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Vol 20 No. 10 - July 1943

A Hanging At Silver City, N. M.

By Judge O. W. Williams

Account is detailed eye-witness description of the hanging of a man named Remine in the spring of 1881, in Silver City, New Mexico.

Further Mentions: J. C. Williams * the Timmer Hotel * a man named Winterburn from Albany New York * Central City * sheriff Whitehill * Silver Plate Dick * Mesilla *

Joe Benton Collects Texiana

Account of Joe Benton in Nocona, Texas and the possessor of one of the largest collections of books on Texas literature, Texas history and folklore.

Mentions: Southwestern Life Insurance Company * Benton and Holmes * the Davenport pool * A native of Montague county * Eugene C. Barker * Joseph Carrall * Jim Dan Hill * Peter Molyneaux * Ezra Meeker * Charles Goodnight of the Goodnight Ranch * Tennesy Warrior * John Sevier * J. Garrett Tolan * Senator Simon Lantz * Judge C. L. Patterson *

Reid's Tramp

A Ten Months' Trip Through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Mexico in 1857

By John C. Reid

(EDITOR'S NOTE.-This is one of the most remarkable and interesting stories of Western travel ever written. The book was published in 1858, and we are printing it in Frontier Times as a serial, but not in full because of space, omitting many of the incidents of lesser importance. It will run in this magazine six or seven months, and those who read every installment will gain a knowledge of much hitherto unpublished history. Coming first hand as it does from a man who participated in some of the historical incidents mentioned, it is authentic and reliable. Remember, it was written in 1857.)

(Continued from Last Month.)

Mentions: Captain John Pope * : E. D. Nave, E. B Radford, Mid Livingston, L. M. Donovan, A. Knight, and J. C. Reid * Mrs. Drarries * Castroville * Mr. Henry Castro * Quihi creek * Nueces river * Turkey Spring * Los Morris * Fort Clarke * Devil's River * Moro Caetle (Havana), * Fort Duncan (Eagle Pass) * Camp Davis * Beaver Lake * Red Bluff * Howard Spring * Live Oak Canyon * Live Oak creek * Captain Granger * Wild Rose Pass * Mr. Radford * Dead Man's Hole * Van Horn's Well * Eagle Spring * White Mountain Apaches * Mr. Freeman *

It Was Garden City Or Bust

By J. Marvin Hunter

Account describing early days in the tiny town of Garden City, TX in Glasscock county, and the establishment of it's one and only newspaper.

Mentions: Miss Susie Rogers at Mason * the Kimble County Crony * the little village of London Texas * C. McCollum * E. W. Brewer * G. T. May * Mrs. Alice Bannowsky * Frank McKean * B. P. Woody * W. L. Smitt * Jack Brewer * Leander Miller * Gus Jones * Seth Lewis * McCammant * I. P. Barrett * John Brown * Water Valley * Sterling City * San Angelo * Mr. Penrod * a young Baptist preacher named Wilsford * Riddick & Roberts * the Doran hotel in Sterling City * the Fristoe hotel in Garden City * a man named Dunn * Onion Gregg * The Gregg boys * Will Gregg * Guion Gregg * Will Gregg * Prentice Gregg * Ballinger * Jim Bigham * Garden City Gazette * "THESE ARE MY HILLS,"

A poem by Nettie Walton Watson.

"Hoo-Doo War" In Mason County

By Captain Dan W. Roberts.

Account of the feud between cattlemen that arose to proportions that gave it the name of the "Mason County War."

Mentions: Major Jones * Mr Lemburg * Mr. Tim Williamson * Lemburg's store * Major Hunter's hotel * Sheriff John Clark * James Trainer * the two Baccus brothers * a man named Turley * Wiggins * Judge Everett * William Coke * Mr. Miller * Daniel Hoerster * Peter Jordan * George Gladden * Mose Beard * Keller's store * Beaver Creek * James A. Baird * Peter Barder * Scott Cooley * John Worley * John Ringo *

Relics Of The Ancient Chimus

By J. Marvin Hunter

Mentions: ancient Chimu ruins in Peru * Louis Bonnard * Chan-Chan a community near Trujillo * Mr. Charles L. Fagan of Rahway *

A Story Of "Billy The Kid"

Mentions: Mr. Seb S. Wilcox of Laredo Texas * the Laredo Times * Bowers and Ganet * Charley Nash * John Wilkerson * Albert Smith * the Corpus Christi stage * the cow camp of John Chisum * Bennett Howell * Pat Garrett * John W. Poe and Kit McKinney * Mr. Pete Maxwell *

Old Settlers' Jubilee "Rained Out"

Mentions: Mrs. J. A. Bachman * Mr. and Mrs. A. Mumaw * Rev. R. H. Seiler * Rev W. A. Bowen * Colonel M. L. Crimmins * Elmer J. Edwards, Sr * Mrs. W. A. Bowen of Bandera * Mrs. W. P. Grisham * Dave Dillingham * W. W. Dillingham * Joe Hunter Short and Leslie Bill Short * Marilyn Sue Hunter * Mrs. Knowles Witcher Teel * Mr. Adolph Ponischil * Foster Gentry * Frank Hunter Gentry * Miss Jessie Ward * Judge and Mrs. J. F. Ward * Mrs. H. F. Bundy * Frank Ward * Colonel S. H. Gilliland of Coleman * Haynie Gilliland * Geo. M. Gilliland * Eli Gilliland

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