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Vol 20 No. 12 - September 1943

A. J. Sowell, Ranger and Author

By J. Marvin Hunter.

Account of Andrew Jackson Sowell, who was in his youthful days a Texas Ranger, and later became the author of several outstanding books on Texas history. Hundreds of the old time citizens of the Hill Country knew him well, and all highly praised him as a man of high ideals and lofty courage.

Mentions: Asa J. L. Sowell and Mary Mildred Turner Sowell * Big Sandy Creek * the Keep Ranch in Wise county * Montague * Edward H. Cobb * chief Sittanke * Dan Woodruff * Sergt. Joel R. Payne * Foyle's Creek * the Keenon ranch

Indian Fight In Coleman County

Related by J. M. Holcomb, Ozona, Texas, in 1911.

First-hand account of an Indian fight which took place in Coleman county, Texas, in 1868 in which the author was a participant and survivor.

Mentions: Flat Top on Elm Creek in Coleman county * Rich Coffey * the Guest brothers * the Beddo brothers * the Wiley brothers * Dick Robinson, Sug Robinson * Pink Robinson * Jim Hisaw and Bob Hisaw * with N. T. and W. M. Guest * Flat Top ranch * Bill Guest and Burrel Brown * Bill Guest and Bart Guest * Home Creek * Ans. Waldrip, Bill McCollum * John W. Coffey, John W. Ferguson * Ike Fridge

Frontier Times Is 20 Years Old

Mentions: Col. Frank P. Holland * Perry Kallison * Kallison's Big Country Store in San Antonio

Reid's Tramp

A Ten Months' Trip Through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Mexico in 1857

By John C. Reid

(EDITOR'S NOTE.-This is one of the most remarkable and interesting stories of Western travel ever written. The book was published in 1858, and we are printing it in Frontier Times as a serial, but not in full because of space, omitting many of the incidents of lesser importance. It will run in this magazine six or seven months, and those who read every installment will gain a knowledge of much hitherto unpublished history. Coming first hand as it does from a man who participated in some of the historical incidents mentioned, it is authentic and reliable. Remember, it was written in 1857.)

(Continued from Last Month.)

Mentions: Caborca * Aribaea * Major Wood * Tubetama * Pitakeet * General Crabb * Captain Owray * Governor Peschiero * General Agelar * Morano * Mr. Bates * V. V. Ward * William Dodson and William Rhodes * Tubas * Mr. William Burk * Charles B. Smith * Charles Edward Evans * Mr. N. B. Wood, and Mr. David S. McDowell * John George Clark * William Cheney * Mr. Hines * Mr. Cortlezon * Gabilondo

The Battle On The Nueces River

As Seen and Reported by Captain John W. Sansom

Eye-witness account of the Union forces engaged in the battle with Confederate forces on the Nueces river, August 10, 1862.

Mentions: Union Loyal League, which had in 1861 been organized in the country north and west of San Antonio * E. Kramer * Hugo Degener * Henry Hartman * Phil C. Temple * Jacob Kuechler * Valentine Homan * Major Tegener * Col. James M. Duff * Major Wenner * a man by the name of Burgeman * Howard Henderson and William Hester * Tom Scott * Mr. Leopold Bauer * Ernest Bosler * Captain Cramer * Lieut. Simon * Hugo Degener, Helmer Degener, A. Bruns, and Pablo Diaz * Hester Scott * Henderson Scott * Henry Schwethelm * Jacob Eusenberger * A. Graf * Lieutenant C. D. McRae * Captain Donnelson * Hon. Edward Degener * L. Bauer, A. Bruns, E. Vater, Wm. Tellgmann, C. Schaefer, J. Behrens, A. Vater, Hugo Degener, L. Scherholz, M Weirich. Ernest Besler, Hilmar Degener, E. Schreiner, J. CI. Kallenberg, H. Mayerhauser, L. Boerner * H. Markwart, H. Steves * W. Boerner, F. Tays, H. Steiler, R. Bronkish, A. Luckenbach, C. Berk, L. Riessaman, H. Flick, A. Reibsamen * Captain Hornsley * Jas. Elstner, Moritz Weiss, E. Felsing, H. Hermann, F. Weiss, V. Hoshmann * Captain John W. Sansom, Sergeant Howard Henderson, Corporal Wm. Hester, Corporal Tom Scott, F. Graff, A. Graff, W. B. Scott, Captain Henry Schwethelm, Wm. Voter.

A Woman In A Ranger Camp

By J. Marvin Hunter.

Account of Mrs. Luvenia Conway Roberts, pioneer widow of Texas Ranger Captain Dan W. Roberts. Immediately after her marriage to Captain Roberts in 1875, she went, as a bride, to a Texas Ranger camp on the San Saba river, near Menard, and she spent six thrilling happy years in camp with her husband and his gallant Rangers.

Mentions: Miss Lou Conway * the Rev. Mr. Archer * Mrs. L. F. Walker * the old Nimitz Hotel at Fredericksburg * Major H. M. Holmes * Scott Cooley * Mason County War * Mr Hester * Mrs. Gooch * Mr. Haack * An Englishman, named Carlton * Junction City

The Massacre In Elm Pass

By J. Marvin Hunter.

Some nine or ten miles a little east of north of the town of Bandera is Elm Pass, on the old Bandera and Center Point road. Though not as noted as Bandera Pass, about four miles to the west, Elm Pass was used as a route by marauding Indians when raiding the Guadalupe river settlements of Comfort and Center Point, and then coming over into the Medina river valley. Several distressing incidents and tragedies have taken place in Elm Pass, one of which is the subject of this account. It is the tragic story of the massacre of a party of Mexicans, by Indians, which took place in the year of 1847 and is related by Theodor Mazurek, a former citizen of Bandera.

Further Mentions: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mazurek * Don Antonio Lopez * Pedro Lopez, Francisco Barrera * Polley's Peak * Privilege Creek * Policarpo Rodriguez


Mentions: Mrs. Mary Faris White a resident of Llano county * Mr. and Mrs. Jameson Faris * Brady * Mrs. J. R. Rhodes of Ponca City * J. E. White of Pear Valley * R. W. White of Mason * O. L. White of Dixon * Mrs. M. A. Dees


"Robert Paul McNutt was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, June 10, 1845, and died in Hutchinson county, Texas, September 16, 1941. Coming to Texas in his early twenties, he soon joined the Texas Rangers under Captain June Peak, and served some ten years, taking part in all the campaigns of that well known company. On retirement he settled in Dallas county, and married a young widow by the name of Wells, by whom he had two sons, Roy and Kenneth McNutt. In 1901 he …"

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