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Vol 21 No. 02 - November 1943

Rural Free Delivery In Montague County

By Renne Allred, Sr.

Account details first establishment of rural mail delivery by the one responsible for that service - Renne Allred, Sr., of Bowie, Texas. Here is excellent early Montague county, Texas history and genealogy.

Mentions: born December 2, 1864, in Grayson county, Texas * J. H. Hurst * Carlton College at Savoy * King and Gillespie * Bells Texas * Cherry Mound * Florence Scott * Vernon * the Fort Worth & D.C. Railroad * W. J. Linnen's Branch * the corner of Smythe and Wise streets * Bill Shields * Burleson, Texas * W. C. Smith * E. H. Wofford * P. E. Webb * Downs' livery stable * George S. Hunt * George Tinkle * W. O. Layton * T. P. Evans * Bowie Cross Timbers * C. R. Morgan * I. C. Giles * Billie Green * Jno. C. Foreman * E. D. Walker * R. M. Hurst * Burley Box * P. L. Janeway * Boneta * John Cunningham * E. E. McConnell * Ray Beall of Nocona * W. D. Brown * Luther Burbank *

Sketch Of Benjamin R. Milam

Benjamin Rush Milam, the hero of San Antonio, was born October 20, 1788, near Frankfort, Kentucky. His parents were Moses and Elizabeth (Boyd) Milam. At 24 he joined the United States Army and fought in the War of 1812. In 1815 he and John Samuels went to New Orleans, and sailed to Maracaibo. In 1816 Milam is said to have come with Xavier Mina's expedition to Galveston Island. Thus began Milam's fateful legacy as one of Texas' chief patriots and heroes - here is his story.

Mentions: David G. Burnet * Felix Trespalacios * John Austin, and Colonel Christy * Jean Lafitte * James Long * Punto Lampasas *

Capt. Ira Aten's "Round Robin"

Notable Texas Ranger captain, Ira Aten, who retired to El Centro, California, after faithful service in the Rangers, leaving an almost unparalleled legacy of accomplishments, kept up with his many friends by means of "Round Robin" letters, which were sent to every one of his brothers and sisters, and also to his friends. This letter contains much valuable and interesting eye-witness information.

Mentions: Vermijo Park cattle ranch in Northern New Mexico * Harry Chandler * Captain John R. Hughes * B. D. Lindsey of Waco * Miss Ella Mitchell of Uvalde * W. W. Collier of Waco married Miss Ella Patterson of Uvalde * Corporal P. C. Baird of Austin * Miss Holden of Llano * Lucile Boyce * Round Rock * Lieut. Frank N. Aten *

The Influence Of The Bible

By L. R. Wilson, Minister, Church of Christ.

From Cattle Range To Cotton Patch

By Don H. Biggers.

Texas journalist, author, and politician, Don Hampton Biggers was born September 27, 1868, in Meridian, Texas, and grew up in a ranching environment. He edited and wrote for several West Texas newspapers, served in the Texas Legislature, and was active in land promotion in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. These sketches are presented in serial form and offer historical accounts dealing with industrial, social, and commercial evolutions that have taken place in western Texas from the beginning of the buffalo slaughter to the turn of the century (1900).

(Continued from Last Month.)

This installment continues to examine the earliest days of the Buffalo hunting industry on the Panhandle and interviews one of the early buffalo hunters. Also details a notable waterhole fight near Van Horn, TX and finally, of Jim Downs' perilous tramp across the plains in the summer of 1876 from near Fort Stockton to the mouth of Silver creek, a distance of about 200 miles.

