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Vol 21 No. 12 - September 1944

Captain William Eastland

By Mary Johnson Posey

Account of Captain William Eastland, for whom Eastland county, Texas, was named, and in memory of whom the monument on Monument Hill, LaGrange, Texas, was erected.

Mentions: Thomas Eastland and Nancy Mosby Eastland of Woodford county, Kentucky * John Quincy Adams * Otto Pond, Kentucky * Mr. Earnest Eastland * General William Harrison * Thomas Rabb * Nicholas Mosby Dawson * John H. Moore * General Raphael Vasquez * Colonel Matthew Caldwell * the Dawson Massacre * Salado Creek * the town of Guerrero * Colonel Wm. S. Fisher * General Ampudia * Captain Ewen Cameron * Waddy Thompson * Perote prison * Captain John E. Dusenberry * General Walter P. Lane * Captain Nicholas Mosby Dawson * General Adam Rankin Johnson * Robert Mosby Eastland * Rutersville College * Uncle Nick Eastland * Airy Mount * Burnet, Texas

The First Sheriff Of Bandera

By J. Marvin Hunter

Account of frontiersman, William Curtis, who became sheriff when Bandera county was organized in 1856. When the Civil War came on, Curtis' sympathies being with the Union, he decided to leave Bandera county and move to California. He settled in San Bernardino county, California, and became quite wealthy. He died at Redlands in 1912, at the age of 76. Here is his story.

Mentions: Elder Lyman Wight's colony of Mormons * Amasa Clark and George Hay * Miss Ruth Aurelia Curtis * Newell Curtis * Raymond T. Curtis * Aldamina Curtis, Mary Curtis, Ruth Curtis (Lilly her nickname), William Curtis, Jr. (Bill), and Eli Curtis. * the old Curtis ranch * Joe Curtis * Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Porch * Mrs. Rozila Wight * Mr. Snow * Irvin Carter * Gideon Carter * the Old Southern Hotel, San Bernardino * Newell B. Curtis * Mr. E. V. Hedgecoke of Stinnett, Texas * Mrs. Elizabeth Pegram and Mrs. Patti Egan, both of Coleman * Mary Gay * Herbert Scott of Coleman * Guy Grady of May * Coleman Gay * Ann Pegram * Mrs. Beatrice Grady Gay * Captain C. M. Grady of Brownwood * Mrs. Myra Scott * Mrs. Mildred Johnson of Brownwood

Unique Personalities

By Miss Ruth Dodson, Mathis, Texas.

Account of the notable Irish settlers and frontiersmen, the Gamble brothers, Judge William Gamble and his brother, Dave Gamble of Live Oak County.

Mentions: Gamble Gully * Grandma Pugh * J. Frank Dobie * the Lagarto Creek in Live Oak county * Henderson Williams * Frank Shaeffer * the well known Shaeffer Ranch * Hedge Williams * Oakville * Gamble Creek * Beeville * Mrs. Fitzpatrick * the Irish Colony at San Patricio * the Old Bayview Cemetery in Corpus Christi

The Trials Of A Pioneer Woman

By Don H. Biggers

Account of Mrs. Clara Feller, a Fredericksburg pioneer, who came to Texas as an immigrant in 1845, when she was about 13 years old.

Mentions: Mr. I. G. Wehmeyer * Heiligenroth, Amt Montebaur, Nassau * John Peter Resseman * John Adam Rebeg * William Feller * Dry Creek * Mr. Blank * Mr. Kirchner * Mr. Peter Burg * Mr. Emil Wahrmund * Adelsverein * Dr. Schubert * Louis Wahrmund * the old Mormon colony south of Fredericksburg

Some Northeast Texas History

By J. Marvin Hunter

Here is excellent very early Red River county, Grayson, Bowie county and other Northeast Texas county history.

Mentions: Governor Teran * Father Massanet * Coahuila * M. Francois Hervey * Nachitoches * Sgt. Closo * Grotfe * Dr. James Long * Major Cook * Cypress Creek * old Jonesboro * Watson, Texas * a large plantation on Red River near the line, called Schrader * Claiborne Wright * Pecan Point * Judge Gabriel Martin * George W. Wright and Travis G. Wright * Shawnee Town * Paris, Texas * a large family of Humphries from Da-vison county * the town of Bogota, in Red River county * Colonel John C. Robbins * Robbinsville in Red River county * Mill Creek * Isabella H. Hopkins * J. U. Clark * Clarksville * J. E. Hopkins * Captain L. Hopkins, for whom Hopkins county was named * Mrs. Burk * Texarkana * Moses Austin * Long Prairie, Ark * Pecan Point * W. B. Pewees * Austin Vigilmnt Scout * Martin Varner * New Year's Creek * John Williams from Pecan Point * Judge Gabriel Martin in the Cross Timbers * John Hampton, Andrew Robinson, Nicholas Dillard * Benjamin B. Milam * Bois d'Arc Creek * Caddo Lake * Lake Comport * Filisola Grant * Little River * Earl Stanley * John Martin, and Jefferson Milam * Mr. Bell and John M. Dorr * Richard Ellis and Collin McKinney * Fort Towson * the Verameudi house in San Antonio * Eliza McKinney, sister of Collin McKinney * Judge R. F. Milam * John Hart * W. Y. McKinney * W. K. Revier * Wm Stonaham * Sam P. Carson, A. H. Latimer * Richard H. Ellis and Robert Hamilton * Samuel P. Carson, of Burk county, North Carolina * Robert Potter * Judge Handford * Soda Lake * Potter's Point * John A. Denton * Captain Wm. P. Rose * Clear Creek * Mary Johnson Posey

A Pioneer Texas Woman

By Dora Portwood Jackson, Hurley, New Mexico.

