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Vol 21 No. 07 - April 1944

Historic Bandera Pass

By J. Marvin Hunter

Ten miles north of the town of Bandera, Texas, is historic Bandera Pass, a great gash in the Guadalupe Mountains, through which for centuries men have passed—Indian hunting parties, prospectors, conquistadors, missionaries, emigrants, stage coaches, United States troopers, ox and mule-drawn wagon trains, even camel caravans. Much colorful history clusters about silent, rugged, alluring old Bandera Pass; there are legends and traditions of Indian battles, tragedies, narrow escapes, and even tales of buried treasure hidden in ravines there to prevent it from falling into the hands of robbers. Here is the story.

Mentions: Henderson Yoakum * offices of St. Denis * the Natchez * Lake Teztuco * Tlascalans * Z. T. Fulmore * the San Saba Mission * the old Manchaca * Captain Jack Hays * A. J. Sowell * Ben Highsmith * the Plum Creek battle * Leon Creek * a Ranger named Sam Luckey * Sgt. Kit Ackland * Tom Galbreath, James Dunn (Red), Sam Luckey * Sam Walker, Kit Ackland, P. H. Bell, Ben McCulloch, Ad. Gillespie, Sam Luckey, Tom Galbreath, James Dunn, George Neill, Mike Chevallier * Sam Walker * Capt. Thomas W. Turner, old frontiersman, trail driver, and scout, of Kerrville Texas

The Old Rock School House At Merrelltown

Account written by Mrs. George H. Shanholtzer of Round Rock who was one of the early teachers of the school. Here is good, early Travis county Texas history.

Mentions: Captain Nelson Merrell * L. S. Woodward, Esq * the Kemps, McNeeses, Rodgers, Brattons, Fords, Dillinghams, Womacks, Wards, Thorps, Joneses, Ravens, Webers, Kitchens, Penningtons, Hamiltons, Studen, Starnes, Kings, Woodwards, Parkers, Robeys, Smiths, Colliers, Thompsons, Gaults, Blairs, Ashers, Davis, Kittens, Fastens, McGees, Mclntyres, Armstrongs, Baines, Ashes, Stramhlers

Henry Castro And His Colony

By August Santleben

Lengthy and in-depth account of establishment, early development, original settlers of the town of Castroville on the Medina River 25 miles west of San Antonio and of early hostile Indian depredations in the area.

Mentions: Louis Huth * Antonio Lockmars * San Pedro Creek * Soledad Street * G. S. Bourgois * David Morgan * Louis Haas * Rev. Bishop Odin * Rev. Abbe Oge * Mr. John James * Jean Batiste Lecompt, Joseph Haguelin, N. Rosee, Theodore Gentil, Auguste Fretelliere, J. S. Bourgois, Zavier Young, Louis Huth, George Cupples, Charles Gonibund, J. Fairue, N. Forgeaux, P. Boilot, C. Chapois, J. Maeles, Leopold Menetrier Michel Simon, Theophile Mercier, Anthony Goly, Louis Graff, G. L. Haas, Joseph Bader, Bertold Bartz, Charles de Montel, Sax Gaspard, J. Ulrich Zurcher, George Spani * Addicks * Rev. Father Dubuis * Rev. Mr. Offinger * August Kamp (Kempf), * Hichling * C. Villemain * Mr. Crust * Mr. Dardie * Dr. Hoffman * Judge Noonan and Colonel Upson * Thomas B. McCall * John McMullen

Troublesome Times In Texas

Related by J. K. P. Yeary.

Account deals with the experiences of J. K. P. Yeary, long-time Collin county settler and resident who speaks of first-hand accounts of Indian fights and tragedies of his life.

Mentions: W. S. Adair * Walter Yeary * Sugar Hill * Farmersville * Collin McKinney * Uncle Mart Harvick * Generals Cooper, Price and Gann * Cane Hill, Ark * General Blount * General Price * General Steele * Mr. McCoy, on Fish Creek * George Hobbs * John Hobbs

Some War Horses In The Civil War

By J. Marvin Hunter

According to the official records in the War Department at Washington, 825,766 horses fought in the American Civil War under the Union flag. Vouchers show that these horses cost $125,864,915, or an average of $140. The Confederate records cannot be found, but it is estimated that there were proportionately as many horses under the Stars and Bars, thus leaving a million and a half horses in the fighting army. These old war horses have never been given their true recognition in history. There were many noble animals among them, with an intelligence and understanding of warfare that seemed at times almost human. Here is the story.