Further Mentions: Causey and Mooar Brothers * Llano Estacado * Haskell, Throckmorton, Hardeman, Jones and Taylor counties * John Chisum * John W. Mooar * Ike Bucks * John Goff and Doak Goad * Cottonwood creek * Roby, in Fisher county * Jack Dorson * Fort Griffin * Stephenville * Big Foot Wallace, Sam Gibbs, Ed Russell, Dock Joy, John Clinton, Dave Harrington, George Clark, and Pat Dean *

Historic Brands May Disappear

By Mrs. Howell Ward

Account describes early ranch history and associated brands famous in Nueces county, TX

Mentions: Ray Carney * Thomas B. Gallagher, L. R. Morgan, John B. Harney, Alice, Katie and Helen Dunn * Tom Gallagher * Fred Palley of Robstown, and Cullen Wright of Banquete * Tumbling JT Connected * Mr. and Mrs. Jo: F. Turpen * Mashed Circle PK * Peter Keal * the Coleman, Mathis and Fulton Cattle Co * CMF * Fulton, Texas * the "Bow and Arrow" brand of John Rabb at Banquete * Sally Skull * John Doyle and Sarah Skull * J Flower de Luce * a man by the name of Robinson * Horsetrough * "Red" John Dunn * a man named McDowell *

The Cowboy's Philosophy.

By J. Frank Dobie

A passion for independence and a loyalty to his comrades and to his duty were the outstanding characteristics of cowboy philosophy - a philosophy not necessarily articulated in words, but lived out. These and other characteristics are described in this account as the cowboy way of life and thought.

Mentions: Frank Hastings, manager of the SMS ranch * The Earl of Aylesford came to take possession of a ranch in West Texas * Charlie Siringo * Charles Goodnight * John Adair * the J A ranch on the Palo Duro canyon * a cowboy named Cape Willingham *

In The Days Of The Republic

By Noah Smithwick

Mentions: Washington Anderson * Alexander Hamiltons, William Hamiltons, James Hamiltons and John Hamiltons * Dan Shelf, James Dodd * Joseph Manor * James Manor * Mrs. Scott * Mrs. Hopkins * Webber's prairie * John F. Webber * Joseph Duty * George Duty * Colonel Knight * Billy Hornsby * Matthew Duty * Edward Blakey and Elijah Ingram * Peter Carr * Miss Gilliland, a daughter of the Rev. James Gilliland * Jim Dodd * Captain Grumble * Captain Beach * Phillip Golding * Rodney Baker * Elias Marshall * Jimmie Snead * Andy Cryor * Alex Chalmers * Peter Carr * Capt. F. C. Groves * Lodwick Aviation Military Academy * Mr. Ellis Willis, of Deerfield * Ruth D. McCoy * Simon L. Crockett and Stephen Russell *

"Bad Nell," A Woman Desperado

By J. Marvin Hunter.

Account of "Bad Nell", woman outlaw who was a thief and a poker player, a good shot with a pistol and as good a horse rider as any man —and she played her game solitaire—she didn't have to have any men confederates.

Mentions: "Buckskin" Bowden * Tahoka, Texas * Lynn County News * Old Man Johnson * Nat Buckham, Poker Jack, and Tol Bowers * Calamtiy Jane, Poker Alice, Belle Starr * Poker Jack's saloon * Tol Bowers * the Captain Overall ranch * Col. C. C. Slaughter * the Goodnight-Adair ranch * Dr. Rupert N. Richardson *

A Story Of Peter Elias Bean

By Henry C. Fuller.

Account of the strange disappearance of Peter Elias Bean, father of Ellis P. Bean and Indian agent for the Mexican government 1824-1826 who had located at Mound Prairie, in what is now Cherokee county. His strange disappearance and the eventual discovery of his whereabouts is detailed in this account.

Mentions: the little town of Alto * the Old San Antonio Road * Philip J. Nolan * Lieut. Musquez at Nacogdoches * the Old Stone Fort * San Juan de Ulloa, near Vera Cruz * the lovely Deloretta, a niece of Morelos * Candace Midkiff * Smackover Creek * the city of Jalapa, near Vera Cruz * Heloretta Morelos *

The Indian Village Of Isleta

By Mary Austin

Account of quaint little Indian pueblo known as Isleta, located about 12 miles south of Albuquerque, a village with a history being settled before the coming of the Spaniards.

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