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Vol 21 No. 11 - August 1944

The Beautiful Reincarnation Plate

Resides at Museum in Bandera from the Golden Temple to Krishna in Benares, India is more than 1000 years old.

Unique Personalities

Miss Ruth Dodson, Mathis TX

Account of The Dodson family including Archelans Bynum Dodson born and reared in North Carolina 1806. He came to TX when 19 with his father Obadiah Dodson and settled in Austin Colony. He married Sarah Bradley. Excellent genealogy and history of the family.

Mentions: Dick Dobie * Live Oak county * Grandpa Dodson * Obadiah Dodson * Sarah Bradley * Edward Bradley * Grimes county * Peter Fullenwider the only Presbyterian minister in Texas * Aunt Letitia * Widow McWhorter * Putnam Shipp * Fort Merrill * Dinero * Barlow's Ferry * the Shipps, the Givens, Johnsons, George Wrights * Newberrys, Dobies * Judge Gilpin * Henrietta Roddy * Mr. Jim Henry Newberry *

Did Cassidy Die In Spokane?

Account of the Hole in the Wall Gang or Wild Bunch of Robbers Roost

Mentions: Landers, Wyoming * George Parker, alias "Butch" Cassidy * Harry Longabaugh * Bill Phillips * Spokane Washington * the Colorado-Wyoming Snake river border country * Tobin Hood of the Midlands

The Battle Of Sabine Pass

Graphic account of Battle of Sabine Pass fought on Sep 8, 1863 told by James B. Simpson 1899

Mentions: Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks * General Halleck * Dick Dowling * General Franklin * Fort Grisby * Lieutenant R. W. Dowling * Captain F. H. Odium * Captain Crocker * the Sachemand the Arizona * General Weitzel * Clifton * The Granite City * The Uncle Ben * Sachem * General W. B. Kinney * Captain Crocker * Frederick Crocker * Davis Cnards * L. A. Field * Cooper Estell & Lemmons * Susan Pendelton * J. William Jones

Massacre Of The Oatman Family

Sad and gripping account of the brutal slaughter of Royce Oatman with his wife and 7 children by Tonto Apaches in Arizona.

Mentions: Oatman Flat, about 110 miles east of Yuma * Royce Oatman * the Pima villages * A man by the name of John La Count * Gila Bend * Olive and Mary Ann Oatman * Lorenzo * Bill Williams' Fork * Henry Grinnell * Colonel Burke * El Sol Francisco * the Maricopas * Marivpa villages * Maricopa Wells * Olive Oatman

A Great Genius Turned Hermit

Don H. Biggers account of 'Ol Berg called the Hermit of the Hills Gillespie Co TX

His pets were the turkeys, the deer, the squirrels, the birds, and other creatures that came to drink from the spring fed pool a short distance from his house. At night, from the top of his windmill tower, he communed with the stars, or entertained himself with the music of his pipe organ and sang the old songs that soothed the anguish of his soul. The old windmill tower is gone, the old hand organ has disappeared, and the wonderful house he built is now an empty, dismantled relic in the lonesome ravine recesses of a rugged mountain country—a monument to a pioneer tragedy, the sad reflex of the misdirected energies and genius of a disappointed and soulsick man. As a builder, a mechanic and genius he proved his rapacity and possibilities; as a whiskey merchant and manufacturer he was a total failure.

Mentions: Indianola * William Kiehne * Fredericksburg * William Kramer and Ed Kramer * Ernst Althaus * William Ebert and Ferd Ebert * William Kiehne and Gus Kuhlmann * Otto Kramer * William Kramer * Mrs. Adolph Lucas * Kuhlmann

A Daring Scoundrel

Natural born scoundrel Parker H. French carried his operations through TX in 1850 This is the story of this man. Mentions: Fort Inge, on the Leona *

A Pioneer Texas Mother

By Mrs. Anna Price Hewitt

Account & history of Mrs. Thomas M. Turner 96 years old when passed. Emma Ricks Turner born in Mississippi, daughter of John Ricks mother Martha Smith of Scott County, Mississippi.