Account of Mrs. Laura Portwood Yates who was born in Hill county, Texas, June 1, 1865. She was a member of a very large family, of the highest type in pioneer life. In 1866 her father, John Harrison Portwood, moved his family to Helena, Karnes county, Texas, where he settled on a stock farm on Rhymes Creek, near Helena.

Mentions: Harmony school house * old time pioneer families: the Rabbs (Captain Tom Rabb), the Patton family, Upton family, Conner family, Randolph family, Cooper family, Kelly family, Reed family, Ragadale family, Hyatt family, Harmon family, Bailey family, Rengan family, Morrison family, Reese family, and many others * the old Open A Ranch near Riddlesville now called Gillette * George Voss Yates * Wilson county * Ira G. Yates and Martha Voss Yates * Montague county * Ann Shockley Brooks Yates * George Yates * Laura Yates * the Deming Air Base * Jack Upton * Thomas Keelyn * Mrs. J. E. Upton * Mimbres Masonic Lodge * Georgetown Order of the Eastern Star

Lost Cannon Of Mission San Saba

By J. Marvin Hunter.

Account of the old Mission San Saba, one mile above the present town of Menard.

Mentions: John Warren Hunter * Don Pedro Torreros * Toledo, Spain * Los Moras creek * Padilla * the Taovases up near Red River * John Stanton *

The Old Prospector's Story

Account of grisly old Texas buffalo hunter, Charles Dixon and his transition from buffalo hunting to prospecting with his companion, Pat Garrett west of the Pecos in the spring of 1877.

Mentions: Midland, Abilene, Plainview and Big Spring * Fort Griffin * Mooar Bros.; Coleman & Lewis; Charlie Hart; Oeo. Wilhelm; Henry Bamberg; Charlie Green * Long & Anderson * Cananea, Mexico * Colonel Bill Green * 'Bat' Masterson * John Wesley Hardin, John Selman, Bill Hillman, known as 'Coyote Bill'; Reynolds & Rare * Red Mud, south of Blanco Canyon * J. A. Brock * were W. T. Stewart and Bob Robinson * the Chisum ranch * the Lincoln County Wa * Roswell * Billy the Kid * Middleton * Baker * Brown & Manzauares * 'Prairie Dog Dave * Oscuro, San Andres, and Caballo Mountains * the White Mountains and Sacramentos * Major Llewellyn * the Mescalero Apache chief * Paso del Norte * Don Juan * the Russell Hills * the Russell Mountains * old man Sublett * old Brooksville ( now Florence) Williamson county *

"Ticktacking" Uncle Dink Parker

By J. D. Dillingham.

Mentions: Sut Lovingood * the Sublett mine * Jim Miller * W. W. (Wood) Dillingham * Judge Sam B. Kemp * Will Ash * Jack Robinson *

Recent Roundup Of Ex-Rangers

By Colonel M. L. Crimmins.

Account of two episodes in the career of Cap James B. Gillett and information on the background, birth, etc of many notable Rangers such as: Major Caleb M. Grady * W. H. Rishworth * Maj N. J. Jones * Maj W. H. Roberts * Major Lloyd Armstrong * G. R. Gabe Moore * T. J. Wood of Brady and Jeff Greer * Judge Charles E. Davidson * Little Brady Creek in McCulloch county * Soldiers' Water Hole * Captain Rufe Perry's company * Captain June Peak's company * Arkansaw Johnson, Sam Bass' * Pipes, Herndon and Jim Murphy * J. W. Campbell * Archer City * Lieut. Charles L. Nevill's company * Eagle Mountain * George W. Baylor and C. L. Nevill * Captain John Sparks' company * the Horrell-Higgins feud * Capt. George W. Arrington * Double Mountain' Fork * Brownwood * Center Point, Kerr county * Captain John R. Hughes and A. T. Mitchell * Col. John R. Bannister of Austin * Dr. P. B. Hill *


Account of Judge Charles E. Davidson, 88, with the exception of one term county judge of Crockett county since its organization in 1891

Mentions: Ozona * Carlisle county, Kentucky * Mose Westbrook * Val Verde county * Joe T. Davidson, Charles E. Davidson, Jr., Mrs. Bryan McDonald and Mrs. Mark Garber of Ozona; Mrs. Frank McMullan of Big Lake; Mrs. Bill Grimmer * Mrs. Robert Meybin * Wm. J. Mogford * A. Garland Adair

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