valero' was built in hopes of educating and Christianizing the Coahuiltecans * the Alachoines, Parchaque, Chomes, Pamais, Mesealeros, Payaya and Yorkicas * the French explorer La Salle

Heroines Of The Hills

By T. U. Taylor, Austin, Texas

Excellent early MASON COUNTY TEXAS history and genealogy.

Mentions: Uncle Billy Cox (William S. Cox) was probably the first settler in what is now known as Mason county * Tom Cox and Charlie Cox * Hattie Cox, Elizabeth Cox, Harriet Cox, and Frances Cox * Comanche Creek * old Horsehead Crossing * Miss Harriet Jones * Naomi Cox * a Mr. Miller * Uncle Scott Jones * Mrs. Pat Bailey * Mrs. Elizabeth Latham * Scott Jones * Uncle Billy Cox and his wife Harriet Jones * J. F. (Pete) King * J. D. Miller * John Warren Hunter * Loyal Valley * W. C. Linden * Louis Martin * Alvin Mebus * Charles Martin and his wife Mrs. Anna (Mebus) Martin * Fredericksburrg * the House of Martin * Katherine Keller * Francis Kettner * Louis Kettner, William Kettner, Charles Kettner, Mrs. Ida Keller and Mrs. Alice Gamel * Louis Korn * Wilson Hey * Ben Hey * Colonel Robert E. Lee * McGuire

Cynthia Ann Parker And Her Indian Family

By J. Marvin Hunter

Cynthia Ann Parker, when a girl of 8 or 9 years, was captured by the Comanche Indians at old Fort Henderson, or "Parker Fort." Nocona, her captor, took Cynthia Ann out in the open country, and after living and growing up with the Indians, she became Noconas wife. It's a long story—this story of Cynthia Ann Parker and her life with the Comanches—but the early historians of Texas have preserved the best of it for their children, and grandchildren. Here is one of the best and most accurate accounts of her intriguing, yet tragic life. Contains old photos of Cynthia Ann, and Quanah Parker and also of Chief Baldwin Parker, son of Quanah Parker.

Mentions: Quanah Parker * Navasota Creek * Groesbeck in Limestone county * John Parker * Col. Len Williams * Fort Sill, Oklahoma * Prairie Flower * Pickwick hotel in Fort Worth *

Buchanan Dam And Texas Hills

By Lynn Elict

The writer (whose old homestead lies beneath its waters), describes Buchanan Dam, second largest of its kind in the world (as of 1941)—multiple arch—backs up the waters of the Colorado River over 26,300 acres.

Mentions: Edwards Plateau * Marble Falls * Dead Man's Hole * Walter Richter * Burnet * Fredericksburg

Last Victims Of Indian Raiders

As told to Zoe A. Tilgman by Former Ranger, Ed R. Outler.

Ed Riley Outler, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, tells the story of this last raid of the Indians into Wise county, Texas and of the tragic death of three pioneer women - victims of this sad event which occurred on the 25th of September, 1874.

Further Mentions: Decatur * Mr. McKinley * George Stephens who was a captain of the Rangers * Ben Hopson * Mr. Tidwell * Pierce Stephens * Harve Nichols * Mrs. Huff * Lum Huff * the Quahada Comanches under Quanah Parker * Alvord

The Stage Lines Of The Southwest

By Colonel Martin L. Crimmins

Describes the earliest development of San Antonio-San Diego Stage Line which used the road from El Paso to Fort Yuma on the Colorado River, and the road from Fort Defiance, NM, to a point on the Colorado River near the mouth of the Mohave River. Account further describes the dangers and hardships that became commonplace for both drivers and passengers, as well as an extremely bloody attack at a stage station at Dragoon Springs, 10 miles below Cochise involving a man by the name of Silas St. John and six assistants.

Further Mentions: The President of the California Stage Co. James E. Birch * the Adams and Co. Express in California * Isaiah C. Woods * Lt. Col. Philip St. George Cooke * the San Pedro to Aravaipa * Leach and Hutton * Pima village * Abbott-Downing Co * Charley Youmans * Carrizo Creek * Warner's Ranch * Charles Mason * Jaegar's Ferry at Fort Yuma * Big Foot Wallace * Maricopa Wells * Tucson John Capron * Jim McCoy * Coke's Well * E. V. Sumner * Fort Hudson * Birchfield * Mesilla * James Hughes of Waterton, N. Y. * Guadalupe Ramirez of Sonora * Bonifacio Miranilo of Chihuahua * Laing * Cunningham * Mr. Archibald * the Memphis Avalanche * James B. Leach * Major N. H. Hutton * B. J. D. Irwin * Fort Buchanan * The Butterfield Stage Line

When A Spanking Was Undeserved

By J. Marvin Hunter

The author describes an event that occurred one late summer's eve in Mason, TX when temptation got the better of a young lad. Mentions: Old Judge Todd * the Mason Herald * Walter Todd * Comanche Creek * Billie Todd

Seventy Years With The Indians

By J. Marvin Hunter

Account of the life of Rudolph Fischer, who was born near Fredericksburg, Texas, the son of German parents who operated a tannery on Wolf Creek, about seven miles north of Fredericksburg. Young Rudolph was 10 years old when he was captured by Comanches in 1870, and spent the next seventy or so years as an Indian - this is his story.

Further Mentions: Apache Oklahoma * Herman Lehmann, Adolph Korn, Malindy Cordle, Frank Buckelew, Clint Smith, Jeff Smith, Mahala McDonald and Mrs. Chas. Wattenbach * Black Crow * Palo Duro Canyon * Fort Sill, Oklahoma * Uny Beitah and Tisha Tunya * Mrs. Lynn Parker and Mrs. Tom Parker * Mrs. Bertha Reindi of St. Louis * Mrs. Otto Rabke, of Fredericksburg * Mrs. Jessie Ward Gentry of Las Cruces * Bert Simmons of Ada * Baldwin Parker of Cache * Miss Fannie Light * Judge J. F. Ward of Apache *

The Rusty Can's Message

By Captain Jack Decatur Moore

Account of a message roughly scrawled out by a dying man and placed in a bakin' powder can. The contents of that message triggered a search for gold and speculations about riches somewhere high in the Chisos of Big Bend region.

Mentions: Gideon Gaines * Jason Flippin and Jefferson Breede * Ode Montelle * Talala Creek * Claremore, Oklahoma * Old Chinati and his red skins * Tom Hunt of Williamson county * a ranch house below Onion Creek * Giles Flippin * Marlow Grove * the Mashed O outfit * the J. C. Loving ranch on Cow Creek * Jimmy Harbold * the McClellan outfit * Ed Bomar * Uncle Toni Hunt's ranch * Dorman Hunt * Judge Dayton Moses of Fort Worth * Rev. Mr. Thomson *

News Items Of Long Ago

Mentions: Mr. Jack Anderson * J. K. Brown * Jason Halthorn * Charley Ford * Jesse James * Joe Pierce and Bill Moss * Cotton Springs * Tom Yarnell * Jonas Land * Hubbard City * the Varnell ranch * George Walker * Col. R. P. Smyth * Mrs. D. D. Smyth * Mattie * Mrs. W. Holbrook * Miss Lucy J. Smyth * Wayland College * John K. Rollinson * Mrs. John F. Davenport of Center Point * Dr. K. M. Hudspeth * Clarence R. Wharton

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