Mentions: General Grant warhorse Cincinnati * the famous racing thoroughbred Lexington * Admiral Ammen * a little black pony named Jeff Davis * Grant's famous Kangaroo * Traveler * Major Brown * Lucy Long * Gen. "Jeb" Stuart * Old Sorrell * Old Jack * Governor Letcher * Thomas Buchanan Reed * General Sheridan * Sheridan's Ride * the famous Black Hawk stock. * Kearny's brown steed, Bayard * Edmund C. Stedman * Seven Pines * General Pope * Fair Oaks where Decatur * General Albert Sidney Johnston * Fireeater * Highfly * Verdiersville, Va * Fitzhugh Lee * Israel Putnam * Horse Neck * General John B. Gordon * the battle of Cedar Creek * Louis Napoleon * General Hooker * Mambrino * General Hooker * Lookout * General Thomas * Billy

The First Wedding In San Marcos

Ada Rylander

Account of The wedding of Miss Sarah Pitts and Mr. Wilson Randle - the first wedding in San Marcos and an account of the tragedies that attended the event.

Mentions: William C. Pitts, the father of Miss Sarah, and his brother, John D. Pitts * Thomas McGehee * "Wilsey" Randle * the town of Seguin * George McGehee, John McGehee and Alex McGehee * Mr. and Mrs. Clay Cheatham * Mrs. Captain Jim Storey * Mr. and Mrs. Young, parents of Mrs. Ed J. L. Green * Major Lindsey * Minerva McGehee * Popey Pitts * Mrs. Jas. L. Moore * Ann McGehee * Gordon and William King * Rev. Mordicai Yell * General Ben McCulloch * Mrs. Anna Kyle * Robert Kyle * Wm. Pitts Rylander * Mrs. Kyle

Old Chinese Gongs In Frontier Times Museum

Mentions: Louisa Gordon * Dr. T. F. Hung * The Han Dynasty

The Fierce Apache Indians

By J. Marvin Hunter

Of the various Indian tribes that inhabited Texas in the early days, none were more fierce and warlike than the Apache. The Comanches, Kiowas, Lipans and Kickapoos were the more recent tribes to depredate as far south as San Antonio and Austin, but only occasionally did the Apaches make their raids down into this section, for their strongholds were in Arizona and New Mexico, and they had to travel a long way to make raids into South Texas. Here is the account of the feared of all Native American tribes.

Mentions: Dr. Frederick W. Hodge * Onate * Qucrechos * the Vaqueros of Renavides * Jicarillas and Mescaleros * Chiricahua * Cochise * Vittorio * Mimbenos, Mogollones, and Mescaleros * Ojo Caliente * Tularosa * Ojo Caliente * the Ojo Caliente band * San Carlos * Tres Castitles * Victorio was succeeded by Nana * Chihuahua

Was The Bowie Mine Found?

By J. Marvin Hunter

On October 15, 1896, there appeared in the St. Louis Globe Democrat an article written by James Bee, telling about the finding of a mine in Menard county, Texas, by a man named Frank Hobson. This account is Mr. Bee's article as it appeared in the Globe Democrat.

Mentions: the Couer d'Alene country * Lost Cabin Mine * the legend of El Dorado * the Golden City of Manoa * Frank Hobson


Account of the death of Captain James B. Dunn at Dallas, March 1st, 1944. A native of Navarro county, Dunn was reared by his grandparents in Washington county and lived there until his early thirties when he moved to Brown county to enter stock farming. He was active in that work until 80 years old when he retired and moved to Dallas.

Mentions: Sam Gilliland of Coleman * Mrs. Walter Woodward * Claud McClellan * Mrs. Bland Smith of Silver Valley * Miss Wilder Dunn and Miss Flossie Dunn of Dallas * Mrs. Blanche Mauldin of Pearsall * Temple Dunn of Brookesmith * Coleman Overby * Grove Hill Cemetery * Mrs. Robert M. Keeney of Pittsburgh

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