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Vol 23 No. 04 - January 1946

J. C. Cureton Tells of Famous Battle

By John C. Cureton.

John C. Cureton, uncle of Chief Justice C. M. Cureton of the Supreme Court, and H. J. Cureton, of Meridian, were eye-witnesses of the bloody fight that became known as the Dove Creek Indian Fight. Here is the account.

Mentions: Captain J. J. (Jack) Cureton , Palo Pinto County, Texas , Wm. E. Cureton , Captains Joe Curtis and Henry Dillahunty, old Fort Phantom Hill , Captain Henry Fossett , Joe Byers of the Rangers , San Angelo , Wash Delong , Captain Totten, George Savage, Joe Byers, Jacob Dyer, a brother of Charles Goodnight's wife , Culver, Barnes and Gillentine , George Hazelwood and Phillip Runnels , William Pearce of Cleburne, Texas , Dave and Dick Cunningham and Jack Wright all of Commonche, Texas.

Battle with Indians in Runnels County

Account of Colonel M. L. Johnson, who describes a fight between a few cowboys and a band of Indians in Runnels county in 1872, following a raid in which the Indians drove away 35 horses and 700 cattle belonging to Jess and John Hittson. Thirty-seven years later, according to Mr. Johnson, Jess Hittson recovered $14,900 from the government to compensate him for the losses sustained in that raid.

Mentions: Deer Trail, Colo , Battle Creek, Callahan county , Picketville on the Colorado River , Ballinger , Battle Creek , Jess Hittson, Ben Wilson, Jim Wilson, Bill Cockrell, Ed Emerson, Frank Emerson, Charlie Eslinger, the Cook, Dutchy, S. S. Oholson , Lawton, Okla , Mr. Johnson , W. O. Clark of Fort Worth, manager of John Hittson's camp , John Hart and Jim Hart, Jim Carter, John Hazelwood , Sandy Creek, some ten miles east of Battle Creek , David Jenkins , Tom Jenkins , Zimariah , Dr. John Fort

An Appeal for the 'Babe of the Alamo'

It will be remembered that Lieutenant Dickinson, of the artillery, with his eldest child perished in the desperate leap made by the frantic father for liberty and life when all the heroic defenders of the Alamo had been cut down. His wife, Mrs. Dickinson, and a babe; Mrs. Alsbury, and a negro servant of Colonel Travis were sent to Gonzales after the fall of the Alamo. When the "Babe of the Alamo" was about ten years of age, her mother being dependent upon manual labor for support, some friends interested themselves in the child, ,and a bill was introduced asking aid from the State for the proper support and education of the little orphan child of Texas, rocked as she was in that tempestuous cradle that was baptized by the martyr blood which was destined to be the seeds of Texan liberty for ever. Here is the story.

Mentions: Mr. Guy M. Bryan and Mr. Wilson , Hon. J. C. Wilson , Mrs. Susan J. Hannig, of Austin , the Musquiz house, near Main Plaza , Mrs. Hannig , Al Marion Dickinson , Deaf Smith, Robert E. Handy, and Captain Karnes ,

Three Noted Gunmen Meet

By Jeff Davis

It was spring in Abilene, Kansas, 1871, when Ben Thompson tried to induce John Wesley Hardin to kill Wild Bill Hickok. In this effort, he proffered a bargain which involved the three great gun terrors of that violent day.

Mentions: John Wesley Hardin , Phil Coe, an Austin man and a gambler , the Bull's Head , James Butler Hickok , William Bonney , the Lincoln county, N. M., cattle wars , "Little Arkansas," , Mr. R. P. Ironside , Robert Ironside , Misses Conchita and Roberta Ironside, of Tulsa , Mrs. Harry E. Biddle of Oklahoma City , Mrs. James S. Davenport , Mrs. Louise Ironside, Vinita

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