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Vol 22 No. 04 - January 1945

A New Mexico Mystery

By W. Byron Neil.

Account of Mr. Neil when, in the summer of 1885 he was captain of the cattle round up in the 7th District of New Mexico, extending from a distance just west of the Rio Grande on the east, to the Continental Divide and Arizona on the west. He, with about sixty cattlemen and cowboys were witnesses to the results of a strange and bloody event, the details of which were never fully uncovered. Here is the story. Mentions: Alamocito Creek * a very valuable mine in Southern New Mexico *

Dodging Indians In Early Texas

Account of W. P. Brashear, who in 1839, went to Lavaca county and while investigating land upon which to settle, was assaulted by Indians but was able to achieve a remarkable and daring escape. Here is the story. Mentions: a gentleman named Henseley *


Obituary of Lewis Strickland, who was a native of Karnes county, Texas, and was one of the pioneer cattlemen of the state. He moved to California with his family in 1899, and for some years owned a fruit and stock ranch in Eldorado county.

Mentions: Mrs. Mary Perscchke, in Placerville, California * Mrs. Ola Lee Moore and Mrs, Mary Perschke of Placerville, Calif., Jerome M. Strickland of El Dorado, Calif., Virgil W. Strickland of Nevada City, and Chas. C. Strickland of Los Angeles * Mrs. Emily Reagan, of San Antonio *

Six And One-Half Years In The Ranger Service


First installment in an excellent and highly detailed four-part series of the fine service and notable exploits of Captain Ira Aten, a Texas Ranger and a peace officer during the 1880's and 1890's. Contains great old photo of Captain Aten.

Mentions: the Jaybird and Woodpecker affair at Richmond, Texas * the Dick Duncan case * Eagle Pass * Major George B. Black * F. L. Aten * the Escarbada division of the great Capitol Syndicate Ranch * Billy McCalley of Captain Bill McDonald's company * Adjutant General W. H. King * Captain L. P. Sieker * Sergeant Frank Jones * Corporal B. D. Lindsey * P. C. Baird * Ben Riley * C. W. Giffin * Frank Sieker * Darrio Gonzales * the Votaw ranch * The Grant Feed Store * O. D. Baker * Camp King * Cisco * Brady City * McCulloch county * Peg Leg Crossing on the San Saba river * Carrizo Springs * Beaver Lake on Devil's river * Elbow Lake * Howard's Well * Pontoon Crossing on the Pecos * Grayson Spring * Captain Lee Hall and Captain Charley McKinney of Cotulla * Camp Wood in the Nueces Canyon in Edwards county * Fort Clark * Brackettville * C. W. Giffin * Captain John R. Hughes * Fredericksburg * George Wells * Long Hollow *

A Tribute To Frank Ingham

By Bob Beverly, Lovington, N. M.

Frank Ingham, of Midland, Texas, was born September 8, 1866, at Nebraska City, Nebraska. At the age of ten years he went with his father to Fresno, California, where his father engaged in the sheep business for a number of years. In the late 1870s, or early 1880s, they came overland with sheep to the Concho river country and ranged in what is now Runnells county. In 1884 the family located at Abilene, Texas, where Frank Ingham attended school for some time. There he met and married Miss Dona Watson, and they moved to the Runnels county ranch, and made that their home for some years, moving later to Crockett county to engage in ranching. Later he ranched in Upton county for awhile, then moving over into Reagan county, he helped to organize that county in 1903, and served as county commissioner until 1911, then moving to Midland, Texas, after turning his ranch interests over to his son, Homer Ingham, who was carrying on at the same place when Frank Ingham passed away, November 3rd, 1944. Here is his story.

The Founding Of Fredericksburg

By J. Marvin Hunter.

Account of the founding of Fredericksburg, TX.

Mentions: New Braunfels * Prince Solms * Moritz Tiling * Baron Ottfried, Hans von Meusebach * the Adelsverein * the Verein * Carlsshafen * Lieutenant Bene * Count Cawtell * the Fisher and Miller grant * Robert Penniger * Surveyor Bene * two engineers, Gross and Murcheson * Torrey Brothers of Houston * Klaener * Mayor Schmidt of Bremen * Count Casten *

Three Narrow Escapes In One Day

By Noah Smithwick

The following narrative, related by one of the few survivors of the engagement known as the Stone House Fight of 1837, furnishes a striking example of the trouble that may result from the careless deed of one unscrupulous individual.

Mentions: Captain Eastland * Felix McClusky * Isom M. Booth * Mrs. J. A. Bachman of Bandera * Mr. Worth McCarver * Judge Faulk

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