Mentions: John Ricks * Martha Smith of Scott county, Mississippi * Thomas Turner * Burris Pettus Ranch * Goat Creek * Karnes county * Stockdale * Alma, married Carl Jones * Lizzie * Gus Votaw * Mattie * Henry Bishop * Cordia * C. C. Bales * Walter * Ellie Butler


By Ida Dillingham Shanholtzer, Round Rock, Texas.

"0! bury me not in the briny sea,"

The dying sailor said, "Way down in the deep,

Where sea monsters creep,

O'er the bones of the ship-wrecked dead. 0! bury me not, 01 bury me not

In the ocean deep and wide

To be tossed here and there by the ever shifting sand

On the ebb and flow of the tide."

"0! take me back, 0! take me back, Across the deep blue sea...

Indian Atrocities In Parker County

By U. A. Holland.

Account of Hiram Wilson and his brother in law Mr. Fulton July 1862 and more...

Mentions: Hon. G. A. Holland * Mr. Fulton * Diana Akers * Mount Nebo * Weatherford * Stephenville * James McKinney * Jack county * Springtown * the P. M. Jenkins home * the John Frazier home * William Shadle, father of the lamented Sam Shadle * Virgil Shadle * the home of William Kincannon * Mrs. William Shadle * Poolville * Joe McKinney * Isaac Briscoe * Agnes, in Parker county * the Culwells, Mayos, Montgomerys * Rex Culwell * the Allen home * W. B. Collins of Llano * Mrs. C. T. Traylor of Cuero * Mrs. L. B. Bone, of Houston * Captain John L. Dibrell * Mrs. Bone * Misses Sue Bone * Patricia Ann Wallis * Zapata, Texas * Oscar J. Camp * Will Allison and S. F. Lackey * Mr. W. A. Scott * Kermit, Texas * Mrs. A. J. Chandler * Mrs Scott * William M- Ryan * Governor James E. Ferguson * Mr. And Mrs. H. C. Sadler of Austin * Mrs., O. L. Albritton of Corsicana * Colonel Crim Q. Thompson, of Minneapolis * Nettie Walton * Z. A. Green * Pearland * Fletcher Davis * Miss Lucy Davis

Mild-Mannered Captain Lucy

By Hugh Nugent Fitzgerald

Account of Captain James E. Lucy, one of those fine old Texas characters who, while living never boasted of his achievements or what he had done; it remained for gifted Texas writers, to record on the printed page his noble deeds. Here is an excellent account of his life and service to the Lone Star State.

Mentions: Thomas H. Benton * Eugene Field and Ross Field * Paul Waples * Doss Field * Richard Coke * Edmund J. Davis * Ben Thompson * King Fisher * Round Rock in Williamson county * Sam Bass * Denton * Richard Coke * Dan Moody * William and Robert Pinkerton * Allan Pinkerton * Joseph Weldon Bailey, Charles A Culberson, John H. Reagan, James Stephen Hogg * Captain J. C. Arnold of Dallas * Major Larry Harrigan * McMurry and McNally * Dr. H. L. Hilgartner * Walter Tips, Lewis Hancock * Eugene Feild * Peter Lawless

Ruth Dodson, Folklorist-Historian

Mrs. Howell Ward

Account of Ruth Dodson of Mathis, who was called the "Red Cross Lady," and with good reason, by the underprivileged folk of San Patricio county. No one was ever turned away from Miss Dodson's door. As folklorist, historian and author, she is known throughout the state. Here is her story.

Mentions: Orange Grove * Mrs. John Reynolds * Don Juan * Anthony Wayne * Fort Duquesne * John Burris * Leath's Run * Roxbury, Massachusetts * The English family of Riggs * Major General Henry T. Allen * Geo. H. Estes

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