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Vol 20 No. 11 - August 1943

Jane Long, The Mother Of Texas

By A. J. Sowell

Account of Mrs. Jane Herbert Long, called "The Mother of Texas," who was born on the 23rd day of July, 1798, and was the devoted wife of Dr. James Long, who was a surgeon in the army of General Andrew Jackson, but who later became involved with the popular idea of the conquest of Northern Mexico, which then included the vast country of Texas which was under the dominion of Spain. Long was killed in battle, but Jane continued on to live a noble and daring life in poverty, affliction and in many formidable accomplishments. Here is her story.

Mentions: Colonel Adair of Kentucky * Bolivar Point * General William McCall Wilkinson * Mrs. Calvitt * a Mr. Wood * Jane Herbert * Alexander Calvitt * the fine plantation called Walnut Hills * Annie Herbert Long * Randall Jones * Lafitte * Nacogdoches * Colonel Perez * a colored servant woman named Kian * Dr. Edgar * Dr. Allen * Randall Jones * Colonel Ben Milam * General Peck * Dr. Ferris * Mrs. Mary Miles

Rangers Battle With Outlaws

By Captain Dan W. Roberts.

In this account, Roberts offfers first-hand details of events in June, 1880 and the efforts to round up the last of the "Billy the Kid" bunch that had operated in New Mexico. Their names were Jesse Evans, John Gunter, and three of the Davis brothers. Events occurred in the Fort Davis area of Texas.

Mentions: Judge Frazier * Fort Stockton * Sergeant Ed. Seiker * Sergeant Caruthers * Private Miller * E. J. Pound * "Nick" Brown, and Henry Thomas * R. H. Russell, D. T. Carson * S. A. Henry * George R. Bingham * Paso del Norte * John Selman * John Wesley Hardin * John Gunter and Jesse Evans

Reid's Tramp

A Ten Months' Trip Through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Mexico in 1857

By John C. Reid

(EDITOR'S NOTE.-This is one of the most remarkable and interesting stories of Western travel ever written. The book was published in 1858, and we are printing it in Frontier Times as a serial, but not in full because of space, omitting many of the incidents of lesser importance. It will run in this magazine six or seven months, and those who read every installment will gain a knowledge of much hitherto unpublished history. Coming first hand as it does from a man who participated in some of the historical incidents mentioned, it is authentic and reliable. Remember, it was written in 1857.)

(Continued from Last Month.)

Mentions: the village of San Elizario * U. S. Dragoons * Mr. Nave * Dr. J. M. Haden * Fort Bliss * the villages of Socorro and Isleta * Stephenson's Rancho * McGoffinsville * Mr. Livingston * Messrs. Livingston and Donovan * the village of Moline * Brevet Capt. John Pope * the Mesilla and Dona Ana valleys * The two villages of Mesilla and San Tomas * Ft. Fillmore * the ranch of Frontera * Jornado del Muerto * Larga Jornada del Muerto * Fort Thorne * Santa Barbara * Col. D. S. Miles * Dr. Steck * Mimbres Apaches * the Gila Apaches, and the Garroteros * Barnes * Bald Hornet * Mr Nava * Mustang Bill * Major Lane * V. V. Ward, L. R. Ford, John Hall * McKinney * William Devers * Archibald * Mr. Knight * Mr. Alexander Duval * Captain Claiborne * Stein and Baker * 'the Mission of San Xavier del Bac * Papago Indians * the ranche of Colonel Douglas * The villageof Tubac * Sopori * Mr. Charles K. Poston * Col. Palatin Robinson * Rancho de las Calabasas * Tomocacari * Mr. Archibald * Sut Lovingood * the town of Magdalene * the Ymuris river * De Sot * Robert Dearrien * Mr. Warren * Mrs. Colonel Robinson * Majors Robert Wood and Charles Tozer * General Henry M. Crabb * Senor Peschiera * Fort Yuma * Caborca * Cabeza Prieta * Granville H. Owray, George Madison, Robert Ward, John S. George * John C. Reid, John Bates, V. V. Ward, E. D. Nave, John Capron, Henry Holmes, A. A. (Bill) Woods * Haskins * Ramblesburg * Joseph Thomas * Chambers, Hughes, E. B. Radford * Glasscock. George Hart * Butcher * Faulk * George Little *

An Unadvertised Rodeo

By J. Marvin Hunter

Mentions: the Devil's River News office in Sonora * Mike Murphy and Steve Murphy * Reed Calhoun * Fort McKavett * the old Sam Wallick store * Nath Cooper * Streeter * Five-Mile Crossing on the San Saba * Mr. Decker * Louie Decker * Pegleg Crossing * the Rockspring ranch * Felix Oldham * the Cooper place * Old Man Bill Cooper *

A Texas Sheriff And His Wife

By J. M. Woods.

Account of Sheriff L. B. Williams of Liberty county, Texas, who personally exonerated a man falsely accused of murder, though he was convicted by a jury. He and his wife had to relocate to escape the implications of Williams appeal to a law higher than that of the local magistrates. Here is the story.

Mentions: a horse-thief Neil * Ben Collins * A man by the name of Owens * the H. & T. C. Railway Co * Navasota *

Liberty Ship 'Lorenzo De Zavala'

Story of the SS. Lorenzo De Zavala, Liberty cargo vessel, named for Lorenzo De Zavala, famous in the history of the Texas Republic.

Mentions: Mrs John E. Knapick * E. W. Moore * Sidney Sherman * C. C. Cox * Henry Stuart Foote *

Early Day Picnics In North Texas

By Major Morris U. Lively

Death Of W. C. Moore, Pioneer

Account of W. C. Moore, who was a pioneer in Texas oil industry and had been active in developing the petroleum resources of the state since the early days at Spindletop, and was well known in the oil fraternity as well as in Houston's business world.

Mentions: three daughters, Mrs. J. D. McGregor of El Paso, Mrs. Henry M. Bryant of San Antonio and Mrs. Calvin B. Garwood of Houston, and a son, Perryman S. Moore of Houston * the Hardy Oil Company * the Markham Oil Field * the Latex Oil Company * La Jarza Oil Company * K. A. O'Hara Moore * Pleasant Moore * Port Bolivar * Francis O'Hara * Nancy Hanks * Lydia Hanks * G. H. & S. A

The Big Snow Of 1878

By O. W. Williams.

Account describing one of the coldest winters in Texas history and of the snow of December, 1878, and January and February, 1879, particluarly in the Llano Estacado, or Staked Plains region.

Mentions: Jesse C. Williams * Dewey's Lake in the lower end of Blanco Canyon * Upper Catfish Creek in Hale county * General Ranald Mackenzie * Summerfield * the Chisum ranch on the Pecos river

J. Frank Dobie And His Work

Mentions: Mrs. R. J. Dobie * Mrs. B. Robertson of Beeville * Miss Lucy Marherry of Kerrville * Bertha McKee Dobie

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