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Vol 20 No. 07 - April 1943

Dr. Travis M. Harrell, Texian

By J. Marvin Hunter.

One character on the Texas frontier who has never been given the full credit and praise that is his due, is the old family physician, who unselfishly and untiringly devoted his time and talents to the sick and the ailing. The night was never too dark or the weather too disagreeable to hold him back when there was an opportunity to save a life or relieve suffering, and often he rode horseback long distances, carrying his "pill bags" with him to reach his patients. Besides being a physician he was also a surgeon, and could saw off a leg or an arm, probe for and remove a bullet, set fractured limbs, and do just as good and oftentimes a better job than modern surgery can perform. Dr. Travis Mangum Harrell, was one of those fine old Texians who had practiced medicine for nearly half a century. He was born in San Saba county, Texas, on Simpson's Creek, two miles east of the town of San Saba, February 8, 1862. He and Mrs. Harrell moved to Round Rock in 1896, and be took up the practice of his profession within one mile of the first school he ever attended, and there they remained for twenty-six years. Dr. Harrell became one of the outstanding physicians in that region, and made hundreds of friends. In 1922 Dr. and Mrs. Harrell moved to Corpus Christi. This is his story.

Further Mentions: Dr. Grandstaff at Mason * Dr Gatliff, Dr. Beck of Mason, Dr. Doerr of Menardville, Dr. Burt and Dr. Burleson of Junction, Dr. McIntyre of Big Spring, Dr. Smith and Dr. Marberry of San Angelo, Dr. Keidel of Fredericksburg * Dr. J. O. Butler and Dr. W. G. Brymer of Bandera, Dr. J. B. Granville of Brady, Dr. B. B. Beakley of Melvin, Dr. G. Graham Watts of San Antonio, and Dr. P. A. Base of Mason * Francis Marion Harrell * Mary Davis Harrell * Miss Maggie Faubion of Leander * W. M. Faubion * Dr. C. C. Black * the Baltimore Medical College * John Jackson * Frank Men * Cypress Creek in Travis county * Brushy Creek * Jim Murphy * Sam Bass, Sebe Barnes and Frank Jackson * Deputy Sheriff Grimes * Captain Dick Ware * Pressley Harrell * the Harrell Memorial Chapel * Williamson County Old Settlers Association * The Harrell Memorial Chapel at Waco (includes photo)* Dr. Theodore Hudson Harrell * Mrs. Mattie Baker * Mrs. Ara McFarland of Corpus Christi * Mrs. J. W. Kilgore of Yakima * Miss Eddie V. Harrell of Round Rock * Mrs. Maye Sullivan of Houston * Mrs. Vira Douglas * Otho Douglas * Ramey Douglas

The Fight At Live Oak Mott

W. F. Kellis

There is a beautiful grove of old liveoaks on the banks of Lacy Creek, about six miles west of Sterling City, in Mrs. James McEntire's pasture. It is a beautiful place. The old trees on either bank reach out with their long limbs as if to protect and give shade to the brook that flows by to give them water. It was also the scene of a bloody tragedy between white men and Comanche Indians that occurred in the early 1870's. The author of this account participated in the terrible battle and offers this first-hand account.

Mentions: a ranch north of Brownwood * Ruth * Lacy Creek * North Concho * Ballinger * Henry Bade * Daniel Everett Conwill * D. E. Conwill * Rankin Conwill of Benevides * Mrs. Dolores Gorsky of Houston

Story Of Frontier Times Museum

By J. Marvin Hunter.

Mentions: A. Miller at the Selena stage stand between San Antonio and Austin * Mrs. A. E. Davenport * John Albert Miller * A. C. Amy Schreiner * Captain Charles Schreiner * Charles Gersdorff * John James * Charles de Montel * Rev. Ira D. Henry in Mason county * Emperor Tao-Hwang * Miss Louisa. Malim * Seb S. Wilcox * Mrs. Grace L. Harris * Guy J. Giffen * Miss Frances Donecker * Hon. Hobart Huson

"O, Death, Where Is Thy Victory?

By Brice Collins


Mentions: Colonel Walter Godkin * Miss Juanita Godkin * ranch near Pipe Creek * were accompanied by Colonel Godkin's fine little grandson, "Mickey," son of Charles * Miss Juanita Ramirez

Back In Memory To The Wildwoods

W. C. Moore

Account describes the early days of Harris county and the timbered lands of Texas. It was written by Mr. Moore of Houston, Texas who vividly recalls the woodlands of Texas during his lifetime, and sighs over some of the changes which have occurred.

Mentions: Louis Phillipe * Silver Lake * McCormick's Lake

The Deer Creek Indian Fight

Captain Dan W. Roberts

Eye-witness account of Indian fight which took place in August, 1873, between a small posse of citizens of Round Mountain in Blanco county about fifty miles distant from Austin, and a band of marauding Indians which had committed a horrible murder in that neighborhood just a few days before.

Mentions: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Phelps who lived on their ranch near Cypress Creek some three milts south of Round Mountain * Mrs. White * Alexander (Buck) Roberts * Thomas Bird, Joe Bird, John O. Biggs, Stanton Jolly, George T. Roberts * Hickory Creek * Captain James Ingram, William Ingram, Cain Davidson and Frank Waldrip * Joe Bird * Johnson's ranch * Captain Rufe Perry * Hon. H. U. King

Fredericksburg's Golden Jubilee

By J. Marvin Hunter.

Fredericksburg, in Gillespie county, Texas, was founded by John O. von Meusebach in 1846, when he brought a colony of some 1,000 industrious German emigrants from the New Braunfels contingent and settled then, on lands on the Pedernales river. This account offers excellent early history of the town.

Mentions: Hon. Charles A. Culberson * Loyal Valley * Herman Ochs, Max Wahrmund, R. M. Burrier, John Klaerner, Richard Maier, August Keiler, August Grobe * Ottfried Hans Freiherr von Meusebach * Dillenburg, Nassau * Stettin * Halle * Castell in Llano county * Miss Agnes Coreth * Redmond Murphy and Billie Todd * John Holcomb * Verein-Kirche * Old Coffee Mill Church * George W. Smith * Willie Dye, the Klett boys * Otto Keyser * Mrs. Nary Mathis * Mrs. H H. Watson * T. H. Mathis * Mrs. Fannie N. McElrath * Thomas E. Mathis * Dr. Edgar G. Mathis * Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Crissman * the Mayan Guest Ranch * South Bluff Park * Mack and Little Bit * Mrs. George B. Davis

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