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Vol 20 No. 03 - December 1942

Sketch Of General Thomas J. Rusk

From The Texas Almanac, 1857

Thomas Jefferson Rusk was born December 5, 1808, iii the Pendleton, District of South Carolina. He was a distinguished soldier and statesman, who was involved with almost every important event connected with the progress of Texas from the condition of an oppressed colony of Mexico to her present proud position among the sovereign States of the American Union. Here is his story.

Mentions: Hon. John C. Calhoun * William Grisham * Pendleton District * Colonel Sidney Sherman * Mirabeau B. Lamar * General Filisola * Mr. Joseph J. Powell * Samuel G. Powell * General Felix Huston * J. T. Collingsworth * Wm. T. Jones * John Hemphill * John T. Mills * A. B. Shelby * Mr. Buchanan

"Watsonia," The Home Beautiful

By Dee Woods.

Hospitality, Texas style, is a combination of that gracious and charming article of the Old South and the hale and hearty Western variety, and something else besides. A real ex-ample is encountered at "Watsonia." home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Watson of Corpus Christi. "Watsonia" overlooks the Corpus Christi Bay, and a guest once declared the site was the most beautiful spot in Texas for a home. Here is the story.

Mentions: Mrs. Mary Nold Mathis * T. H. M * Coleman-Mathis-Fulton Company * Louisiana Street * Thomas H. Mathis * the town of Rockport * J. D. Dillingham

Beginning Of The Methodist Church In Texas

Account describes the earliest origins and subsequent developments of the Methodists in Texas.

Mentions: the residence of Mrs. Lucy Kerr in Washington county * Alexander Thomson, Esq * Rev. Henry Stephenson * Rev. Dr. W. P. Smith and Rev. Win. Wedford * Rev. J. W. Kinney * Rev. Mr. Fullenwider * Caney creek in Austin county * Mr. David Ayres * Messrs. Kilnuy, Smith and Wedford * Martin Ruter * Rev. Littleton Fowler * Rev. Robert Alexander * Ruterville * Beverly Waugh * Presiding Bishop, and Rev. Thomas O. Summers

Treaty Made With Indian Tribes In 1844

By J. Marvin Hunter.

A treaty of peace, friendship and commerce was wade between the Republic of Texas and the Comanche, Keechi, Waco, Caddo, Anadahkah, Souie, Delaware, Shawnee. Cherokee, Lipan and Tahuahkarro tribes of Indians on October 9, 1844, at Council Grove on Tahwaccaro Creek, seven miles northeast of the present city of Waco. This story recounts the full details of the 22 articles of that historic event, and of its great failure.

Further Mentions: Jesse Chisholm * Council Grove on Tahwacearo Creek * David G. Watson, L. H. Williams * Louis Sanchez, James Shaw, Vincente, John Conner * Thos. I Smith, J. C. Neill, E. Morehouse, Benj. Sloat, Geo. W. Adams * Eli Smith, R. H. Porter, Stephen T. Stater, Ro. Wilson, John F. Torrey, J.' E. Smith * Walter Winn * General Ranald S. Mackenzie

Bandera County Eighty-Six Years Ago

Excellent article from The Texas Almanac for 1857 which gives a description of Bandera county at that time.

"BANDERA is bordered on the north by Kerr county; east by Comal and Bexar; south by Medina and Uvalde; west by the Bexar unorganized territory. The Medina rises in its eastern side, and there are a number of smaller creeks in its southwestern corner. The surface is hilly. There is a white population of 136; no returns in regard to negroes. There are 347 head of cattle, valued at $4,000; 17 head of horses, valued at $610. Total, $17,866. About half the surface is supplied with live oak, cedar and elm. The only fruit so far…"

Further Mentions: O. B. Miles * J. W. Poole * A. Hoffman * F. F. Carter * August Klappenbach

"Texian" Is Correct Appellation

From the Texas Almanac for 1858, published by Richardson & Co., Galveston, we take the following article, which is an extract from an old manuscript, "A Review of Kennedy's History of Texas," and which gives the correct term that should be applied to citizens of Texas.

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