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Vol 20 No. 04 - January 1943

Captain Andrew Anderson At 90

By J. Marvin Hunter.

Account of Captain Andrew Anderson, who offers his recollection of early day events and many interesting incidents in the history of the Texas coast country that happened when he was a boy, especially does he remember the bombardment of Corpus Christi by Federal gunboats, August 16th and 18th, 1862, and later he was present when Captain Kittridge, the Federal commander, was captured by a party of Confederates on Flour Bluff, several miles from the city. He was just a twelve-year-old boy at the time, and knew Captain Kittridge. It is his picture on this month's front cover and here is his story.

Further Mentions: Eli Merriman - veteran newspaper man and founder of the Corpus Christi Caller * Mrs. Swift's residence on Water street * John Riggs * Dr. George Robertson * a schooner called the Flour Bluff * Captain Ireland * Russian Sam * Will Pinney of Duval county * Port Aransas * the Nueces Hotel * Judge Gilpin * Captain Kittridge * the Shaw building * Mrs. Draper * the Sherman building * Henry Weidemueller * the Kelly building * Dr. DeRyee * Henry Mote * North Beach * The father of Andrew Anderson Captain John Anderson * Captain Jack Hardin * Ben Anderson * Pat Love

Ship Named For Bigfoot Wallace

By J. Marvin Hunter.

As the years pass fame and credit that was his due is now coming to "Big Foot" Wallace, the noted Texas Ranger and frontier fighter. A big Liberty cargo ship has been named for him. On Saturday, December 12, 1942, this great ship was launched at Houston, Texas, with appropriate ceremonies. Here is the story.

Further Mentions: Mrs. J. L. Barkley - school teacher at Lowake * George B. Butler * Governor Stevenson * Bruce Hughes * Mrs. Arie P. Hughes * Emma Jean Godon * Cornelia Bennett * Grover Stephens * Florine Lisso * Roley Low * Albert Standish * Philip Lester, Houston * John C. Duval * Mrs. Melanie Keiser of Bandera * S. H. Dixon * Stanley Vestal * Miss Mabel Major * Miss Rebecca Smith

African Slavery Defended

"Every citizen of the United States should be the warm friend, the unceasing advocate, and the bold defender of African slavery as it exists in the Southern States of the Union. Why?" - This account seeks to answer the question posed.

Almost A Sewing Machine Agent

By J. Marvin Hunter

Mentions: W. F. Rheal * Dempster Rheal * Junction City * Streeter - a small village ten miles west of Mason * the little town of London in Kimble county * old Howe * Haskell * Sonora * W. P. Cochran * Mesquite Billy * E. Blanchard

Another Frontier Chapter Ended

Account of the closing of the last frontier fort (Fort Chadbourne) ending an important era in the history of Texas and of the frontier.

Mentions: D. M. West of the Bronte Enterprise * Fort Phantom Hill * Fort Concho * Fort Davis * Lt. T. L. Chadbourne * the battle of Resaca de In Palma * the Southern Overland Mail Line * Walthall * Ballinger * Dick Tillery * Orleanna Stone * Mrs. Walter Johnson * Mrs. R. I. Kirkland * Mrs. R. E. Douglas * Robert Harwell an outstanding ranchman of Coke county * Bronte * Miss Addie Pritchard * Mrs. Jim Calloway * Mrs. Edna Alsup * Mrs. John Moore of Sinton * Mrs. Nora Hallmark

The Last Fort Concho Survivor

Account of Pat Conway, native of Ireland, and San Angelo's last soldier of old Fort Concho. Born in County Clare, Ireland, Jan. 17, 1852, Mr. Conway came to the United States in 1874. He enlisted in the Army at Lowell, Mass., in 1883 and was assigned to the Southwest His first station was Fort Ringgold on the Rio Grande. As a soldier in the early days of West Texas, Mr. Conway served at both Fort Concho in San Angelo and old Fort Davis in the Davis Mountains. He was transferred to Fort Concho in 1888 from Fort Brown at Brownsville. Here is his story and the story of early times in San Angelo.

Mentions: Jake Lapowski * Josephine Satothite * Fair mount Cemetery * Levy & Lapowski's store * S. E. Conway and Mrs. Wayne Green of San Angelo * Mrs. M. B. King of Bledsoe * Fred C. Chabot * San Luis Potosi

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