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Vol 21 No. 09 - June 1944

The Old Time Country Schools

By J. Marvin Hunter.

In the late 1800's the country schools in Texas were somewhat different from what they are today. This excellent article compares the buildings, teachers, curriculum and experience of the school house at that time with those of 1944.

Mentions: Mason and Menard counties * Loyal Valley * Fort McKavett * Howard Smith * Peter's Prairie school * old Camp San Saba, in McCulloch county * Voca * Tobe Jolly * Gillespie county * The Little Red Sandstone School House at Loyal Valley * the Junction City school * Lon Moseley * Virgil Applewhite * Mr. Meusebach * the Keysers, the Buchmeirs, Martins, Moseleys, Holcombs, Marshalls, Puryears, Ottens, Coopers, Fleurys, Dyes, Kidds, Putmans, Schultz * Mrs J. Seekmore *


Brief obit of S. O. (Oney) Loyd, aged 63. who passed away at Medina, Texas, May 18th, 1944. He was a son of the late Eli and Virginia Loyd, early Texas pioneers, and was born in Bandera, county. Further Mentions: Edgar Loyd of Moore, Texas; Mrs. Grace Chism of San Antonio, and Mrs. Hilda Evans of Medina

Me And My Dog, Tige

By J. D. Dillingham, Austin, Texas.

Mentions: Georgetown Texas in 1874 * Colonel John T. Coffee * Merrilltown * Mr. Bargeley and J. F. (Frank) Hamilton * old East Pecan Street in Austin * B. L. Dillingham * prairie dog town in Coleman county * Dr. John Erskine * The Bylinera *

Gen. Baylor Tells Of Indian Fight

George W. Baylor

Account describes a bloody raid involving the author, his men and a band of ravaging Apaches under Mangus Colorado (Red Sleeve). The incident occurred In the spring of 1854 between Opo de Aguila (Eagle Springs) and the Rio Grande.

Further Mentions: Cuernavaca, Mexico * the San Pedro valley, Arizona * Van Horn's wells * Lucero * Jim Houston * Merrill * Colonel Erskine of Seguin, Texas * Santa Cruz * Captain Hedges * the firm of Rast & Hedges * Eagle Springs * The Mescaleros under old Espefo * Carrizo * Sabastian Cabot * Captain Callahan * Frank Erskine * Houston Campbell. James Lewis, William Ramsey, Franklin and Reuss * Jonathan Lewis * Sheppard * Captain Roberts' * Dr. C. W. Bartlett *

Arrested For Smuggling Coin

August Santleben

The old-time Texas freighter tells of his experiences near Chihuahua, Mexico in 1874 when trying to cross the border into Texas with what the Mexicans regarded as contraband coinage. The incident nearly ruined the frontier freighter financially.

Mentions: the meson de Massarre * Governor Luis Terrazas, of the State of Chihuahua * Mula * Del Norte * Presidis * Enrico Pena * James Clark * Hugh Kelly * The Loza family * Prof. Manuel Manso * Fort Stockton * Thomas Nelson * Pete Johnson *

Midnight Battle At Fort Lancaster

By J. Marvin Hunter.

During the Civil War several attempts were made by the Northern forces to invade Texas. All these expeditions were met on or near the State's borders and compelled to withdraw after engagements with Texas troops—all except one, the strangely unrecorded battle of Fort Lancaster, where California's troops were turned hack, after actually being in Texas. Here is the story.

Mentions: the present little town of Sheffield * Ozona * Live Oak Creek near its junction with the Pecos river * Fort Stockton * General Magruder * Lieut. Dick Dowling * General Banks * General J. Kirby Smith * Red River * Mansfield * Captain R. H. Williams * the Federal General Carlton * H. W. HALLECK * Brig. Gen. H. P. Bee * Camp Sidney Johnson * Captain Benavides * Eagle Pass * Major J. M. Hunter * Governor Murrah * Capt. R. H. Williams * Major Hurter * D'Hanis

Tragedy Of The Suicide Seven

Tevis Clyde Smith

Account of the "Suicide Seven" -- seven men who played important parts in the history of the Lone Star Republic. These gentlemen were George C. Childress, James C. Collingsworth, Phillip Dimmit, Peter W. Grayson, Dr. Anson Jones, S. W. Jordan and Thomas Jefferson Rusk. Politicians and soldiers, all of them leaped into the turmoil of revolutionary days, did their part in freeing Texas from the tyranny of Mexican rule and then, in moments of despair, ended their own careers.

Further Mentions: Mirabeau B. Lamar and Honest Bob Wilson * Mrs. Crittenden * Great Barrington, Mass * the old Capitol Hotel at Houston * Agua Nueva * Urrea * Victoria

The Story Of Old Camp Nichols

Albert W. Thompson

Account of the old fort near Amarillo which once constituted the earliest fortification constructed by the government in the Panhandle country.

Mentions: the redoubtable Kit Carson selected the site and superintended its construction. * the Colorado & Southern railroad in north eastern New Mexico * New Mexico-Oklahoma line in what was known as the Neutral Strip * Cimarron river's brakes * Boise City, Okla * the Tramperos country in New Mexico * a ranch on the Perico three miles west of the present Clayton * the 101 Ranch * the great Scottish-owned Western Land and Cattle Company, Ltd., * the XIT * the Currumpa * Carlton at Santa Fe * Basque, near Fort Sumner * Clayton * Fort Dodge * Lower Cimarron Springs * Mr. Allison * Fort Union, New Mexico * Colonel Christopher Carson * Major Albert H. Pfeiffer * Cedar Bluffs or Cold Spring on the Cimarron * BEN C. BUTLER * Colonel Meline * Thomas O. Boggs * Fort Lyon, Colorado * Josefeta * Mrs. Marion Russell * Capt. R. C. Kemp * Capt. Strom * Ortner * John Dreamer * Pawnee Fork, Kansas * Andres Doll of Las Vegas * Mr. Luning * W. H. Moore of Fort Union * Colonel Canon * Captain Strom * Fort Bascom * Stonewall, Colorado * Arapahoes

R. J. Newton Tells Experiences

This sketch of some of the hardships endured by the early settlers was related to John Warren Hunter in 1910 by R. J. Newton, who at the time was living near Eden, in Concho county.

Mentions: Warren Crossing on the Colorado river * Major Erath's Frontier Battalion * Captain Jim Murray of San Saba * the ranges of McCulloch county * F. M. Miller * Port Hudson * Vidalia * Fort McKavett * Bobbie Robinson, Charley Champie, George Roberts, Julius Splitgerber, and Mr. McDougall * Menardville * Ace Ellis * the old Mission San Saba * Old Charley Champie * S. R. Dawson, Mealy Jackson, Parson Dial * Bonds and Crier * Spring Creek * San Angelo * Elbert Jones and Mercer Poe * Castle Gap * the battle of Dove Creek * Presidio del Norte * the Santa Rosa Mountains * Richland Creek in San Saba. county * John Chisum * Lipan Springs * Jim Down * Don H. Biggers *

How Camp Creek Was Named

By Colonel M. L. Crimmins

Mentions: Anthony Brollier of Wichita Falls * Van Dorn * Moses F. Roberts * Rush or Deer Creek * Spring Creek * Van Camp Creek * D. Van Nostrand * Captain Geo. F. Price * Cornelius Van Camp * Jefferson Barracks * Forts Mason and Belknap and Camp Verde

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