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Vol 22 No. 10 - July 1945

The Glory That Was Belle Plain

By J. Marvin Hunter

Account of the historically significant old town of Belle Plain and of Belle Plain College grounds, in Callahan county, Texas. HERE IS EXCELLENT EARLY HISTORY AND GENEALOGY OF CALLAHAN COUNTY, TX.

Mentions: Mayor Hugh Ross, Jr., W. L. Ray, Claude Flores * Presiding Elder J. T. L. Annis * Prof. J. H. Yonlee * Judge I. M. Onins * Katie Belle McGhee * Mrs. Homer Driskill, Mrs. B. L. Boydstun, and Dr. V. E. Hill * Merchant & McCoy * W. T. Berry * McMinn & Seay * T. J. Austin * J. M. Polk * West & Allen * Wilson L. Henry * Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Power * Parvin & Power * B. L. Bellamy * S. J. McWaters * S. E. Chittim * J. E. Thomas * W. H. Criett * , J. L. Porter * E. E. Solomon * G. W. Perryman * John Boyer * J. R. Fleming * ; J. M. Moore * J. E. M. Hedley * Wm. H. Parvin * T. J. Austin and R. M. Black * J. C. Strickland, Charnel C. Hightower, William Stone, W. C. Sparks, and W. B. Bloys * the Callahan County Clarendon * Lotz & Rust publishers * W. E. Gilliland * 'the Tecumseh Banner * the Texas & Pacific Railroad * Claude Flores * Joe Crutchfield * Mollie Henderson Crutchfield * the Crutchfield home on Pecan Bayou * Cage Heslip * the Merchant and McCoy ranch * Ranche Reed * Kate Hill Franklin and Cliff Hill of Baird * The Cliff Hill ranch * Ida Cutbirth Hill * Earnest Hill * "Hog" Jackson * Peachie Jackson * Wilson L. Henry * Mrs. Lee Estes and Larmer Henry of Baird * Liter Huffman * J. W. Power * W. H. Parvin * the "Power Hotel," and general store * Rev. J. T. Austin * Mrs. Mamie Parvin Hill * Mrs. Margie Parvin Brelsford and George Parvin of Eastland, Texas * Col. Lark Hearn * the Hearn estate * Bob Hearn of Fort Worth and Miss Media Dudley * Professor F. W. Chatfield and Mrs. Chatfield * Miss Minnie Hearn * Professor F. W. Chatfield * Rev. J. T. L. Annis * Dr. J. H. Yonley * Henry James * Dilworth Parremeore * Eunice Parremore * Kate Irvin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Austin * Willie Flores Barnhill * Kate Flores Young * John and Lige Merchant * Arthur Young * Lena Floyd Wooldredge * Maltby Price * Mr. and Mrs. Dick Merchant * Cal Merchant * Clarendon * John Flores * the Seale ranch * Miss Frances Loraine Seale * Miss Elamore Seale * Mr. and Mrs. Chris Seale * Mr. and Mrs. Tom Russell * Mr. and Mrs. Tom Floyd * Miss Willie Floyd * Jim Flores * A. D. Flores of Hot Springs, N. M., * Capt. Jeff Maltby * Jimmie Maltby * Morgan Price * Fannie Maltby Price * Dr. Thayer * Dr. S. T. Fraser and Mrs. Fraser * Joe Fraser * Judge Otis Boyer * Judge F. S. Bell * Mrs. Melvinie Merchant * Stratton Webb * Frank Collins * Mrs. Alice Merchant Collins Tuttle * Ed and Brown Seay * Sim McCoy * Miss Nora Black * Mrs. Jess Gibbs, Bowden * Col. C. W. Merchant * Clabe Merchant * Mae McCoy, John Flores * the Merchant & McCoy "74" ranch on the Pecan Bayou * Lizzie Cutbirth McCoy * Mac Watters * The first teacher was Mrs. Westmorland * The first minister was Rev. J. T. Austin * Mrs John Blakley * Mr. and Mrs. S. H. French * Tom French * Mrs. H. A. Warren * Grandmother McFarlan * Mrs. Dee Campbell, Jim, Wash and Price McFarlan * Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Young * the Young farm and ranch * Captain J. W. Jones * Oscar Jones and Laura Jones Windham * Webb Bruton * Mrs. Inez Bruton Williams * Tellar and Evelyn Blakley * the Blakley ranch * Jim Denham * Clabe Flores * the Austin Hole on the Bayou * Sarah Skinner Merchant * Zudie Austin * Jack Merchant * Mr. and Mrs. Rod Kelton


Obituary of Dr. C. T. Keyes, prominent physician of San Angelo, Texas for thirty-four years. Mentions: Central Grove, Miss * Miss Lillie Davis, etc.

The Good Old Days In Texas

By Adolphe Huffmeyer

Recollections of old times in Bandera, County Texas.

Mentions: the E. Huffmeyer & Brother mercantile store in Bandera * a large Jewish clothing firm by the name of Naumberg, Krause, Lauer & Co * Sol Jacobs * H. H. Carmichael & Comapny * Enos and Newt Wufter * Louis Oge * Jim Riddle * the Jim Riddle bank at Eagle Pass * the Wufters * an old Mexican general, named Escobedo, who owned a million-acre hacienda * Enos Wufter * Rev. Sam Chambers * the A. T. & S. F. Railroad * Mark Withers of Lockhart * Mr. Sam Maverick * Louis Oge * St. Mary's Collge * Miss Bettis Newton * Henry Tollett * old Charley Stewart * the two Shadley brothers * Frio Town * the Massey family * Elm Praire * Jim Newton * Jim Blackaller * the Oge ranch * Jake Vinton, a Yankee * the Woodward and Oge ranch * Henry Curtis * Mrs. Young and Jim and Tom Newton of Atascosa county * Caven Woodward * Miss Rosalee Newton * Jack Phillips * Miss Ivy Rugh * J. N. Hodges

What San Jacinto Day Means

By Juanita C. Duncan.

This subject, or what San Jacinto Day really is, may be briefly explained as the day on which the Battle of San Jacinto was fought when Texas won her independence from Mexico. On the other hand, the definition is far from adequate for to Texians the name San Jacinto represents the foundation on which rest the proudest memories of early Texas history. Here is the story of the great battle.

Passing Of Adolphe Huffmeyer

By J. Marvin Hunter.

Obituary of Mr. Adolphe Huffmeyer of San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Huffmeyer for several years worked as a cowboy in Bandera County. In 1877 he entered the mercantile business in Bandera, being associated with his brother, Emil Huffmeyer. Mentions: the firm of Braden O'Neill * Miss Mattie Rugh * Fred V. Huffmeyer, Mrs. Stella Seymour, Mrs. Ruth Hutchison * Mrs. Mina Simpson, and Mrs. Catherine Whayne

A Tragedy Of The Texas Frontier

A. J. Sowell, in the San Antonio Light, July 30, 1916.

Fort Davis, county seat of Jeff Davis county, is situated at the foot of the Davis Mountains, and named for Jefferson Davis, president of the Southern Confederacy. The fort has its tragic frontier history. This is the account of the massacre of the Fort Davis troops, in the late 1870's.

Mentions: Mr. Frank Sproul * the Apache chief Victorio * Ojinaga * George Floccker * Lee Sowell * George Newton and Otis Fenley, ranchmen * Captain Gillett * Captain George Baylor and Lieutenant Neville * the Guadalupe Mountains

Jesse James Robs A Texas Stage

By J. Marvin Hunter.

It has often been disputed that Jesse James and his gang ever operated in Texas. But there are accounts by those who knew that the James boys, Frank and Jesse, rendezvoused in Texas, and there is more than one incident that connected them with robberies in this state. The hold-up and robbery of the Austin and San Antonio stage on April 7th, 1874, is the subject of this account.

Mentions: Cole Younger, Bob Younger and Jim Younger, and Jim Reed * Bishop Gregg of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas * George Brackenridge * the First National Bank of San Antonio

Texas Rangers Are Still Active

By J. Marvin Hunter.

Mentions: Captain R. W. Aldrich * Captain Ira Aten * J. Price Maddox of Sweetwater, and George Prendergast of Marshall * George W. Cottingham of Houston * Lucy Rivers Maynard, the eight year old daughter of the County Judge of Bastrop * Fred Hickman, * Camp Swift * Director Hickman * Colonel L. A. Kurtz * Major General Harry L. Twaddle * Pvt. George S. Knapp

Circuit Riding Days In West Texas

By J. Marvin Hunter.

The early preachers of West Texas rode horseback and carried their bibles in a pair of saddlebags. They knew how to quote scripture when fighting the devil; could also shoot a carbine as straight as anyone and, if needs be, could kill an Indian when said Indian was on the warpath.

Mentions: Parson Robertson * Robertson Peak in Coleman county * Buffalo Gap in Taylor county * Mr. and Mrs. Sam D. Jobe * John and Will Spaulding of Abilene * Laurence M. Klauber

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